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I am now homeless.

June 1, 2012

I left my landlady’s house on May 11.  I had $218, no income, and was going to sleep on a friend’s couch, but he had no right to offer it, since he was renting from someone else.  A friend of a friend in NYC offered his couch for $300 per month, but then he changed his mind.  I got scammed out of some “charity” money from my employer that my mother grudgingly replenished via Western Union.  I stayed with a couple of friends, but that was unsustainable, mainly because both had relatives coming.  I am now staying in the 30th Street Men’s Shelter in Manhattan.  I can’t wait to be out.  I’ve had a job interview already, and also a tutoring gig, although not a very successful one.

My collections are not gone.  They remain in the storage unit that is paid through July 1.  I don’t want to sell them, and it isn’t feasible since they are at the back of the storage unit and the furniture is at the front.  The comics I bought in Jax and lugged back on the Greyhound are all I can reach easily, and they can’t be worth much considering how little I paid for them.  Aside from the five trade paperbacks, none of them cost me more than $4, and some as little as $.25.  Many of the latter are not low grade by any means, but the market for comics has fallen away from investors and gone back to fans, for the most part, unless you’re talking Golden and Silver Age–my collection is almost entirely Bronze Age and later.  I bought what I liked, not what was popular, and occult/horror of the 1970s, early Vertigo and the DC Comics that led to them, and works by certain writers and artists who appeal to me are predominant.  My want list shows that I’m focused on collecting the following characters:  Animal Man, Etrigan the Demon, Solomon Grundy, Jason Woodrue, The Phantom Stranger, Zatanna Zatara, Giovanni Zatara, The Sandman, The Spectre, Swamp Thing, John Constantine, Shade, the Changing Man; Night Force, Werewolf by Night, and various anthologies.  Others, such as Black Orchid, The Doom Patrol, Man-Thing, Man-Wolf, I’ve mostly already obtained.

My mother sent me $500 that she said is the last money that I will ever receive from her.  My $971 tax refund was used to pay off my debts on unemployment insurance.  I still don’t know where $273.68 went.

If you want to offer me any assistance, my PayPal ID is .  I also have multiple versions of my resume, references, etc.

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