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The Literary Style Test by Saint_Gasoline

March 1, 2013

No big surprise here…


The Literary Style Test

Written by Saint_Gasoline

Your result for The Literary Style Test …

Franz Kafka

Your Literary Style Is 0% Realistic, 100% Philosophical, and 67% Psychological!

Franz Kafka’s literary style is so distinct that an adjective has been coined from his name to describe similar styles. That adjective is “kafkaesque”. Your own writing, obviously, is kafkaesque. Kafka wrote very strange, horrifying stories. His most famous novella involves the transformation of a man into a giant insect. His works are not only fantastic and symbolic, but they are often very philsophical and thought provoking. Many of his stories are allegorical or metaphorical, focusing on the nature of spirituality and the absurdity of life. Not only that, but his work is often intensely cerebral, delving deep into the minds of his characters and examining their psychology and the motivations for their actions. Your writing follows Kafka’s example by being highly philosophical, psychological, and surrealistic.

Some stories you may enjoy: “The Metamorphasis”, The CastleThe Trial, and “A Hunger Artist”.

The other literary styles:

Edgar Allan Poe / Jorge Luis Borges / George Orwell / F. Scott Fitzgerald /Fyodor Dostoevsky / Herman Melville / Albert Camus

Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Realistic Distribution

    You scored 0% on Realistic, higher than 6% of your peers.

  • Philosophical Distribution

    You scored 100% onPhilosophical, higher than 66% of your peers.

  • Psychological Distribution

    You scored 67% onPsychological, higher than 29% of your peers.

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