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The Right to Hurt Others…

March 21, 2013

I have just come from an interview with my caseworker at the shelter.  She told me that I am encroaching upon staying at the shelter too long and that I need to be more aggressive in my job search because of the lack of bites that I have been receiving, as if that is my choice.  Now she wants me to return to Social Security, which nixed me as able to work a desk job in 2006, when my condition was far worse, or at least to dig the documentation of this out of storage (unfeasible).

No one has the right to force anyone to choose between homelessness and excruciating pain, but that is to which I have been subjected.  To expect me to do work that is against doctor’s orders is inhumane, evil, and essentially asserting the right to hurt others.  If others have the right to hurt me, then, philosophically, I have the right to hurt them, and that is no way to operate a society.

If I were to take a job waiting tables, the debilitating spams I have from long periods of standing and lifting will ultimately cause me to lose control of a tray and drop it.  It could potentially fall on someone’s head.  Then, not only would I be held responsible for the damages to the tableware, but I could cause someone a concussion.  Since I know that I have this condition, I could be jailed for assault.  As we know from my earlier blogs, the NYPD likes to go for easy targets that don’t involve doing actual work, like going to the shelter system and tracking down Robert Green to make an arrest.  Philosophically, I have proposed the idea that someone who thinks that I should work this sort of job should be responsible when such an incident occurs, but they simply twist that around and tell me that that means that I refuse to take responsibility for my actions.

As we’ve seen with the protests in East Brooklyn, NYPD regularly asserts its supposed right to hurt others.  They beat and harm innocent people on a regular basis.  When you go to them for help, they refuse to do anything.  Considering that I’ve been threatened with arrest simply for raising my voice in a government office, concepts of right and wrong are completely inverted in our society.

The following set of comments come from the posts under a YouTube video ( about a guy with two master’s degrees in physics who is homeless in Boston because the job he was told was waiting for him went to someone else, and he spent all his savings rescuing his parents’ house from foreclosure.  Having added my story, I have gotten brutal attacks by people who choose not to think rationally, and other people are coming out and acknowledging that they are in similar situations as mine, not medically limited to a desk job, but still not being considered for low-level work because of their education.  The self-righteous and arrogant erik3423 insists that I am not getting interviews because I have no willingness to work, a short-sighted argument that borders on circular…

    • erik3423 19 hours ago

      This comment has received too many negative votes

      You can’t get a job at a call center? You read a damn script that they provide and you can sit your pathetic lazy behind in a desk all day… It’s called initiative and work ethic two quality skills you seem to lack if you have not been able to land an entry level position by now. You are not entitled to an interview, they don’t owe it to you to offer you a job, you have to show willingness to work, which you don’t.

      I don’t really feel like giving advice to some arrogant scumbag….

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  • aGua421

    aGua421 3 hours ago

    I have a master’s degree and the jobs – like the one you describe – are very hard to get a response from, let alone an interview. The problem is the employer doesn’t want to waste time on people they think will leave after a short period of time. It’s a double edged sword. The higher end jobs are hard to get because of the competition out there and I can’t get a job at Starbucks or a call center because of my degrees (I was told by a recruiter I would not be considered because I was ‘overqualif.

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    So, who has the right to hurt others?  I am not sure that the ethically correct answer is the empirically correct one.


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  1. Donna permalink

    Dear Scott: I am imaging you at a job you love and one which is blessed to have your talents! Coming from someone who is not homeless or unemployed I am hoping you take these encouraging words from the place it is given, a place of love. “All is in Divine order and all is well”. Hugs!!

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