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A few good things

December 31, 2012

The guard who I cussed out for confiscating my food can gave me a nice black Sean John jacket when he saw how torn up my pockets were.  It’s a 6x, so I wear it over the other coat, although that gets very hot indoors.  Outdoors, I’m surprised that I actually need it, but the extra room may be part of the reason why.

Dr. Partain, although she did not appear to have saved last week’s list as she said that she would, fit me in without much waiting because she recognized me from last week, and she did so with others, as well.  She does a custom measurement each time she gives someone an adjustment, as though one is a paying client (I have been a paid chiropractic client of Dr. Steve Gettinger at times when I’ve had a steady job) , rather than the generalized back cracks the other guy did, so it’s definitely worth the wait.  I didn’t see Jason, who hits on her every time he’s there. I found her bio online and I don’t think an athletic girl like her would be interested in someone like me, but I also need the adjustments, and it’s hard to talk when getting a chiropractic adjustment, so I’ve never attempted to do this.

  1. Employed permalink

    Right. You didn’t hit on her because she was too busy fixing your back. Not because you realize that athletic, well-educated, fully-employed women generally aren’t into f’d up homeless guys with anger issues. Just keep telling yourself that.

  2. speedygonzalez permalink


    Maybe on your next visit, you can ask her about the time Laura Bush invited her to the White House (

  3. falafel permalink

    So, any news on the budding romance? 🙂

    • I’ve never seen her again, and “budding romance” sounds like extreme hyperbole. I did go to St. Luke’s Lutheran for lunch yesterday, though. They gave us pizza and macaroni and cheese that were so filling, even without having eaten breakfast, that I ignored the announcement for seconds.

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