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December 18, 2012

Some time ago, my brother told me that the reason I wasn’t getting interviews is because I wasn’t thinking outside the box in terms of what sorts of jobs for which I would apply.


I sent him this message on September 14, 2012:


You e-mailed me some time back accusing me of not thinking outside the box in terms of my job applications.  I have applied for over 700 jobs since I was fired at the beginning of May.  Here are some of the job titles to which I’ve applied over the past few weeks alone, many with multiple like examples:
E-Mail Marketing Associate
Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator
Advertising Copywriter
Digital Copywriter
Copy Production Editor
Marketing Copywriter and Editor
Marketing Associate
Administrative Assistant
Assistant Editor
Web Designer
PR Specialist
Media Planner
Roadshow Coordinator
Campaign Channel Marketing Manager
Executive Assistant
PR Account Executive
Event Coordinator
Strategic Editor
Contract Recruiter
Documentation Editor
Deputy Food Editor
Medical Writing Specialist
Community Relations Coordinator
Media/Public Relations Manager
Technical Writer
Content Specialist
Editorial Assistant-Books
Personal Assistant
Legal Secretary
Administrative Analyst
Front Desk Coordinator
Jr. Office Manager
Executive Assistant
Bank Teller
Customer Service Representative
Copy Operator
General Office Associate
Medical Secretary
Office Manager
Billing Coordinator
Front Desk/Junior Admin
Records Clerk
Office Assistant
Data Entry Operator/Specialist
Project Manager
Assistant Manager
Employee and Relations Manager
Junior Assistant Registrar for Art Gallery
Campus Recruiting Coordinator
Digital Researcher
Front Desk Administrator
Advertising Sales Account Manager
Jr. Executive Assistant
National Account Coordinator
Senior Fashion Editor
Digital Media Copywriter
Content Editor
Assignment Editor/News Producer
Desk Concierge
Recruiter (Entry Level)
Paralegal/Legal Assistant
Production Coordinator/Scheduler
Public Relations Manager
Marketing Manager
Communications Manager
Proposal Writer/Specialist
Creative Director
Deputy Entertainment Editor
Contributing Writer
Medical Receptionist
Distribution Center Associate
Training Coordinator
Middle and Back Office Roles
Help Desk Associate
Director of Public Relations
Editorial Assistant, Journals
Campaign Analyst
Jr. Media Planner
Presentation Operator
Research Editor
Specimen Accesioner/Data Entry
Senior Medical Writer
Product Specialist (Biology)
Regulatory Associate
Business Analyst
Media Buyer
Document Reviewer
Internal Communications Manager
Assistant Technical Writer
Legal Recruiter
Documentation/Label Specialist
Social Media Marketing Associate
Director of Event Marketing
Auto Service Writer
Court Researcher
Supervisor of Print Production
Junior Graphic Designer

Global Creative Services Coordinator

PR/Marketing Specialist
To what other sorts of jobs should I be applying?
That he never responded clearly means he knew he had lost, and his argument that it was my fault that I could not find work had utterly failed.



  1. big mo permalink

    Dere plum ain’t any jobs out dere, man. ‘S coo’, bro. No wonda’ ya’ kin’t find nuthin! Right on!

  2. your brother permalink

    maybe I never responded because i realized that anything I say will fall on deaf ears

  3. speedygonzalez permalink

    I can only assume that you don’t actually want to work. Why else would you purposely sabotage your job search by adding unprofessional comments on your LinkedIn profile? These will be a huge red flag to potential employers.

    • The only employers that would consider these red flags are employers who do unprofessional things themselves for whom I would not want to work.

      • speedygonzalez permalink

        On the contrary, the remarks on your LinkedIn profile portray you as a loose cannon, a bit unbalanced, or just someone with a bad attitude. In a job market where employers can afford to be choosy, why would they choose that?

        Like a resume, a LinkedIn profile is a chance to sell yourself and to portray yourself in the best light possible. If you can’t even give a decent showing there, a potential employer would rightly be concerned about what you might be like in person.

        The only thing that might be a bigger red flag is this blog. Pray that no potential employer of yours ever sees it.

      • The fact that a call to euthanize the long-term unemployed was placed on my blog is a statement of fact.

        Anything on my blog that would dissuade an employer would dissuade only a corrupt employer.

      • speedygonzalez permalink

        It doesn’t matter whether it’s true. The fact that there’s controversy generates a negative perception of you. The purpose of your profile is to create a certain perception of you, and that content undermines it. I’m only trying to help you here.

      • If someone is posting inflammatory replies on my blog calling for the genocide of an economic class, I have a responsibility to alert people who might potentially employ that person.

    • Honesty is a virtue. Hiding behind a screen name to post obnoxious comments is pure cowardice.

      • speedygonzalez permalink

        Lighten up. Screen names are just part of Internet culture, man!

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