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All the Plays I Have Seen

February 26, 2012

I thought I’d paste this in. The August 10, 2002 date is correct in terms of completeness. My programs are all in storage right now, and quite a few never made it into this table, but I might as well not keep it secret any longer, since it will be a few months before I can get my programs back, let alone make them a priority.

All of the Plays I Have Seen

Though I may have missed a few, these are all the plays (including one-acts, non-musicals, musicals, operas, revues, and ballet, but not concerts) I have seen live on stage as of August 10, 2002.   Please noted that I moved from Indianapolis to the city of New York, borough of Staten Island at the end of August, 2003, so all those listed after that time are New York area performances.  I also include any production I was involved with, whether I actually got to view the entire performance or not.

All cast lists are complete unless marked with an asterisk (*). If you have any additions to the credits (cast and director–this format would not be conducive to listing others) of these productions, feel free to e-mail me at If the credits are incomplete, it probably means I do not have the program, but it could mean the information was not printed in the program.

As far as I know, the only names used by more than one person are Bob Smith, Tiffany Wilson, and David Williamson.  The Bob Smith who played Angus and the Doctor in Macbeth and Vincentio in The Taming of the Shrew with Spotlight Players is not the Bob Smith who performed with Shakespeare & More Theatre Company of Central Indiana in 2001, the Tiffany Wilson at Ball State/Muncie is not the Tiffany Wilson at Butler University (though other same-names at various universities are) and David Williamson the playwright is not the same person as David Williamson the actor (at least in no case on this page).  Bill Campbell, Melissa Gilbert, Jason Lee, Meg Ryan, Chris O’Donnell, Tyler Perry, Sam West, and Madeleine Kahn are not the famous ones, nor is John Huston, though in his case, he is distantly related–in most other cases it is the celebrity.  Some people have appeared in shows in both locations (Indianapolis area and New York City area).  I have attempted to list everyone by a standardized name, regardless of how it appeared in the program of the individual show (for example, sometimes people are billed with a nickname, or with or without their middle initial/name, etc.)  By rendering them the same way each time, they’re easier to find.  Deference is usually given to the fullest version of the person’s name.  When musicians are credited as cast, they were fully visible on stage.

Author Title Director Cast Venue Date
Abbot, George, Douglass Wallop (B), Richard Adler, Jerry Ross (L/M), Douglass Wallop (novel The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant) Damn Yankees Dawn Barry Michel Schneider (Joe Boyd), Eileen Dreyer (Meg Boyd), John Stillwaggon (Mr. Applegate), Pat Knutson (Sister), Ann Gubiotti (Doris), Christopher Lee Short (Joe Hardy), John Castagliola (Henry), William Doyle (Sohovik), Michael Ables (Smokey), Anthony Miranda (Linville), Rob Fahn (Van Buren), Al Whidden (Rocky), Ashley Westbrook (Gloria Thorpe), Ted Montuori (Welch), Megan Corcoran (Lola), William Dreyer (Mickey), Chris Vivolo (Vernon), Maryjo Tipaldo (Miss Weston), Edward G. Blunnie (Commissioner), Mickey Sullivan (Postmaster), Michael Boshell (Reporter), Susan Huizinga (Reporter), Matthew Hunt (Reorter), Jennifer DeVane (Dance Captain/Baseball Fan), Mariela Fernandez, Hayden Nadine, Rachael Palmer Jones, Jenny Torgerson (Dancers/Baseball Fans), Caitlin Wockenfuss (Dancer), Carolyn Antonucci-Almeia, Thomas Doyle, Brian Fitzferald, Stephanie Kokeas, Margaret McMahon, Amarylis Rivera, Jayme Stevens, Rick Susco (Baseball Fans), Frank Togni (Walk-On Fan) Narrows Community Theater/St. Patrick’s Church Hall 6 November 2009
Adamo, Mark (libretto, M), Louisa May Alcott (novel, short stories), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (poem) Little Women Vincent Liotta Leslie Mutchler (Josephine “Jo” March), Kate Mangiameli (Margaret “Meg” March), Tiffany Rosenquist (Elizabeth “Beth” March), Anita Rollo (Amy March), David Ray (Laurie (Theodore Lawrence)), Corey McKern (John Brooke), K. Samuel Spade (Dr. Friedrich Bhaer), Allison Watson (Alma March), Brandon Mayberry (Gideon March), Michael Mentzel (Mr. Dashwood), Heidi Vanderford (Aunt Cecilia March), Annie Burton, Allison Fay, Fern Freedlander, Melissa Korzec, Samantha Malk, Luciana Melamed, Anna Noggle, Paula Nogueira, Kristen Short, Kinga Skretkowicz, Patricia Thompson, Wakako Yoshioka (Chorus) Indiana University 8 February 2002
Adamo, Mark (libretto, M), Louisa May Alcott (novel, short stories), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (poem) Little Women Laurel Eldredge Goetzinger Marci Wagnon (Josephine “Jo” March), Rachel Schmidt (Margaret “Meg” March), Melissa Walsh (Elizabeth “Beth” March), Jennifer Welsh (Amy March), Zack Novak (Laurie (Theodore Lawrence)), Garth Eppley (John Brooke), J. Micah Howard (Dr. Friedrich Bhaer), Jennifer Brohman (Alma March), Nathan Smith (Gideon March), Maribeth B. Stora (Aunt Cecilia March), Adrian Hartsough (Mr. Dashwood), Rachelle Bargerstock, Casey Brown, Samantha Burkett, Leah Carroll, Leanne Current, Lauren Curtis, Melissa Dittman, Hannah Elkins, Amy Ferguson, Kristina Ferguson, Leigh Ann Forster, Shannon Hall, Angela Hayner, Anna King, Ashleigh Kirby, Jennifer Kleiner, Tiffany Kundig, Brittany Lamson, Elisha Marr, Jennifer Nigh, Tiffany Schunn, Candra Sturdivant, Lindsay Thompson (The Voices) Anderson University 16 February 2002
Aeschylus, adapted by Steven Berkoff Agamemnon John C. Green Mandy Melissa Barrett (Speaker of the Curse), Brian “BK” Klemmesrud (Agamemnon), Heather Burn (Clytemnestra), Richard Shane Curry (Watchman), Malaki Kindred (Herald), Steph Johnson (Cassandra), Adria K. Badagnani (Iphigenia), Tavi Stutz (Paris), Susan Galey (Helen), Tony Jay Craney (Aegisthus), John Hammerle, Kevin Lind, Elaine Robinson, Kristin Leigh Slager (Chorus) Butler University 17 April 1999
Aeschylus, adapted by Bill Conte Prometheus Bound Vincent Vok, Marie Miguel Gano Grills (Prometheus), Doc (Hephaestus), Vincent Vok (Might), Dana Marie Abbatielloi (Io), Todd Miller (Poseidon), Daughters of Poseidon:  Christy Leigh Shapiro (Fish Goddess), [Laura Kathleen Artesi (Algae Goddess), Tristin Daley (Echinoderm Goddess), ? (Hermes), Bill Conte (voice of Zeus)] Theatre SanGreal at Midland Beach, Near Miller Field 1 August 2004
Albee, Edward Fragments: A Sit-Around Blake Wilson Sara Rebrovic (Woman #1–cat lover obsessed with musicals), Alison Jones (Woman #2–buried the dog), Tenaya Irene Hurst (Woman #3–backwards organs), Kara Klein (Woman #4–older woman with knife sharpener story), Michael Sykes (Man #1–who skipped middle age), Jason Lee (Man #2–poet/actor with story of racism), Ryan Gass (Man #3–beat with klepto father), Wesley Stiller (Man #4–“people want me” to abuse) Indiana University 10 December 2001
Albee, Edward Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Kristin Kundert-Gibbs Susan Monts-Bologna (Martha), Jonathan Putnam (George), Mark Bertram (Nick), Amy Attaway (Honey) Indiana State University 23 July 2002
Albee, Edward The Zoo Story Michael Coatney Joel Bruns (Peter), Michael Kebrdle (Jerry) IUPUI 19, 23 February 1999
Allen, Steve Meeting of Minds:  Ulysses S. Grant, Sir Thomas More, Karl Marx, Seth Allen, & Marie Antoinette Robert R. Rini Danny Marks (Seth Allen), Rod Everhart (Hiram Ulysses Simpson Grant), Lydia Jurgen (Queen Marie Antoinette Josepha Johanna Hapsburg), Bob Rini (Sir Thomas More), Jim Simmons (Karl Marx) Stage Actors Workshop at the Harrison Centre for the Arts (first two weekends), 40 & 8 Theatre (third weekend) 15, 16, 17, , 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30 November, 1 December 2002
Anastasi, John S. Pied à Terre Mitch Poulos Susan Estes (Giovanna Davis), Valerie Blazek (Katie McDaniels), Patrick Johnson (Jack Davis) Mid-Life Crisis Productions, Inc at the Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row 12 September 2004
Anderson, Robert I Never Sang for My Father Lynn Allison Erdmann Larry Adams (Gene), Will Pullins (Tom), Brandon Short (Steward/Waiter/Nurse), Janet Hodson (Margaret), Susan E. Rardin (Mary), Susan Thomas (Nurse Halsey), Robert L. “Griff” Griffin (Reverend Dr. Pell), Luke Renn (Marvin Scott), Don Becker (Dr. Mayberry), Lisa Gorman (Alice) Buck Creek Players 14? June 2003
Aristophanes, trans. Jason Tyne The Frogs Rachel Klein Aaron Oetting, Zachary Zdunich, Elizabeth Burke, Ben Beckley, Jeff Seal, Amir Levy, Joel Malazita, Josh Hyman, Sinem Balkir, Kathleen Schlemmer, Emily Miner & Megan Dahl Rising Sun Performance Company in Central Park at Summit Rock September or October 2006
Aristophanes Lysistrata Lee Papa Jill Ward (Lysistrata), Jessica Lynn Socol (Leader of the Women’s Chorus), Christopher Wegganaar (Leader of the Men’s Chorus), Chris Russell (Magistrate), Lauren D’Aversa (Myrrhine), Jessica Yalango (Cleonice), Leticia Nazario (Lampito), Greg Mueller (Cinesias), Nicole Catalano, Kimberly DeJesus, Alevis Lambright, Leona Perry, Olga Zagika (Women’s Chorus), John Gibson, Dru Robertson, Kerry Craigwell, Nicholas Torres (Men’s Chorus) The College of Staten Island 7 April 2006
Ashman, Howard (B & L), Alan Menken (M), Roger Corman (film), Charles B. Griffith (screenplay) The Little Shop of Horrors Ron Spencer Adam Crabtree (Seymour Krelbourne), Amanda Lawson (Audrey Fulquart), R. Brian Noffke (Mr. Gravis Mushnik), Benjamin D. Tebbe (Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. and others (Wino/First Customer/Bernstein/Mrs. Luce/Skip Snip/Peter Martin), Elizabeth Voors (Crystal), Angela Hatem (Ronette), Kara Centofante (Chiffon), LaDonna Burns (Voice of Audrey II/Bag Lady), Marc William Kircher (Plant Manipulator and Bum) Marian College 26 February 1999
Ashman, Howard (B & L & screenplay), Alan Menken (M), Roger Corman (film), Charles B. Griffith (screenplay) Little Shop of Horrors Claude McNeal Shaun Ancelet (Pretty Girl), Ajna Austin (Audrey Fulquart), Emily Schwartz (Spray Painter), Ashley Ann Bagby (Prostitute), Jessica Benge (Crystal), Regina Bishop (Ronette), Erin Daugherty (Prostitute), Travis DiNicola (Puppeteer and Store Owner), Ron Foster (Wino), Bob Motz (Mr. Gravis Mushnik), Mike Murray (Seymour Krelbourne), Jeff Owen (Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. and others (Butcher/First Customer/Bernstein/Mrs. Luce/Skip Snip/Peter Martin), Natalie R. Perkins (Chiffon), Woody Rau (Drunk/Weird Wink Wilkerson/Arthur Denton), Paula Wickliff (Spray Painter), Brenda Williams (Voice of Audrey II) American Cabaret Theatre 8 September 2001
Ashman, Howard (B & L), Alan Menken (M), Roger Corman (film), Charles B. Griffith (screenplay) Little Shop of Horrors R. Brian Noffke Benjamin D. Tebbe (Seymour Krelbourne), Jennifer McConnell (Audrey Fulquart), Charles Epstein (Gravis Mushnik), Joel David Santer (Orin Scrivello, D.D.S.;  Mr. Bernstein, Mrs. Luce, Skip Snip, Wino, First Customer, Peter Martin), Julia Ferreri (Ronette), Amira Sabbagh (Crystal), Kimberly Koch (Chiffon), Kevin Lind (Audrey II (voice)/Wino), Benjamin Hunt (Wino/Audrey II), Kilah Maree Timm (Street Walker, Customer, Peter Martin’s Girl), Rachel Katchmar (Bum, Peter Martin’s Girl), Kathryn Pleasant Joos (Street Walker), Kaytie Morris (Bum), Susan Pearman (Customer), Laura Young (Bum) Shawnee Summer Thatre of Greene County, Inc. 14 July 2000
Auburn, David Proof Bryan D. Fonseca Rich Komenich (Robert), Alissa Branch Stamatis (Catherine), Jade Graves (Hal), Kelli Walker (Claire) The Phoenix Theatre 2002
Baas, Kelly, Nicole C. Gatzimos, Allison Goodsell, Sean Andrew Hildreth, Cassie Pappas Folklore Sean Andrew Hildreth Kelly Baas, Nicole C. Gatzimos, Allison Goodsell, Cassie Pappas (themselves +Kelly Baas as Sylvia) Butler University 27 April 2000
Baldwin, John J., Jr. [undcredited], Carlo (Collodi) Lorenzini (novel) [uncredited] Pinocchio Kristopher D. Steege Mary Costello (Spruce), Denise Stockdale (Maple), Stephanie Schoppenhorst (Walnut), Jessica White (Glyssandra), Adam Greer (Mastroni), Kathy Laxton (Harlequin/Bad Boy), Katie White (Punchinello/Carlotta/Bad Boy), Kara Centofante (Pinocchio), Luke Roller (Gepetto), Michael Glorioso (Fox), Rachel Snoeberger (Cat), Shiloh Shambaugh (Candlewick), Karen Darnaby (Maria/Bad Boy), Amanda D. Lyons (Tony/Bad Boy), Erica Freeman (Mario/Bad Boy), Marla Palacios (Coachman), Amy Weber (Policeman/Donkey/Bad Boy) Marian College 5 December 1999
Bagnold, Enid The Chalk Garden T.J. Burrin, V Lynn C. Allison (Miss Madrigal), Eric Mills (Maitland), Patricia Moeller (Second Applicant), Kate Dobson (Laurel), Susan E. Davis (Third Applicant), Robina Zink (Mrs. St. Maugham), Susan M. Gaertner (Nurse), Lisa Forman (Olivia), Jerry Zink (The Judge) Buck Creek Players 23 March 2001
Barab, Seymour (libretto, M), Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm (story) Little Red Riding Hood David Mannell, Mary Anne Scott Brad Brock (Wolf/Woodsman), Angela Peterson (Little Red Riding Hood), Amy McCarty (Mother/Grandmother), Krista Wright (Accompanist) Butler University 23 March 2003
Barbier, Jules (libretto), Charles Gounod (M), Michel Carré (additional libretto text), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (play) Faust Dale Anthony Girard Johan Weigel (Faust, a learned doctor), Harold Wilson (Méphistophélès), Sumner Thompson (Wagner, a student), Kimberly Gratland James (Siebel, a young boy in love with Marguérite), Jonathon Bainbridge (Valentine, Marguérite’s brother), Stephanie Dawn Johnson (Marguérite), Angie Shadwick (Martha, a neighbor), Dori Goldstein, Abby Kahn, Jennifer McQuiston, Suzanne Temple, Lianna Heidt, Michael Bush, Robert Benirschke, Scott Harris, Thor Lok Johnson (Dancers in the Kermesse Scene), Molly Amoroso, Rebecca Ball, Betsy Bare, Jennifer Barnett, Joseryl Beckley, Adam Boyles, Mark Buntag, Annie Burton, Darko Butorac, Rebecca Cohn, Nicholas Coppolo, Michael Deleget, Ron Donenfeld, Lindsey Falduto, Amanda Hoffman, Rachel Holland, Kelly Holst, John Huckle, Hansu Kim, Elizabeth Kincaid, Arthur Lathrop, Kate Lindsey, Bradley Lister, Dea Lunsford, Jamie Mash, Charles Metzger, Elizabeth McNaughton, Jeffrey Monette, Sheila Murphy, James Neff, Anna Noggle, Leah Reddy, David Reinwald, Quincy Roberts, Kaarin Safsten, Joshua Vincent, Bradley Wisk (Townspeople & Soldiers) Indiana University 9 February 2001
Barbier, Jules (libretto), Jacques Offenbach (M), E.T.A. Hoffmann (stories) Les Contes d’Hoffman (staged reading) Richard Nechamkin Adam Juran (Hoffmann), Susanna Ketron (Nicklausse/Muse), Martin Broms (Lindorf/Coppelius/Dr. Miracle/Dappertutto), Kristina Malinauskaite (Olympia), Lynn Spurgat (Antonia), Frances Devine (Giulietta/Stella), Ann Lidslot (Antonia’s Mother), Robert Garner (Hermann/Sclemihl), Peter Heiman (Luther/Crespel), Michael Sanita (Nathaniel/Spalanzani/ Andres/Franz/Cochenille/Pitichinaccho) New York Opera Forum at Fordham Evangelical Lutheran Church 8 May 2010
Baron, Jeff Visiting Mr. Green Rose Kleiman Dave Harrold (Mr. Green, 86, retired Dry Cleaner), Dave Ruark (Ross Gardiner, 29, American Express Executive) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 10 November 2001
Barton, Fred (B, L, M) Miss Gulch Returns! (The Wicked Musical) Ron Spencer, David Stine Brent E. Marty (Brent/Almira Gulch), Paul Galloway (Paul), Angel (Toto) National Comedy Theatre 3 December 2000
Basch, Peter English (It’s Where the Words Are) LaRonika Thomas Anita L. Ross (Susan O’Shaughnessy), Chad Kolbe (Joey) Purdue University 27 April 2002
Beane, Douglas Carter As Bees in Honey Drown Bryan D. Fonseca Zan Aufderheide (Alexa Vere De Vere), Chris Saunders (Evan), Max Henshen (Photographer, Morris Kadem, et al.), Tony McDonald (Ronald, Mike Stabinsky, et al.), Millicent Wright (Amber, Secretary, et al.), Diane Tsao Boehm (Waiter, Illya Mannon, et al.) The Phoenix Theatre 23 March 1999
Beasley-Spaier, Louise There’s More Paul James Tenaglia Karen Fitzgerald (Andrea), Eileen Marino (Mary) Unity of New York 16 April 2006
Becker, Frawley Tiger by the Tail Jules Ochoa Steven D. Hauck Wings Theatre April 2006
Beckett, Samuel Beckettworks:  Five Short Plays (Come and Go, Footfalls, Not I, Nacht und Traüme, Ohio Impromptu) John C. Green Adria K. Badagnani (Ru/Dreamer’s Dream Self), Mandy Melissa Barrett (Vi/Reader/Listener), Susan Benson (voice of May’s Mother/Dreamer/Listener/Reader), Allegra Mather (Flo/Woman with cloth), Jennifer McConnell (May/Auditor), Theresa Patrick (Mouth), Lynde Zlamal (Singer), Christy Pulliam (Accompanist) Butler University 4 December 1999
Beckett, Samuel Krapp’s Last Tape Craig Owens Mark G. McIntyre (Krapp) John Waldron Arts Center Rose Firebay 2 February 2002
Beckett, Samuel Shades of Sam: Quad, Rockaby, …but the clouds…, Play, What Where John C. Green, Melli Hoppe Kathryn Pleasant  Joos (Mime/Bam), Kaleb Loosbrock (Mime/Bom), Chris Clark (Bim/Mime), Matthew A.Rozek (Mime/Bem), Katrina Bergmann, Kiara Flanders, Tiffany Wilson (W.), Ronnie Gilliam (M.), David Weinheimer (V.), Kristin Gross, April Hancock, Andrea Hillsamer, Bridgette O’Connor (W.), Ashley Rhodes (W1.), Mark Szewczyk (M.), Kate Strietelmeier (W2.) Butler University 7 December 2002
Beckett, Samuel Waiting for Godot Dale McFadden Geoff Wilson (Estragon), Ira G. Amyx (Vladimir), Arian Moayed (Lucky), Sheila Cecilia Regan (Pozzo), Jennifer Bulla (Boy) Indiana University 10 November 2001
Behn, Aphra The Rover Beth Taylor Emily Myers (Florinda, sister to Don Pedro), Suzanne Walker (Hellena, a gay young woman, designed for a nun, sister to Florinda), Luke Roller (Don Pedro, a noble Spaniard), Tammy Lynn Parney (Stephano, servant to Don Pedro/Woman/Biskey, a bravo to Angelica/Diego, page to Don Antonio), Aleia Brackney (Callis, governess to Florinda and Hellena), Shawn Whistler (Frederick, an English gentleman, friend to Belvile and Blunt), James Ryan Ruckman (Belvile, an English Colonel in love with Florinda), Michael Glorioso (Ned Blunt, an English country gentleman/Soldier), Larry Atwood (Willmore, the Rover), Stephanie Schoppenhorst (Valeria, friend of Florinda/Woman to Angelica), Marianne Pawlowski (Prostitute/Boy), Deborah Trembicki (Lucetta, a jilting wench), Donald Darbro (Sancho, pimp to Lucetta/Soldier), Megan Snyder (Angelica Bianca, a famous courtesan), Jessica White (Angelica’s woman), Michael Benning (Don Antonio, the Viceroy’s son) Shakespeare & More Theatre Company of Central Indiana at Marian College 13 July 2002
Belber, Stephen The Geometry of Fire Rattlestick Playwrights Theater 10 December 2009
Belden, Wendy; Kathy Orsini (song Pokédream) True to Scale Julie Powers, Bryan D. Fonseca Diane Kondrat (Libby Macklin), LeBron Benton (Gene Macklin), Karen Irwin (Katy Macklin), Marc Jablon (Josh Lowenstein), Dane Van Paris (Scotty), Barbara Walters (Herself (archival voice)) The Phoenix Theatre 16 March 2002
Benelli, Karen The Ghost of Greenbrier County Akia Karen Benelli (Clare), Amanda Berberich (Jess), Charles Frank (Pete/Dr. Knapp), Elizabeth Burke (Mrs. Fletcher), Karron Karr (Zona), Jason Biszick (Trout/Lake), Di Drago (Maude), Crystal Franceschini (Mrs. Heaster), Al Infante (Preston/Pastor) The Rising Sun Performing Company 10 December 2004
Bennett, Cherie John Lennon & Me (excerpt) Bill Delcourt Melissa Gilbert (Star), Janelle Jackson (Courtney), Shannon McDaniel (Sally/Claudia), Tim Krochlak (Dr. Scott), Matt Koeller (The Torturer) IUPUI 27 May 1998
