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Whatever happened to Detective Randall Litrell?

June 25, 2013

I have just submitted a complaint to the Citizens Complaint Review Board of NYPD:


Imonth: Dec
Idate: 3
Iyear: 2012
Itimehr: 2
Itimemin: 30
Itimeampm: PM
Iloc: 83rd Police Precinct
Iboro: Brooklyn
Ifirstname: Randall
Ilastname: Litrell
Igender: Male
Ipct: 83
Irole: He is the primary offender in the incident.
story: Detective Litrell was investigating my report of an assault on my person by Robert Green that occurred at the Eddie Harris Mens Shelter on October 31, 2012. The 83rd Precinct seems to be bad. The guy who took my report at the station insisted that none of the cameras were working, so I had to have a co-worker take pictures of the incident later, after the swelling had gone down. Detective Litrell was assigned to my case, and I was given his e-mail address to send the photographs. On December 3, he finally called me for details about the incident. When I was unable to provide my assailants date of birth, although I had his name and address (although the shelter, by then, had transferred him to somewhere else in the system), he told me that he could not print wanted posters without it. Although he did claim that he would visit the shelter to obtain this information, he seems to have taken no action on this case, and he has ignored all subsequent e-mails regarding it. Demanding that I know the date of birth of someone who assaulted me a mere five days after I first met him is not a valid excuse for Mr. Litrell to not do his job. It is implausible that he would be unable to catch someone in the shelter system from the given information in eight months time.
true/false: True

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  1. One should know that the system omits most forms of punctuation, including apostrophes. I once sent the Department of Transportation information about a light that was so ridiculously fast that people were likely to be struck and killed, and using ‘ and ” to abbreviate feet and inches left for some nonsense that made it sound like I was complaining because I’m 63 years old.

  2. Detective Litrell permalink

    Hey, I was working on your case, but I got tired of the way you act. Even when someone’s on your side, you treat them like crap, you arrogant bum. Is that how David Friedman tells you to treat people?

    Then I started reading your blog and realized that the real crime is the one you are perpetrating on the taxpayers. Why should they have to pay for your Internet relationships with mail-order brides from China, huh?

    • Vacationing in Montréal, Québec, instead of making a relatively easy assault arrest, I see. Clearly, you have no idea how unemployment insurance works if you think that it’s funded by the taxpayers.

      Do some research, stop impersonating people, and stop being an overall jerk. It’s hilarious that you treat me like crap and then attack me on allegations that I treat others like crap.

    • The question that you need to answer, fake Detective Litrell, is why should taxpayers pay the salary of a police detective who decides not to respond to an assault case when presented with plenty of evidence and details about the suspect? NYPD is a useless waste of taxpayer dollars. It is simply Bloomberg’s SS. I think it’s hilarious that someone who thinks a civil servant should be allowed to choose not to do his job and be paid by the taxpayers anyway while someone who has had no choice in being unemployed should have no income whatsoever.

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