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More nonsensical policies from public institutions

March 20, 2013

It’s terribly out of date, but I decided to send this to the New York Public Library anyway:


This incident probably occurred around 1/14/12, so this is only for information at this point. At that time, the “safely remove hardware” option was disabled from Grand Concourse computers. The librarian assured me that if I were not saving or loading anything at the time, my flash drive should be safe. The next time I attempted to use my flash drive, my files were gone. The reason I can pinpoint this date is because I was about to move to FL for a job at the time, and my boss had to supply me with new copies of the files since the flash drive wasn’t working when I arrived. The only reason I used the library computers at the time was because my own computer was packed up for a move into storage, where it still remains, since I was terminated from the position and came back to New York with no place to stay but the shelter system.

I hope you are now enforcing a policy that this option must be available on all computers. I didn’t simply lose my work files, but also files for a class project for which I was previously using the flash drive. These files now exist only on the computer that is packed into storage. I don’t think disabling this option is going to have any effect upon whether a library user steals a mouse, for example, so what good reason is there for it to be disabled?

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