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New York Times: More Educated Young Americans Are Homeless

December 21, 2012

More Educated Young Americans Than Ever Are Homeless, Thanks to the Recession

  1. I tried to post this on the site a number of times, but it kept timing out, and now comments are closed. I was able to post some shorter ones. But this just led to a constantly spinning icon:

    I earned a bachelor’s degree in 1999 and a master’s degree in 2005. I entered the New York City shelter system on May 25, 2012, after my last employer, a grad school colleague who had money, fired me after 3 and a half months from a job where he paid me $8.65 an hour with a promise of a raise, relocation bonus, and health insurance, after 3 months, essentially because of his own inability to communicate. My previous jobs have mostly been temporary, seasonal, and freelance, and I used up the last of the life insurance money after my dad died to pay rent in early 2011, spending much of the year in housing court. I owe 58,000 in student loan debt, projected to be $87,000 once paid, and I am also medically limited to a desk job.

    The shelter receives $3,500 per person per month to treat us like garbage and give us food that often carries food-borne illness. The first shelter they put me in, Eddie Harris, had a racket with NYC Rooms 4 Rent on 145th Street. Even though my unemployment insurance runs out at the end of the month, they tried to make me spend a nonrefundable $200 up front just for NYCR4R just to show me a room. I started documenting about my experiences at the shelter and naming names on my blog,, so they transferred me to a shelter where the only thing better was the location (Noho over Bushwick). I also got a letter from the Department of Homeless Services, telling me that naming names in my blog was “unbecoming” conduct.

  2. big mo permalink

    Wait, whut do ya’ mean dat yo’ pops got wasted t’pay rent? Is dat cuz’ ya’ dun didn’t have de cash?

    • No, the life insurance money came from my Dad’s death. The clause is in the best possible position to convey this meaning. If I’d put it later in the sentence, it would have more strongly implied your interpretation.

      • big mo permalink

        Dat’s a bummer ’bout your old man. Sorry t’hear it. Mah’ pappy sorta looked like Santa Claus too! Right on!

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