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Brutally Beaten at Eddie Harris Men’s Shelter

November 2, 2012

These are photographs a co-worker took of me in the aftermath of the beating I received by my former roommate at the Eddie Harris Men’s Shelter. The swelling has gone down and turned into a black eye–it looked much worse before, but these photos were taken about half an hour ago, and the beating occurred around 22:15 on October 31.

I went to the 83rd precinct NYPD station to press charges against him today, and their cameras were very conveniently not working. They told me that they had not arrested the perpetrator, and would not have done so without a report from the victim. Now they tell me that they will try to come for him at the shelter. All the shelter did was make me move downstairs with an old man with whom I should be safe until I leave in a week or so.

The shelter staff made fun of me for not fighting back, but I wanted the security cameras to clearly show that there was only one aggressor, and not a “fight” per se.

My roommate, Robert Green, is a savage animal who belongs behind bars. All I wanted was to turn the light on to take out my contact lenses, and he grabbed me in a headlock from behind, flung me on the hallway floor, creating a severe impact on my herniated discs (I, in fact, fell on the combination lock that I had in my hand), and proceeded to punch my face multiple times, which I was not very successful blocking with my arms. He threatened me before I did it, but I didn’t think that he would be stupid enough to hit me in a hallway full of security cameras. He previously made a false claim that I was a dirty Jew putting snot-covered tissues on the floor around my bed, a ludicrous embellishment of the fact that I hadn’t taken scraps of toilet paper that got caught on the locker door to the trash, and the “Jew” claim just proves that he was also committing a hate crime, regardless of the fact that I am not actually Jewish.

  1. mike permalink

    Seems to me that you have a problem with everyone. (ie) The shelter, the clients, the police. I think the problem is you. Why did you not seek medical care from a hospital. they would have took a picture of your injuries and provided you with injury documentation to prove your claim. You could have also dialed 911 for an immediate responce. Convenient for you to take pictures long after the fact and claim harsher injuries. Get it together pal and stop blaming other people for something in which you are part of the problem.

    • You are a liar and an imbecile. I did seek medical care, but at the Woodhull Hospital emergency room, they took no pictures and just gave me a sheet of after care instructions for assault. I also reported the crime to 911, and they did not take pictures, either. In fact, the cameras at the station conveniently did not work. The assumptions that you have made just proved that you are way too out of touch to make any sort of comment about me.

    • Based on your own statements, Woodhull Hospital is negligent for failing to take photographs, but that failure is my fault.

  2. joe permalink

    maybe you should spend more time seeking employment and housing then writing all this blogs

    • Frankly, I spend so much time looking for employment and housing that I need a breather, but you don’t care about that. You just want to be obnoxious and act like I should have a one-track mind.

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