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Lance Armstrong stole $30,000,000 of your tax dollars

January 16, 2013

So just shut up about me, “Employed.”


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  1. grickster permalink

    I guess we can add Lance Armstrong to the long list of people you bash on your blog.

    • You bash me for the pittance in tax money I cost those who live in NYC. For you to bash me and not bash a guy who has received $30,000,000 in tax money is pure hypocrisy.

  2. You’re a hyprocrite for bashing me and not him.

    • grickster permalink

      There are many people in the world worthy of bashing. Lance Armstrong is certainly one of them. That doesn’t mean I have to bash all of them right here in the comments section of your blog. This blog is all about you. Naturally, most of the bashing is also about you. Nothing hypocritical about that.

      • Most of them weren’t bashed, if they were bashed at all, in the comments section.

      • Then go bash him and his ill-gotten money and power instead of a broke guy doing the best he can. Lance Armstrong belongs in a substance abuse shelter far more than a guy who just happens to be poor and has never had a substance abuse problem.

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