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The Grickster Mentality

January 17, 2013

This is what is clearly going on in Grickster’s head as he reads my blog…

No one is bashing you.  You are the aggressor at all times.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking $3,500 in local tax money and using it to give you a cot with no privacy, a locker, salmonella-laden food, and access to non-adjustable showers with a choice of ice cold or scalding hot water.  Stop bashing those who do this.

There is nothing wrong with being a supervisor to people who loaf on the job and create massive delays and fail to do their job in a safe manner.  Stop bashing this person.

It’s perfectly fine to call someone who has applied for nearly 1,500 jobs in an 8 month period and been interviewed for 13 (including recruiters) lazy, stupid, and worthy of euthanasia.  Stop bashing these people.

It’s perfectly fine for a government agency to pay an organization $3,500 per person per month of New York City taxpayer money for a cot and some poisoned food. Stop bashing these people.

It’s perfectly fine for a university to which an alumnus owes a massive amount in student loans to make no effort to work with with him at the career center.  If all they can suggest is tutoring, don’t bash them, even though they have a degree program and presumably know where suitable jobs can be found.

I’ts perfectly fine for a bureaucracy to deny you antibiotic for a communicable disease because they’ve forgotten to send you paperwork that they need.  Stop bashing these people.

It’s perfectly fine for someone to sign you up to right-wing mailing lists, unsubscribe you from left-wing mailing list, send harassing messages about how you need to be hit by a bus, killed in a hurricane, or euthanised.  Don’t bash this person.

It’s perfectly find for unpaid labor to displace paid labor.  Don’t bash them, even though unpaid internships are killing the job market.

It’s perfectly fine for an organization with separate entrances and elevators for staff and clients to demand that you work for free and insist that the carrot on a stick of employment is really a possibility.  Don’t bash them.

It’s perfectly fine to verbally and physically abuse your family and leave them to live in a homeless shelter even though they’ve been clean living and have an education.  Don’t bash them.

It’s perfectly fine to have utter contempt for the poor, make wealth from wealth you already have without working, and to treat the poor like garbage.  Don’t bash people who do this.

It’s perfectly fine to promise someone a raise, health insurance, relocation fees, refuse to communicate any instructions about the project you want them to do, and fire them because your paragraph-by-paragraph explanations of the material that you want them to edit give no guidelines on how to edit it and because you expect them on-call 24/7 at $18,000 a year.  Don’t bash someone like this.

It’s perfectly fine to make outrageous amounts of money and book deals for not only political writing but fiction by screaming insane conspiracy theories and complete misrepresentations of Thomas Paine, not because he actually gets ratings, but because right-wing political organizations pay him off.  Don’t bash him.

It’s perfectly fine to throw other people’s bags around, even if doing so might result in a smashed musical instrument.  Don’t bash someone who does this.

It’s perfectly fine for an employer to expect his employee to behave irrationally and fire him for not doing so.  It’s wrong of you to bash someone who does this.

It is perfectly fine for food servers to be slow and unclean.  How dare you bash them for being that way?

It’s perfectly fine to make products that have easily broken parts that are not replaceable without replacing the entire item, even if the entire item exceeds $50 in cost.  Don’t bash such companies.

It’s perfectly fine for the older generation to bash the younger generation as lazy and unwilling to work, but don’t you dare do the reverse.  You have no cause.

It’s perfectly fine to commit fraud and take government money if you’re wealthy and powerful.  A homeless person like you has no right to find fault when receiving a pittance in social services.

How dare you bash either the U.S. government or Republicans?  what is wrong with you? Do you hate your country?


The above missive is a reinterpretation of the words of “grickster.”

  1. grickster permalink

    Feel better now?

  2. Bessy permalink

    Why dont you do something constructive Scott, like search for a job? How is it you have time for blogging when you have limited computer access? I’m sure you would love that private one bedroom apartment and five star food service for free of course, while you sit on your ass and complain while the rest of us work for a living. Fortunately, this is not how the real world works.

    • Writing my blog is constructive, and I do search for jobs. I’m up to 1,487 in my count of job application confirmations since becoming homeless.

      Yes, the real world works by giving Project Renewal $595,00+ in tax money per month to congratulate themselves with champagne parties for giving people without jobs a place to live in squalor where they can at least be warm and get fed unsafe and unhealthy food. There’s no way that money would be better spent giving me a private one-bedroom apartment. I never asked for five-star food service. I just asked for food that would be safe and healthy and was a greater use of what Project Renewal receives in tax money than their champagne galas for the administration.

      • marcopal permalink

        It’s been said that insanity is doing the same over and over and expecting a different result. After 1,487 applications, it’s clear that you need to do something different. In the spirit of helpfulness, here are three constructive ideas to help you escape from the hellhole that is Project Renewal:

        1. Shut down this blog. This blog may as well be subtitled “Why Not to Hire Scott Andrew Hutchins”. Any potential employer who reads this will naturally be concerned that you will bring a lot of negativity to the workplace, that you will complain and whine, that you’ll be constantly blaming others for everything, and that you’re just a little too eager to sue people. I’m NOT saying that’s fair – but it’s how your blog will be perceived. You can object and say that no reasonable employer will feel this way, but you are simply denying reality. Reality is that employers look online for information about potential hires, and this blog is your second worst enemy in finding employment.