Benson, Paul (B,L,M), Charles Lutwidge Dodgson [Lewis Carroll] (L; novels Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass), Charlie Smalls (additional music and lyrics) Wonderland Paul Benson Caitlin Smith (Alice), Joseph Ciresi (Caterpillar/Tweedledum), Katie Ogle (Mock Turtle/Red Queen), Alex Smith (Frog Footman/Dormouse), Rashaun Kelly (Duchess/Humpty Dumpty), Larry Dilda (Cook), Mary Costello (Mad Hatter/Tweedledee), Rachel Guest (March Hare/White Queen), Scott Stone (Gryphon) Pickles Productions/First Lutheran Church 19 August 2001
Berks, Alan Goats Narciso Lobo Alan Berks (Alan Berks) The Phoenix Theatre 14 April 2002
Berman, Carol W. Brownstone Breakdown Joan Kane Debby Brand (Sunshine Sally Simon), Shai Trichter (Al Mann), Viet Vo (Pedro Rivera), William Allgood (Mr. Murphy (Man/Exterminator/Mr. Prego/Foreman)), Alfred Gingold (Max Fine), Cat Migliaccio (Andrea Brown), Richard Zekaria (Joe Gianti) Ego Actus at Theater for the New City 22 August 2010
Berman, Carol W. Brownstone Breakdown [staged reading] Joan Kane Jessica Vera (Narrator), Debby Brand (Sunshine Sally Simon), Kenneth Scott Thompson (Alan Mann), Christine Seisler (Andrea Brown), Richard Zekaria (Joe Gianti), Edward Campbell (Max Fine), Vaneik Echevarria (Pedro Rivera), Jason Wilson (Man/Exterminator/Luis Alvarez/Mr. Prego) The Dramatists Guild 28 May 2010
Bernstein, Charles (libretto), Ben Yarmolinsky (M) Blind Witness News Jeff Caldwell Nathan Resika (Jack Janes), Deborah Karpel (Jill Johns), Leandra Ramm (Jane Jones), Aram Tchobanian (Jim Jacks) Cantiamo Opera Theater at the West End Theater 18 December 2005
Bernstein, Charles (libretto), Ben Yarmolinsky (M) Blind Witness News [selections] Jeff Caldwell Nathan Resika (Jack Janes), Deborah Karpel (Jill Johns), Silvie Jensen (Jane Jones) Medicine Show 5 May 2008
Bernstein, Leonard, Stephen Schwartz, Paul Simon Mass:  A Theatre Piece for Singers, Players, and Dancers Jack Eddleman Andrew Hendricks (Celebrant), Joshua Vincent (First Rock Singer/Street Singer), Peder Reiff (Descant/Street Singer), Hoo Ryoung Hwang, Kimberly Fuselier (Soprano Soloist: Thank You/Street Singer), Stewart Cramer (Preacher/Street Singer), Howard Swyers, Allison Coop, Tom Johnson, Erin Shields, Rosalind Lee (Preacher’s Followers/Street Singers), Michael Mentzel (Will I become a god again?/Street Singer), Carrie Cheron, Tara McFadden (Waiting for the Second Coming/Street Singers), Jennifer Rice, Elizabeth Stanley (Grim Forecasters/Street Singers), John Howell (I Believe My Singing/Street Singers), Joe Uthup (Altar Boy), Quincy Roberts, Courtney Crouse, Tiffany Dell (Blues Singers/Street Singers), Andrew Broadaway (Rock Singer/Street Singer), Kevin Anderson, Doug Barley, Nathan Bick, Jeffrey Monette, Angela Pickering, Joy Stevans, Star Wallace (Street Singers), Erica Jeffres, Meredith Hesse, Nichole Cornell, Jaime Ralston-Wilson, Suzanne Temple, Andres Froehlich, Adam Hunt, Nicholas Pupillo (Acolytes), Katie Avers, Lauren Brown, Lilly Brown, Daniel Burke-Aguero, Aidan Elliott, Camilla Engblom, Vendela Engblom, Leah Gage, Hilary Glen, Katie Hicks, Laura Hunsucker, Natalie Kramer, Brian Lauer, Katie Lauer, Dakota McGee, Emily Milazzo, Savannah Phillips, Lamar Portzline, Bekka Potter, Alison Rasch, Brynnen Sallee, Gitte Schimmelmann, Emily Schoch, Megan Shedlak, Raini Shireman, Delia Tethong, Spence Thompson, Erik Van Gucht, Audra White, Kala Zorn (Children’s Choir), Courtney Ames, Brett Battjer, Adam Boyles, Steven Burks, Nate Carter, Phillip Cheah, Erin Coats, Melanie Cobb, Nicholas Ciraldo, Francisco Dolz, Joshana Erenberg, Amy Eylon, Carly Fang, Ray Fellman, Tamsin Fraser-Crooks, Ryan Gabriel, Katie Gerber, Jesus Rivera Gonzales, Scott Helms, Jonathan Hesbol, Taylor Hightower, Leah Johnson, Robert Joiner, Michael Kapinus, Marissa Katz, Hansu Kim, Fiona Lewis-Siu, Gretchen Liechty, Michelle Loethen, Jeff Loewe, Persephone Manwaring, Melanie Martin, Donald Meineke, Sarah Mertz, Charles Metzger, Andrew Oakden, Allison O’Connor, Michael O’Donnell, Alexis Parker, Leah Reddy, Evan Rogester, Anita Rollo, Lindsay Schoenberger, Scott Six, Michael Sullivan, Jennifer Tompa, Kristina Tshudy, Peter Van Wesep, Elvadine Veigel, Juha Viljanen, Rachel Watson, Mary Kate Wilkins, Heather Nicole Winter, Jason Young (Choir) Indiana University 16 April 1999
Blitzstein, Marc (B, L, M) The Cradle Will Rock:  A Meaningful Musical Theater Work for Our Time Lisa Brailoff Laura Newman (The Moll), Ben Strothmann (A Gent/President Prexy/Stevie Druggist), Joshua Isaacs (A Dick/Gus Polock), Paul J. Malamphy (A Cop/Mr. Mister), Michael Schilke (Editor Daily/Attendant), James Solomon Benn (Professor Mamie), Greg Senf (Professor Trixie/Bugs, a Thug), Ezra Barnes (Yasha, the Violinist) Michael Jannucci (Dauber, the Artist), Alex Michaels (Doctor Specialist/Junior Mister), Mark Singer (Reverend Salvation), Darcy Dunn (Mrs. Mister), Rayna Hickman (Sister Mister/Reporter), Steve Sieck (Harry Druggist), Kate Canary (Sadie Polock/Reporter), Tom Savage (Professor Scoot), Mark Peters (Larry Foreman, a union organizer), Jeannine Otis (Ella Hammer, a worker), Tony Cangelosi (Clerk) Downtown Music Productions at St. Mark’s in the Bowery 8 February 2009
Bond, Linda Thorsen, William Repicci, Charles Busch (B), Bob McDowell (orchestrations and vocal arrangements), Dick Gallagher (special material) Swingtime Canteen Doug King Catherine Mobley (Marian Ames), Anne Penny (Lilly McBain), Robyne J. Ault (Jo Sterling), Laura Lockwood (Topeka Abotelli), Carrie S. Neal (Katie Gammersflugel), Todd Pettit (Conductor), Janese Truver (Piano), Lisa Halcomb (Reeds), Mary Bowman (Reeds), Michelle Howard (Trumpet), Joshua Ligenfelter (Percussion), Ashley Wilde (Bass), Chris Domek (Army G.I.), Gregory Tarbert (Navy G.I.) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 17 March 2001
Borgeson, Jess, Adam Long, Daniel Singer [uncredited], William Shakespeare (plays) The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged) Ruth Hawkins David Schultz (Leonard Schmelnick (Sampson/Mark Antony/Hamlet)), Skot Garrett (L Chico Dos (Juliet/Witch/Ghost of Hamlet’s Father)), Brandon DeGroot (Tim Bradford (Prince Escalus/Julius Caesar)), Alyssa Goudy (Alex Tribianni (Friar Laurence/Francisco/Horatio/Laertes)), Brooke Randolph (Basil Jones (Chorus/Gertrude)), Steven Pierce (Hunter Ward (Benvolio/Chiron/Macbeth/Claudius)), Rachel Lambert (Cassie Nova (Titus Androgynous/Polonius)), Callie Burk (Polly Pocket (Prologue/Cleopatra/Bernardo)), Cameron Borquein (Lilly Baggins (Juliet’s Nurse/Lavinia/Ophelia)), Joel Frymie (“J” Libkin (Romeo/Macduff)) Anderson University 19 October 2001
Borgeson, Jess, Adam Long, Daniel Singer [uncredited], William Shakespeare (play) Romeo & Juliet- ABRIDGED Andrea Sample Corey Tooley (Benvolio, Juliet, Tybalt), Tyler Watts (Sampson, prince, Romeo, Nurse, Friar), John Gramling (Narrator) Danville Community High School 22 May 2002
Borquein, Cameron, Ronn Johnstone, Alyssa Goudy, Megan Lord, Dace Riggs, Hanna Marie Newlin, Maxx King, Katie Alloway, Kristen Childers, Denise Yoder, Chad Schulenberg, Megan Willmann, Joel Frymire, Jena Dixon, Emma Roberts, Carmine Blinn, Brandon DeGroot, Sara Rhodes; Christopher Marlowe (play Dr. Faustus) Dr. F Andrew Hays, Ronn Johnstone Cameron Borquein (Dr. Katherine Faustus), Alyssa Goudy (Good Angel), Megan Lord (Evil Angel), Dace E. Riggs (God), Hanna Marie Newlin (Esther Wagner), Maxx King (Val/Robin Beatty), Katie Alloway (Cornelia/Kate Beatty), Kristen Childers (Eileen/Greed/U.N. Undersecretary), Denise Yoder (Beth/Lechery/Missy Frost), Chad Schulenberg (George/Wrath/Walter Knight), Megan Willmann (Lucifer), Joel Frymire (Mephistopheles 1 (Animus)), Jena Dixon (Mephistopheles 2 (Anima)), Emma Roberts (Helen of Troy/Envy/Christian Representative), Carmine Blinn (Pride/Chairwoman), Brandon DeGroot (Sloth/Dr. Jonson/Dean Bradford), Sara Rhodes (Gluttony/UPI Representative/Diana Bradford) Anderson University 6 April 2002
Boublil, Alan, Jean-March Natel (B & L), and Claude-Michel Schonberg (M), Herbert Kretzmer (English L), James Fenton (additional material),  Victor Hugo (novel) Les Misérables (School Edition) R. Brian Noffke Keith Hammeran (Convict/Cobeferre/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Brad Brockway (Convict/Feuily/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Drew Stafford (Convict/Laborer/Grantaire/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), David Johnson (Convict/Laborer/False Valjean/Lesgles/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Damon Clevenger (Convict/Fauchelevant/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Trevor Pittinger (Convict/Laborer/Bamatabois/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Noah Winston (Convict/Sailor/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Nick Pearson (Convict/Servant/Major Domo/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Joe Shadday (Jean Valjean), Peter Scarbrough (Javert), Tony Kestler (Farmer/Foreman/Claquesous/Joly/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Matthew Jacobs (Laborer/Sailor/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Jason Gloye (Bishop/Babet/Army Officer #1/), Molly Mullins (Sister #1/Whore), Jeff Pentzien (Constable #1/Pimp/Brujon/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Kenneth Lambert (Constable #2/Montparnesse/Provaire/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Joanna Stafford (Fantine), Emily Rose, Maggie Meier, Lucy Rodriguez (Factory Girls/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Alex Effinger (Factory Girl/False Valjean Family/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Katie Drake, Marissa Venturella, Kelsee Hankins, Katherine Van Wyk (Factory Girls/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Nina Hage (Factory Girl/Old Woman/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Victoria Plummer (Factory Girl), David Black (Sailor/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Lacie Little, Dana Downing, Ivy Hamstra, Kori Wood, Meg Peterson, Lauren Harrill (Whores/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Sarah Jacobs (Whore/Sister #2/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Ellen Gilmer, Megan Spahr (Whores/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Olivia Frieden (False Valjean Family/Gavroche’s Gang), Ariadne Baker-Dunn (False Valjean Family/Gavroche’s Gang), Molly Will (Young Cosette), Kristin Dulhaney (Young Eponine/Gavroche’s Gang), Naomi Zuckerman (Madame Thenardier), Lucas Lockerbie (Thernardier), Sebastian Audet (Gavroche), Jerry Sell, Patrick Mullen, Monica Venturella (Gavroche’s Gang), Peter Terry (Enjolras), Ashley Schultz (Eponine), Carly Kincannon (Cosette), Andy Galligan (Courfeyrac/Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers), Cerissa Choung, Ana Maria Vander Vloedt, Emily Pearson, Kristen Alderfer, Kelly Richardson, Meridith Keller  (Poor/Beggars/Inn Guests/Wedding Guests/Revolutionary Men & Women/Army Officers) Footlite Musicals August 2003
Bournonville, August (choreography), Edvard Helsted & Holger Simon Paulli Napoli (Act III) Fleming Flindt Irinia Komarenko, Katherine Lawrence, So-Yon Nam, Rachel Rutland, Ogulcan Borova, Yuri Beletsky, Alexei Tiukov, Cristian Laverde Koenig, Harald Uwe Kern, Sara Viale, Melinda Bower, Kerrie-Ann Dunn, Svetlana Kazonina, Racheal Lee Hummel, Aram Manukyan, Aaron Orlowski, Vadim Pijicov, Oybeck N. Tashpulatov Ballet Internationale Indianapolis 9 October 1999
Bowles, Warren Black Eagle:  The Story of Ronald McNair and the Space Shuttle Challenger Warren Bowles Lamont D. Thompson (Dr. Ronald McNair) Mixed Blood Theatre Company/Madame Walker Theatre Center 27 January 2001
Boyd, Kelly Carla’s Becoming a Woman Thom Feit Jennie Nuwer (Mother), Johanna Herre (Carla), Sarah Routin (Abby), Allison Williams (Judy), Robert Charlock (Father), Uriel Caldera (Timmy) Second Annual Young Playwrights’ Festival/Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ 30 June 2001
Bradbeer, Suzanne Full Bloom Brian G. Hartz Sarah Baskin (Phoebe Harris), Joss Marsh (Jane Harris), Maria Rose Dahman (Crystal Dawn), Jim Giannini (Benji Loudermilk), Spencer Hutchinson (Jesse Williams) Bloomington Playwrights Project 4 November 2001
Brecht, Bertolt, Charles Laughton (translator) Galileo Brad Wright Kurt Owens (Singer/Ballad Singer), Chrystiane Pereira (Singer), Cara Siletto (Singer/Ballad Singer’s Wife), Adam O. Crowe (Galileo Galilei), Chris Chamberlain (Young Andrea Sarti/Child), Lucy Ann B. R. Fields (Mrs. Sarti/Parent), Jonathan Sanderock (Young Ludovico Marsili/Child), Jim Huston (Priuli, the Curator/Cardinal Bellarmin), Dan Flahive (Sagredo/Cardinal Inquisitor), Lauren Harrill (Young Virginia Galilei/Prince Cosimo de Medici/Child), John Swadner II (Doge/Christopher Clavius/Rich Man/Official), Joseph Sharp (Matti, an Iron Founder/Scholar/Parent), Kirk D. Fields (Senator/Mathematician/Fat Prelate/Secretary/Wretched Extra/Informer), Thomas L. Turner (Senator/Infuriated Monk/Secretary/Reveller), Amy Dell (Philosopher/Young Girl’s Other Friend/Rector of the University/”King of Hungary”), Susan Sanderock (Elderly Lady/Young Girl’s Friend/Wretched Extra/Peasant), Jennifer Childers (Young Lady/Young Girl/Peasant Woman/Customs Clerk), Alan Guffey (Federzoni, assistant to Galileo), Meredith L. Granger (Lord Chamberlain/A Loud Voice/Town Crier), Virginia Sanders (Scholar/Rich Woman), Patricia Moeller (Monk/Giuseppe/Customs Officer), Joseph Barnett (Monk/Cobbler’s Boy/Boy), Robert Griffin Sr. (Old Cardinal), Nick Carpenter (Fulganzio, the Little Monk), Susan M. Miles (Virginia Galilei), Ronn Johnstone (Cardinal Barberini, who becomes Pope Urban VIII), Jay Lee (Andrea Sarti), Mark J. Michalak (Ludovico Marsili/Dwarf) Edyvean Repertory Theatre/ University of Indianapolis 15 April 2000
Brecht, Bertolt The Good Woman of Setzuan/The Good Person of Sichuan Lynne Perkins Zach McCoy (Wang, a water-seller), Margaret A. Murray (First God), Tony Majewski (Second God), Becky Cowden (Third God), Kaytie Morris (Shen Te/Shui Ta), Theresa Gunn (Mrs. Shin, a widow), Erin Spears (The Wife), Matthew A. Rozek (The Husband), Kaleb Loosbrock (The Nephew), Cara Olansky (The Unemployed Man), Michael Bachman (Lin To,  carpenter), Jim Senti (The Brother), Meagan Hoffert (The Sister-in-Law), Jeffrey Owen McGregor (The Grandfather/Shu Fu, a barber), Griffy Housemeyer (The Boy), Elaine Oakly (The Niece), Monte Tapplar (The Policeman), Tyler J. Monroe (Yang Sun, an unemployed airman), Mandy Keller (Mrs. Mi Tzu, a tobacco merchant), Allison Martin (Mrs. Yang, Sun’s mother), Kristin Dulaney (Ni Tzu, a child) Butler University 17 April 2002
Brevoort, Deborah Baley (libretto), David Friedman (music), Jean Rogers (book) King Island Christmas Bill Hall Nicholas Abeel (Ensemble), Shaun Ancelet (Newlywed Woman), René Anderson (Ensemble), Lilly A. Belman (Ensemble), Marty Casanova (Bachelor Man), Joe Duff (Ooloranna), Jennifer L. Faust (Ensemble), Dan Flahive (Captain Crawford), Joshua Ryan Hall (Father Carroll), Griffy Housemeyer (Little Eir), Elizabeth Jones (Ensemble), Michael M. Jones (Ensemble), Hannah Kouts (Ensemble), Abby Lyman (Ensemble), Edie McDonnel (Ensemble), Sue Robinson (Narrator), Benita L. Vardiman (Little Eir’s Mother), Elise Whitaker (The Oomiak), DeSiree Nicole Williams (Ensemble), Parrish W. Williams (Newlywed Man), Queen E. Williams (Ensemble), David Wood (Narrator), Betty Wright (Ensemble) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 16 December 2000
Bricusse, Leslie (B & L), Frank Wildhorn (M) Jekyll & Hyde David Warren Brian Noonan (Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde), James Clow (John Utterson), Dennis Kelly (Danvers Carew), David Elledge (An Old Man/Archibald Proops/Poole/Ensemble), Abe Reybold (Simon Stride/Ensemble), Steven Bogard (Lord General Glossop/Ensemble), Bertilla Baker (Lady Beaconsfield/The Madame), Roger E. Dewitt (Basil, Bishop of Basingstoke/Priest at Wedding/Ensemble), Robin Haynes (Lord Savage/The Spider), Kelli O’Hara (Emma Carew), Max Perlman (1st Gentleman/Ensemble), Michael L. Marra (2nd Gentleman/Mr. Bisset, an Apothecary/Ensemble), Sharon Brown (Lucy), Felicia Finley (Nellie/Ensemble), Becca Ayers, Karyn Overstreet, Judine Richárd, Jade K. Stice, Dave Hugo, David Koch (Ensemble) Pace Theatrical Group/Fox Theatricals, LLC/The Murat Centre 21 November 1999
Bricusse, Leslie (B & L), Frank Wildhorn (M) Jekyll & Hyde Ron Spencer Tom Alvarez (Sir Archibald Proops/Ensemble), Daryl D. Atkins (Bisset/Butler/Ensemble), Jon Beder (Poole/Jekyll’s Father), Hayley Bridgewater (Emma Carew), Kevin Brown (Glossop), Scott Cline (Sir Danvers Carew), Adam Crabtree (Simon Stride), Jennifer Faust (Lady Beaconsfield/Ensemble), Shannon M. Fields (Ensemble), Lance Gray (Dr. Henry Jekyll/Dr. Edward Hyde), Caitlin Hannon (Guinivere/Ensemble), Amanda Lawson (Lucy), Emily Dwinger McDuffee (Ensemble), Jake McDuffee (John Utterson), Matthew McNear (Bishop of Basingstoke/Young Priest), Shawn Miller (Ensemble), Danté Jamar Lamonté Murray (Ensemble), Collin Poynter (Ensemble), Jack Rice (Spider/Ensemble), Darcy M. Rinehart (Ensemble), Jenny Rubenstein (Ensemble), Joy Tobin (Nellie/Ensemble) Theatre on the Square 21 September 2001
Brooks, Phillip Michael Second Thought Jamie Leanne Marshall Kirsten Day (Sandra), Sarah Early (Kira), Nicholas Floyd (Dustin), M.S. Getty (Tom), Meg Reynolds (Jennifer) Ball State University 14 April 2002
Brown, Jason Robert Songs for a New World Todd Allen Hawks Jessica Benge (Not Afraid of Anything), Bradley O’Bryan Hawkes (She Cries/Dancer), Amanda Lawson (Mrs. Claus/Flagmaker), Drew O’Brien (Columbus/King of the World), Daniel Oglesby (The Steam Train), Tammy Anderson (Keyboard), Will Barnhart (Bass), Todd Allen Hawks (Piano), Kevin Hughey (Percussion), Jason Parsley (Drums) Phase Won Productions at the Arthur M. Glick Jewish Community Center 19 January 2003
Brown, William F. (B), Charlie Smalls (L&M), L. Frank Baum (novel) The Wiz:  The Super Soul Musical Wonderful Wizard of Oz Kathleen Clarke Horrigan Alana Guynn (Aunt Em), Shaq Perkins [family pet] (Toto), Angie Nichols (Dorothy), Chris West (Uncle Henry), Courtney Tilford (Tornado/Crow/Poppy), Leland Keyt (Tornado Dancer/Crow/Poppy), Amy Provisor (Tornado Dancer/Poppy), August Stevens (Tornado Dancer/Crow/Poppy), Trisha Wright (Tornado Dancer/Crow/Poppy), Bill Campbell (Munchkin/Stranger), Angi Taylor (Munchkin/Emerald City Citizen), Joe Perkins (Munchkin/Flying Monkey/Quadling), Maisha Thompson (Munchkin), Andy Woo (Munchkin Priest/Stranger), Ensemble (Munchkins/Emerald City Citizens/Winkies), Moya Campbell (Addaperle), Todd Allen Hawks (Yellow Brick Road/Messenger), Collin Poynter (Yellow Brick Road), Faith Schooley (Yellow Brick Road), Liz Nichols (Yellow Brick Road/Glinda), Tim Hunt (Scarecrow), Shannon M. Fields (Crow/Stranger), Paula Taylor (Crow/Stranger), Ben Hilgert (Tinman), Maurice Murphy (Lion), Jordan Cox (Field Mouse/Flying Monkey/Quadling), Brandon Prather (Field Mouse/Flying Monkey/Quadling), Mickey Seidenstein (Gatekeeper), Tiffany Jordan (Emerald City Citizen), Darcy M. Rinehart (Emerald City Citizen), Shannon Rinehart (Emerald City Citizen), Matt Gibson (The Wiz), Rashida Walker (Evillene), Steve Horrigan (Lord High Underling), Corey Craig (Flying Monkey/Quadling) Footlite Musicals 6 July 2001
Bunch, Ryan, Leonid Vladimirsky (children’s book), L. Frank Baum, Alexei Tolstoi, Aleksandr Volkov (stories) Buratino in the Emerald City Ryan Bunch Ryan Bunch (all the voices), Carrie Hedges (supporting puppeteer) International Wizard of Oz Club Convention/Indiana University Memorial Union 21 July 2000
Bunch, Ryan (B, L, M), L. Frank Baum (story in Ozma of Oz) Mr. Tinker Goes to the Moon Ryan Bunch Ryan Bunch (Tik-Tok/Mr. Tinker/Princess Langwidere/Chimpanzee), Micah Mahjoubian (King Evoldo/Old Man/Sad Clown/Big Nose Lady/Mr. Smith), Tim Tucker (Supporting Puppeteer) International Wizard of Oz Club Convention/Lake Lawn Resort 24 June 2001
