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Another Example of the Crookedness of MTA

May 21, 2013

I just sent this as a complaint via MTA’s website:

Around 8:30 this morning, I attempted to enter the Bleecker Street station on the southbound side.  After swiping my card, I put it back in my wallet as I entered the turnstile.  Some of the contents of my wallet fell out, and I gathered them back up.  I was then not allowed into the turnstile, and my card was coming up “just used.”  This is a stolen swipe.  I don’t think it took more than 30 seconds to gather my belongings, because the train was announced as approaching when I dropped them, and it was just arriving as I attempted to go through the turnstile.  I went to the entry at the other end of the station.  I didn’t see an attendant, and when “just used” kept coming up, I climbed over the turnstile rather than wait the eighteen minutes.  I say “climbed,” because I’m in no physical condition to jump a turnstile, and even the climb was accomplished with great pain.  I just hope a security camera wasn’t on so that you could extort money out of me for your theft of my swipe.

As I mentioned in regard to Mr. Stereotype, jumping a turnstile is an arrestable offense.  I believe the fine is something like $75.  I have entered the subway system illegally only twice in the entire time that I have lived in New York–this time and once when my card failed to work at the Norwood D station and I had no money for another card.  That time I went in through the emergency exit with impunity as someone was leaving when the attendant was a jerk and wouldn’t let me in because the reader wouldn’t read the card, which I believe was damaged by a reader at the Kingsbridge Ave D station earlier that day–this was at a point when I was tutoring two students in the Bronx–one on Monday afternoons and the other on Monday evenings.  The train came before she could have anything done to me.

MTA really has a racket going on.  Now they charge you $1 for a new card in addition to the regular charge.  Periodically, one has to buy new cards rather than refill the old one, however.  I have empty cards that I got from HRA that the computer would not allow me to add to.  After going through several cards like this, I eventually put my unlimited rides for the month on a card that was significantly more worn and bent.

At last Friday’s Occu-Evolve meeting, some guys brought in pamphlets explaining why MTA should be paid for entirely through taxes to which they are actually entitled, but because of cronyism with investors, they are having to pay outlandish interest rates that they collect through fair hikes.  Unfortunately, they brought only three copies of the pamphlet, or else I would provide the details here.

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