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Brian Dunning, Apologist for Big Pharma

May 23, 2013

Brian Dunning, Apologist for Big Pharma

My response to Brian Dunning is posted on his page.  Dunning argues that physical therapy works and chiropractic does not.  I argue from experience exactly the opposite position.  

  1. Exactly what “experience” are you using to form your opinion?

    • As I wrote on the page to which this links,

      “In my experience, chiropractic works. Physical therapy does not.

      “On June 15, 2005 (age 29) , I had to call an ambulance because I could not sit up in bed. I rolled to the floor and crawled to my phone to do this. At the emergency room, I was diagnosed with scoliosis, multiple herniated discs, and sciatica. I also have had plantar fasciitis since around 1994 that was not diagnosed until 2011. I was sent to physical therapy, where I was placed on alternate hot/cold treatments, made to do stretches with a ball, ride a stationary bike, and take Elavil. None of this made any improvement in my condition, and I was, for the most part, still unable to stand or walk without a cane. I kept up the therapy for about 6 months, when the insurance company put a halt to it.

      “A chiropractor at my church offered me free treatments four days a week for several months, and over the course of that time, I stopped using my cane on a regular basis, and stopped taking prescription medicine for the pain, which had gone down to a mild soreness. Although I have subsequently paid this chiropractor for occasional further adjustments, and have been treated by free chiropractors at soup kitchens, 90% of these adjustments leave me feeling noticeably better for a significant amount of time.

      “Clearly this article is apologism for profiteering by Big Pharma. My recovery (and no, it’s neither perfect nor a “cure”) had nothing to do with medicine or physical therapy and everything to do with chiropractic.

      “Scott Hutchins, New York, NY
      May 23, 2013 9:22am”

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