Burke, Kevin Born to Goof Bryan D. Fonseca Kevin Burke (Kevin Burke), McKenna Burke (McKenna Burke), with Stephen, Steve, Diana, Steve’s Brother, Pavel, and Lisa Gauthier as the knife girl for the evening The Phoenix Theatre 24 March 2002
Burkhart, John The Ghost of Mystery Manor Steven Cole Johnson Jenifer Henry (Lucretia L. Lovesabuck), Seanne Spangenburg (Modesty Prosper), Jon Rowland (Rancid B. McFoul), Steve Pluckenbaum (Morris Prosper), Pam Pierle Doctor (Sarah Silverspoon), Neil Eggeson (Steve Stalwart), Betsy Rouse (Melissa Slander) Stage Actors Workshop at Ellenberger Park 10 July 2002
Burkhart, John The Ghost of Mystery Manor Steven Cole Johnson Heather Larson (Lucretia L. Lovesabuck), Seanne Spangenburg (Modesty Prosper), Daylon Blind (Rancid B. McFoul), Steve Pluckenbaum (Morris Prosper), Pam Pierle Doctor (Sarah Silverspoon), Steven Cole Johnson (Steve Stalwart), Betsy Rouse (Melissa Slander) Stage Actors Workshop at The Harrison Centre for the Arts 18 October 2002
Burns, Susan Servant’s Sin (staged reading) Susan Burns Frank Luz (Carlos del Rama/Male Nurse), Jessie Losch (Anna del Rama/Soraya), Paul Damien Dios (Pedro Garcia Saldaña/Manuel), Evan Sokal (Luís Hidalgo), Charles Hinshaw (Diego Cuadra), Amanda Elizabeth Sawyer (Elka), Julie Allen (Vera), Charles Wood III (Steve), Rachael Palmer Jones (Stage Directions) The Complete Theatre Company at The Richmond Shepard Theatre 7 December 2009
Burrows, Abe, Jack Weinstock, Willie Gilbert (B), Frank Loesser (L&M), Shepherd Mead (book) How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Kristine Holtvedt Trey Garner (J. Pierpont Finch), Abigail K. Bender (Rosemary), Patrick MacDonald (Bud Frump), Erica Peregrine (Hedy LaRue), Dale Miller (J.B. Biggley), Robyn Senchak (Smitty), Caroline Paino (Miss Jones), Shannon Bailey (Miss Krumholtz), Jeff DeBoer (Gatch/TV Announcer), Martin Swoverland (Twimble/Womper), C.J. Angersbach (Bratt), Dr. Steven C. Beering (Voice Over), Matt Beran (Matthews/Ovington/Camera Man), Amanda J. Childers (Secretary), Brianna Clark (Secretary), Eddie Duran (Executive/Henchman), Josh Eggleston (Executive/Pirate Dancer), Jennifer Fitzery (Coffee Lady/Scrubwoman/Pirate Dancer), Eric Hansen (Pete/Executive/Hansen/Policeman), Denise Lorraine Henniger (Secretary), Anne K. Himebaugh (Scrubwoman), Justin Karr (Davis/Henchman/Pirate Dancer), Linda Marcy (Coffee Lady/Secretary/Pirate Dancer), Christina Matthews (Secretary/Pirate Dancer), Nick McIntyre (Toynbee/Henchman/Pirate Dancer), Yvette Mikhail (Secretary), Todd M. O’Brien (Jenkins/Pirate Dancer), Deborah Ouradnik (Secretary), Mia Starr (Secretary), Ryan M. Sturm (Peterson), Morgan Elizabeth Voss (Secretary/Pirate Dancer), Todd Walroth (Johnson), Andy Zimpfer (Tackaberry) Purdue University 16 February 2001
Butsch, John Austin dOWntOWn shUFFle (5th Annual Young Adults Summer Musical Revue) John Austin Butsch Andrew Damer, Erin Daugherty, Jake Haley (Mail Carrier), Amanda Lawson, Danté Jamar Lamonté Murray (Porn Star), Natalie R. Perkins, Cessalee Smith-Stovall, Steven Taylor Theatre on the Square 12 August 2001
Calderon, Victoria E. Manipulation Will Pomerantz Saundra Santiago (Beatriz), Marina Squerciati (Cristina), Robert Bogue (Mauricio), Rafi Silver (Luis), Jeremy Stiles Holm (Dr. Lublitz), Brendan McMahon (Poeta), Gabriel Furman (Alejandro), John-Patrick Driscoll, Elizabeth Norment, Michele Vazquez (Ensemble/Understudies) Niko Companies LTD at the Cherry Lane Theatre 25 June 2011
Cammarano, Salvatore (libretto), Gaetano Donizetti (M), Sir Walter Scott (poem The Bride of Lammermoor) Lucia di Lammermoor Tito Capobianco Elizabeth Kincaid (Alisa, Lucia’s companion), Hansu Kim (Normanno, Captain of Lord Ashton’s guard), Alex Vicens (Edgardo, last heir to the Ravenswood family), Leah Hunt (Lucia, Enrico’s sister), Andrew Oakden (Lord Enrico Ashton, head of the family from Lammermoor), Christopher Burchett (Raimondo Bidebent, Chaplain of Lammermoor), Jin Hwan Byun (Lord Arturo Bucklaw, Lucia’s intended bridegroom), Katherine Altobello, Betsy Bare, Bethany Barber, Ross Best, Timothy Birt, Jordan Bisch, Amy Lynn Call, Woo-Young Chang, Andrew Darling, Ron Donenfeld, Sam Elders, Jennifer Feinstein, Michael Forbes, Fern Freedlander, Annie Gill, Christopher Grooms, Jeff Halili, Amanda Hoffman, Lisa Lowry, Courtney Mills, James Neff, Nathan Payas, Shaunica Pridgen, John Paul Sears, Jacob Sentgeorge, Chris Shannon, Kristen Short, Jon Stinson, Patricia Thompson, Heather Nicole Winter, Bradley Wisk (Relatives, retainers, friends of the House of Lammermoor and the requisite ghosts and witches of Sir Walter Scott’s romanticism), Jonathan O’Hanlan, McCarry Reynolds, Nathaniel Elmer, Drew Barlow, Lidia Elmer, Jenna Brown, Lynn Bauman, Evie Bauman, Hanna Francis, Benjamin Waldo (Children), Kevin Jacobs, Stan Thomas, Brian Waldo (Servants) Indiana University 12 April 2002
Camoletti, Marc Bobin Hawdon (adaptation) Don’t Dress for Dinner Rockland Brooks Mers Kevin Lind (Bernard), Kimberly Koch (Jacqueline (his wife)), Joel David Santer (Robert (his friend)), Kathryn Pleasant Joos (Suzette (the cook)), Kaytie Morris (Suzanne (the mistress)), Benjamin Hunt (George (Suzette’s husband)) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 23 June 2002
Carlino, Lewis John Junkyard Cory Tooley Cory Tooley (Simon Peterson), Emily Cramer (Anne Peterson), Joey Baugh (The Man), Tyler Watts (1st Police Officer), Jason Gregory (2nd Police Officer) Danville Community High School 22 May 2002
Carmichael, Fred Out of Sight… Out of Murder Glenn Lawrence Terry Cunningham (Peter Knight), Coleen Kubit (Minna), Susan Dean (Lydia), Dominick Scott (Cogburn), Jean Adams (Fiona), Amy Hudson (Kay Kelsey), Nikki Hunter (Addie), Jeffrey Schneeman (Dick Stanton), Fred Harvey (Jordan Dillingham) Epilogue Players November 1999
Carney, Kim The Home Team Bryan D. Fonseca Maureen Sullivan (Neva Gurley), Doug Johnson (John Gurley), Michael Shenton (Wayne Gurley), Jeff McGregor (Duke Gurley), Alexandra Aufderheide (Marion Gurley), Emily Rogger (Erin Wilson) The Phoenix Theatre 2 May 2003
Caroline, Alice Plumley’s Gentility (staged reading) Lynne Perkins Robert Neal (Newton Plumley), Cheryl McDonald (Tessa LaGrange), Jaime Theresa Smith (Cheryl Plumley), Rick Fish (Billy LaGrange), Cindy Johnson (Angie Meyerhott), Ed Mobley (Frank Axsumme), Bob Motz (Col Fark), Bill Perkins (Ellish Schwap/Cameraman/Narrator) The Algonquin Project/ComedySportz Arena 17 June 2002
Cartwright, Jim I Licked a Slag’s Deodorant Robert Lekan Mike Vanlandingham (Man), Margaret “Len” Stewart (Slag) Butler University 8 April 2000
Carver, Mary Lou Lucy Goes to Unity Mary Lou Carver Doug Garcia (Ricky Ricardo), Mary Lou Carver (Lucy Ricardo), Verlin Idol (Fred Mertz), Eunice Idol (Ethel Mertz), Arleen Schmaltz (Ms. Meta Physicale), Alicia Adams (Unity Congregant), Stephen Poore (Unity Congregant) Unity of Indianapolis 6, 7 September 1996
Chase, Mary Harvey Geoff D. Leonard Jennifer McConnell (Myrtle Mae Simmons), Peggy Tirey (Veta Louise Simmons), LeBron Benton (Elwood P. Dowd), Katie Kalb (Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet), Jenifer Henry (Ruth Kelly, R.N.), Kevin Lind (Duane Wilson), Mike Price (Dr. Lyman Sanderson), Tom Beeler (William R. Chumley, M.D.), Kathryn Johnston (Betty Chumley), Orion C. Toepfer (Judge Omar Gaffney), Charles Dibble (E.J. Lofgren) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 5 August 2000
Chekhov, Anton, Joshua Karter (translation) The Cherry Orchard Joshua Karter Mark Bertram (Lopakhin), Brenna Campbell (Dunyasha), Brandon Wentz (Yepihodov), Vera Desnitskaya (Anya), Yelena Kondratova (Madame Ranevskaya), Kim Hackleman (Varya), Jon Myers (Yasha), Serguei Desnitski (Gaev), Gigi Jennewein-Fenlon (Charlotta), Brad Venable (Pishik), Lew Hackleman (Firs), Peter Papadopoulos (Piotr Trofimov), Matthew E. Cassaro, Jeff O’Brien (guitar), Cathy Sponsler, Ann Venable, Daniel Powers (violin) (Musicians/Singers) Indiana State University 21 July 2002
Christner, David W. A Day in the Wife of Avery Mann Nicole M. Jones Nick Carpenter (Avery Mann), Brenda Barrie (Marilyn Mann), Cara Silletto (Amy Mann), Jason Umbreit (Gregory Mann), Jaime Theresa Smith (Connie Parsons), Lucy Ann B. R. Fields (Gloria Mann), Lindsey Lyddan (Kate Henry), Mark J. Michalak (Nick James), Chrystiane Pereira (Dane Lucas), Kashun LaShae Howell (Winnie Adams), Kimberly Marie Jordan (Angel Atkins) University of Indianapolis 5 December 1999
Churchill, Caryl Cloud Nine Lynne Perkins Sean Andrew Hildreth (Clive/Cathy/Soldier), Jacob Saylor (Betty/Edward), Jason Reed (Joshua/Gerry), Susan Benson (Edward/Betty), Victoria (Herself [a doll]), Jennifer McConnell (Maud/Victoria), Jamison Kay Fisher (Ellen/Mrs. Saunders/Lin), Kevin Lind (Harry Bagly/Martin) Butler University 13 April 2000
Churchill, Caryl Cloud Nine Wagner College 2004
Churchill, Caryl Top Girls (excerpt) Sheila Cecelia Regan, Emerson N. La Joie Indiana University 28 April 2002
Connor, Michael Isaac Berkshire Village Idiot Barry Edelstein Michael Isaac Connor (Michael Connor) The Zipper Theater 11 September 2003
Cooney, Ray It Runs in the Family Bruce Burgun Wolf J. Sherrill (Dr. David Mortimore), Alan Craig (Dr. Mike Connolly), Carolyn Klein (Rosemary Mortimore), Erik Anderson (Dr. Hubert Bonney), Mary Forester-Kinzer Sylvester (Matron), Steve Heise (Sir Willoughby Drake), Melissa Joy Nedell (Jane Tate), Kelly Ann Ford (Sister), Jackson Bloom (Leslie Tate), Peter Gerharz (Police Sergeant Tom Connolly), Dennis Black (Bill Leslie), Bernadette Robinson-Kinzer (Hubert’s Mother) Brown County Playhouse 25 August 2000
Cooney, Ray Run for Your Wife Charles Epstein Jennifer McConnell (Mary Smith), Kathryn Pleasant Joos (Barbara Smith), Kevin Lind (John Smith), Kimberly Koch (Detective Sergeant Troughton), Joel David Santer (Stanley Gardner), Kaytie Morris (Newspaper Reporter), Stephen Mooney (Detective Sergeant Porterhouse), Benjamin Hunt (Bobby Franklin) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 11 August 2002
Cooney, Ray and Tony Hilton One for the Pot Bruce Burgun Melissa Joy Nedell (Amy Hardcastle), Coryell Barlow (Cynthia Hardcastle), José Antonio García (Jugg), George R. Bookwalter (Jonathan Hardcastle), Steven Decker (Clifton Weaver), Chris Nelson (Arnold Piper), Robert K. Johansen (Charlie Barnett), Geoff Wilson (Billy/Rupert/Michael/Pedro Hickory Wood), Kelly Ann Ford (Winnie Hickory Wood), Peter Gerharz (Guest), Maria Straub (Guest) Brown County Playhouse 23 August 2001
Coward, Noël Blithe Spirit Risa Brainin Amy Griffin (Edith), Blair Sams (Ruth Condomine), Richard Bekins (Charles Condomine), Charles Goad (Dr. Bradman), Deborah Sargent (Mrs. Bradman), Priscilla Lindsay (Madame Arcati), Judith Lightfoot Clarke (Elvira) Indiana Repertory Theatre 7 May 2000
Coward, Noël Blithe Spirit Brad Wright Emily Gerber (Edith), Bethany Lillis (Ruth), Chris McKay (Charles), Barry McFarlane (Dr. Bradman), Joanna Cate (Mrs. Bradman), Danielle Batteast (Madame Arcati), Chandra Jeanette Biehl DeNap (Elvira), Maggie Wright (Daphne) University of Indianapolis February 2003
Coward, Noël Blithe Spirit (excerpt) Anne Nemer (Ruth Comdomine) Indiana University 28 April 2002
Coyle, Debbie, [L. Frank Baum (novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson, Edgar Allan Woolf (screenplay The Wizard of Oz) The Metaphysics of Oz Debbie Coyle Jim Cain, Carter Durcholz (Uncle Henry), Donnie Rae Knight (Auntie Em), Miranda Barnett, Asher Durcholz, Jacob Knight, Julie Ottaway, Cassidy Shoemaker, Lyric Simms, Justice Thomas, Natalie Ullrich, Haley Vogel, Tara Hilton (Dorothy), Jamie Axline, Sarah Eyrich (Wicked Witch of the West), Megan Richardson (Glinda the Good Witch), Jerome Bingham (Scarecrow), Ian Williams (Tin Woodman), Daryn Barnett, Riley Shoemaker (Lion), Dylan Richardson (Narrator), Michaela Ullrich (Keeper of the Gate), David Eaton, Joel Ottaway (Wizard) Unity of Indianapolis 16 September 2001
Crémieux, Héctor, Ludovic Halévy (B & L), English version by Donald Pippin & Robert Derwae, Jacques Offenbach (M), Max Steiner, Richard Rodgers (additional M) Orpheus in the Underworld Bill Jenkins, Craig Priebe Kellie C. Harrison (Public Opinion), Elaine Castro (Eurydice), Bill Zimmerman (Orpheus), Nicholas G. Brenner (Aristeus/Pluto), Christy Ralph (Cupid), Cassie Liveris (Venus), Jason Sill (Mars), Ryan Woodle (Jupiter), Laura Riggs (Diana), Tiiu Rebane (Juno), Christina Dullworth (Minerva), Anthony James Sirk (Mercury), Adam Shapiro (Bacchus), Tim Lueke (John Styx), Stephen Francis Vasta (Maestro), Chris Bryant (Morpheus), Mark A. Boyle, Josh Christoff, Jamie Grant, Kevin McDaniel, David J. Mitsch, Josh Palkki, Andy Planck (Gods), Michelle Dobbins, Lynne Guglielmi, Katherine Hartweg, Meghan Malayter, Andrea Prestinario, Tiara Kai Wuethrich (Students/Goddesses/Love Police) Ball State University 30 March 2001
Cristofer, Michael The Shadow Box Chris Holt Rod Isaac (The Interviewer), Steve Skelton (Joe), Alex Dickos (Steve), Sally Carter (Maggie), John Kastner (Brian), John E. Shipley (Mark), Kerra D. Wagener-Johnson (Beverly), Missi Smith (Agnes), Bob Armstrong (George) Main Street Productions/Stages Theatre Company/The Old Centrum 17 February 2001
Crystal, Raphael (conception) When My Love Smiles:  Love Songs Through the Ages Raphael Crystal Raphael Crystal (Keyboards), Jeffrey Ballard (Lyric Tenor), Jessica Riedel (Alto), Justin A. Darrow (Double Bass) Ball State Theatre at Minnetrista 19 July 2002
Currens, Stephen, Edward Gorey (eighteen stories) Gorey Stories Robert M. Koharchik Crystal Nicholas-Roberts (Mona (a maid)), Michael Brown Callahan (Harold (a butler)), Alissa Branch Stamatis (Lady Celia (the hostess)), Constance Macy (Mary Rosemarsh (a spinster)), Kristin Lennox (Ortensia Caviglia (a singer)), Nicholas Abeel (Little Henry (a child)), Robert K. Johansen (Jasper Ankle (an opera fan)), Kurt Owens (C.F. Earbrass (an author)), Benjamin D. Tebbe (Hamish (a young man)) ShadowApe Theatre Company/Butler University 1 July 2001
Da Ponte, Lorenzo (libretto), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (M) Così fan tutte:  Defining Women Gina Crusco LaToya Lewis (Fiordigli), Ladie Whitaker (Dorabella), John Hager Flores (Ferrando), Soyoung Choi (Guglielmo), Kristina Malinauskaite (Despina), Nathan Resika (Don Alfonso), Nicole McQuade, Sarah Pigion (Ensemble) Underworld Productions Opera Ensemle, Inc. at The YM & YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood 5 April 2009
Da Ponte, Lorenzo (libretto), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (M) Così fan tutte (staged reading) Susan Morton Alyssa Bowlby (Fiordigli), Marcella Capario (Dorbella), Maurizio Casa (Ferrando), Steve Utzig (Guglielmo), Maija Lisa Currie (Despina), David Morrow (Don Alfonso) SingThrough Central at Church of the Good Shepherd, Episcopal 7 August 2009
Da Ponte, Lorenzo (libretto), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (M) Don Giovanni Benjamin Spierman Daniel Klein (Don Giovanni), Jack White (Leporello), Erika Rauer (Donna Anna), Mary Ann Stewart (Donna Elvira), David Chase (Don Ottavio), Sara Fanucchi (Zerlina), Evan Rainey Bennett (Masetto), Ilberto Lagana (Commendatore), Brooke Collins, Treva Foss, Jameson James, Kenneth Lahn, Monica Loza, Natalie Megules, Kevin Peters, Erich Simó, Marissa Tarangelo, Jason Thoms, Emily Werne (Ensemble) Dell’Arte Opera Ensemble at The East 13th Street Theater 9 August 2009
DaPonte, Lorenzo [Emanuele Conegliano] (libretto), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (M), Ruth Martin, Thomas Martin (translation), Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais (play The Marriage of Figaro or The Follies of the Day) The Marriage of Figaro Craig Priebe Myles Ogea (Figaro), Jaclyn Dima (Susanna), Karen Meiring (Marcelina), Jeffrey Carter (Bartolo), Megan Malayter (Cherubino), Mark A. Boyle (Basilio), Matthew Davis (Count Almaviva), Shea Dell (Countess), Brett Deary (Antonio), Kira Christiansen (Barbarina), Briner Ellis (Don Curzio), Christina Dulworth, Stacey Dyer, Amanda Jeffrey, Jamee Kenney (Solo Girls/Personnel of the Almaviva Estate), Rebecca Fielder, Rynice Harrison, Katherine Callison, Chris Brush (Personnel of the Almaviva Estate), Lee Chambers (Almaviva’s Photographer), Troy Chamberlain (Hare Krishna), Robert Hughes, Brett Deery (Personnel of the Almaviva Estate) Ball State University 26 January 2002
Da Ponte, Lorenzo (libretto), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (M), Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais (play The Marriage of Figaro or The Follies of the Day) The Marriage of Figaro John Deblass Evelyn Thatcher (Susanna), Simon Cram (Figaro), Julia Rowling (Countess Almaviva), Hayden DeWitt (Cherubino), Rodrigo Gomez (Count Almaviva), Beth Gorrie (Narrator) Riverside Opera Company at St. John’s University Staten Island 22 May 2004
Dasher, Taylor Faulkner King David Hamilton Lucy Bansley (Sheila), Phil Brooks (Robbie), Grant Cheney (Earl), Matt Hickman (Bobby), Jen Koch (Ms. Grayven) Ball State University 13 April 2002
Davis, Ossie, Jonahan Bolt (additional dialogue) Paul Robeson:  All American Sheila Ramsey David Alan Anderson (Rev. Robeson/Walter/et al.), Jay S. Blakemore (Stage Manager/Reeves/et al.), Freeman Coffey (Paul Robeson), Robert K. Johansen (Alexander Korda/Sergei Eisenstein/Harry Truman), Seneka L. Johnson (Marion/Essie/et al.), Jeff Keel (Eugene O’Neill, et al.), Wendy Rader (Mary/Stenographer/et al.), Michael Shelton (Coach/Agent/et al.) Indiana Repertory Theatre 6 February 2000
Day, Charles The Case of the Missing Mannequin Charles Day Kurt St. Angelo (Announcer), Charles Day (Sam Spade), Babs Duncan (Bea Angel), Lisa Fox (Blanche), Patsy O’Connor (Sadie), Jan Culley (Laura Hart), Mike Wright (Blackie Blake), Stephen Poore (Knuckles Norton), Doug Garcia (Gonzales), Victor Smith (Danny Diamond), Nils Nordell (Lt. Nelson), Karl Aull (Det. Donald), Chris Dux (Bruno), Cay Raymond (Clara Spade) Unity of Indianapolis 6, 7 September 1996
Day, Charles Christmas at the Fillmore’s Farm, 1925 Charles Day Patsy O’Connor (Myrtle Fillmore), Chris Dux (Rickert), Aleece Coyle* Unity of Indianapolis December, 1996
Day, Charles The Guest at Christmas Charles Day Charles Day (O’Henry), Karl Aull (Martin Burger)* Unity of Indianapolis December, 1995
Day, Charles The Guest at Christmas Mary Lou Carver Chris Dux (Martin Burger), Patsy O’Connor (Ruth Burger (Wife)), Tony Allseitz (Johnny Burger (son)), Aleece Coyle (Lucy Burger (daughter)), Gary Crandall (Ben Slocum), Laura Long (Mariam), Carol Myers (Sara Grant), John Dych (Skipper (boy)), Carl Long, Jr. (Jesus), Charles Day (Simon (Pharisee)), Deborah Wooton (Woman), Jack Reeves (Rev. Eckert), Mike Wright (O’Henry), Scott Andrew Hutchins (Sam Goodman), Kristin Myers, John Wooton (Townspeople), Bill Probst (Publisher (Bob Daniels)) Unity of Indianapolis; Unity of Anderson 14 December 1997
Day, Charles The Voice of Intuition Mary Lou Carver Eileen Douglas (Mary, Mother of Jesus), Mike Coyle (Matthew), Patsy O’Connor (Mary Magdalene), Susanne McNeely (Joanna), Trudy Munn (Leah), Nils Nordell (Jesus), Tom Rockwell (Thomas), Scott Andrew Hutchins (Andrew), Kurt St. Angelo (John), Richard Talley (Peter), Stephen Poore (Judas), Doug Garcia (Philip), Don Selander (Simon), Jimmy Sowder (James, Son of Zebedee), Larry Fitzgerald (Bartholomew), Bill Probst (James, Son of Alphaeus), Fred Reed (Thaddaeus), Lisa Melton (Merriam), Cay Raymond (Sarah, wife of Zebedee), Jack Reeves (Anthony (Centurion)), Linda Neese (Helena), Joy Neese (Diana), Chris Dux (Nicodemus), Aleece Coyle (Rebecca), Tony Allseitz (Benjamin), Sarah Melton (Betheny), Kristin Myers (Veronica), Mike Wright (Lucas (Centurion)), Charles Day [uncredited] (Zebedee) Unity of Indianapolis 4 April 1998
