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Written up for yelling

February 6, 2013

I got written up last night.  After not getting to sing at David’s class, and then getting told at CVS that Nantucket cookies were not on sale, even though the sign stated so clearly that I could point to the word “Nantucket” on the sign to the clerk, I came back to the shelter very frustrated.  I entered the door at 9:58.  When this happens, I have to wait nearly half an hour  before I can go up stairs.  when I arrive after 10, I accept it, but since I arrived before 10, given my state of frustration, I blew my top.  I think this sort of thing is ingrained in in me because this is what my mother does.  It simply takes more for it to happen to me, and I’m sick of this garbage.  I’ve already filed a grievance about it.

I had to eat dinner at the shelter on Sunday in order to do my laundry before time ran out.  I woke up with loose stool.  Today, they served us bagels with cream cheese that expired at the end of October.  Even if it doesn’t make me sick, an organization receiving a minimum of $20,000 a day from the government has absolutely no excuse.


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  1. Oddly enough, three days after the incident, a friend in New Jersey offered to let me have an overnight with him because he also had a guest in from out of town, but between the lack of three days’ notice and the privilege suspended for being written up, I had to turn him down.

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