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Destroying the Evidence

January 10, 2013

At linen exchange last night, the staff had me discard my infected pillow and pillowcase in one of the dining room trash cans.  There was nowhere really that I could hold onto the evidence securely without it just contaminating other things, and I’m not sure what it would prove other than that the pillow was infected with staphylococcus.  I’m not sure it could be determined who else had slept on that pillow before me.  Other residents told me that they got new pillows that were wrapped in plastic.  Mine definitely was not, and it didn’t appear to be in very good condition.  The first night at Project Renewal, I had to go without a pillow entirely, which is not good for the neck, but neither is getting staph all over your neck.

  1. Employed permalink

    So, princess, exactly which pillow would be right for you? Not too new? Not too old? Not too hot? Not too cold? Just right? What exactly is just right? Can you feel a pea under your mattress, princess? Just when is it good enough for your tender body?

    • I hope you get impetigo form an infected pillow next time you stay at a hotel, motherfucker. Especially one that costs $117 per night.

    • “So, princess, exactly which pillow would be right for you?” How about a clean pillow that is not either disease- or bug-ridden? Seems to be what he was asking for.

  2. Employed permalink

    Brilliant retort there. Glad to see all that education paying off for you.

    • It’s asinine of you to think that I don’t have a right to complain that a shelter receiving $117 per person per day gives me a pillow infected with staphylococcus. I own numerous pillows I could get out of storage, but they claim that they have the right to confiscate outside bedding. It is therefore entirely the result of Project Renewal’s negligence that I got impetigo.

  3. Thurston Howell III permalink

    I quite agree, chum. Nobody should have to suffer through a night with an uncomfortable or unclean pillow. This is one reason to steer clear of lodgings in the $117/night range – they tend to be rat-infested holes. (Another reason is to avoid having to associate with the type of people who stay in cheap hotels.) You might try the Waldorf-Astoria on Park Avenue. I’ve never had a crummy pillow there. Cheers!

  4. Ginger permalink

    Scott, you understand that the $117/day covers ALL THE OPERATING COSTS OF THE ENTIRE FACILITY not just your bagel and sheets, right??? I can only rationalize your whinging and grousing as more evidence of an underlying mental illness. PLEASE get the help you need.

    • Per person? Are you insane? Explain how the facility costs $19,890 per day to operate. It can’t possibly, yet that’s what it receives from the taxpayer, plus additional for those who have documented mental illnesses.

    • I learned on Thursday that $71 that $117 goes straight to the wallet of a guy named Muzzy Rosenblatt, who is therefore NYC’s most vile slumlord. Project Renewal claims to be a non-profit organization, but I don’t think it is legal for an organization to claim non-profit status if 61% of its revenue goes to paycheck of the owner of the facility.

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