DeForest, Marian, Louisa May Alcott (novel) Little Women Nina Perry Rachel Aull (Josephine “Jo” March), Jennafer Perry (Margaret “Meg” March), Lucy Hewett (Amy March), Samantha Simon (Elizabeth “Beth” March), Judy McGroarty (Hannah), Carla Crandall (Mrs. Alma March), Brent Beechler (John Brook), Joshua Timmons (Theodore “Laurie” Lawrence), Randford Fancher (Mr. Lawrence), Ginny Burt (Aunt Cecilia March), Dave Sutton (Mr. Gideon March), Tad Drew (Professor Friedrich Baehr) Mud Creek Players 6 December 2001
De Pietro, Peter (B), Tom Chiodo (L), Galen Blum, Wayne Barker, Vinnie Martucci (M) Clue:  The Musical Michael Swanson Joseph R.L. Benek (Mr. Boddy), Britt Ellefsaeter Stine, Lisa Sanders (Mr. Boddy’s Assistants), Katharine McDermott Swanson (Mrs. Peacock), Chad Gillenwater (Professor Plum), Amanda Withem (Miss Scarlett), Jeffrey Owen McGregor (Colonel Mustard), Scott Morris (Mrs. White), Luke Britt (Mr. Green), Sarah Drolen (Detective), Greg Sanders (Pianist), Joe Belser (Synthesizer), Andy Houston (Percussion) Franklin College 29 April 2000
Dietz, Steven Ten November Christopher J. Tolzmann Larry Haworth (Actor One), T. David McCaslin (Actor Two), Eric Tinsley (Actor Three), Ron Richards (Actor Four), Tim Kennedy (Actor Five), Rob Lawson (Actor Six), Luke Renn (Actor Seven), Ken Klingenmeier (Actor Eight), Jason B. Carter (Actor Nine) The Belfry Theatre 28 September 2001
DiPietro, Joe (B&L), Jimmy Roberts (M) I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change Murray McGibbon Heath Calvert, Kate Lindsey, Mark Willet, Kiersten Vorheis Brown County Playhouse 1 July 2001
DiPietro, Joe Over the River and Through the Woods Peg Brummit Matt Socey (Nick Cristano), Bill Perkins (Frank Gianelli), Irma Lewis (Aida Gianelli), Larry Aull (Nunzio Cristano), Dottie Pierdos (Emma Cristano), Donna Wing (Caitlin O’Hare) Mud Creek Players 22 September 2000
DiPietro, Joe Over the River and Through the Woods Mike Price Kevin Lind (Nick Cristano), “Doc” Thornton Klos (Frank Gianelli), Linda Charbonneau (Aida Gianelli), Orion C. Toepfer (Nunzio Cristano), Mary Atkins (Emma Cristano), Jennifer McConnell (Caitlin O’Hare) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 22 June 2001
Dishman, Madge (pearl) [staged reading] Lynne Perkins Bill Simmons (Ray Lee Powers), Deb Mengel Strobel (Pearl Tatum (Babe) Powers), Ellen Morgan (Raynelle Powers), Grace Morgan (Rosalie Powers),  Bob Berry (Sam Tatum), Linda Charbonneau (Narrator), Noel Outland (Offstage Voices:  Scott Mason, atty; Construction Workers) The Algonquin Project at ComedySportz Arena 8 October 201
?, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (stories) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ? Troy Van Voorhis (Holmes)* Northview Middle School 1989
Drozda, Patricia You Can Drink ’em Pretty Patricia Drozda (would-be coquette) Indiana University 28 April 2002
Dudzick, Tom Over the Tavern Rose Kleiman Rich Komenich (Chet Pazinski), Jan Lucas (Ellen Pazinski, Patrick Whelan Mullen (Rudy Pazinski), Gayle Steigerwald (Sister Clarissa), Elizabeth Maves (Annie Pazinski), Tyler Perry (Eddie Pazinski), Zack Neiditch (George Pazinski) The Phoenix Theatre 13 December 2002
Dunlop, Frank, Jim Dale, Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Molière (play Les Fourberies de Scapin [The Tricks of Scapin]) Scapino! (A Long Way Off From Molière) Murray McGibbon Peter Gerharz (Argante, a wealthy merchant), Darby Cicci (Ottavio, son of Argante, in love with Giacinta), Jennifer Bulla (Giacinta, a young girl, in love with Ottavio), Molly Wright (Nurse of Giacinta), Duncan Teater (Sylvestro, servant to Argante and Ottavio’s Guardian), Jayson R. Wickenkamp (Geronte, another wealthy merchant), Bradley M. Fletcher (Leandro, son of Geronte, in love with Zerbinetta), Ira G. Amyx (Scapino, friend of Sylvestro, servant to Geronte, and Leandro’s guardian), Sheila Cecilia Regan (Zerbinetta, a gypsy girl in love with Leandro)  The denizens and staff of the café bar:  Brian Levin (Carlo, a bum), Gabriel Lewin (Papa), Luke Pennington (Pepe), Arian Moayed (Popo), Kara Klein (Pipi) Indiana University 30 March 2002 (2 PM)
Dunn, Mark Five Tellers Dancing in the Rain Missi Smith, John Kastner Jorjina Koffi (Ms. Cleo Smith), Jen Harp (Jennifer Duck), Pam Aiello (Delores Bogatin), Angela Steele (Twyla Tobias), Brandy Mynatt (Betina Embree), Kerra D. Wagener (Lorene Lee) Stages Theatre Company 16 November 2001
Durang, Christopher Baby with the Bathwater (excerpts) Laura Renée Meyer Michelle Walker (Angela), Melissa Russell (Kate), Kelley M. Hoagland (Helen), Donnie Barber (Daisy), Justin Thompson (Voice) Franklin College 15 March 2003
Durang, Christopher Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You Rissa C.J. Guffey Danielle Batteast (Sister Mary Ignatius), Aaron Seelig (Thomas), Kristin Bien (Diane), Chris Vicoli (Gary), Emily Gerber (Philomena), Aloysius (Chris McKay) University of Indianapolis 6 April 2003
Dutka, Michael The Crowded House Gina Crusco Danielle Vita (The Good Witch Angeline) Underworld Productions at the Little Red Lighthouse Festival in Fort Washington Park 25 September 2010
Dyville, Jack (Scene 1:  The Engagement), Bara Swain (Scene 2:  Knock Knock), Zach Rothman-Hicks (Scene 3:  The Wedding) One Big Happy Family (staged reading) Kathryn A. McConnell (Scene 1), Lynn Manuell (Scene 2), David M. Green (Scene 3) Lucy Sorlucco (Marjorie Decamp), Jack Dyville (Victor DeCamp), Paul T. Ryan (Adam DeCamp), Val Moranto (Susan Decamp (Mrs. Anthony) Grossbart), Kimberly Faye Greenberg (Sara DeCamp Carillo), Jessica Vera (Stevie (Stephanie) DeCamp), Casey Paradies (Aaron DeCamp), Marcus Conerly (Cousin Carl), Brandi Varnell (Angela Marcellus), Kit Williams (Rosetta Schussel), Will Perez (Tito Gonzalez Schussel) Friends Always Creating Theatre at Joria Mainstage Theatre 19 October 2009
Dyville, Jack Kiss Today, Goodbye (staged reading) David M. Green Brandi Varnell (Sarah Palin), Marcus Conerly (Todd Palin), Casey Paradies (Bristol Palin) Friends Always Creating Theatre at Joria Mainstage Theatre 19 October 2009
Ebb, Fred (B,L), Bob Fosse (B), John Kander (M) Chicago (excerpts) Kacie Leblong (Matron), Ashley Waldman (Velma: “Class”), Tenaya Irene Hurst (Velma: “Cell Block Tango”), Sara Rebrovic (Mona), Nicole Bruce (June), Galia Arad (Annie), Sarah Farrell, Emily Pierson, [Jonathan Molitor] (Announcer) Indiana University 28 April 2002
Edson, Margaret W;t Tom Evans Barbara Farrar-Evans (Vivian Bearing, Ph.D.), Max Henschen (Harvey Kelekian, M.D./Mr. Bearing), Stephen Skiles (Jason Posner, M.D.), Edan Evans (Susie Monahan, R.N., B.S.N.), Diane Gadomski (E.M. Ashford, D.Phil.), Jay S. Blakemore, Tony McDonald, Diane Tsao Boehm (Ensemble) The Phoenix Theatre 7 April 2000
Edson, Margaret W;t Don La Casse Mandy Fox (Vivian Bearing, Ph.D.) Michael Kleeberg (Harvey Kelekian, M.D./Mr. Bearing), Lysa Franklin (E.M. Ashford, D. Phil), Lois Mathilda Atkins (Susie Monahan, R.N., B.S.N.), Brad Coolidge (Jason Posner, M.D.), Lucy Bansley, Beau Christian Danner, Kathryn Gilbert, Janna L. Meiring, Billy Muphy, Nicole Novales (Ensemble (Lab Technicians, Students, Research Fellows)) Ball State University 23 September 2000
Ellefsaeter Stine, Britt Strangers in the Night Chris R. Plunkett Amanda Strickland (Lucy), Jay “Flip” Pentzien (Charlie/Doctor), Kelly Hoagland (Thelma/Waitress (Joy))/Nurse), Grant Fore (Jack) Franklin College 10 March 2001
Ensler, Eve The Vagina Monologues Gigi Jennewein-Fenlon Diane Kondrat (“Down There” Lady/”Vagina Workshop” Lady/Lesbian Sex Worker), Rhoda Ludy (Shaven Woman/Angry Vagina Woman), Kelli Walker (Woman with Bob/Raped Bosnian/Little Girl) The Phoenix Theatre 8 April 2001
Ensler, Eve The Vagina Monologues Victoria Venezia Jill Ward (Host/Smell/ Wear and Say), Victoria Venezia (Introduction/The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy/Wear and Say), Cara Schwimmer (Introduction/My Angry Vagina/Wear and Say), Melissa Rios (Introduction/The Little Coochi Snorcher That Could/Smell/Wear and Say), Jessica Lynn Socol (Introduction/Because He Liked to Look at It/Smell/Wear and Say), Linzie Faith (Introduction/I Was 12. My Mother Slapped Me/Under the Burqua/Smell//Wear and Say), Linda Bond (Hair/Smell//Wear and Say), Leonora Perry (The Flood/I Was 12. My Mother Slapped Me/A six-year-old girl was asked//Wear and Say), Jessa Marie Mendez (The Vagina Workshop/I Was 12. My Mother Slapped Me//Wear and Say), Alyssa Sein (Vagina Happy Fact/Vagina Not-So-Happy Fact/Smell/A six year-old girl was asked//Wear and Say), Leticia Nazario (I Was 12. My Mother Slapped Me/My Short Skirt//Wear and Say), Ruth Gallego (My Vagina Was My Village//Wear and Say), Lauren D’Aversa (Smell/Reclaiming Cunt//Wear and Say), Ali Brunell (I Was There in the Room/Wear and Say) The College of Staten Island February 2005
Erickson, Brad Woody and Me Gigi Jennewein-Fenlon William Croft Vaughn (John), Jon Lindley (Lewis), Toni Press-Coffman (Mara) The Phoenix Theatre 12 July 2001
Euripides Medea Beth Taylor Rachel Snoeberger (Medea), Marc William Kircher (Jason), Luther Dwain Stevenson (Creon), Adam Greer (Aegeus), Lesley Gillum (Nurse to Medea), Shiloh Shambaugh (Tutor to Medea’s Children), R. Brian Noffke (Messenger), Lindsey Lehner (Glauke/Chorus of Corinthian Women), Denise Stockdale (Chorus Leader), Kathleen Curley, Karen Darnaby, Suzanne Walker, Katie White (Chorus of Corinthian Women), Madeline Balog (Child 1), Andrew Balog (Child 2) Marian College 18 September 1999
Euripides, Matt Socey (adaptation) Medea (A Greek Tragedy in the American Suburbs) Matt Socey Brooke Boots (Nurse), Madeline Beck, Kristina McKenzie (Chorus), Phil Graf (Tutor/Creon’s Servant), Jolene Mentink Moffatt (Medea), Ronn Johnstone (Creon), Alan Sheperd (Jason), Matt Graber (Aegeus), Sarah Holland (Messenger), Mike Newman, Dylan Shelton (The Children) Soceyology Productions at Bookmama’s 22 March 2003
Euripides, Kimberly Shelby-Szyszko (prologue), Nick Revel (M) Medea Shela Xoregos Amanda Elizabeth Sawyer (Medea), Michael Lawrence Eienstein (Jason), Sydney Allyson Francis (Nurse), Andrew R. Cooksey (Tutor), David Allen Green (Creon/Messenger), Phillip Burke (Ægeus, King of Athens), Emily Beuchat, Emily Philip, Emily Tuckman (Chorus of Corinthian Women) Xoregos Performing Company at New York Public Library Yorkville Branch (26), Tompkins Square Park (29), Queens Library Broadway Branch (31) 26, 29, 31 July 2010
Evans, Rod L., L. Frank Baum (column Our Landlady) Baum’s Bazaar and Boarding House (staged reading) Rod L. Evans Robin Olderman (Mrs. Jumper/Mrs. Sery Ann Bilkins), Howard Dorrie (Mr. Diefendorf/Doctor), David Moyer (Mr. Haggerty/Colonel), R.M. Atticus Gannaway (Mr. Bartlett), Eric Gjovaag (Mr. Luke/Tom the Clerk), Lynn Beltz (Narrator), Rod L. Evans (L. Frank Baum) International Wizard of Oz Club/Indiana University Memorial Union 21 July 2000
Evans, Rod L. (B), L. Frank Baum (L&M), Louis F. Gottschalk (M), Paul Tietjens (M) L. Frank Baum:  Musically Notated Rod L. Evans Rod L. Evans (L. Frank Baum) International Wizard of Oz Club/Indiana University Memorial Union 20 July 2000
Farber, Yael, Tschallo Chokwe, Roelf Matlala, Bongeka Mpongwaana, Philip “Tipo” Tindisa, Jabulile Tshabalala Amajuba:  Like Doves We Rise Yael Farber Bongeka Mpongwana, Roelf Matlala, Phillip “Tipo” Tindisa, Jabulile Tshabalala, Tshallo Chokwe The Culture Project 22 July 2006 (3 PM)
Farley, Keythe, Brian Flemming (story and book), Laurnce O’Keefe (L & M), Bill Creighton (Weekly World News story “Bat Boy Found in West Virginia Cave!”) Bat Boy:  The Musical Bryan D. Fonseca Collin Poynter (Edgar the Bat Boy), J. Stuart Mill (Dr. Thomas Parker, Falcon Man), Megan McKinney (Meredith Parker), Emily Ristine (Shelley Parker), R. Brian Noffke (Sheriff Reynolds, Lion Boy), Lauren Morris Bertram (Ruthie Taylor, Ned, Butterfly Girl), Blaine Hogan (Rick Taylor, Dillon, Lorraine, Monkey Boy, Young Tom), Brian Ust (Ron Taylor, Maggie, Institute Man, Tango Dancer, Tiger Boy, Young Meredith), Gregory Glade Hancock (Bud, Pan), Katelin Reeves (Daisy, Doctor, Tango Dancer, Rabbit Girl), Dave Ruark (Roy, Mrs. Taylor, Reverend Hightower, Bear Boy) The Phoenix Theatre 5 July, 3 August 2002
Fellbom, Claes (libretto), Sven-David Sandström (M), Ludwig Holberg (play Jeppe on the Hill) Jeppe:  The Cruel Comedy Claes Fellbom Jonathan Stinson (Harry Schoenberg), Nathan Baer (Eric), Joshua Whitener (Josh), Teresa S. Herold (La Diva), Maija Lisa Currie (Beatrice Schoenberg), Taylor Hightower (Jeppe Verflucht), Lindsey Falduto (Dolly Verflucht), Margaret Nilsson (Luna), Sarah Kapustin (Violinist:  Beatrice’s Alter Ego), Alison Wonderland Bacich, Gregory Brookes, Chris Carducci, Grant Clarke, Ulises Dubon, Carelle Flores, Sara Flores, Michael Forbes, Rachel Fulton, Roger Henry, Rachel Olsen, Yoon-Kyung Park, Hanna Penn, Emily Ross-Johnson, Marc Schapman, Jacob Sentgeorge, Scott Six, K. Samuel Spade, Emily Solt, Maria Rebecca Stoehr (Chorus) Indiana University 14 February 2003
Fenton, Dan Bitter Alice (staged reading) Lynne Perkins Lynne Perkins (Nora O’Shea), ? (Thomas O’Shea), Tom Beeler (Tomalin Cady), Nicholas Abeel (Timmy O’Shea), Griffey Housemeyer (Sean O’Shea), Mary Atkins (Katherine Mary O’Shea),? (Mary-Claire), ? (Father Doyle), J. Stuart Mill (Doc Sweeney), (Kathleen Robbins (Narrator)) The Algonquin Project/National Comedy Theatre
[Feretti, Jacopo (libretto)], Gioacchino Rossini (M) La Cenerentola (A concert Version) Richard Nechamkin Imelda Franklin Bogue (Angelina), Catherine Heraty (Clorinda), Toby Newman (Tisbe), Michael Sanita (Don Ramiro), Ted Dougherty (Dandini), Peter Heiman (Don Magnifico), Kevin Pruner (Alidoro) New York Opera Forum at Donnell Library Center 9 April 2006
Feydeau, Georges Léon Jules Marie, Noël Coward (adaptation) Look After Lulu (Occupe-toi d’Amélie) Michael M. O’Hara Samantha Eileen DeTurk (Photographer), Katherine Callison (Cornette), Katherine S. Clements (Oudatte), Randi A. Dent (Gaby), Audra Koontz (Paulette), Tiffany Wilson (Yvonne), Stephen G. Taylor (Emile), Marc Barrett (Valery), Theo Plothe (Phillippe), Todd D. Ritz (Adonis), Kirsten Day (Claire), Lynn Joanna Downey (Lulu), John D. Albertson (Inspector), Sonja Rees (Aunt Gabrielle), Tom McCarthy (Bomba), Jeff Shull (Mayor Dan Canan), David J. Mitsch (Prince), Bryan Campbell (Marcell), Adam Shapiro (Koschanaidieff), Alan Craig (Van Putzeboum), Charles Retherford (Gigot), John Thomas Barrett, David Holzer (Flower Boys), Corrine R. Schilling (Little Girl) Muncie Civic Theatre 22 February 2002
Fierstein, Harvey Torch Song Trilogy (excerpts) Laura Renée Meyer Andrew Elsner (Arnold), Jennifer Sansfacon (Ma) Franklin College 15 March 2003
Fletcher, Lucille (radio show sketch by cast) Sorry… Wrong Number Molly Bellner Lina Ricks (Mrs. Stevenson/Loretta Lancaster), Susan Yeaw (1st, 2nd, 5th Operators, Hospital Attendant/Ginger West), Tracy J. Craig (3rd, 4th, Chief Operators/Mae Rogers), Brent Wooldridge (Man, Western Union/Bob White), Kory Klein (George/Gregory Gable), Jim LaMonte (Sergeant Duffy/Richard “Red” Lewis) Spotlight Players of Hendricks County 21 April 2002
Flindt, Fleming (choreography), Philip Glass (M) Phaedra Fleming Flindt Erlends Zieminch (Theseus), Karen Scalzitti (Phaedra), Harald Uwe Kern (Hippolytus), Irina Komarenko (Nurse), Melinda Bower, Kerrie-Ann Dunn, Svetlana Kazonina, Katherine Lawrence, So-Yon Nom, Chieko Oiwa, Rachel Rutland, Janna Sinitsyna, Rebekah Criscimagna, Betsy Green, Lindsey Hanlon, Racheal Leigh Hummel, Yuri Beletsk, Ogulcan Barova, Cristian Laverda Koenig, Aram Manukyan, Vadim Pijicov, Oybeck N. Tashpulatov, Aaron Orlowski, Yanni Varda Ballet Internationale Indianapolis/ Murat Centre 9 October 1999
Foley, John, Mark Hardwick, Debra Monk, Cass Morgan, John Schimmel, Jim Wann Pump Boys and Dinettes Bill Hall Kevin C. Friedly (Jackson), David R. Newman (L.M. (Mark)), Karen Frye-Knotts (Prudie Cupp), Marni Lemons (Rhetta Cupp), Joe Traynor (Eddie), Reid Robert Miller (Joe) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 8 July 2000
Fonté, Rick, William Shakespeare (plays Richard III, Henry VI), Colley Cibber (play Richard III) The Rise and Fall of King Richard III Rick Fonté House of Lancaster:  Brent Burcroff (Henry VI/Henry, Earl of Richmond, a distant cousin, in France), Kari Adams (Queen Margaret), Alex LaVeque (Prince Edward, their son (deceased)/The Court: Mayor of London), Rachel Simpson (Lady Anne, Prince Edward’s wife).  House of York:  Matthew R. Zaradich (King Edward IV/The Court:  The Bishop of Ely), Aaron Matthew Ray (Edward, Prince of Wales, King Edward IV’s son), Erin Vice (Richard of York, King Edward IV’s son), Matt Isler (George, Duke of Clarence, brother to the king/Throne Bearer), Bradley M. Fletcher (Richard, Duke of Gloucester, brother to the king), Kate Gragg (Duchess of York, their mother), Rebecca S. Jarrell (Margaret Plantagenet, Clarence’s Daughter).  The Woodvilles (formerly a faction for the House of Lancaster, now aligned with York): Lyndsey Anderson (Queen Elizabeth, Edward’s New Queen), Jerry McClure (Lord Rivers, her brother/Throne Bearer), Kevin Jacobs (Lord Grey, her brother/Throne Bearer/Common-Folk: Village Idiot).  The Court:  Ryan Buck (Lord Stanley, King Edward’s main advisor), Juliet Heller Eichberg (The Duke of Buckingham, Richard’s main advisor), Kenny Dellinger (William Hastings, the Lord Chamberlain/Throne Bearer).  Common-Folk:  Victoria Licht (Catesby, keeper of the tower at first), Colleen McSherry (Jane Shore, Hastings’ mistress (and Edward’s)), Amber Dusak (Tyrell, a discontented noble), Jessica Krueger (2nd Murderer, her friend/Sneezing Servant/Member of the Wedding Party)  Ensemble:  Jody Daiamond, Laurie Green, Brittney McKinney, Sara Ruetschlin Purists Be Warned Shakespeare Company/John Waldron Arts Center Rose Firebay 8 December 2001
Fonté, Rick (B&L), Richard Ford (M), Sophocles, (play Antigone) tHe RiTes of AntigonE Rick Fonté Anne Acker (Ismene), Gilana Alpert (Eurydice), Ryan Buck (Sentry), Brent Burcroff (Haemon), Cáitlín Burke (Acolyte), Kathryn McReay (Teiresias top), David Mickler (Teresias bottom), Meaghan Andrew Wilson (Antigone), Matthew R. Zaradich (Creon) Bloomington Playwrights Project 9 February 2002
Fornes, Maria Irene Fefu and Her Friends Michael Swanson Laura Renee Meyer (Stephanie “Fefu” Beckman), Stephanie A. Huffer (Cindy), Holly McLin (Christina), Christina Miller-Summers (Julia), Jenna Porter (Emma), Kelley M. Hoagland (Sue), Katharine McDermott Swanson (Paula Corey), Amanda Hunyadi (Cecilia Johnson) Franklin College 4 May (version 4), 12 May (version 2), 2001
Forzano, Giovacchino (libretto), Giacomo Puccini (M) Suor Angelica Eric Rausch Katherine Corle (Sister Angelica), Michelle Repella (The Monitor/Princepessa), Anna Petrie (The Novice), Molly Shortall (Sister Dolcina), Sarah Best (The Abbess), Anna Kirkland (Sister Osmina), Amanda White (Sister Genovieffa) Trinity Opera 17 October 2009
Forzano, Giovacchino, Giuseppe Adami (libretto), Giacomo Puccini (M), Dante Alighieri (poem Inferno) Il Trittico (The Tryptich):  Il Tabarro (The Cloak), Suor Angelica, Gianni Schicchi (staged reading) Richard Barrett Carlos Jimeno (Michele/Betto/Pinellino/Guccio), Edgar Jaramillo (Luigi), Erik Bagger (Tinca/Gherardo), Jonathan Keeley (Talpa/Simone),Yasmine Levi-Ellentuck (Giorgetta), Amirtha Kidambi (Frugola), Carlos Torres (Vendor of Songs/Amatino di Nicolao/Chorus), Alexis Smith (Lover/Ciesca), Deng Yu (Lover), Elinor Sohn (Suor Angelica), Sara Dougherty (La Zia Principessa), Savannah Gordon (La Badessa/Chorus), Palina Tsynkevich (La Suora Zelatrice), Samarie Alicea (La Maestra della Novizie), Sara Kane (Suor Genovieffa/Chorus), Isabella Marriott (Suor Osmina/Suor Dolcina/Chorus), Julian Tang (La Suora Infirmiera/Chorus), Adriana Lee (Le Cercatrici/Chorus), Alicia Bone Williams (Le Novizia/Chorus), Kesnia Antonova (Le Conversa/Chorus), Jorge Arcila (Gianni Schicchi/Chorus), Charlotte Barnett (Lauretta/Chorus), Sara Daugherty (Zita), Kevin Ginter (Rinuccio/Chorus), Talia Broering (Nella/Chorus), Stav Livne (Gherardino/Chorus), Ari Amir (Marco/Chorus), Adam Margulies (Maestro Spinelloccio), Aniello Alberti, Anjuli Deo, Dara Epstein, Alexandra Falkovski, Kevin Ginter, Azadeh Hadim, Selestina Ivantcheva, Yvonne Juris, Naama Liany, Gabriela Mazuera, Laura Puzio, Beata Royzman, Malgarata Sataniszewska, Elizabeth Sharts, Natalia Tsvirko, Fiorella Velez, Kim Walton, Jerry Yan, Cheng Hong Xiao, Marinel Cruz (Chorus) Brooklyn College 2 May 2010
