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Project Renewal Grievance #4–2/7/13

February 12, 2013

Description of concern:

Of the three shelters in which I have stayed, Third Street has the earliest-ending breakfast, the worst wake up calls, and is the only one that bans us from entering the dining room in sleepwear.  The wake-up call consists of turning on the lights.  Normally, this occurs at 6 AM.  Last week, it occurred as late as 6:23.  Today, it occurred at 6:52.  I skipped a shower and threw on clothes to make breakfast.  Trying to use the clock on my phone without it charging does nothing but drain the battery, and in my experience, cheap watches randomly reset.  DHS claims that shelters cannot allow electrical socket usage because of old wiring.  According to Picture the Homeless, the $3,500 per person per month the shelter receives makes this excuse completely invalid.  However, until DHS policy changes, Project Renewal staff must do better.  I have missed breakfast more than once in attempt to shower and dress before breakfast, particularly on days when the lights do not come on until later.


Please describe any suggestions you may have to resolve the situation:

Other shelters use a public address system to wake up residents, have later-ending breakfasts, and are more relaxed about sleepwear in the dining room.  If none of these policies are changed, the staff at least needs to do a better job putting the lights on.  Unless I got to my locker and wait for my phone to start up, if the lights are off, it is easy to draw the conclusion that it is not yet 6:00 AM.

I should have suggested that they put up some wall clocks on the floor, but I forgot.  They would probably just say that they would be smashed or stolen if they did that.

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