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Will Project Renewal Enforce the Law?

January 29, 2013

Since MR. Benjamin took the liberty of giving me nine grievance forms, I may as well make use of them.  Here is the text of my second grievance:

Description of Concern:

It is difficult to use the 6th floor restrooms without encountering tobacco, marijuana, and crack smoke.  I don’t smoke, and my pajamas often reek of the tobacco smoke from the restrooms that I have to use.  I don’t want to tell staff when it occurs, because I am concerned for my personal safety were I to become a “snitch.”

Please describe any suggestions you may have to resolve the situation:

The staff needs to do a better job enforcing their anti-drug and anti-smoking policies to the point that significantly fewer residents think that they can get away with this behavior in the 6th floor restrooms.

It is illegal to smoke tobacco in public buildings in New York City, so all I am asking them to do is enforce what is not only a policy of the shelter, but also local law.  A number of years ago, Philadelphia children’s hospital did a study proving that second hand smoke has immediate detrimental effects on the lungs.

My guess is that this will be thrown away, but it’s worth a try.

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