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January 9, 2013

Everything is more difficult for young people these days, and jackasses like “Employed” are unwilling to recognize that fact, even though it’s his/her generation that destroyed things for younger people.


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  1. Employed permalink

    My generation destroyed things for younger people? Really? How old am I? Are you sure I’m older than you? Did you consider the posibility that whatever things have been destroyed, it was your generation that destroyed them for my generation? Did you consider the possibility that while your life may not be what you want, that the world is far from destroyed and that only certain specific things have been destroyed?

    I’m certainly not implying that the economic upheaval of recent years is a good thing, but in comparison to the world, the US is still in pretty darn good shape. The very fact that country has been supporting you for so long without you doing anything productive is testimony to things being far better here than in many corners of the world where you would have simply ceased to live long ago.

  2. Claiming that I’ve never done anything productive is further dishonesty on your part.

  3. Employed permalink

    Are you functionally illiterate? Are you a blithering idiot? I didn’t say that you’ve never done anything productive. What I wrote was “…country has been supporting you for so long without you doing anything productive…”. In other words, while you aren’t working and are living off the hard work of others, then you aren’t doing anything productive. For the record, I’m excluding from consideration any unpaid personal projects you may have done. In this context, by productive, I meant productive of a wage.

    Perhaps if your reading comprehension were better, you’d be able to hold a job.

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