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My Homelessness Is 100% the Fault of Others

April 2, 2013

Yesterday, I attended a mandatory appointment at the New York State Department of Labor because I am now on Emergency Unemployment Compensation beyond the normal 26 weeks.  I filled out all the necessary forms and provided a resume, and they showed us a video.  They then called the names of a bunch of people, myself included, and had us go into another room.  They told us that based on the information we provided, we were “work ready” and needed no assistance that a one-on-one meeting with a Department of Labor employee could provide.

It seems the one thing I had neglected was to make my resume searchable in a talent bank they provide.  This wasn’t mentioned to, me, I just happened to write down the information from the video, and submitted my resume to this data bank from the resource room before I even left the building.  They were letting us use the room for two hours instead of the usual one, but after that, they were kicking people off the computers even though most of the computers were not being used.  Multiple people told the room attendant that this was bad policy (I myself said nothing, but I certainly agree), but she said that her job was only to enforce policy, not to make it.

Recently, someone on YouTube was telling me that I must be mentally ill, in spite of multiple professional opinions otherwise, because I couldn’t get a job from 15 interviews.  When I provided the details, he refused to even continue the argument.  Six of the interviews were with staffing services.  I could also throw in three phone interviews with recruiters that I never actually met.  Of the other eight interviews, that includes R.L. Migdal and Bolt Web Solutions.  I was laid off from Migdal when the client pulled out, and the work at Bolt was not on-site, but piece work paid poorly, and paid through PayPal, which made it suitable only as a second job for someone with home access to a computer, not someone trying to escape from a homeless shelter.  Of the other six interviews, two were web design jobs that informed me that they went with people with experience over my education and certification, one gave preference to Hebrew speakers, one was one of those face-to-face marketing positions that wants extroverted sales people to go through a battery of three interviews, and I’ve never made it past the first one, where they have you fill put a personality test on paper.  In 2011, I went all the way to Wayne, New Jersey, and Tarrytown, New York to interview for similar positions.  Several companies that interviewed me previously caught my resume again through accidental Quickapplies via CareerBuilder, but I ignored them because the transportation would be a waste of money.  Two of the companies both claimed to be exclusive representatives for  The back to work program at Career and Educational Consultants coerced me into interviewing for a telemarketing position after telling them that I had never been retained more than a month in one of these positions for the sole reason of low sales figures, and after the most grueling interview of my life, I was rejected via a postcard.  When I first came back to New York, I submitted my resume to Barnes & Noble.  The manager interviewed me, but was hesitant based on the fact that I had no retail experience on my resume, even when I said that I did work in retail from 1994 to 1996.  I intended to let my standing limitation to go unmentioned until I was hired, but that never happened.  Finally, GoodTemps sent me to interview for an 8-day job at the Mayor’s Office of Records, to which they sent multiple people, and for which I was not selected.  Even had they selected me, it would have done little to change my current situation.

Not once have I been called upon for writing/editing work except by the aforementioned recruiters, who submitted me for interviews only to be told that I was not to come.  Merit has little to do with whether one gets a job.  Last June, I applied for the first time to an assistant editor position at Marvel Comics.  It was the first time I had seen a posting for such a position.  I had never seen a posting at either of the major comics companies for anything other than IT work until 2012.  I was never contacted.  The demand to work at such high-profile companies is very high.  I don’t know how they make their selections, but they clearly chose someone with weak proofreading skills for the job, even though they wanted a good proofreader.  For example, Morbius: The Living Vampire #2 contained “bare with me.”  This is why computers will never replace human beings, since that phrase is “bear with me”–as in endure.  Why Marvel would hire someone who doesn’t know this distinction is beyond me.  In the 1960s and 1970s, Stan Lee would go out of his way to point out that collegiate-level vocabulary was used consistently and correctly in all the company’s product.  Unfortunately, that’s no longer true.  I can only assume that cronyism is how the majority of people get jobs.

To whit, my caseworker at the shelter is such a dullard.  She wants me to spend my own money on security guard training even though my medical documentation says in clear black and white, “Limited standing/walking” under “work limitations.”  Many people at the shelter have worked or do work as security guards, and have told me that with this as a medical restriction, this is completely inappropriate.  Even those who do get to sit down for part of the job still have to do prolonged standing, and be physically fit enough to deal with problems that arise.

As of right now, I have 1,640 job application confirmations in my e-mail.  The last few jobs to which I applied were via Craigslist posts, and I didn’t get confirmations from any of those.  Although occasionally one gets more than one confirmation for an application, none at all is more common than two, although one seems to be most common, and these are simply form messages that are automatically sent, so they mean nothing.