Franklin McMullen, Lysa, Shirley Jackson (novel) We Have Always Lived in the Castle Lysa Franklin McMullen Erin Rae Lengkeek (Mrs. Wright), Jennifer McFarland (Constance Blackwood), Barry McMullen (Julian Blackwood), Andrea Prestinario (Mary Katherine “Merricat” Blackwood), Pearl Rhein (Helen Clarke) Ball State University 23 April 2002
Frayn, Michael Noises Off Risa Brainin Johanna Morrison (Dotty Otley/Mrs. Clackett), Chris Clavelli (Lloyd Dallas), Antony Hagopian (Garry LeJeune/Roger Tramplemain), Anna Stone (Brooke Ashton/Vicki), Heidi Ricks (Poppy Norton-Taylor), Wynn Harmon (Frederick Fellowes/Philip Brent/Sheikh), Constance Macy (Belinda Blair/Flavia Brent), Timothy Mitchell (Tim Allgood), Bernard Kates (Selsdon Mowbray/Burglar) Indiana Repertory Theatre 20 May 1999
Frayn, Michael Noises Off Murray McGibbon Coryell Barlow (Dotty Otley/Mrs. Clackett), Erik Anderson (Lloyd Dallas), Jonathan Molitor (Garry LeJeune/Roger Tramplemain), Katherine Rochon (Brooke Ashton/Vicki), Tenaya Irene Hurst (Poppy Norton-Taylor), Clay Sanderson (Frederick Fellowes/Philip Brent/Sheikh), Carmen Meyers (Belinda Blair/Flavia Brent), Bradley M. Fletcher (Tim Allgood), Blake Bowen (Selsdon Mowbray/Burglar) Indiana University 13 October 2001
Friedman, David (L & M), Scott Barnes, Robin Boudreay, Deborah Bailey Brevoort, Clarissa Dane, Kathie Lee Gifford, Peter Kellogg, Alix Korey, Portia Nelsson, Muriel Robinson, Barbara Rothstein (additional L) Listen to My Heart:  The Songs of David Friedman Mark Waldrop Allison Briner, Joe Cassidy, David Friedman, Michael Hunsaker, Alix Korey, Anne Runolfsson Upstairs at Studio 54 2 November 2003
Friedman, Alan Foster The Adventures of Stanley Tomorrow Rose Kleiman Bill Simmons (Stanley Lark 3), Griffy Housemeyer (Young Stanley Lark 3/Stanley Lark 4), Jeff Casazza (Stanley Lark 2), Frederick Marshall (Uncle Dave), Patricia McKee (Marian Lark), Ethel Booth (Aunt Min) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 2 February 2002
Friel, Brian Molly Sweeney Libby Appel Priscilla Lindsay (Molly Sweeney), Ned Schmidtke (Mr. Rice), Erik Fredricksen (Frank Sweeney) Indiana Repertory Theatre 1997
Friel, Brian Translations Bruce Burgun Chris Nelson (Manus), Jennifer Walls (Sarah), Ray Tice (Jimmy Jack), Jessica Cannon (Maire), Matt Holzfeind (Doalty van Doalty), Lauren Graf (Bridget), George R. Bookwalter (Hugh), Ira G. Amyx (Owen), Duncan Teater (Lancey), Kurt Schlachter (George Yolland) Indiana University 6 March 2001
Fry, Christopher The Lady’s Not for Burning Beth Taylor Tom Forman (Richard, an orphaned clerk), Larry Atwood (Thomas Mendip, a discharged soldier), Suzanne Walker (Alizon Eliot), Ralf Reisinger (Nicholas Devise), Deborah Adams (Margaret Devise, mother of Nicholas), Bob Smith (Humphrey Devise, brother of Nicholas), Verl Riegsecker (Hebble Tyson, the Mayor), Mary Costello (Jennet Jourdemayne), Brian Fisher (The Chaplain), Donald Darbo (Edward Tappercoom, a Justice), David Strobel (Matthew Skipps) Shakespeare & More Thatre Company of Central Indiana at Marian College 8 July 2001
Gao Xingjian Between Life and Death Ronnie Gilliam Catherine Nading (An Actress playing Woman), Tyler J. Monroe (A Clown playing Man, Ghost, and Old Man), Lyndsey Kramer (A Female Dancer playing Woman’s Imagination) Butler University 22 March 2003
Garcia Lorca, Federico, James Graham Luján, Richard L. O’Connell (translation) Blood Wedding Norman Walker Kaytie Morris (The Beggar Woman), Tyler J. Monroe (The Mother), Jason Ober (The Bridegroom), Lyndsey Kramer (The Neighbor Woman), Lauren Greenwood (Leonardo’s Wife), Margaret A. Murray (The Mother-in-law), Andrew C. Aherns (Leonardo Félix), David Ingram (Leonardo’s Alter Ego/Fourth Young Man), Elaine Oakley (The Young Girl), Nicole Cormaci (The Servant), Jeffrey Owen McGregor (The Father), Cara Olansky (The Bride), Jaclyn Virgin (The Bride’s Alter Ego), Meagan Hoffert (First Young Woman), Caroline Stine (Second Young Woman), Joe Doyel (First Young Man), Jim Senti (Second Young Man), Michael Kennedy (Third Young Man), Michael Bachman (The Moon) Butler University 19 October 2002
Gelbart, Larry (B), David Zippel (L), Cy Coleman (M) City of Angels Robert J. Sorbera [Hollywood Cast/Movie Cast]:  Shawn Cox (Stine), Bill Book (Stone), Marni Lemmons (Gabbi/Bobbi), Anne Penny (Donna/Oolie), Tom Beeler (Buddy Fidler/Irwin S. Irving), Karen Frye-Knotts (Carla Haywood/Alaura Kingsley), Scott Cline (Werner Kriegler/Luther Kingsley), Jeffrey Reeves (Gerald Pierce/Peter Kingsley), Kimberly Ruse (Avril Raines/Mallory Kingsley), Mark Fishback (Pancho Vargas/Lieutenant Munoz), Kevin Carr (Gene/Officer Pasco/Orderly/Man in Phone Booth), Jennifer Rubenstein (Stand-In/Margaret), Kurt Owens (Gilbert/Dr. Mandril/Studio Soundman), Tim Payne (Jimmy Powers), Darrin Gowan (Studio Cop/Big Six), Matthew Sumpter (Studio Cop/Sonny), George Gill (Del DaCosta/Mahoney/Orderly), Graham Brinklow (Cinematographer/Harlan Yamato), Sam McBride (Hairdresser/Anna/Margie), Robyne J. Ault (Angel City Four/Girl/Studio Propmistress), Laura Lockwood (Angel City Four/Bootsie), A.C. McClendon (Angel City Four), Kurt Swartz (Angel City Four/Guard), Jeremy Cales (Nephew/Studio Clapperboy) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 24 September 2000
Genet, Jean, translated by David Rudkin Deathwatch Aaron Sparks Carissa Cordes (Green Eyes), Katherine McDonald (LeFranc), Stephanie Smith (Maurice), Alana Williams (The Watch) The Dialectix Group at The Cherry Pit Theatre 14 August 2009
Gershe, Leonard Butterflies Are Free Jim LaMonte James Gross (Don Baker), Molly Bellner (Jill Tanner), Betty Selch (Mrs. Baker), Charlie Cronau (Ralph Austin) Spotlight Players of Hendricks County 24? August 2002
George, William The Confessional (staged reading) Laura Waller Laura Waller (Narrator), ? (Ellie Paxton), Tony McDonald (Reverend James Ferguson), Ian Ross (Guard), MBJ (Sam Clay/Boy) Wheeler Arts Center 2003
Giacosa, Giuseppe, Luigi Illica (libretto), Giacomo Puccini (M), Victorien Sardou (play La Tosca) Tosca Sharon Thomas, after Franco Zeffirelli Richard Bernstein (Angelott), Paul Plishka (Sacristan), Salvatore Licitra (Mario Cavaradossi), Maria Geleghina (Tosca), Mark Delavan (Scarpia), Bernard Fitch (Spoletta), Richard Vernon (Sciarrone), Joshua Kosakoff Kohane (Shepherd), Vaclovas Daunoras (Jailer), Jean Brahm, Linore Brumley, Deborah Cole, Angela DeVerger, Karen Dixon, Suzanne Faletti, Laura Fries, Constance Green, April Haines, Ellen Lang, Seunghye Lee, Linda Mays, Juli McSorley, Mary Meyers, Anne Nonnemacher, Belinda Oswald, Charlotte Philley, Deborah Saveance, Lynn Taylor, Sara Wiedt, Beverly Ann Withers, Elaine Young, Sandra Bush, Rebecca Carvin, Nancy Crolius, Maria Donaldi, Lee Hamilton, Melissa Lentz, Rosemary Nencheck, Alexandra Newland, Joyce Olson, Jean Rawn, Carolyn Sielski, Annetter Spann-Lewis, Patricia Steiner, Theresa Yu-Ping Teng, Gloria Watson, Carole Wright, Glenn Alpert, Raymond Aparentado, Gregory Cross, Roger Crouthamel, Meredith Derr, David Frye, Michael Gray, Youn Mok Jeong, Juhwan Lee, Gregory Lorenz, David Lowe, Daniel Mele, Craig Montgomery, Jeffrey Mosher, Stephen Paynter, Kurt Phinney, Irwin Reese, Salvatore Rosselli, Marty Singleton, Daniel Clark Smith, John Smith, Bernard Waters, Dennis Williams, Roger Andrews, David Asch, Jay Bahny, Glenn Baker, Barry Brandes, Ross Crolius, Garth Dawson, Jason Hendrix, Brooks King, Sven Leaf, Robert Maher, Timothy Breese Miller, Joseph Pariso, richard Pearson, Randolph Ricol, John Russell, Mitchell Sendrowitz, John Shelhart, Kenneth Young (Chorus), Marsha Andrews, Sami Bahu, Barbara Brystrom, Meeja Chang, Axia Cruz-Falu, Devonne douglas, Cori Ellison, Megan Friar, Phenisher Harris, Paula Hostetter, Mary Hughes, Georgette Hutchins,Nicola James, Barbara McAlister, Joan Mohre, Marelna de la Mora, Judy Parker, Bonny Rinas, Jane Thorngren, Danrell Williams, Deborah Williams, Donald Barnum, Michael Caldwell, Clyde Crewey, Kenneth Floyd, Steven Fredricks, William George, Alexander Gounko, Daryl Henriksen, Brad Hougham, James Jeffrey, Philip Lid, Robert Linder, Alessandro Magno, David Orcutt, Anthony Paez, Gary Pate, Mark Persing, Anthony Pulgram, Dominic Sacco, Charles Sprawls, Joseph Turi, Bruce White, George Wyman, Gavriel Yakubov (Extra Choristers) The Metropolitan Opera 31 March 2005
Gibson, William The Miracle Worker Priscilla Lindsay Constance Macy (Kate Keller), Charles Goad (Captain Arthur Keller), Rebecca Ann Masur (Helen Keller), Austin Madden (Percy), Deborah Sargent (Aunt Ev), Michael Shelton (James Keller), Heidi Ricks (Annie Sullivan) Indiana Repertory Theatre 7 October 2000
Gilbert, William S. Engaged Julia McDermott Swanson Amanda Hunyadi (Maggie MacFarlane), Pat Orr (Angus MacAlister), Christina Miller-Summers (Mrs. MacFarlane), Jeffrey Owen McGregor (Belvawney), Jenna Porter (Belinda Treherne), Richard Dunkle (Cheviot Hill), Mike Johnson (Mr. Symperson), Jason Campbell (Major McGillicuddy), Chris R. Plunkett, Becky McCaslin, Megan Spaulding (Members of the Wedding Party), Andrew Whitmore (Priest), Amy Kathleen Palm (Minnie), Veronica Bertram (Parker) Franklin College 18 February 2000
Gilbert, William S. (B&L), Arthur S. Sullivan The Pirates of Penzance George Pinney John R. Armstrong (Pirate King), Heath Calvert (Samuel), Blake Bowen (Major-General), Jordan Bisch (Sergeant of Police), George R. Bookwalter (Policeman), Stan Q. Wash (Frederic), Mollie Dustin (Ruth), Elizabeth Stanley (Mabel), Kate Lindsey (Edith), Anne Acker, Persephone Manwaring, Kiersten Vorheis, Catherine M. Petersen, Katie Thompson Smith, Sara Dobbs, Melisa Benavente, Coryell Barlow, Carrie Leveille, Molly Amoroso (Maidens),  Andrew J. Birnie, Chris Uzelac, Jeffrey Eisner, John Dalton Frederick (Pirates/Policemen), A.J. Heston, Daniel Draves, Andrew Lebon, Nikolas Priest (Pirates) Indiana University 16 April 2001
Gilroy, Frank The Subject Was Roses (excerpt) Heather Throckmorton Thaddeus Starks (John Cleary), Susan Dejarnatt (Nettie Cleary), Trent Schmidt (Timmy Cleary) IUPUI 27 June 1998
Glaspell, Susan, George Cram Cook Suppressed Desires Marti Meeker Jeff Owen (Stephen Brewster), Mary Lou Szczesiul (Henrietta Brewster), Deb Mengel Strobel (Mabel) IUPUI 27 June 1998
Glaspell, Susan, George Cram Cook Suppressed Desires Michael Coatney Stephanie Richardson (Henrietta Brewster), James B. Gross (Stephen Brewster), Kathy Speigner (Mabel) IUPUI 27 June 1998
Goetz, Ruth and Augustus, Henry James (novel Washington Square) The Heiress Eric Tinsley Nikki Hunter (Maria), Ron Richards (Dr. Austin Sloper), Betty Lou Kyle (Lavinia Penniman), Susan Thomas (Catherine Sloper), Diane Reed (Elizabeth Almond), Terry Cunningham (Arthur Townsend), Freda Hill (Marian Almond), Joe Schwab (Morris Townsend), Anne Auwaerter (Mrs. Montgomery) The Belfry Theatre 12 June 1999
Goggin, Dan (B,L,M) Nunsense R. Brian Noffke Tricia Matis (Reverend Mother), Kara Centofante (Sr. Hubert), Marianne Pawlowski (Sr. Robert Anne), Jessica White (Sr. Amnesia), Crista Fleming (Sr. Leo), Kara Laliberte, Deborah Trembicki, Erica Freeman, Amanda D. Lyons (Nuns Chorus) Marian College 24 February 2002
Goggin, Dan (B,L,M) Nunsensatons!  The Nunsense Las Vegas Revue Dan Goggin Deborah Del Mastro, (Mother Superior), Bambi Jones, Carrie Keskinen, Bonnie Lee, Jeanne Tinker, Dan Foss Sistel, Inc. at Queens Theatre in the Park 6 October 2006
Goins, Luther, Mignon McPherson, David Barr, based on stories by The Neighborhood Writing Alliance The Journal of Ordinary Thought Don R. Burrus Michael Adams II (Egypt), Sonny Bates (“Jerry Lewis”), Marvel Davis (Christene), Danyelle Mustafa (“Miss Thang”), Marlene Singh (Mother of Murdered Boy), Michael H. Smith (Reverend), Hilary Ward (Battered Wife) The Phoenix Theatre 22 June 2000
Goldberg, Jessica Stuck Marshall Pailet Anthony Alessandro (Jorge), Steven D. Hauck (Charlie), Kate Kearney-Patch (Mom), Kate MacCluggage (Margaritah), Athena Masci (Lula) The Clurman Theatre at Theatre Row February 2010
Goldsmith, Oliver She Stoops to Conquer Michael Swanson Julia McDermott Swanson (Mrs. Dorothy Hardcastle), Ronn Johnstone (Mr. Hardcastle), Jeffrey Owen McGregor (Tony Lumpkin), Jenna Porter (Kate Hardcastle), Katharine McDermott Swanson (Miss Constance Neville), David Stine (Little Amindab/Digory), Jason Kishell (Dick Muggins/Thomas/Marshall’s Servant), Ryan Smith (Tom Twist/Roger), Michael Kennedy (Jack Slang/Benjamin/Hastings’s Servant), Britt Ellefsaeter Stine (Bet Bouncer/Pimple), Seth Hale (Stingo), Neal Eggeson (Charles Marlow), Matt Ryan Whitesel (George Hastings), Donald Darbro (Sir Charles Marlow) Shakespeare & More at Marian College 14 July 2000
Gorman, Erin Kathleen All About Sex Sara Bancroft Rachel Simpson (Gwendolyn Lewis), Becca Phend (Pam Lewis), Ryan Buck (Gary Lewis), Nathaniel J. Beaver (Adam Barkley), Dustin Henderlong (Steven Katz), Blake Wilson (Bill Armnee), Emerson M. La Joie (Psychiatrist) Indiana University 28 April 2002
Gozzi, Carlo (libretto), Giacomo Puccini (M) Turandot (abridged staged reading) Mary Roberge George Taylor (The Mandarin/Ping), Veda LeFavour (Liu), David Gent (Prince/Pang), Mike Patterson (Pong), Robin Peet (Princess Turandot, “In Questa Reggia”), Meggo Barthlow (Princess Turandot), Barbara Medlicott (Narrator), Emily Block, Laura Enker, Mary Roberge (Pianists) Indianapolis Opera Harmonie Club 18 March 2002
Graczyk, Ed Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean Jolie Johnson Kinney, David Williamson David Williamson (“John”), Jolie Johnson Kinney (Mona) IUPUI 1997
Grant, David Marshall Snakebit Bryan D. Fonseca Tyla Abercrumbie (Jenifer Driver), Don R. Burrus (Jonathan Driver), Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha (Michael York), Jason Alexander Todd (Young Man (the other Gary)), [? (voice of Mariama), Michael Schiesser (voice of Gary), Bryan D. Fonseca (voice of David Allen)] The Phoenix Theatre 8 September 2000
Grant, Marsha L. Maggie’s Choice Marsha L. Grant Nikki Hunter (Clare), Beverly Gray (Maggie Lawson), Ed Radakovits (Joe Lawson), Anne Stein (Liz), Jackie Cramer (Sue), Erich Anderson (Donald), Marjorie Johnson (Wilma) Epilogue Players 19 November 2000
Griffin, Tom The Boys Next Door Molly Bellner Brent Wooldridge (Arnold Wiggins), Jim LaMonte (Lucien Percival Smith), Ben Chatham (Jack Palmer), Guy Grubbs (Norman Bulansky), Kory Klein (Barry Klemper), Jack Gramling (Mr. Klemper), Ephraim R. Smith (Mr. Hedges/Mr. Corbin), Susan Yeaw (Mrs. Fremus/Voice of Train Announcer), Pam Pierle Doctor (Mrs. Warren), Zoe E. Krause (Sheila), Linda Chase (Clara), Molly Bellner (Voice of Senate Hearing Convener), Joe Cook (Voice of Senator Clarke) Spotlight Players of Hendricks County 16 March 2001
Gross, Alan Lunching (2002 revision) Dale McFadden Alissa Branch Stamatis (Debbie Roth), Dane A. Bolinger (Gary Roth), Jennifer D. Bohler (P.J. Black), Wolf J. Sherrill (Billy Black) The Phoenix Theatre 5 May 2002
Guare, John In Fireworks Lie Secret Codes John Jamiel Ryan-Patrick Cronin (#1), Jackie Wolter (#2), Breeda Wool (#3), Kimberly Kaye (#4), Mara Gannon (#5) Wagner College November 2003
Guare, John (B, L), Mel Shapiro (B), Galt Macdermot (M), William Shakespeare (play) Two Gentlemen of Verona Kathleen Marshall Don Stephenson (Vissi D’Amore Boy/Thurio, betrothed to Silvia), John Cariani (Speed, servant/friend to Valentine), Norm Lewis (Valentine, Gentleman of Verona, lover of Silvia), Oscar Isaac (Proteus, Gentleman of Verona, Lover of Julia), Rosario Dawson (Julia, lover of Proteus), Megan Lawrence (Lucetta, servant/friend to Julia), David Constabile (Launce, servant/friend to Proteus), Kate Chapman (Vissi D’Amore Girl/Citizens of Verona & Milan), Richard Ruiz (Antonio, father of Proteus/Citizens of Verona & Milan), Mel Johnson, Jr. (Duke of Milan, father of Silvia), Renée Elise Goldsberry (Silvia, daughter of the Duke, whose hand is sought by Thurio, Eglamour, Proteus, and Valentine), Paolo Montalban (Eglamour, lover of Silvia that the Duike sent to war), Danielle Lee Greaves (Milkmaid/Citizens of Verona & Milan), Buster (Crab, Launce’s dog), Tracee Beazer, Bridget Berger, Joanne Javien, Raymond J. Lee, Dequina Moore, Maurice Murphy,  Stacey Sargeant, Amber Stone, Will Swenson, JD Webster, Noah Weisberg (Citizens of Verona & Milan), Christine Digialloanardo, Rubén Flores (Swings) The Public Theater at the Delacorte Theatre 20 August 2005
Gurney, A.R., Jr. The Problem LaRonika Thomas Anita L. Ross (The Wife), Chad Kolbe (The Professor) Purdue University 27 April 2002
Gurney, A.R., Jr. Sylvia Bill Kincaid Sarah Louise Turner (Sylvia), Robert K. Johansen (Greg), Diane Kondrat (Kate), Bruce Burgun (Tom, Phyllis, Leslie) Brown County Playhouse 21 October 2000
Haas, Tom, Scott Wentworth (conceptualization) Charles Dickens (novel) A Christmas Carol Priscilla Lindsay The Company (Narrators/Fezziwig’s Guests/Londoners), Charles Goad (Ebenezer Scrooge), Robert K. Johansen (Bob Cratchit), Allen McCoy (Lt. Fred Cheriable/Ghost of Christmas Past), Emily Ristine (Felicity Cheriable/Fan Scrooge), Mark Goetzinger (Portly Gentleman/Fezziwig/Nutley/Broker), Milicent Wright (Sister of Mercy/Plump Sister/Charwoman), Milton Britton, Jr. (Waif/Belle’s Children/Small Cratchits/Ignorance/Turkey Boy), Catherine Moore (Mrs. Cratchit/Mrs. Fezziwig), Ashley Schultz (Belinda Cratchit/Belle’s Children), Nicholas Abeel (Peter Cratchit/Adolescent Scrooge/Dick Wilkins), Emily Robbins (Tiny Tim/Boy Scrooge/Boy Fred), Mark Alan Gordon (Waiter/Schoolmaster/Topper/Undertaker), Jeremy Rabb (Marley’s Ghost/Young Marley/Ghost of Christmas Future), David Alan Anderson (Willful Smackers/Ghost of Christmas Present/Old Joe), R. Brian Noffke (Postboy/Belle’s Husband/Broker), Michael Brown Callahan (Young Scrooge/Lamplighter/Broker/Poulterer’s Man), Alissa Branch Stamatis (Belle/Martha Cratchit/Fred’s Maid),  Ariadne Baker-Dunn (Belle’s Children/Small Cratchits/Want), Kelly McShain (Roses Sister/Laundress) Indiana Repertory Theatre 26 December 1999
Haas, Tom, Scott Wentworth (conceptualization), Charles Dickens (novel) A Christmas Carol Priscilla Lindsay The Company (Narrators/Fezziwig’s Guests/Londoners), Charles Goad (Ebenezer Scrooge), Robert K. Johnasen (Bob Cratchit/Undertaker), Allen McCoy (Lt. Fred Cheriable/Ghost of Christmas Past), Alissa Branch Stamatis (Felicity Cheriable/Martha Cratchit), Brian J. Taylor (Portly Gentleman/Spirit/Postboy/Broker), Juliette Regnier (Sister of Mercy/Plump Sister), Dylan Shelton (Waif/Belle’s Children/Henry Cratchit/Ignorance/Turkey Boy), Millicent Wright (Mrs. Cratchit/Spirit), Lauren Harrill (Belinda Cratchit/Fan Scrooge/Belle’s Children), Tyler Perry (Peter Cratchit/Adolescent Scrooge/Dick Wilkins), Kristin Dulaney (Tiny Tim/Boy Scrooge/Boy Fred), R. Brian Noffke (Waiter/Willful Smackers/Belle’s Husband/Broker), James Michael Reilly (Marley’s Ghost/Young Marley/Nutley), Lamont D. Thompson (Schoolmaster/Ghost of Christmas Present/Old Joe), Ryan Artzberger (Spirit/Fezziwig/Topper/Ghost of Christmas Future), Michael Shelton (Spirit/Young Scrooge/Lamplighter/Broker/Poulterer’s Man), Lynne Perkins (Mrs. Fezziwig/Charwoman), Marita Clarke (Belle/Fred’s Maid), Mariah Britton (Belle’s Children/Betsy Cratchit/Want), Kelly McShain (Roses Sister/Laundress) Indiana Repertory Theatre 19 December 2000
