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A choir bigger than most Unity churches/Jacksonville update

April 15, 2012

Britt told Bill to take this down for copyright reasons, but Bill didn’t do it.  You can first see me in it around 1:26, although I can hear myself not blending prior to that point. The choir is having a concert a couple of days from now, the first one I won’t be in since the church started.  Interestingly, one of the tertiary reasons Unity of New York split off from Eric Butterworth’s church is because Eric wasn’t interested in having a choir.  I wouldn’t have been in this concert, anyway, because I got kicked out because I panicked and asked for financial help through the e-mail list a few months after I was told that it would be considered a resignation from the choir if I did it again.  Unfortunately, I had friends who attended traditional churches and synagogues prodding me to do it, and I caved. I probably wouldn’t have been attending the concert even if I were in New York, because I literally wouldn’t have the $25 to attend, although it is entirely possible a member would have given me a ticket.  Bill gave me a monthly Metrocard ($89 value) once, and some members of the choir were willing to give me anywhere from $20-$60, while others were annoyed and threatening to quit if I weren’t kicked out. (Amusingly, since Roy (soloist #3), took a hiatus from choir, novelist Arje Shaw, the bald man next to me, may be the only man in the choir who isn’t gay. Arje would pay me $20 an hour (more than twice what I make now) to help him learn the songs outside rehearsal, and I bought an autographed copy of his book for less than $2 when Borders went out of business.)

I got taken into the owner’s office Friday and was finally told that my work here was good, and the executive assistant called me that evening to reiterate (but I also got told that I called a client a “prick,” which I certainly don’t remember doing–that’s the sort of thing that makes this scary), so it looks like I’ll be staying in Jacksonville for at least a year.  No word yet on the promised raise or $800 relocation bonus to go back and get my belongings from the storage unit that I was told to expect after 3 months. I really want to move out of my current lodgings, sleep in my own bed, and have access to my personal library again.  It will be a relief to knock almost $200 off a time-biding rent and consolidate it with my lodging budget.

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