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March 18, 2013

Nathan brings up some points that I thought of but did not include, such as why the China Girl had no name and why Oz couldn’t use glue on everyone, although I thought it somewhat implied that many of the china people were smashed beyond repair.


Oz the Great and Terrible Powerful – I finally got around to seeing this one, and while it wasn’t as bad as I feared from some of the reviews, I do have some bones to pick with it. First, though, the movie is a prequel, but what is it a prequel to? As much as it claims to be based on the works of L. Frank Baum, it really didn’t pick up on most of the hints about the Wizard’s past that we’re given in his books. Okay, the Wizard was a circus performer who arrived by balloon and was hailed as a great wizard, and they did include his full name as given in Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. On the other hand, he didn’t build the Emerald City (it was already there), give the baby Ozma to Mombi, or get driven out of the West by…

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