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The Homeless Shelter Is Giving Me Gout

December 18, 2012

The people who read my blog and post their obnoxious and sarcastic comments about the sorts of food the shelter, which is paid $117 per resident per day by the city, serves to us, not only the constant food-borne illness, but the excess of red meat and high fructose corn syrup, both of which I would do my best to avoid, but couldn’t entirely without running out of food stamps too quickly, seem to think that I am asking for too much, even though I am just as much a taxpaying citizen as they are. Red meat and high fructose corn syrup consumption are closely related to gout.

For the past few weeks, my right sock was falling down and bunching up uncomfortably on a regular basis.  It did not matter which sock I wore–I have at least three different brands with obvious differences represented, and I change them daily, and I was having serious pain on the outside of my right foot.  Friday or Saturday, the pain shifted severely to the inner part of my right foot, directly across from where it was hurting before, and the sock had stopped clumping so much.  I thought it was a bruise.  The pain on the outside of my foot didn’t really go away, as it’s still painful to the touch.  It just became completely overshadowed.

This morning, I saw the physician on the second floor.  He said it looked to him like gout.  I mentioned to him that the test at Arbor WeCare on August 31 had shown my uric acid level too high.  He said that it was pretty clear that that’s what it is and that I would need to follow up with my primary doctor.  One of the major causes of gout is consumption of red meat and high fructose corn syrup, both of which I had been completely avoiding for many years prior to becoming homeless.  He said that they’d given out too many bed rest passes, so they would not be issuing me one.  He said that I don’t need rest; I just need to stay off it, although that’s not easy to do when one is on the go.   hate being in the shelter.  There’s no one to relate to since so many of the guys there are formerly incarcerated, and some even brazenly admit to continuing to shoplift, getting drunk, and getting high.

The doctor mentioned a couple of medications he thought that I should be on, but he doesn’t prescribe anything because Project Renewal is a substance abuse shelter, and that I would need to see my primary doctor.  I called almost immediately after I saw the doctor, but I was half an hour too late for a same-day appointment, and was told to call back Thursday or Friday.

I’m still getting used to using my cane for a weak right side–the left side has always been the weaker one with the flares of sciatica and knee pain.  Now that I have gout, the left side isn’t any stronger, but is now the stronger of the two sides.

  1. MickeyMD permalink

    Men and Gout-
    Gout affects mostly men over the age 45 years. Overweight, frequent alcohol intake and people who take diuretic medicine can be contributory factors. Women who get gout tend to be post-menopausal

    so what your saying is that your a fatt butt? lose some weight, maybe you should cut back on your food intake, you fat slob

    • So, what you’re saying is that you are functionally illiterate?

      • Clearly he is. If you can get to a library, for the sciatica check the book “Treat Your Own Back” by Robin McKenzie. You are obviously a smart, insightful young man, and eventually your current experiences will be fuel for your creativity.

      • I couldn’t find that particular book in the library’s catalog, but I did find another McKenzie book about back pain, so I requested a hold on that.

  2. speedygonzalez permalink

    Your first paragraph has no predicate. How do you expect to get a job as a copy editor with grammar like that?

    • This is a first draft. This is the sort of mistake that I would correct upon proofreading. Clearly, I lost my train of thought.

      • speedygonzalez permalink

        That’s the risk you run when trying to stuff so many complaints into one sentence. I see that you’ve corrected the grammar. Now you just have to work on the attitude.

      • Any person who knows that the shelter is getting $3,500 from the city for what they provide when he could live much better on $1,500 has come to one’s attitude justly and reasonably.

  3. MickeyMD permalink

    I think I was pretty clear, I called you a fat slob

    • A conclusion you drew because you are functionally illiterate.

    • Although it’s not my ideal weight, no reasonable person would consider 250 pounds at 6’4″ a fat slob. As per the information I stated above, the most likely explanation for my case of gout is the sudden and intense reintroduction of red meat to my diet, which is out of necessity rather than choice. I still don’t buy red meat, order it in restaurants, or intentionally consume it when I’m at a party.

  4. lawyer lou permalink

    scott, i’ve successfully litigated several cases like this and recovered large settlements for my clients. one time i even got 7 figures out of a shelter in toledo – totally shut the place down – lol! i think you’ve got a strong case here. contact me if you want to pursue it. they waste so much money that we may as well get some of it!

    • Based on your e-mail address, you are a fake.

    • lawyer lou permalink

      sorry, i forgot that i had used that fake email address because the people from toledo are still after me. i guess they didn’t like losing their shelter, so i can’t be too careful, you know. anyway, i can send you a text message if you post your number.

  5. fred dantzler permalink


  6. Lawyer Lou, I’m not posting my phone number here. Assuming you’re real and not from Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe, you should have no trouble finding my e-mail address.

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