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If you can’t find a toll-free number on this card, you deserve to be homeless.

August 22, 2012

If you can't find a toll-free number on this card, you deserve to be homeless.

On April 26, 2012, I received a call from a client who had asked if he had reached Metro Transit. I told him that it’s Maruti Transit. He wanted to make sure that he had dialed the correct phone number. The number he dialed was a toll-free number. I asked the dispatcher for assistance, because I didn’t know if we had a toll-free number. It wasn’t on the phone list above the phone, nor was it on this card I was given on January 16, when I first began working for Maruti.

The dispatcher heard me correct him, and shouted at me that he has the wrong number. I asked again if we had a toll-free number. She then screamed to the executive assistant, Gloria Martin, that I was bothering her. Gloria made me hang up on the guy, and told me that I should have known to go to the shelf where we keep the business cards and gotten the toll-free number off one of them. No rational person would have done this, particularly with a client waiting on the line. There is no reason to assume that the information on this particular card, other than the name and title of the person who gave it to me, is anything other than boilerplate. The fact that this card lacked a toll-free number alerted me that the proper course of action was to ask for assistance from someone with greater seniority. I had just finished my third month as an employee of the company, and certainly could not be expected to know everything.

The fact that Gloria Martin, the highest ranking person who was in the office at the moment, fired me over this incident, shows irrationality and lack of professionalism, especially since her gormless boss had told everyone in a meeting that if I were fired, I would be homeless. Her boss’s boyfriend was the one who had hired me, and he, a friend from graduate school, knew that I had used all of my savings to pay rent during my last period of unemployment, but Gloria didn’t care. She chose to use an irrational power trip to make sure that I would become homeless. Therefore, it can be surmised that, in the eyes of Gloria Martin, anyone who cannot find a toll-free number on this card deserves to be homeless. It also follows that my family feels the same way, because they have refused to take me in. In all three cases, this is demonstrative of hypocrisy, since they’re not going to be able to find a toll-free number on this card, either.

Can you find a toll-free number on this card? If not, consider yourself lucky to have employment and privileged to have a home of your own.

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