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Something else for Employed and grickster to lie about

March 14, 2013

Something else for Employed and grickster to lie about

They will assuredly call this whining, even though it does not fit the dictionary definition of “feeble, peevish complaint.”

I was lazy about reporting this to the Department of Consumer Affairs, however. All I did was change the last paragraph. After “The store also does not give refunds.”, I added, “I really think it was dishonest for him to upsell me part of the repair instead of simply resoling the shoe as I was expecting. Although Im still not satisfied with the repair job, I should at least get back the 24 he ensnared from me after the work was partially done. Unfortunately, I was given no receipt, and the way he was talking to me made it seem like asking would be to show a bad attitude.”

( is one of those stupid sites that erases all apostrophes, so the typo of “I’m” is sic.)

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