Haas, Tom, Scott Wentworth (conceptualization), Charles Dickens (novel) A Christmas Carol Priscilla Lindsay The Company (Narrators/Fezziwig Guests/Londoners), Charles Goad (Ebenezer Scrooge), Lawrence Bull (Bob Cratchit/Undertaker), Michael Brown Callahan (Lt. Fred Cheriable/Ghost of Christmas Past), Kelly Ann Ford (Felicity Cheriable/Martha Cratchit), R. Brian Noffke (Portly Gentleman/Schoolmaster/Broker), Megan McKinney (Sister of Mercy/Plump Sister), Ian Williams (Waif/Henry Cratchit/Ignorance/Turkey Boy), Millicent Wright (Mrs. Cratchit), Rebecca Ann Masur (Belinda Cratchit/Fan Scrooge), Nicholas Abeel (Peter Cratchit/Adolescent Scrooge/Dick Wilkins), Scottie Manners (Tiny Tim Cratchit/Boy Scrooge), Christopher Bloch (Waiter/Fezziwig/Topper), Ryan Artzberger (Marley’s Ghost/Young Marley/Ghost of Christmas Future), David Alan Anderson (Willful Smackers/Ghost of Christmas Present/Old Joe), C. Ryan Metzger (Postboy/Belle’s Husband/Lamplighter/Broker), Wolf J. Sherrill (Young Scrooge/Nutley/Broker/Poulterer’s Man), Deborah Sargent (Mrs. Fezziwig/Charwoman), Marita Clarke (Belle/Fred’s Maid), Quincy Catherine Masur (Betsy Cratchit/Want), Wendy Rader (Roses Sister/Laundress) Indiana Repertory Theatre 19 December 2001
Hall, Holworthy, and Robert Middlemass The Valiant YoungJames Kenny Gregory Caiafa (Warden Holt), Adam Favara (Father Daly), Dru Robertson (James Dyke), Lindsay Feldman (Josephine Paris), Peter Cristadoro (Dan, the Jailer), Selwyn Dvorkin (Wilson, the Attendant) The College of Staten Island 11 March 2005
Hamami, Tariq The Beginning and the End Tariq Hamami Lacey Jones (Melanie), Ilana Seagull (Tamara), Paul Caccamise (Funny), Grant Boyd (Scared), Jason Martin (Dreamer) Columbia University at the Riverside Church 25 April 2009
Hamilton, Sharon Jean My Brother Was My Mother’s Only Child (staged reading) Sharon Jean Hamilton Sharon Jean Hamilton (Karen Cameron) American Cabaret Theatre 12 August 2000
Hammerstein, Oscar, II (B&L), Richard Rodgers (M), Ferenc Molnár (play Liliom, as adapted by Benjamin F. Glazer) Carousel Bill Hale Debbie Noffke (Mrs. Mullin), Todd Allen Hawks (Billy Bigelow), Ali Banks (Carnival Gypsy/Carnival Troupe/Townsperson/Child), Amanda Meise (Carnival Gypsy/Townsperson/Child), Kasey Walker (Carnival Gypsy/Margaret Snow/Townsperson/Child), Sarah Mattox (Carnival Performer/Carnival Troupe/Townsperson), Wendy Beard (Carnival Performer/Carnival Troupe/Townsperson), Pete Scharbrough (Carnival Performer/Carnival Troupe/Townsperson/Fisherman/Seafaring Man), Shannon M. Fields (Carrie Pipperidge), Ashley Wilcox (Julie Jordan), Matt McKee (Policeman/Carnival Troupe/Townsperson/Fisherman/Seafaring Man), Jeff Hancock (David Bascombe), Cathy Tolzmann (Nettie Fowler), Ken Eder (Enoch Snow), Phil Criswell (Jigger Craigin), Tawnee Lunsford (Arminy/Townsperson), Travis Bixby (Sailor/Townsperson/Fisherman/Seafaring Man), Robert Farmer (Sailor/Carnival Troupe/Townsperson/Fisherman/Seafaring Man), Richard Lowery (Captain/Townsperson/Fisherman/Seafaring Man), Nicholas Abeel (Heavenly Friend (Brother Joshua), Don Taylor (Starkeeper/Dr. Seldon), Denise Stockdale (Angel/Townsperson), Jill Godwin (Louise Bigelow), L. Scott Hainey (Playmate/Townsperson/Fisherman/Seafaring Man/Child), Gordon Peel (Playmate/Townsperson/Fisherman/Seafaring Man/Child), Jeff Farber (Enoch Snow, Jr./Townsperson/Fisherman/Seafaring Man/Child), Meg Blickendorf (Snow Child/Child), Laura Meise (Snow Child/Child), Marissa Venturella (Snow Child/Child), Monica Venturella (Snow Child/Child), Josh Bennett (Carnival Boy), Vicki Klosky (Carnival Troupe/Townsperson), Larry Leonhardt (Carnival Troupe/Townsperson), Amanda Meise (Carnival Troupe/Townsperson), Jessica Balogh, Katelyn Hancock, Carol Kirk, Keely Leonard, Amy Moore, Catherine Nichols, Chelsea Phelps, Sarah Pottraz, Mitch Rinehart (Townspeople, Fishermen, Seafaring Men, Children) Footlite Musicals 11 March 2001; 24 March 2001 (Act I only–Festival presentation)
Hammond, Wendy Family Life: 3 Brutal Comedies Jon Lindley (The Transmogrification), Patricia McKee (Minna and the Space People), Rockland Brooks Mers (Mom and the Razor Blades) Rockland Brooks Mers (Mr. White), Diane Kondrat (Mrs. White/Minna/Mom), Karen Irwin (Jane/Beth), Troy Trinkle (Brett), Jon Lindley (Anna) Oasis Productions at Theatre on the Square 16 September 2000
Hanley,William Slow Dance on the Killing Ground Jeff Casazza Philip Leipf, Jr. (Glas), Jason Cornwell (Randall), Kathryn Bartholomew (Rosalind “Rosie” Kastner) Purdue University 25 February 2001
Harling, Robert Steel Magnolias Jeff Casazza Cindy Barnes (Truvy Jones), Simone Lawson (Annelle Dupuy-DeSoto), Ethel Booth (Clairee Belcher), Alissa Branch Stamatis (Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie), Vickie Cornelius (M’Lynn Eatenton), Mary Potts (Ouiser Boudreaux) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 27 May 2000
Harling, Robert Steel Magnolias (excerpt from Act I) Sherry Drummond Sarah Grose (Truvy Jones), Brandi Lehman (Annelle Dupuy-Desoto), Jasmine Gill (Clairee Belcher), Jessica Amick (Shelby Eatenton-Latcherie), Kristy Lair (M’Lynn Eatenton), Stephanie Barnett (Ouiser Boudreaux) IUPUI 27 June 1998
Harry, Lou (B, L), Alan Archibald (L), Becky Archibald (M), William Shakespeare (plays Hamlet, Richard III, Romeo & Juliet, Othello, The Tempest) The Pied Piper of Hoboken (staged reading) Diane Timmerman Dan Barden (Narrator/Interviewed Villager), Taylor Archibald (Horatio), Ty Stover (Claudius/Ghost), Laurel Eldredge Goetzinger (Gertrude, Queen of Hoboken), Richard Rivera (Frankie Sinatra, Anteater) Trevor Fanning (Peter Hamlet, Prince of Hoboken), Jenifer Henry (Ophelia), J. Stuart Mill (King Hamlet of Hoboken/Captain of the Bucky/Mayor/FedEx Delivery Man/Sentry/Town Crier/Felonius/Messenger/Sycorax/Music Store Salesman/Wedding Planner/Yourit, the Court Mime/General Othello/The Bishop/Various Others), Kate Goetzinger (Gilda), Carrie S. Neal (Rose) The Algonquin Project at ComedySportz Arena 4 March 2002
Hart, Lorenz (L), Richard Rodgers (M) Simple Simon (excerpt: “Ten Cents a Dance”) Galia Arad Indiana University 28 April 2002
Hart, Moss, and George S. Kaufman The Man Who Came to Dinner Linda Gjesvold Tricia Burger (Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley), Courtney Frosh (Miss Preem), J. Justin Klein (Richard Stanley), Erica Davies (June Stanley), John Harlan (John), Nicole Stromski (Sarah), Kim Fruits (Mrs. Dexter), Brandi Thatcher (Mrs. McCutcheon), Alan Stacy (Mr. Stanley), Randi Stromski (Maggie Cutler), Amanda Billings (Dr. Bradley), Kory Klein (Sheridan Whiteside), Jen Harlan (Harriet Stanley), Joe Strong (Bert Jefferson), John Huffman (Professor Metz/Choir), Stephanie Brown (Lorraine Sheldon), Luke Stevenson (Sandy), Zachary Rooker (Beverly Carlton), Aaron Strader (Westcott), Toby Baldwin (Banjo), Devin Adams (Mr. Baker–guard), Josh Hendrickson & Adam Hamilton (Convicts), Landon Brothers and Brian Blake (Delivery Men), Amanda Winger and Jesse Mitchell (Radio Technicians), Todd McColgin and Joe Ball (Deputies), Troy Thompson (Plainclothes Policeman), Katrina McGowan, Kim McGowan, Nora Majors, Amanda Genaro (Choir) North Putnam High School 9 November 2001
Hart, Moss, and George S. Kaufman The Man Who Came to Dinner Robert J. Sorbera Stacy Morgan (Mrs. Ernest Stanley), Priscilla Ruddell (Miss Preem), Chris Goldfarb (Richard Stanley), Jen Harp (June Stanley), Buzz Lovko (John), Jill Whelan (Sarah), Vickie Cornelius (Mrs. Dexter), Kriss Griffiths-Holm (Mrs. McCutcheon), Bill Book (Mr. Stanley), Betty Landis (Maggie Cutler), Steve Hermanson (Dr. Bradley), Tom Beeler (Sheridan Whiteside), Vonda Fuhrmann (Harriet Stanley), Luke Renn (Bert Jefferson), Edwin Xavier (Professor Metz), Peter Cilella (Luncheon Guest/Sandy), Eric Cox (Luncheon Guest/Radio Technician/Plainclothes Man), Michael Doan (Luncheon Guest/Westcott/Radio Technician/Deputy), Thom Johnson (Mr. Baker/Radio Technician/Deputy), Rod Isaac (Expressman), Sara Locker (Lorraine Sheldon), Michael Chowning (Beverly Carlton), Tyler Adair, Austin Davidson, Brian Hancock, Jamie Hook, Nick Sangaris, Patrick Whelan Mullen (Six Young Boys), Seth Hale (Banjo) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 17 February 2002
Hart, Moss, and George S. Kaufman You Can’t Take It With You! Shelly Griffin & Ron Creviston Karla Ries (Penelope “Penny” Vanderhof Sycamore), Jill Johnson (Essie Sycamore Charmichael), Karen Cones-Godzeski (Rheba), Joe Sharp (Paul Sycamore), Robert L. Griffin, Jr. (Mr. De Pinna), Bill MacLafferty (Ed Charmichael), Jim Simmons (Donald), John Welch (Grandpa Martin Vanderhof), Shaun Ancelet (Alice Sycamore), Chuck Marion (Henderson), Joshua Michael French (Anthony “Tony” W. Kirby, Jr.) Tom Green (Boris Kolenkhov), Debra Taylor (Gay Wellington), Marcus G.R. Thomas (Mr. Anthony W. Kirby), Lina Ricks (Mrs.Miriam Kirby), Todd Crickmore, George V. Vesper, Jr., David Welch (The Three G-Men), Susan Boilek-Smith (The Grand Duchess Olga Katrina) Carmel Community Players 25 March 2001
Hart, Moss, and George S. Kaufman You Can’t Take It With You Karen Kessler Carey Kayser (Penelope “Penny” Vanderhof Sycamore), Jennifer Renee Grass (Essie Sycamore Charmichael), Temara Karisia Payton (Rheba), Erin Ordway (Alice Sycamore), Carrie Elizabeth Spangler (Gay Wellington), Cathy Burns (Mrs. Miriam Kirby), Melissa Shinn (The Grand Duchess Olga Katrina), Matt Gibson (Paul Sycamore), Matthew Hickman (Ed Charmichael), Tim Lueke (Mr. De Pinna), Matt Van Curen (Grandpa Martin Vanderhof), Bryan Campbell (Anthony “Tony” W. Kirby, Jr.), Ed Rice (Henderson), Nicholas Floyd (Donald), Adam Michael Tilford (Mr. Anthony Kirby), Jeffrey Michael Lawhorn (Boris Kolenkhov),  Phil Blair, Marshall Jayson Graham, Chris Petty (G-Men) Ball State University 2 November 2001
Hartzler, Kara Jeremy Frey Kicked a Hole in the Sky Steven Decker, Candace Decker Mary Hubbell Carothers (Natalie Graber, a 7-year-old), Luke Pennington (Jeremy Frey, a 7-year-old), Meaghan Andrew Wilson (Squirrel), Candace Decker (voices of Mrs. Graber and Mrs. Frey) Bloomington Playwrights Project 8 July 2001
Harvey, Fred Easy Street Fred Harvey, Phyllis Harvey Russ Clinton (Jake Miller), Anne Stein (Nurse Helga), Robert Griffin (Al Clayton), Evan Hodgson (Becky Dawson), Nikki Hunter (Mary Miller Dawson), Pepper LaPaglia (Betty), Jim Shumacker (Wally), Jeff Roby (Bert Dawson), Phyllis Harvey (Mrs. Potter), John McIlwraith (God), Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale) Epilogue Players 17 November 2001
Harvey, Jonathan Beautiful Thing Kevin Moore J. Justin Schultz (Jamie Gangel), Franny Silverman (Leah Russell), Diane Timmerman (Sandra Gangel), Colby Chambers (Steven “Ste” Pearce), James Alan Grammer (Tony) The Phoenix Theatre 25 May 2000
Hatcher, Jeffrey, Henry James (story) The Turn of the Screw Mandy Fox Lois Mathilda Atkins (The Governess), Nicholas G. Brenner (Mrs. Grose/Miles/Peter Quint/Flora/The Master/Narrator) Muncie Civic Theatre 26 October 2001
Hauptman, William (B), Roger Miller (L&M), Samuel Langhorne (Mark Twain) Clemens Big River:  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Kathleen Clarke Horrigan Mike Gibson (Mark Twain/Doctor), Matthew Branic (Huckleberry Finn), Amanda Archer (Widow Douglas), Paula Taylor (Miss Watson), Danté Jamar Lamonté Murray (Jim), Tim Hunt (Tom Sawyer), Christopher Noffke (Ben Rogers), Chris Meek (Joe Harper/Andy/Third Hired Hand/Townspeople), Jim Rinehart (Simon/Lafe/Townspeople), Chris Barger (Dick/Hank/Townspeople), R. Brian Noffke (Pap Finn/Counselor Robinson), Matt Gibson (Judge Thatcher/Harvey Wilkes/Silas Phelps), Erin Marie Squire (Strange Woman/Townspeople), Rashida Walker (Crossing Soloist/Townspeople), Angela Nichols (Alice’s Daughter), Todd Allen Hawks (The King), Collin Poynter (The Duke), Lori Dean (A Young Fool/Townspeople), Elise Ragozzino (Mary Jane Wilkes), Betsy Hamlett (Susan Wilkes), Darcy Rinehart (Joanna Wilkes), Patty Sneed (Alice), Justin Holden (Sheriff Bell), Shannon M. Fields (Sally Phelps), Sara Dow, Leland Keyt, Shannon Koke, Joe Perkins, Jr.; Annette Reynolds, LeTisha Sebree, Brenda Smith (Townspeople) Footlite Musicals 9 July 2000
Hayes, Elliott Poison Jeremy Clark Anita L. Ross (Karen), Chad Kolbe (Jack) Purdue University 27 April 2002
Heelan, Kevin The Hope Zone (excerpt) Laura Renée Meyer Kelley M. Hoagland (Countess), Michelle Walker (Maureen) Franklin College 15 March 2003
Heifner, Jack Vanities Gary Cohen, Carla Crandall Jennifer Bowden (Mary), Ariella Kantor (Joanne), Samantha Simon (Kathy) Mud Creek Players 18 May 2001
Hellmann, Lillian The Children’s Hour (excerpt) Janelle ? ? IUPUI 18 August 1998
Hellman, Lillian The Little Foxes “Doc” Thornton Klos Marsha L. Grant (Addie), Bob Beckmann, Jr. (Cal), Priscilla Ruddell (Birdie Hubbard), Susan Townsend (Regina Giddens), Terry Cunningham (Mr. Marshall), Jerry Glass (Ben Hubbard), Jim Shumacker (Oscar Hubbard), Erich Anderson (Leo Hubbard), Jennifer Moore (Alexandra Giddens), Bill Lewis (Horace Giddens) Epilogue Players 18 March 2001
Henley, Beth Crimes of the Heart Jim Stark Kathryn Johnston (Lenny MaGrath), Diane Kondrat (Chick Boyle), LeBron Benton (Doc Porter), Pam Berns (Meg MaGrath), Jenifer Henry (Rebecca “Babe” MaGrath Botrelle), Kevin Lind (Barnette Lloyd) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 1 July 2000
Henley, Beth Crimes of the Heart (excerpt from Act I, Scene 2) Kathy Speigner Gabby Thurman (Rebecca “Babe” MaGrath Botrelle), Karla Bohman (Meg MaGrath), Suzanne Thurman (Lenny MaGrath) IUPUI 27 June 1998
Henley, Beth The Miss Firecracker Contest Jim Stark Jennifer McConnell (Carnelle Scott), Julia Ferreri (Popeye Jackson), Cindy Phillips (Elaine Rutledge), Mike Price (Delmount Williams), Richard Shane Curry (Mac Sam), Brenna Campbell (Tessy Mahoney) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 28 June 2001
Henley, Beth The Miss Firecracker Contest Dale McFadden Coryell Barlow (Carnelle Scott), Melissa Joy Nedell (Popeye Jackson), Kelly Ann Ford (Elain Rutledge), Chris Nelson (Delmount Williams), Geoff Wilson (Mac Sam), Carol Enoch (Tessy Mahoney) Brown County Playhouse 29 July 2001
Hirson, Roger O. (B), Stephen Schwartz (M&L) Pippin Scott Martin Richard Rivera (Pippin), Lynsey Lakowski (Leading Player), Ben Green (King Charlemagne), Megan Monesmith (Fastrada), Daniel Thompson (Lewis), Jennifer Rimelspach (Catherine), Kristin Gornstein (Berthe), Mike Gospel (Theo), Vince Accetturo, Claire Catania, Leah Johnston, Henry Leck, Kelly Lewis-Walls, Grace Miazga, Cristen Navolio, Aleta Przybylinski, Joe Wohlhieter (The Players) Butler University Theatre at American Cabaret Theatre 31 March 2003
Hofmannstahl, Hugo von (libretto), Richard Strauss (M), Joseph Guttman (English translation) Ariadne auf Naxos Brett Wynkoop Marissa Tarangelo (Composer 4, 13), Rachel Smith (Composer (6, 11), Kathleen Keske (Prima Donna/Ariadne 4, 13), Wilma Wever (6, 11), Lauren Phillips (Zerbinetta 4, 13), Amanda White (Zerbinetta 6, 11), John Torres (Harlekin/Wigmaker 4, 13),  Clayton Okaly (Harlekin/Wigmaker 6, 11), Ronoldo Appleton (Scaramuccio/Officer 4, 13), Peter Schmitz (Scaramuccio/Officer 6, 11), Dominique Rosoff (Truffaldino; Lakai 6,11), Alexander Weaver (Brighella 4, 13; Majordomo 4, 6, 13), Francis Liska (Tenor/Bacchus 13; Majordomo 11), Shawn Thuris (Tenor/Bacchus 4, 6, 11), Jay Gould (Music Master 4, 13), Francisco Perez-Abreu (Music Master 6, 11), Scott Andrew Hutchins (Lakai 4, 13), [Mary Silverstein (Najade 4), Barrett Cobb (Flutist for Najade 6)] Judith Wernsing (Najade),  Barrett Cobb (Dryade 4, 13), Vera Finkemeier (Dryade 6, 11), Allison Zwecker (Echo 4, 13), Alexa Haines (Echo 6, 11) Brooklyn Repertory Opera at the Brooklyn Lyceum 4, 6, 11, 13 December 2009
Hofmannstahl, Hugo von (libretto), Richard Strauss (M) Ariadne auf Naxos (staged reading) Richard Nechamkin Caroline Parody (Ariadne), Jessica Tivens (Komponist), Catherine Heraty (Zerbinetta), Thais Schaller (Najade), Anna Gravina (Echo), Marilyn Spesak (Dryade), Dwight F. Hill (Bacchus), Coke Morgan (Brighella/Officer), Jeremy Gerard (Scaramusccio/Tanzmeister) Carl Rosenthal (Harlekin/Peruckenmacher/Haushofmeister), Peter Heiman (Truffaldin/Lakai), Dennis Blackwell (Musiklherer), New York Opera Forum at the New York Public Library Donnell Branch 19 March 2006
Hogan, Blaine, Franz Kafka (story “Before the Law”) The Door Blaine Hogan Matthew A. Rozek (Joseph K), Michael Bachman (Doorkeeper 1), Malaki Kindred (Doorkeeper 2), Nicole C. Gatzimos (Doorkeeper 3) Butler University Theatre in Broad Ripple Village in the alley adjacent to the Alley Cat lounge) 25, 26 March 2002
Holland, Dr. Endesha Ida Mae Mississippi Delta (Scene One & Scene Six) Tamara Goode-McNeil Mijiza Soyini (Woman One), Aquaila S. Barnes (Woman Two), Allyson Horton (Woman Three) IUPUI 27 June 1998
Holmes, Rupert Accomplice Rockland Brooks Mers Raja Salaymeh (Derek Taylor/”Jon”/Brian/Paul Del Gatto), Laura Duvall-Whitson (Janet Taylor/Erika/Laura), Tom Beeler (Jon/Hal/Tom), Maya C. Bley (Melinda/Harley Davidson/Maya), Kathryn Johnston (Kathryn Johnston, Company Manger of Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc.) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 29 July 1999
Homer; Stanley Lombardo (translation) The Iliad, Book One Robert Richmond Kenn Sabberton (Chryses/Nestor/Zeus), Shana Cooper (Chryseis), Louis Butelli (Agamemnon), Anthony Cochrane (Achilles), Tracey Mitchell (Briseis/Hera/Athena), Mark Cameron Pow (Calchas/Odysseus/Hephaestus), Lisa Carter (Thetis/Patroclus) Aquila Theatre Company of London and New York at Pike Performing Arts Center 22 February 2000
Hooper, Jeff, Bob Lucas (M & L) Captive Heart: The Frances Slocum Story Lynne Perkins Jane Paradaise (Maconaquah), Harrison Lowe (Shepahcanah) Bill Christopher-Myers (Zeke), Mark Goetzinger (Joseph Slocum), Jeff Keel (George Ewing), Sam Bartlett (Musician) Indiana Repertory Theatre 27 February 1999
Hoppe, Gip Jackie: An American Life Bryan D. Fonseca LeBron Benton (John Fitzgerald Kennedy/Actor 3/ Ward Johnson/Escort), Tom Forman (Judith/Actor 2/Biff Hutchinson III/Newsman 1/Eunice Kennedy/Farmer 1/Miner 1/Sander Vanocer/Ron Galella/Charles Collingwood/Chorus), Jade Graves (Bouvier Immigrant/Hugh Auchincloss/Calvin/Frenchman/John Husted/Bjorn/Bobby Kennnedy/Howard K. Smith/America 1/Editor/Chorus), Stephen Hunt (Black Jack Bouvier/Newsman 3/Joe Kennedy/Walter Winchell/Farmer 3/Miner 3/Richard Nixon/Pierre Salinger/Aristotle Onassis/America 2/Rupert Murdoch), Karen Irwin (Sotheby’s Autioneer/Janet Bouvier/Betty Fretz/Inga/Pat Kennedy/Farmer 2/Miner 2/Frank Sinatra/America 3/Lillian/Christina Onassis), Martha Jacobs (Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis), Tony McDonald (Kennedy Immigrant/Judge/Actor 1/Monty/Intellectual/Newsman 2/Charles Bartlett/Teddy Kennedy/Cardinal Cushing/Reporter/Truman Capote/Oleg Cassini/America 2/Abraham Zapruder/Assistant/Messenger), Beverly Roche (Liberty/Tammy/Lee Bouvier/Susan/Martha Bartlett/Ethel Kennedy/Rose Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe/America 1/Chorus) The Phoenix Theatre 11 February 2000
Horovitz, Israel Line YoungJames Kenny Chris Russell (Stephen), Leanora Perry (Fleming), Jamie Lee (Dolan), Lauren D’Aversa (Molly), Christopher Wegenaar (Arnall) The College of Staten Island 11 March 2005
Hoyt, Kip ? ? Kyle Thomas (Kip Hoyt) North Central High School 1993
Huff, Mac Raise a Ruckus Linda Smith Emily Ristine (Daisy May Hatfield), Earl Carruthers (Brother Joe McCoy), Scott Andrew Hutchins (a McCoy), Arin Alexander, Amy Astley, Amanda Bezy, Demetra Brown, Marie Brown, Heather Dubow, Kelly Gardner, Nikki Hampton, Matt Johnson, Greg Kalleres, Sherrice Morst, Kitt Spraggins, Chasity Tillett, Troy Van Voorhis, Corey Williams, Meghan Zimmerman* Northview Middle School 1989?