        2. Your worst enemy, of course, is your attitude. Get some counseling. You said something about a church – talk to your minister. You have a lot of negative emotions bottled up and you need to deal with them. People don’t like to be around negative people.

        3. You need a change of scenery. One of the reasons New York City shelters are a hellhole is because New York City is a hellhole. You’ve argued that only NYC guarantees shelter as a basic right, but what good is that right if the shelters are so bad. Other places without such guarantees have better shelter conditions, more favorable job markets, lower costs of living, etc.

        Before you issue your knee-jerk bashing of everything I just said, at least think about it for a minute, and at least try to accept that I am being earnest in wanting to help.

      • I don’t think you have been earnest in wanting to help. There are too many issues you really fail to consider when suggesting that I move. There’s no way I am shutting down a blog that has been a strong enough exposé of the shelters that it’s already gotten me an administrative transfer. I’m getting plenty of help here. thank you very much. David suggested that his next book may end up being called The Power of Negative Thinking because he thinks that an erroneous concept in New Thought is that we can’t function if we have to have a negative thought and become a fake Pollyanna about it and wonder why we don’t get what we want.

      • grickster permalink

        Save your breath, marcopal! He doesn’t want help that involves actually doing anything. Nor will he tolerate any criticism. He immediately impugns your motives because you didn’t say what his itching ears want to hear (i.e. that there’s nothing he can do and it’s all someone else’s fault). Bash, bash, bash.

        Notice also the false dichotomy he creates. If he lets go of the toxic negativity that pervades his every thought and exudes from every pore on his body, he’ll become a “fake Polyanna”. There’s no middle ground with him.

      • You’re not telling me anything that I haven’t heard before. It’s blah blah blah. If you wanted to actually help, you wouldn’t tell me to go move somewhere else where I have absolutely zero connections and try to get a job. do you want me to throw darts at a map or something? I really don’t get you people and how banal your thinking is.

      • Why would someone from Watertown, New York, where I have never been, choose to find me, of all people to bash, unless they are a bully who likes to kick people when they are down?

      • narwhal permalink

        yeah, cuz those connections are really working for you, man. especially that David. where would you be without him? probably unemployed, broke, and homeless. oh, wait.

      • Your comments are certainly not helpful. I’m doing a lot better now in terms of job interviews than I did between February 2008 and September of 2009, when I found a job in a very strange and unexpected manner. At the time, the only blog I had was the one on my now-disabled page, and pretty my all I had on there were book, film, and stage reviews. The idea that my blog is the cause of my employment struggle, when my real struggle began when I was unable to get any more temp work after Agust 2001, no matter what agency I seemed to go to. I went to an agency on 9/11 and could hear the coverage on the TV outside during the interview, but they never contacted me, even though the interview went well.

        You sound like my mother who told me that you can’t get unemployment from temping (which my mother told me was what I should be doing to begin with–to the point that she told me to quit my part-time job doing phone surveys to start, which turned out to be a completely ignorant statement.

      • The real problem is that most of the jobs to which I’m applying are probably fake, which is entirely the fault of the employers…

        I’m not sure how moving somewhere that I’m a stranger would do anything but exacerbate the problem.

      • speedygonzalez permalink

        The key takeaway of that article is summed up here: “around 50% of positions are currently filled by informal means.” That’s a lot of job positions to which you currently have no access. It might be worthwhile to direct some of your efforts towards gaining that access – i.e. networking.

        Attend events related to the field(s) in which you’d like to work and meet as many people as possible. Follow up with those people to build meaningful relationships. Volunteer your time to industry trade groups or associations – conference organizers are always in need of extra hands, and it’s a great way to meet people. Participate in online discussion forums where such people are active, but be sure to engage in actual relationship-building instead of just job-hunting. The ways to network with people are limited only by your creativity and drive.

      • You are making the false assumption that I don’t network. I do whenever possible. Unfortunately, possibly the best way to network in my chosen field is through Mediabistro gatherings. Unfortunately, those cost $25 to attend, and most often they are in bars and start at 9 PM, which really doesn’t work in my current situation.

      • It’s funny, that wealthy, morbidly obese imbecile Gina Rinehart said that people who aren’t rich aren’t rich because they spend too much time drinking, smoking, and socializing. In fact, I’m probably out of work because I don’t socialize enough and don’t smoke or drink. I think it creates a bad impression if you turn down alcohol saying that you don’t drink, but I’ve done it anyway, and still ended up in a substance abuse shelter that profiteers $117 a day from my presence, when it costs them 20 cents to feed me the meal that I usually eat, and a miniscule amount, probably measurable in fractions of a cent, to have me in a cot and my share of the electricity, of which I use none that they weren’t already using.

      • speedygonzalez permalink

        I never said nor assumed that you don’t network. I don’t know why you respond to an attempt to help as if it were a personal attack.

  3. CRaK permalink

    I guess the question that keeps running through my mind after reading 20-30 posts is, why don’t you move to LA? You have a degree in film and media studies, LA is the center of that industry. You’re effectively homeless – the west coast in general is a good place to be homeless because the climate is conducive to sleeping outside (as opposed to NYC where you will die in the cold). You can get absolutely everywhere on transit. And if nothing else the food is better.

    • There are many dubious claims in this post, but the idea that it would be easier for me to get work as a smelly street homeless person than as one in a shelter who showers daily (unless the boiler is broken) and doesn’t look “homeless” is so foolhardy that it obviates addressing your other claims.

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