The following staffing services have reached out/responded to me:  Corporate Brokers, Efro, Epic, Goodtemps, Monte, OfficeTeam/Robert Half, Pioneer, RJL, Snelling, Staffmark, StaffOne, Temporary Alternatives, and The Employment Line.  To date, only The Employment Line and Snelling have gotten me work, and Snelling is out of business.  Adecco, AXA, Creative Circle, Core, and GloCap were very rude to me on the phone.  ABC, Addison, AppleOne, Aquent, Arbor, Atrium, Asset, Avanti, Baum Stevens, Bond Street Group, Choice Logistics, Citi Staffing, Creative Group, Delphi, Drum Associates, Empire, Forrest Solutions, The Forum Group, Global Employment Solutions, Green Key Resources, Hire Society, Infinity Consulting Solutions, Kelly Services, Kforce, Manpower, Mergis Group, Merlin, Nesco, OMD Worldwide, Oxbridge Group, Platinum, Preferred Placement, Pyramid Consulting Group, Randstad, Russell/Tobin, RWP Solutions, Signature, Solomon Page Group, The Source Agency, Spherion, Sterling, Stride, Sunrise, Taft, TalentTree, Tandem, Towne, Tuttle, White Glove Staffing, Windsor Resources, Ultimate Staffing, United Staffing Systems, and Volt are examples of the many staffing services that I know have received my resume.   I’ve attempted calling these places at random to come in for skills testing, but have gotten no answers very consistently.  There is simply too much demand by employees and not enough by employers to justify having people come in–it’s simply making a stagnant talent pool bigger. CEC sent me to the Council for Airport Opportunity, but they require a complete ten-year history with all gaps explained.  They said that they get admin/office work only when someone quits or gets fired, and getting all the necessary information for such a detailed history made it too much trouble when the result was already established as an unlikely prospect by their own people.  In addition, they wanted me to have my name legally changed from Scott Andrew Hutchins to Scott Hutchins in order to match my driver’s license, since the person who keyed it in omitted the middle name field. This is yet another example that there is no correlation between intelligence and employment. FEGS sent me to interview with an administrative assistant position with All-Team Staffing.  They staff only food service, but they wanted to hire their own admin as a part-time temp via their normal temping procedure.  The job developer said that the other person he sent was taken out of running because she was late. Even though the form from FEGS notes tax breaks for hiring someone submitted through them, they went with someone else.  the big problem with working for a temp service is that they don’t offer insurance, or let you off at any point to go to the doctor.  I don’t specialize in submitting to temp services, but it’s certainly an avenue that I have not been ignoring.

Two Bloomingdale’s employees hand-delivered my resume for a copywriting position they had open.  both were told that I would not be considered.  An employee of the Apple Store recommended me for customer assistance work, which is done form a stool.  He said that they would not consider interviewing me because I did not have retail experience as one of my past three jobs.  I have 757 connections on LinkedIn, most of whom I have at least met, although there are about 100 or so that have added me because I joined a group indicating that I said it was OK to add me.

Ultimately, I do not think it is possible for a rational, reasonable, intelligent person to conclude that I have chosen not to work, or that I am not making a significant effort to find work.  Therefore, my homelessness is entirely the fault of other people.  The evidence bears this out.  I was forced into a shady deal by my ex-landlord’s attorneys, a commonplace occurence (source:, and overall, wealthy speculators and banks are holding out renting buildings at all in order to get the high-paying clientele that they want, artificially inflating the value of housing and pushing people to the street, while the shelter system is created to allow a very few at the top to make a great deal of money, since there is no way that the shelter’s services could cost the $3,500 per person per month the city pays them in taxpayer money (source:  When I arrived at my current shelter on November 20, 2012, for example, it was using a truck boiler that it still uses to this day.  They refuse to spend the $20,000 a day they earn on a new boiler, so we are frequently without any hot water, which is probably a key factor in why the meals keep making me sick.  I’m pretty sure it’s why I have to do number two the moment I arrive at the Brooklyn College Library.  I didn’t have any sudden need to do number 2 yesterday, when I overslept and got some yogurt and a bagel from Whole Foods for breakfast.

  1. The guy who called me mentally ill on YouTube insists that my homelessness is 100% my fault. Rather than supplying evidence, he resorted to straw-man arguments and ad hominem attack.

    The person in question is erik3423.

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