Hughes, Holly Dress Suits to Hire John Melone Beth McNelis (Deeluxe), Lauren D. Tenneriello (Michigan) The College of Staten Island 24 April 2004
Hughes, Holly The Well of Horniness Robert Mahoney Jessica Lynn Socol (Narrator), Danielle Hernandez (Louise/Garnet McClit), Greg McGovern (Harold/Al Dente), Tawana Daniels (Georgette), Alison Langleiben (Vicki), Al Sattar (Rod), Marissa Murray (Babas), Nicole Catalano, Jeremiah Jurkewicz, Matthew Martucci, Kristen Moniord, Katie Seluga (The Ensemble) The College of Staten Island 8 May 2009
Humperdinck Wette, Adelheide, Engelbert Humperdinck Hansel and Gretel (abridged) ? ? ?/Grandview Elementary School 1984-86?
Ibsen, Henrik, adapted by Scott Wentworth from the translation by William Archer Ghosts Scott Wentworth Kelly Hutchinson (Regina Engstrand), Michael Barry Greer (Jacob Engstrand), David Staller (Pastor Manders), Priscilla Lindsay (Mrs. Helena Alving), Sean Meehan (Oswald Alving II) Indiana Repertory Theatre 9 January 2001
Ibsen, Henrik, adapted by Jon Robin Baitz Hedda Gabler Michael Swanson Jennifer Sansfacon (Hedda Tesman, George’s wife), Michelle Walker (Berta – the Tesman’s housekeeper), Kelley M. Hoagland (Miss Juliana Tesman – George’s aunt), Tristan Ross (George Tesman – a university research fellow in cultural history), Lindsay Obendorf (Mrs. Thea Elvsted), Justin Thompson (Judge Brack), Casey Bloos (Eilert Lovborg) Franklin College 3 May 2003
Illica, Luigi, Giuseppe Giacosa (libretto), Giacomo Puccini (M), John Arthur Long (story, play), David Belasco (play) Madama Butterfly Mark Ross Clark Hansu Kim (Goro, a marriage broker), Yoonsoo Shin (Lt. Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton, U.S.N.), Hyoun-Soo Sohn (Suzuki, Cio-Cio San’s servant), Jeffrey Monette (Sharpless, United States Consul at Nagasaki), Maya Frieman Hoover (Cio-Cio San, Butterfly), Alphonso Cherry (The Imperial Commissioner), Leonard Silva (Official Registrar), Quincy Roberts (The Bonze, a priest (and Cio-Cio San’s uncle)), Howard Swyers (Prince Yamadori, a rich suitor), Kate Seader (Trouble (The Child)), Jacqueline Thompson Burchett (Kate Pinkerton), Fernando Araujo, Betsy Bare, Sachin Bhat, Kristine Biller, Yvonne Casillas, Sarah Childress, Viera Effler, Jennifer Fields, Amy Graubard, Mary Grogan, Roger Henry, Hoo Ryoung Hawng, Rob Joiner, Melissa Korte, Hyun-Jong Lee, Evelyn Pollock, Leonardo Silva, Kinga Skretlowicz, Heidi Vanderford, Eve Wadsworth, Heather Nicole Winter, Bradley Wisk, Wakako Yoshioka (Butterfly’s relatives and friends) Indiana University 3 August 2001
Inge, William Bus Stop Richard Sullivan Lee Laura Quinn Boercker (Elma Duckworth), Elizabeth J. Byanski (Cherie), Jennifer Fitzery (Grace Hoyland), Trey Garner (Dr. Gerald Lyman), Josh LeVasseur (Bo Decker), Mike McCormick (Carl), Aaron Ousley (Will Masters), Martin Swoverland (Virgil Blessing) Purdue University 28 September 2000
Inge, William Bus Stop Chris Goldfarb Jen Harp (Elma Duckworth), Beverly Gray (Grace Hoyland), Rod Isaac (Will Masters), Jessica Nash (Cherie), Tim Snyder (Carl), John Kastner (Dr. Gerald Lyman), T.J. Burrin (Virgil Blessing), John Fischer (Bo Decker) Stages Theatre Company 29 June 2001
Inge, William Picnic Michael J. Taylor Heather R. Holzer (Helen Potts), Rex Alan Clifton, Jr. (Hal Carter), Jennifer Renee Grass (Millie Owens), Josh Kluth (Bomber), Leeann Millen (Madge Owens), Carrie Elizabeth Spangler (Flo Owens), Amanda Randall (Rosemary Sydney), Chris A. Meek (Alan Seymour), Pearl Rhein (Irma Kronkite), Kassie Marie Bradley (Christine Schoenwalder), Vincent Dill (Howard Bevans) Ball State University 11 April 2001
Inge, William The Rainy Afternoon Debbie Coatney Kelly Coatney (Wilma), Janelle Boys (Billie Mae), Dereck Coatney (Vic) IUPUI 27 June 1998
Ives, David All in the Timing (Sure Thing/Variations on the Death of Trotsky/The Philadelphia/The Universal Language/Words, Words, Words) Brad Wright Justin Stahl (Pianist), Brad Hinshaw (Bill), Sonja Lynn Carpenter (Betty), Matt Brock (Cook/Young Man), Kashun LaShae Howell (Waitress), Samuel-T. Fain (Leon Trotsky/Milton), Shanelle Lea Shrader (Mrs. Trotsky), Kyle Hurd (Ramon), Jeffrey R. Thomas (Al), Evan Shearin (Mark), Gary L. Clevenger (Don), Chandra Jeanette Biehl DeNap (Dawn), Ron Popp (Swift), Kim Jordan (Kafka) University of Indianapolis 4 October 2001
Ives, David All in the Timing (Sure Thing/Words, Words, Words/The Universal Language/Variations on the Death of Trotsky/ Philadelphia/Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread) Lee Papa Greg McGovern (Bill/Don/Ramon/Mark), Tawana Daniels (Betty/Waitress), Gregory Mueller (Swift/Young Man/Al/Baker), Alison Langleiben (Kafka/Mrs. Trotsky/Woman #2), Jeremiah Jurkiewicz (Milton/Leon Trotsky/Philip Glass), Jessica Lynn Socol (Dawn/Woman #1), The College of Staten Island 13 March 2009
Ives, David Time Flies (Degas, C’est Moi/Captive Audience/Enigma Variations/Arabian Night/Mere Mortals/Time Flies) Casey Howard (Degas, C’est Moi; Captive Audience, Mere Mortals), Joel David Santer (Enigma Variations, Arabian Night), Rockland Brooks Mers (Time Flies) Kevin Lind (Ed/Bill W. Williams I/Charlie Patrozian), Kathryn Pleasant Joos (Doris/Laura/Bebe W.W. Döppelgänger II/May), Stephen Mooney (Cab Driver/OTB/Mysterious Figure/Rob/Fifi/Norman/Joe Morelli/David Attenborough), Kaytie Morris (Dry Cleaner/Walk on #2/Librarian/Flora), Joel David Santer (Newsguy/Walk on #3/Pizza Man/Museum Guard/Horace), Kilah Maree Timm (Walk on #1/Donut Worker), Rachel Katchmar (Worker/Donut Person), Kimberly Koch (Unemployment Worker/Young Woman/Bebe W.W. Döppelganger I/Interpreter), Jennifer McConnell (Museum Goer/Homeless Person), Benjamin Hunt (TV Man/Bill W. Williams II/Frank Mikoula), Julia Ferreri (TV Woman) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 7 July 2002
Johnston, Rick Cahoots Jim Stark Cindy Phillips (Jan), Brenna Campbell (Lois), Mike Price (Ken), Kevin Lind (Al), Roger Ortman (Grant) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 22 July 2001
Jones, Marie Stones in His Pockets Bryan D. Fonseca Kurt Owens (Charlie Conlon/Simon/Clem Curtis/Fin/Caroline Giovanni/Brother Gerard/Jock Campbell), Dave Ruark (Jake Quinn/Aisling/Mickey/Sean Harkin/John/Dave/Kevin Doherty) The Phoenix Theatre 14 March 2003
Jones, Tom (B & L), Harvey Schmidt (M) The Fantasticks Ron Spencer Doug Johnson (El Gallo), Alex Miller (The Mute), Graham Miller (Matt Hucklebee), Crystal Nicholas Roberts (Luisa Bellomy), Chris Hardin (Benjamin Hucklebee), Dan Flahive (Amos Babcock Bellomy), Jerry Johnson (Henry Albertson), David Stine (Mortimer), Ray Lahrman (The Pianist), Megan Flahive (The Pianist’s Assistant), Jay Miller (The Harpist) Theatre on the Square 16 September 2000
Jones, Tom (B & L), Harvey Schmidt (M) The Fantasticks Gilbert L. Bloom Katie Shawger (The Mute), Kellie C. Harrison (Ben Hucklebee), Danni Smith (Angela Babcock Bellomy), Andrea Prestinario (Luisa Bellomy), Anthony James Sirk (Matt Hucklebee), David J. Mitsch (El Gallo), Jeb Burris (Mortimer), Barry McMullen (Henry Albertson), Justin A. Davvon (Bass), Jeremy Fair (Drums), Raphael Crystal (Piano), Michael Pettry (Keyboard) Ball State University 12 October 2001
Joplin, Scott (libretto, M) Treemonisha Pat Tomlinson Karla Simmons (Treemonisha), Diane Glover (Monisha), Cliff Hicklen (Remus), Anthony Orlando Ogburn (Ned), James “Ajax” Baynard (Zodzetrick), Kendra Hollingsworth (Lucy), Gary Lawson  (Andy/Cephus/Cotton Picking Quartet), Charles D. Carter (Luddud/Parson Alltalk/Cotton Picking Quartet), Jason Carrington (Simon/Cotton Picking Quartet), Deanna Mungin, Lauren Campbell, Taylor Brown, Peter Rollison, Martha Middleton, Dauphine Buggs, Laya Wattley, Gayle Mussenden, Aston L. Beckford (Cornhusking, Conjuring Cotton Pickers), Charles Powell (Cotton Picking Quartet), Hattie Neal, Shelly Henningham, Junielee Sanders, Eglan Walters, Mary Greene, Jalen Mungin (Swing People), Iris Harris, Shani Baker, Patrice Eaton (Pit Singers), Tiffany Mussenden, Barbara Gray, Stacey Thomas, Patrice McCullogh, Kim Buggs (Dancers), Tamel Hollaway, Sherman Rodgers, Kelvin Pender (Frolicking Bears), Rosilia “Chicky” Campbell (Chicken) The Sessions of the Presbyterian Church of St. Albans at York College 9 February 2007
Kane, John (B), E.Y. Harburg (L), Harold Arlen and Herbert Stothart (M), L. Frank Baum (novel), Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson, Edgar Allan Woolf (screenplay) The Wizard of Oz Robert J. Sorbera Sarah Lizabeth Wiley (Dorothy), Maggie Majuka [Marianne and Meredith’s dog] (Toto), Judy Perkoff Smith (Auntie Em/Ozian), Tracy Jones (Uncle Henry/Ozian/Winkie), Mark Fishback (Zeke/Lion), Mason King (Hickory/Tinman), Rory D. Shivers (Hunk/Scarecrow), Shelley Johnston (Miss Gultch/Wicked Witch), Tom Green (Professor Marvel/Wizard), Karen Lee Ping (Glinda), Bonnie Green, Stefanie Heck, Hayley Howald, Ashley Haverstock (Munchkins/Winged Monkeys), Erin Ancelet, Kate Barton, Carrie Clements, Maggie Conner, Rachel Conner, Carly Cornelius, Lauren Day, LaRae Didier, Katelyn Dunn, Alex Marie Effinger, Kyle Flood, Karen George, Katherine Green, Katelyn Hancock, Julia Harkey, Kevin Haverstock, Stephanie Hinkle, Nicole Jacobs, Morgan Jones, Kathleen Kelley, Rebecca Lee, Caroline Lemke, Meredith Majuka, Kelly Ann Marquardt, Kelsey McKernan, Erica Pickett, Vicki Pillow, Morgan Sanders-Jackson, Stephanie Settle, Lindsay Smith, Emily Smith, Jenny Suick, Katherine Van Wyk, Kristin Wafford, Rebecca Wenning, Amanda White, Alyssa Wieting, Jennifer Williams, Kori Wood (Munchkins), Chris Impocciche, Tony Hall, Patrick Rady (Lollipop Guild), Lindsay Hearn, Hillary Smith, Michelle Wafford (Lullaby League), Julie Badertscher (Munchkin Coroner/Winged Monkey), Luke List (Munchkin Mayor), Paula Taylor (Munchkin Barrister/Winged Monkey), Marcie Smith (Munchkin Braggart), Chuck Marion (Guard at Oz/Ozian/Winkie), Justin Allen, Vince Amlin, Bob Hackett XII, Troy Hanna, Michael Wadleton (Ozians/Winkies), Shaun Ancelet, Carey Anderson, Jennifer Burk, Jenni Gray, Suzanna Hartzell-Baird (Ozians/Pit Singers), Angie Cervo, Christa Fleming, Jessica Guest, Kim Haverstock, Andrea Impicciche, Jenny Kruger, Marianne Majuka, Kim Rady, Darcy Rinehart, Michael Wadelton, Trisha Wright (Ozians) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 8 January 1998
Kane, John (B), E.Y. Harburg (L), Harold Arlen and Herbert Stothart (M), L. Frank Baum (novel), Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson, Edgar Allan Woolf (screenplay) The Wizard of Oz Robert J. Sorbera Sarah Lizabeth Wiley (Dorothy), Scruffy (Toto), Judy Perkoff Smith (Auntie Em), Greg Shelton (Uncle Henry), Mark Fishback (Zeke/Lion), Seth Hale (Hickory/Tinman), Rory D. Shivers (Hunk/Scarecrow), Suzie David (Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch), Bob Beckmann, Jr. (Professor Marvel/Wizard), Karen Lee Ping (Glinda), Magen Farrar, Meghan Krueger, Zach Page, Marissa Parker (Munchkins/Winged Monkeys), Kelsey Allbright, Brittany Anderson, Terri Barnett, Lauren Cottingham, Lauren Drake, Emily Farrow, Kyle Flood, Molly Flood, Kourtney Forrester, Bryn Hatton, Mary Keller, Hannah Kennedy, Brittany Lovko, Jacob Mason, Erin McAloon, Kelsey McKernan, Joshua Montgomery, Sarah Ogren, Linda Rath, Becky Sinkovic, Maryssa Stumpf, Taralyn Wadelton, Stefani Wanner, Mollie Zubeck (Munchkins), Andrew Elliott, Patrick Whelan Mullen, Alex Smith (Lollipop Guild), Jenni Tempio, Kristin Wafford, Alyssa Wieting (Lullaby League), McKenzie Davis (Munchkin Coroner), Marcie Smith (Munchkin Mayor), Jamie Hook (Munchkin Barrister/), Kaitlyn Lyon (Munchkin Braggart), Monica Mills, Ali Perkins (Munchkin Teachers), Rachel Konchinsky-Pate, Amber Wiese (Munchkin City Fathers), Jon Cable (First Tree/General of the Winkies), Claire Olvey (Second Tree), Chuck Marion (Guard at Oz/Winkie), Jeremy Cales, Marty Cassanova, Dennis Gill, Jr., Jason Gloye, Buzz Lovko, C. Ryan Metzger (Ozians/Winkies), Katelyn Hancock, Michael McVey (Ozians/Winged Monkeys), Tarita I. Berry, Teresa Diehl, Lisa Fink, Leslie Love, Adrienne McDade, Claire Olvey, Katie Rieke, Kori Wood, Abigail Marie Young (Ozians), Dan Flahive, Bob Hackett XII, Jim Simmons (Winkies) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 2 January 2000
Kane, John (B), E.Y. Harburg (L), Harold Arlen and Herbert Stothart (M), L. Frank Baum (novel), Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson, Edgar Allan Woolf (screenplay) The Wizard of Oz Jeanie Peterson and Lorelei Conner Michelle Anderson (Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West), David Barnes (Ozian), Brenda Baxter (Tree Winkie), Lieah Bratton (Ozian), Richard Brooks (Oz Scarecrow Stuffer), Jayme Bornman (Ozian), Aaron Carlton (Monkey), Gearen Day (Tree/Winkie), Anthony Devitt (Scarecrow Extra/Winkie), Dan Fenton (Professor Marvel/Wizard), Nicole Gray (Ozian), Stacie Hansen (Tree/Oz Beautician/Winkie), Mike Hill (Oz Drycleaner), John Jeffers (Ozian), Larry Jones (Ozian), Kim Kanouse (Tree/Ozian), Carol Kavelman (Oz Carriage Driver), Ted Kukulka (Uncle Henry/Winkie), Larry Laker (Scarecrow Extra/Winkie), Ricky Leach (Monkey), Billy Mark (Oz Guard), Sabrina Micheal (Oz Manicurist), Cliff Patton (Zeke/Lion), Jeanie Peterson (Glinda), Darrell Pritchard (Monkey), Kay Ann Renforth (Oz Witch Assistant), Jeanette Richmond (Crow/Oz Manicurist), Ashley Ann Roberts (Dorothy), Kim Roberts (Aunt Em), Sandra Roeder (Ozian), Patty Rutledge (Oz Manicurist), Debbie Shelton (Oz Metal Polisher), Heather Simon (Crow/Oz Beautician), Tara Sullivan (Hunk/Scarecrow), Elmer Thomas (Ozian), Janice Waling (Nikko), Matthew Wiley (Scarecrow Extra/Winkie), Jena Willey (Oz Beautician), Angela Woollen (Hickory/Tin Woodman), Stormey Jones (Toto), Lorelei Conner [uncredited] (Emerald City Tour Guide (with lines of the Soldier))*(only the earliest to arrive received complete programs; others received only the adult cast list) Dream Makers/The Arc of Hncock County 12 August 2001
Karam, Stephan Speech and Debate John Saunders Lissa Bak (Teacher/Reporter), Ashley Burger (Diwata), Michael Garamoni (Solomon), Justin Scalzo (Howie), Allison Dillon (Vocal Ensemble/Dancer), Lauren Heirigs (Vocal Ensemble), Chris Luner (Vocal Ensemble/Dancer), Caitlin Maxwell, Caitlin McGee, Maureen Germain, Adena Walker, April Lavalle, Kyle Van Zandt (Dancers) Wagner College 13 November 2009
Kaufman, George F., Edna Ferber Stage Door Deb Mengel Strobel Stephanie Black (Little Mary), Samantha Bullers (Jean), Melissa Castaldo (Judith), Ed Castaldo (Larry/Lou), Dannon Lee Crews (Keith), Chris Goldfarb (Kingsley), Jamie Kern (Mrs. Orcott), Jorjina Koffi (Olga), Elise Lammers (Kendall), Anthony Stultz (Sam Hastings), Gabriel Lewin (Dr. Randall/Adolph Gretzl/Fred), Allison Miller (Bobby), Katie Nathan (Big Mary), Natalie Sallee (Pat), Eliza Stoughton (Terry Randall), Annie Stultz (Kaye, Ellen), Mary Wickliff (Bernice) Theatre on the Square 5 August 2001
Kaufman, Moisés, Leigh Fondakowski, Stephen Belber, Greg Pierotti, Stephen Wangh, Amanda Gronich, Sara Lambert, John McAdams, Maude Mitchell, Andy Paris, Kelli Simpkins The Laramie Project Bryan D. Fonseca Tony McDonald (Moisés Kaufman, Doc O’Connor, Matt Galloway, Shadow, Reverend Fred Phelps), Gayle Steigerwald (Sherry Johnson, Dr. Cantway, Sherry Aanenson, Baptist Minister, Marge Murray),  Adam O. Crowe (Stephen Belber, Sergeant Hing), Michael Shelton (Greg Pierotti, Jonas Slonaker, Rulon Stacey, Dennis Shepard, Conrad Miller), Sara Riemen (Leigh Fondakowski, Romaine Patterson), Jeffrey Owen McGregor (Andy Paris, Jedediah Schultz, Aaron McKinney), Deborah Sargent (Rebecca Hilliker, Reggie Murray Fluty, Governor Geringer), Cindy Phillips (Amanda Gronich, Catherine Connolly, Debbie Reynolds, Zubaida Ula) The Phoenix Theatre 6 September 2001
Kaufman, Moisés, Leigh Fondakowski, Stephen Belber, Greg Pierotti, Stephen Wangh, Amanda Gronich, Sara Lambert, John McAdams, Maude Mitchell, Andy Paris, Kelli Simpkins The Laramie Project Bill Fennelly Amy Attaway (Catherine Connolly, Tiffany Edwards, Foreperson, Alison Mears, Mormon Teacher, Kristin Price, Shannon, Debbie Reynolds, April Silva, Amanda Gronich), Mark Douglas Jones (Harry Woods, Baptist Minister, Sergeant Hing, Greg Pierotti, Cal Rerucha, Dennis Shepard, Jonas Slonaker, Rulon Stacey, Conrad Miller), Matthew E. Graber (Bailiff, Rob DeBree, Stephen Mead Johnson, Matt Mickelson, Doc O’Connor, Jon Peacock, Murdock Cooper, Moisés Kaufman), Kim Hackleman (Narrator, Judge #1, Judge #2, Priest at Funeral), Gigi Jennewein-Fenlon (Reggie Murray Fluty, Governor Geringer, Andrew Gomez, Rebecca Hilliker, Lucy Thompson, Trish Steger, Barbara Pitts), Jennifer Lytle (Baptist Minister’s Wife, Jen, Eileen Engen, Romaine Patterson, Zubaida Ula, Leigh Fondakowski), Jon Myers (Anonymous Friend, Kerry Drake, E-mail Writer, Gil Engen, Matt Galloway), Diane Weaver (Sherry Johnson, Dr. Cantway, Sherry Aanenson, Doug Laws, Reverend Fred Phelps, Zackie Salmon, Shadow, Marge Murray) Indiana State University 21 July 2002
Kaufman, Moisés, Leigh Fondakowski, Stephen Belber, Greg Pierotti, Stephen Wangh, Amanda Gronich, Sara Lambert, John McAdams, Maude Mitchell, Andy Paris, Kelli Simpkins The Laramie Project Ron Popp Nick Carpenter (Matt Galloway, Reverend Fred Phelps, Governor Geringer, Judges, Dennis Shepard), Adela Laura Chipe (Rebecca Hilliker, Romaine Patterson, Catherine Connelly, Zubaida Ula, Baptist Minister’s Wife), Chandra Jeanette Biehl De Nap (Amanda Gronich, Shadow, Shannon), Samuel-T. Fain (Rob DeBree, Jonas Slonaker, Jon Peacock, Baptist Minister, Rob Henderson), Brad Hinshaw (Matt Mickelson, Jedediah Schultz, Stephen Belber, Andrew Gomez, Aaron McKinney, Mormon Minister), Shanelle Lea Schrader (Debbie Reynolds, Reggie Murray Fluty, Leigh Fondakowski), Krista Helms (Marge Murray, Zackie Salmon, Eileen Engen), Bradley G. Smth (Moisés Kaufman, Sergeant Hing, Dr. Cantway, Unitarian Minister), Jeffrey Barnes (Gil Engen, N/S window guy, Catholic Priest, Greg Pierotti), Kelly Boyd (Tiffany Edwards), ? (Narrator) University of Indianapolis 6 September 2002
