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Why “Get a job!” is a declaration of moronhood by the speaker.

June 26, 2013

Theoretically, I am at the Brooklyn College campus to look for work. Going through CareerBuilder, these are the sorts of responses that I’m getting…


“You applied to this job on 6/12/2013, would you like to apply again anyway?”

As stated in this video, according to the United States Department of Labor, there are seven unemployed people for every one open position, and the majority of those open positions do not pay a living wage, so one would need more than one such position in order to survive.

On Stage 32, a networking site, Georgia Hilton said that if you want to be an indie filmmaker, you have to start my making a $10,000 indie film. I asked her how to get the $10,000, and her response was reminiscent of [[|Mitt Romney]] telling young, out of work college graduates to borrow money from their parents.

It is seriously impossible for an intelligent person to say that my homelessness is my fault, that I am choosing not to work, or that there are enough jobs to go around.

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