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My Critics

January 5, 2013

So far, the only one of my critics who makes any sense is “amy.”  The others are all reminiscent of the King of Lineland:

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  1. Employed permalink


    You publish your nonsensical whiney rants for public consumption. Why are you surprised that critics have emerged?

  2. Nothing I have posted on my blog can be correctly deemed either nonsensical or whiny (learn how to spell).

  3. Employed permalink

    Oh my goodness! I added an extra “e”. How horrible. Given that you have already branded me as “functionally illiterate”, I think I’m doing pretty well with my English. I haven’t had as much time to practice my spelling because of all of the time I spend at my full time job. Perhaps you should get one of those. It might help you occupy your time in a more productive manner.

    My spelling notwithstanding, I wholeheartedly disagree with your reply. The very concept that you should be provided with a free apartment is nonsensical and posts like the one about your shaver are most certainly whiny.

    • In what way is it nonsensical to ask the city to pay about $1,500 a month for me to live in a decent apartment when they are already paying $3,500 a month for me to live in a disease-riddled shithole?

      What’s better for both me and the taxpayer cannot be considered “nonsensical” by any reasonable person.

      • Employed permalink

        You misunderstand me. I find it preposterous that the city pay $3,500, $1,500, or even $15 a month to support you. I find it nonsensical that you are so nasty and whiny about it. Were it not for the city, you would literally be out in the cold. Be grateful for what you have been given.

      • In other words, you are a sadistic, evil person who would like to see social programs return to how they were pre-Dickens. You are a repulsive excuse for a human being. You are the sort of person who would tell a rape victim to be grateful if she got pregnant from her assault.

        Either your employer doesn’t know what a sick and depraved person you are, or is as sick and evil as you are and is searching hard for a cheaper replacement in India. After your firing and you find how atrocious the job market is, and that retail stores won’t hire you because you are overqualified, you are likely to kill yourself. You are so self-loathing that you would be unable to live with yourself if you were in my situation, and it galls you that I am trying to make improvements in the system for everybody.

      • grickster permalink

        “You are a repulsive excuse for a human being. You are the sort of person who would tell a rape victim to be grateful if she got pregnant from her assault.”

        And you wonder why people think you a jackass…

      • How is it not repulsive to think that I should be living in the street simply because employers are in hiring freezes in spite of record profits? A better question would be why you don’t think those people are jackasses.

  4. amy permalink

    I have a tender spot for the poor and downtrodden. My father William spent most of his life in the Marshalsea, a debtors’ prison in London. I imagine it’s not unlike your Eddie Harris Men’s Shelter.

  5. Employed permalink

    You still misunderstand me. I am not commenting on social programs in general. I am commenting on their support of you, specifically, Scott Andrew Hutchins. I’m not suggesting that “social programs return to how they were pre-Dickens” and I most certainly said nothing about rape. What I am suggesting is that you have already received far more than you should. I am suggesting that you are doing nothing of value to improve the system. You are swearing a guards. You are detailing the minutiae of how the food service in this establishment isn’t up to your standards. You are launching accusations of wrongdoing by virtually everyone with whom you interact. You are insulting anyone and everyone who disagrees with you. You are whining. That’s not improving anything.

    Be grateful or what you have been given.

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