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Boycott Blemished Light!

November 24, 2012

Blemished Light is a $2 million indie film written and directed by Raj Amit Kumar and starring Victor Bannerjee and Ankur Vikal.  Amit Kumar [The “Raj” is not on his resident alien papers and may be made up.] is my former employer, who stiffed me and fired me for not reading his mind and for not being available 24/7 on an $18,000 salary.  I gave up a data entry opportunity with GoodTemps in order to work for him, and, being graduate school colleagues, I informed him that I was in housing court because I was unable to find a desk job, and any other sort of job is unsustainable for me.  He used and abused me, and I think people should respond by ignoring his film in droves.  He told his girlfriend, Nita Parikh, that I would be homeless if I lost my job, and she said so to the entire staff in a business meeting.

I live in a homeless shelter because they overworked and underpaid me.  They forced me to work unpaid overtime on the grounds that I was salaried, which I only later learned was illegal.  I contacted an attorney in Jacksonville, but unfortunately, they didn’t leave enough of a paper trail to easily make building a case against them.

I was let go from Maruti Transit on April 26, 2012, under circumstances detailed previously in this blog.  I continued to work for 69 Productions over that time, but since I was paid only for my work at Maruti, I learned that everything I was doing with 69 Productions was under the table, and indeed, slave labor, when I received no payment for my work from April 30-May 4.  On that day, Mr. Kumar was annoyed that I was rolling his suitcase up step by step to avoid harming my back after he told me to get it from his car.  He knew damn well that I had a back problem, but apparently considered me his slave.  That led to a tirade about how sometimes I was supposed to be condensing what he wrote, and other times, I should be rewriting.  He never made that clear, and acted like I should have known, just like he acted like I should have known how to approach his paper from a book jacket outline, 100+ sources he wouldn’t prioritize.  When he showed up to the meetings he scheduled (almost never), he would explain his seminar papers paragraph by paragraph as though I were an idiot rather than actually giving me instructions on what he needed me to do.

Whatever you do, make sure that Blemished Light is a bomb even by indie film standards!

  1. Francisco permalink

    I think you should go and find a job instead of blaming a person who works 20 hours a day and who has changed the way Hindi cinema has worked for more then 100 years.

    • Francisco permalink

      And if Mr. Kumar predicted your future 2 years ago, I am surprised how wise and correct he was about it. I would request him for further opinion in a situation like this.

      • I am not sure what you are referring to about Mr. Kumar predicting my future two years ago. If you mean one year ago when he told Nita Parikh not to fire me because I would end up homeless, the reason he knew this is because he knows the difficulty of the job market, my inability to work in retail/food service as a stopgap because of my physical condition, and the fact that the two of them were paying me so little that the unemployment money I would receive if I lost my job would not be enough to cover rent anywhere in the United States.

        In fact, Ms. Parikh tried to make we work from 7 AM to 6 PM five days per week on an $18,000 salary. It was the beginning of the end when I responded that that salary with those hours was illegally low.

        Nice of you to defend people who skirt federal minimum wage laws and are proud of it. Only a fool would proclaim someone wise because he predicted the result of his own misdeeds.

    • Apparently you are unaware how tight the job market is, which means that you are a willful ignoramus, which means that you are not very intelligent. I have records of 1,645 job applications on my part in the time since Mr. Kumar fired me. During that time, I have been granted six unsuccessful job interviews, mostly for jobs that are very poor matches to my experience and aptitude (telemarketing, face-to-face marketing), seven interviews with staffing agencies that have failed to place me, and two successful interviews for temporary/freelance work that are now over.

      It’s fairly obvious that you are not that intelligent, since you think that a guy who gives me an elevator pitch, seminar papers, and a 100-source bibliography, and expects me to turn in his doctoral dissertation with almost no other input is right in firing me when I can’t produce what he requests. You apparently think “Kindly work on methodology” is valid as a complete set of directions. He is an incompetent employer who expects his employees to read his mind and to have filled their head with his research after being told that there is no time to read all the materials on the bibliography or given any sort of prioritization.

      Your statement here is completely irrelevant to the way Mr. Kumar treats people and it is non sequitur to think that whatever he may have done for Hindi cinema justifies the way he treats his employees. If he couldn’t handle getting a Ph.D. and making a feature film at the same time, that’s no fault of mine.

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