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I will PayPal $100 to anyone who can demonstrate that my homelessness is my fault.

December 3, 2012

I currently have $1,929.12 in the bank.  I receive $126 per week in unemployment insurance, but I am entitled to only $904 more.  If, after reading through all my blogs, you have a rational argument why my homelessness is my fault, PayPal a symbolic two cents to me and prepare your submission.  Anything that fails to take into account anything on my blog, or anything relating to my situation that I can present as fact against your assessment will disqualify your entry.


Further, if you can provide me with a step-by-step out of homelessness that takes everything into account, skips no steps, and does not have a step (such as “get a job”) that is ridiculously arduous, time-consuming, and iffy, I will PayPal you another hundred dollars.

Know that because I am convinced this is impossible, and that every attempt I have seen thus far is an abject failure, this is the only reason I am putting forth this challenge.  This is not, in the strictest sense of the term, impossible, just extremely unlikely.  If someone is truly up to the task and seriously wants to be helpful, and not simply a knee-jerk right-winger, I encourage your attempt.

  1. speedygonzalez permalink

    I predict that nobody will win the $100. You’ve already said you’re convinced it’s impossible. Your mind is closed.

    • My mind is open. I just don’t think there is a rational explanation how it’s my fault.

      Thus far, every attempt I have heard has fallen back on ideology, ignored the facts of the case, or resorted to logical fallacies, most often circular arguments or begging the question, the latter of which goes back to ideology.

  2. My homelessness was my fault. I trusted the wrong person. I was deceived too easily. However, it was also his fault because he took a naive virgin’s trust, offered to pay my bills in such a way that it was impossible to turn down without that being an insult to the man I loved, then kicked me out and subtly fed lies to everyone I knew so that nobody would help me. Over a decade ago and still at risk because of that start to a huge chain of events.

    Becoming homeless is rarely a matter of fault, and more just something that happens. Remaining homeless? Well… not many options left. It’s a maze with no exit, the only way out is to be lifted. Who will lift you up and why? Can you gather together with someone else and create some mechanism to lift each other?

    One lesson: do not rely on an uncaring government that creates Stanford Prison Experiments out of “helper agencies.”

    Only people can help people. Of course, that relies on people seeing other people as… well… people.

  3. I support your position that your homelessness is not your fault. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that an opportunity to get your own place and a job on which you can make a living could come up eventually, and for that you would have to be optimistic enough to be on the look out for such options, but I understand the trade-off between optimism and self-blame when things are persistently this bad. Be patient with yourself, and try not to lock into the assumption that your situation will never be able to improve. Social safety nets are inadequate and inefficient across the board, the shelter may be doing you some good in the sense that (hopefully) you are at less risk of being a victim of violent crime where you sleep if you have access to one. But I appreciate that the conditions you are describing are demoralizing enough to undermine a person’s confidence about pursuing a way out personally, they reflect a level of social disengagement from meeting the needs of the destitute that means you can expect relatively little instrumental support from public agencies beyond what you’ve already found. I’m glad you’re able to blog about it for the time being, and shine a light on situations most people are blissfully oblivious about.

    Your concerns about being censored by wordpress make me think it’s possible you over-interpreted some sort of a fluke technical failure, but I wouldn’t know for sure. I’ve had similar problems where a search engine develops a memory of a blog entry that isn’t actually in my blog archive, but only after deleting a post, not after trying to publish one and finding that it didn’t correctly publish. Maybe it would be worth while to rewrite the missing post and republish it, just to see what happens, in case it was a glitch. Still, I realize it’s not unrealistic to have concerns about censorship using social media. I would try again at least once, just to double-check whether or not it was a technical failure.

    • The entry has been re-posted as “Re-attempt…” Probably less effective than the original title, however.

      • Well, I’m glad at least the re-attempt worked. I found Iron Jawed Angels inspiring, too. Sorry to hear you’re having so much difficulty getting meals day to day.

  4. kimmy permalink

    Leiralei, you sound like a harlet that deserved what she got.

  5. Someone who can’t spell basic words has no business calling others morons. You deserve the poverty you whined to me about in your other response.

  6. The great Hulk permalink

    Suck sand you homeless wind bag, check the spelling on that you troll!

    • That’s an intelligent post–an accusation of being a troll that does nothing but add an ad hominem attack to the “debate.” The great Hulk also appears to be another sock puppet for Jillian King, professional bitch.

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