Kaufman, Moisés, Leigh Fondakowski, Stephen Belber, Greg Pierotti, Stephen Wangh, Amanda Gronich, Sara Lambert, John McAdams, Maude Mitchell, Andy Paris, Kelli Simpkins The Laramie Project Bill Jenkins David Behrns (Andy Paris, Jonas Slonaker, Father Roger Schmit, Rulon Stacey, Jeffery Lockwood, Governor Jim Geringer), Jeb Burris (Company Member, Jedediah Schultz, Russell Henderson, Aaron McKinney, Bill McKinney), Taylor Burris (Leigh Fondakowski, Trish Steger, Kristin Price, Sherry Johnson, Baptist Minister’s Wife, Reporter, Newsperson, Murdock Cooper), Nicholas Floyd (Greg Pierotti, Sergeant Hing, Phil Labrie, Rob Debree, Cal Retrucha, Mormon Home Teacher to Russell Henderson), Kathryn Gilbert (Barbara Pitts, Catherine Connolly, Alison Mears, Baptist Minister, Camera Operator, E-Mail Writer), Kellie C. Harrison (Company Member, Zubaida Ula, April Silva, Romaine Patterson, Sherry Aanenson, Newsperson), Tim Lueke (John McAdams, Doug Laws, Matt Mickleson, Dr. Cantway, Fred Phelps, Conrad Miller, Camera Operator, Harry Woods, Judge), David J. Mitsch (Moisés Kaufman, Philip Dubois. Stephen Mead Johnson, Jon Peacock, Shannon, Priest at Funeral, Bailiff, Foreperson), Erin E. Ordway (Kellie Simpkins, Zackie Salmon, Aaron Kriefels, Kerry Drake, Jen, Anonymous friend of Aaron, Newsperson), Carrie A. Schlatter-Schwer (Amanda Gronich, Eileen Engen, Marge Murray, Lucy Thompson), Danni Smith (Company Member, Reggie Murray Fluty, Rebecca Hiliker, Shadow, Tiffany Edwards), Ryan E. Woodle (Stephen Belber, Doc O’Conner, Matt Galloway, Andrew Gomez, Dennis Shepherd) Ball State University 27 September 2002
Kerns, Brian M. (libretto, M), Clive Barker (novel) Imajica, Part I (Act I, scene i; Act V, scenes i-iii) Brian M. Kerns Michael O’Hearn (Chester Klein), David Jasper (John Zacarias (Gentle)), Madeline Abel-Kerns (Judoth Odell), Sherry Zannoth (Celestine), Tanya Kamens (Pie’o’pah) Cantiamo Opera Theater at the West End Theater 18 December 2005
Kisner, Joan (book and conception), Derek Schaeffer (music arranger and performer) Country Rhythms Joan Kisner Jay Emrich (Jay/Dolly Parton), Jamie Lynn Channell (Jamie), Jasup Smith (Jasup/Squirrel), Sarah Steele (Sarah), Doug Leeper (Doug), Joni Thrasher Kinser (Joni) Nashville Follies Musical Theatre 27 May 2001
Kisner, Joan (book and conception), Derek Schaeffer (music arranger and performer) Hooray for Hollywood Joan Kisner Jay Emrich, Kari Palma, Mark Pfotenhauer, Jamie Lynn Channell (Dorothy Gale), Anni Hine, Christopher Nicely, [Mr. Channell, Joan Kisner] Nashville Follies Musical Theatre 3 November 2001
Kisner, Joan (book and conception), Derek Schaeffer (music arranger and performer) It’s a Jukebox Night, Tonight! Joan Kisner Kari Palma (Herself/Cher), Jay Emrich (Himself/Dead Guy/Jim Morrison/Paul McCartney/John Phillips), Jamie Lynn Channell (Herself/Nerd/Michelle Gilliam Phillips), Jasup Smith (Himself/John Lennon), Chad Gillenwater (Himself/Sonny Bono/Ringo Starr/Denny Doherty), Lorraine Mong (Herself/Cass Elliott) Nashville Follies Musical Theatre 21 October 2000
Kisner, Joan (book and conception), Derek Schaeffer (music arranger and performer) It’s Another Jukebox Night! Joan Kisner Jasup Smith, Anni Hine, Doug Leeper (Himself/Sonny Bono), Audra Lopez (Herself/Cass Elliott), Brandon Flannery, Amanda Theriac (Herself/Michelle Gilliam Phillips), Kelley Rounds (Himself/Dead Guy) Nashville Follies Musical Theatre 15 September 2001
Kisner, Joan (book and conception), Derek Schaffer (music arranger and performer) It’s Christmas Time Again! Joan Kisner Jamie Lynn Channell (Jamie), Jasup Smith (Jasup/Leroy/Santa Claus), Lisa “Sunny” Garrison (Sunny), Chris Klink (Chris), Joni Thrasher Kisner (Joni), Brandon Flannery (Brandon/Mrs. Santa Claus) Nashville Follies Musical Theatre 9 December 2000
Kisner, Joan (book and conception), Derek Schaeffer (music arranger and performer) Shake, Rattle & Roll at the Jukebox Cafe Joan Kisner Brooke Thomas (Cindy Sue), Doug Leeper (Tony Bonetti, …also known as T-Bone), Katie White (Louise), Jasup Smith (Lawrence), Jamie Lynn Channell (Tammy), Chad Gillenwater (Smilin’ Sam, the class president) Nashville Follies Musical Theatre 3 September 2000
Kisner, Joan (book and conception), Derek Schaeffer (music arranger and performer) Shake, Rattle & Roll Joan Kisner Trent Mong (Tony Bonetti, …also known as T-Bone), Amanda Theriac (Cindy Sue), Jasup Smith (Lawrence MacDonald), Katie White (Louise), Doug Leeper (Sam), Jamie Lynn Channell (Tammy Koul) Nashville Follies Musical Theatre 20 July 2001
Knable, Jim Spain Dan Scarbrough Alissa Branch Stamatia (Barbara), Adam Davis (Conquistador), Michael Shelton (John), Kelli Walker (Diversion), Martha Jacobs (The Ancient) The Phoenix Theatre 28 June 2003
Knee, Allan (B), Mindi Dickstein (L), Jason Howland (M), Louis May Alcott (novel) Little Women Norb Joerder Kerri McNeill (Jo March), Brian Krinsky (Professor Bhaer), Alyssa Herrera (Amy March), Jessica Pucek (Meg March), Lenni Kmeic (Beth March), Stephanie Gaertner (Marmee March), Joe Donnelly (Mr. Laurence), Peter Marinaro (Laurie Laurence), Melissa Waterbury (Aunt March), Ryan Rhue (Mr. John Brooke), Caitlin McGee (Mrs. Kirk), Brittney Santoro (Clarissa), Regan Featherstone (Braxton), Athony Marone (Rodrigo), Michael Bullard (Knight), Faith Fernandes, Kaitlyn Soltys (Hags), Brett Radek (Troll), Christian Mercado (Rodrigo 2) Wagner College 26 February 2010
Knott, Frederick Wait Until Dark Michael J. Lasley Tom Beeler (Mike Talman), Joseph A. Caito (Sgt. Carlino), Jon Cable (Harry Roat, Jr.), Kelli Walker (Susy Hendrix), Ariadne Baker-Dunn (Gloria), Guy Grubbs (Policeman), Amy Anderson (Policewoman) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 13 February 2000
Koch, Lisa, Peggy Platt (Dos Fallopia), Andrew Tasakos, Burton Curtis, Scott Warender Ham for the Holidays:  Glazing Saddles Lisa Koch (Whynotta Spud, Sheena, Sister Mary Agnes Labia, et al.), Peggy Platt (Youoweme Spud, Wonder Woman, Craft Lady, et al.), Dave Ruark (Robin, et al.), Paul Galloway (Spidey, et al.) The Phoenix Theatre 23 December 2001
Kohn, Rita Touching Lives (formerly Cat’s Cradle) Ron Popp Nick Carpenter (Aaron Aaron), Kashun LeShae Howell (Irene), Jospeh Barnett (James), Ricky Harmon (Charles), Shanelle Lea Schrader (Hilda), Benjamin Barhan (Oliver), Jaime Teresa Smith (Kim), Irwin Sparkes (Jonah), Chandra Jeanette Biehl De Nap (Prof. Helen Mintz), Virginia Sanders (Charlotte Brontë Rampling) University of Indianapolis at Wheeler Arts Community 4 February 2001
Kondrat, Diane, William Shakespeare (scenes) Shakespeare in My Room Patricia McKee Diane Kondrat, Rockland Brooks Mers, Jolene Mentink Moffat, Bill Simmons (themselves and characters from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, The Taming of the Shrew, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Twelfth Night, Hamlet, King John, and Much Ado About Nothing) Oasis Productions at The Indianapolis Art Center 3 November 1999
Kresbach, Stephanie, Sarah Fiorio (also M), Katie Thomas, Rachel Bateman, Patrick Cavavanagh (also M), John Stadler, Emily Lytle, Whitney Hamilton, Jessica Sauter, Kevin Heller, Cassie Parker, Andrew Bean (also M), Ryan Finley, Adam Kirsch, Casey Foulks, assisted by Toni Press-Coffman Divine Sarah Fiorio, Stephanie Kresbach Mythological:  Katie Thomas (Isis, Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility), Rachel Bateman (Aphrodite, Greek goddess of beauty and relationship), Patrick Cavanagh (Achilles, Greek hero of the Trojan War), John Stadler (Dionysus, Greek god of wine, merrymaking, and ecstacy), Emily Lytle (Pele, Hawaiian goddess, ruler of volcanoes)  Mortal:  Whitney Hamilton (Jade, Lead singer in a band), Jessica Sauter (Maggie, Band manager), Kevin Heller (Alex, Drummer), Cassie Parker (Chloë, Keyboard player, newest band member), Andrew Bean (Benny, Songwriter, guitar player) The Phoenix Theatre 12 December 2000
Krueger, Jessica (choreographer) Moondance Jessica Krueger Indiana University 28 April 2002
Labin, Claudia The House of Regrets (staged reading) Lynne Perkins Priscilla Lindsay (Moira Brooks), Millicent Wright (Hella Head), Wendy Rader (Carla Valdez), Jamison Kay Fisher (Narrator/Offstage Voices), Lynne Perkins (Offstage Voices) The Algonquin Project/National Comedy Theatre 13 August 2001
LaBute, Neil The Shape of Things John Pinckard Tate Ellington (Adam), Kitty Lindsey (Evelyn), Courtney Hebert (Jenny), Peter O’Connor (Philip) Rising Sun Performance Company 10 December 2004
Larimer, Angeline Fish in the Desert Steve Decker Wendy Gaunt (Ophelia), Darby Cicci (Wyatt Earp), Kate Braun (Sylvia), A.J. Heston (Noyce), Jonathan Molitor (Jojo Earp), Eliza Hart (Graciela), Brian Levin (Diego), Duncan Teater (Willy), David Guess (Gentleman of Sonora/Drunk Man) Indiana University 4 December 2001
Larson, Jonathan Rent (excerpt: “Over the Moon”) Rachel Simpson (Maureen) Indiana University 28 April 2002
Laurents, Arthur (B), Stephen Sondheim (L), Leonard Bernstein (M) West Side Story Rodger Smith The Jets:  David Behrns (Tony), Ryan Overberg (Riff), Nicholas G. Brenner (Action), Jason Sill (Diesel), Adam Michael Tilford (Snowboy), Andy Planck (Big Deal), John Woll III (Mouthpiece), Tim Lueke (Baby John), Joel A. Sluyter (A-rab), Grant Cheney (Gee-tar), Lynne Guglielmi (Anybodys), Katherine A. Hartweg (Graziella), Natalie Ellis (Velma), Jennifer Renee Grass (Minnie), Diane Mueller (Pauline), Cindy Berkley (Clarice), Tiffany Powers (Nadine), Amy C. Rumschlag (Ollie), Katie Shawger (Mayble).  The Sharks:  Jeffrey Michael Lawhorn (Bernardo), Adam Chandler (Chino), P.J. Ellis (Indio), Chris Meek (Moose), Robb Coles (Anxious), Brian Geary (Toro), Samuel Brinker (Pepe), Nicholas Floyd (Nibbles), Andrea Prestinario (Maria), Taylor Burris (Anita), Kirsten Day (Rosalia), Erin Rae Lengkeek (Consuela), Liz Davito (Teresita), Nicole Migliaro (Margarita), Kellie C. Harrison (Estella), Leanne M. Boarman (Francisca), Katelin S. Ryan (Rosetta), Liz Bolger (Juanita), Brandi Francis (Angelina).  West Siders:  Ryan E. Woodle (Sgt. Schrank), Marc McHone (Sgt. Krupke), Barry McMullen (Doc), Adam Shapiro (Gladhand), Dakota Smith, Spencer Smith (Children) Ball State University 9 November 2000
Lauro, Shirley, Keith Walker (book) A Piece of My Heart Rockland Brooks Mers Nicole C. Gatzimos (Martha), Alecia White (Maryjo), Jennifer McConnell (Sissy), Brenna Campbell (Whitney), Maya C. Bley (Leeann), Danielle M. Henry (Steele), Alvin Dean Gill, Jr.; Robert Lekan (All The American Men) Butler University 28 February 1999
LaVecchia, Antoinette How to Be a Good Italian Daughter (In Spite of Myself) Ted Sod Antoinette LaVecchia (Maria LaVecchia/Antoinette LaVecchia/Donna DiPippio/The Devil/Antoinette’s Vagina/Antoinette La Diva/Man in Trench Coat/Italian Fortune Teller) Jones Street Productions at The Cherry Lane Theatre 5 December 2009
Lebow, Barbara A Shayna Maidel Heather Patterson King Jenna Porter (Reitzel “Rose White” Weiss), Mike Jones (Mordecai Weiss), Amanda Hunyadi (Lusia Weiss Pechenik), Chris King (Duvid Pechenik), Katharine McDermott Swanson (Hanna), Laura Renee Meyer (Mama) Franklin College 10 February 2001
Leight, Warren Side Man Chris Goldfarb Peter Cilella (Jonesy), Dannon Lee Crews (Clifford Glimmer), Anni Hine (Patsy), Doug Johnson (Gene Glimmer), Sara Locker (Terry Glimmer), Jeff Ridenour (Ziggy), Alan Shepard (Al) Theatre on the Square 14 April 2001
Leight, Warren Side Man Richard Stockton Rand Alex Aschinger (Clifford Glimmer), Mary K. Fischer (Terry Glimmer), Robyn Senchak (Patsy), Martin Swoverland (Gene Glimmer), Eddie Duran (Al), Thomas Winget (Ziggy), Geoffrey Pard (Jonesy) Purdue University 22 April 2001
Leonard, Jim, Jr. The Diviners Barbara Brandt Trevor Fulchino (C.C. Showers), Chris Johnston (Buddy Layman), Laura Pike (Jennie Mae Layman), Braydn Hade (Ferris Layman), Rebecca Gotlieb (Darlene Henshaw), Bess Goden (Goldie Short), Joe Gilmore (Basil Bennett), Jenny Weich (Luella Bennett), Steven Witt (Dewey Maples), E.J. Marotta (Dewey Maples) Wagner College 15 April 2005
Lerner, Alan Jay (B & L), Frederick Loewe (M), Agnes de Mille (original dances) Brigadoon Andrew Glant-Linden Patrick Heffernan (Tommy Albright), Tavis Doucette (Jeff Douglas), Timothy Lawton (Angus McGuffie), Billy Cardone (Archie Beaton), Benjamin Ciordia (Sandy), Jillian Porter (Meg Brockie), Peter Marinaro (Harry Beaton), Joe Donnelly (Andrew MacLaren), Alison Davi (Fiona MacLaren), Alyssa Herrera (Jean MacLaren), Michael Dineen (Charlie Dalrymple), Lenni Kmiec (Maggie Anderson), Michael Teenbaum (Mr. Lundie), Brian Krinsky (Stuart Dalrymple), Nathaniel Bray Harding (Macgregor), Megan Hurley (Jane Ashton); Female Ensemble:  Madeline Clemmons, Megan Kelly, Alison Maresco, Carissa Massaro, Sarah Tranchina, Melissa Waterbury, Kailey Winans;  Male Ensemble:  Quinten Busey, Michael D’Amico, Christopher DeRosa, Regan Featherstone (Sword Dancer), Graham Keene (Sword Dancer), Trevor Sideris, Spencer Taylor (Bartender), Paul Travers (Bagpiper) Wagner College 2 December 2009
Lerner, Alan Jay (B & L), Frederick Loewe (M), George Bernard Shaw (play Pygmalion) My Fair Lady ? James Anthony (Henry Higgins), Ty Stover (Alfred Doolittle), Jack Sevier (Colonel Pickering), Suzanne Stark (Eliza Doolittle)* Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre 1990
Lerner, Alan Jay (B & L), Frederick Loewe (M), George Bernard Shaw (play Pygmalion), Gabrial Pascal (motion picture Pygmalion) My Fair Lady Richard J. Roberts Heather Patterson King (Eliza Doolittle), James Gibson (Freddy Eynsford-Hill), Clara Winslow (Mrs. Eynsford-Hill/Ensemble), Frederick Marshall (Colonel Pickering), Kurt Owens (Henry Higgins), Matthew Konrad Tippel (Quartet/Footman/Ensemble), John K. Mays (Quartet/Constable/Ensemble), Darrin Gowan (Quartet/Lord Boxington/Ensemble), Rory D. Shivers (Quartet/Butler/Ensemble), Terry Woods (Bartender/Pianist), Sheldon Glauser (Alfred P. Doolittle), James W. Spangler (Jamie/Chauffeur/Ensemble), David Wood (Harry/Footman/Ensemble), Adrienne Reiswerg (Mrs. Pearce), Cindy Johnson (Mrs. Hopkins/Maid/Ensemble), Betty E. Landis (Maid/Lady Boxington/Ensemble), Kate Braun (Mrs. Higgins), Debbie Williams (Flower Girl/Ensemble), Julie R. HeHunt (Mrs. Higgins’s Maid/Ensemble), Brenda Smith (Ensemble) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 15 September 2001
Levin, Ira Veronica’s Room Casey Howard Kimberly Koch (The Woman (Maureen Mackey/Nedra/Veronica)), Roger Ortman (The Man (John Mackey/Richard/Conrad)), Jennifer McConnell (The Girl (Susan Berner)), Benjamin Hunt (The Young Man (Larry Eastwood/Dr. Samuel Simonson/Roy)) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 29 June 2002
Lewin, Gabriel The Tube Molly Thomas Duncan Teater (Felix), Jennifer Taranto (Sally), [Luke Pennington  (Tom)] Indiana University 2 May 2001
Lewis, Donald Good Girl Steven Decker Kelly Ann Ford (Good Girl Kimberly) Bloomington Playwrights Project 27 May 2001
Lindsay, Howard, Russel Crouse (B), Oscar Hammerstein II (L), Richard Rodgers (M, L-“I Have Confidence”, “Something Good”), Maria Augusta Trapp (The Story of the Trapp Family Singers) The Sound of Music Richard J. Roberts Lucy Yarbrough, Kara Laliberte (Soloists/Sisters of Nonnberg Abbey), Heather Patterson-King (Maria Rainer), Kathleen Hacker (Mother Abbess), Clara Winslow (Sister Berthe), Lori M. Dean (Sister Margaretta), Brenda Smith (Sister Sophia), Dave Ruark (Captain von Trapp), Adrienne Reiswerg (Frau Schmidt), Rory Shivers (Franz), Rachel Overfield (Liesl), Emily Mansfield (Louisa), Price Suddarth  (Friedrich), Alex Pote (Birgitta), Sebastian Audet (Kurt), Sarah Wells (Marta), Olivia Hacker (Gretl), Anthony Kestler (Rolf Gruber), Kelli Walker (Elsa Shraeder), Kurt Owens (Max Detweiler, Parrish W. Williams (Herr Zeller), Chris Arthur (Baron Elberfeld), Sheri Wood (Frau Zeller/Sister of Nonnberg Abbey), Ashley Bergdoll (Baroness Elberfeld/Sister of Nonnberg Abbey), Frederick Marshall (Party Guest/Admiral von Schreiber), Nancy Logan Sonntag (Party Guest/Sister of Nonnberg Abbey), Lynn Becker, Glenna Brooks, Julie R. LeHunt (Trio Saengerbund/Sisters of Nonnberg Abbey), Jamie Campbell (Fraulein Schweiger/Sister of Nonnberg Abbey), Ruth Ellen Gallagher, Lydia Rose Glass, Darla Gowan, Julia Keller-Welter, Joanna Luisi, Mary Luisi, Brittney Norman, Patti Shea, Roxanne Tarbert, Deb Weinmann, Kori Wood (Sisters of Nonnberg Abbey) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 9 May 2002
Lindsay, Howard, Russel Crouse State of the Union Peter Amster Drew Eshelman (James Conover), R. Ward Duffy (Spike MacManus), Hollis Resnik (Kay Thorndyke), Tim Grimm (Grant Matthews), Megan McKinney (Norah/Photographer), Henny Russell (Mary Matthews), Brian J. Taylor (Bellboy/Blake), Meredith L. Granger (Waiter/Announcer), Mark Goetzinger (Sam Parrish), R. Brian Noffke (CIO Member/Buck Swenson), Sean Andrew Hildreth [uncredited] (CIO Member/First Camera Operator), Ben Ayres [uncredited] (CIO Member/Second Camera Operator), Andrea ? [uncredited] (Control Engineer), Heather Reese [uncredited] (Wardrobe/Makeup Person), Frank Anderson (Bill Hardy), Su Ours (Mrs. Grace Draper), Jeff Keel  (Senator Edward Lauterback), Richard Kinter (Judge Jefferson Davis Alexander), Verna Pierce (Mrs. Lulubelle Alexander) Indiana Repertory Theatre 3 October 2000
Lindsay-Abaire, David Fuddy Meers Bryan D. Fonseca Deborah Sargent (Claire Fripple), Max Henschen (Richard Fripple), Blaine Hogan (Kenny), Rich Komenich (Limping Man Phillip) Gayle Steigerwald (Gertie), LeBron Benton (Millet), Karen Irwin (Heidi) The Phoenix Theatre 19 April 2001
Lonergan, Kenneth This Is Our Youth Bryan D. Fonseca Kevin Lind (Dennis Ziegler), Tyler J. Monroe (Warren Straub), Lauren Morris Bertram (Jessica Goldman), [Tom Robertson (Mr. Ziegler), Sharon Gamble (Mrs. Ziegler)–in photograph] The Phoenix Theatre 23 February 2002
Luce, William, Emily Dickinson poetry compiled by Timothy Helgeson The Belle of Amherst Charles Nelson Reilly Julie Harris (Emily Elizabeth Dickinson) Emens Auditorium Ball State University 2 April 2001
Ludlam, Charles Reverse Psychology Owen W. Schaub Kathryn Burk (Eleanor), Jim Senti (Freddie), Margaret Len Stewart (Dr. Karen Gold), Marc Szewczyk (Dr. Leonard Silver), Joe Doyel, Andrea Hillsamer (Orderlies) Butler University 22 February 2003
Ludwig, Ken Lend Me a Tenor Craig Gibson Brian Kramer (Max, assistant to Saunders), Kellie Kramer (Maggie, Max’s girlfriend and Saunders’s daughter), Debbie Jones (Saunders, General Manager of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company), Joseph R.L. Benek (Tito Merelli, world famous tenor, “Il Stupendo”), Jenna Porter (Maria, Tito’s Wife), Darrell Spencer (Jules, Chairman of the Opera Guild), Zack Hyatt (Bellhop) Our Town Players/Franklin Cultural Arts and Recreation Center 15 July 2001
Ludwig, Ken Moon Over Buffalo Robert J. Sorbera Donald Darbro (George Hay), Vonda Fuhrmann (Charlotte Hay), Linda Green (Ethel), Jenifer Henry (Rosalind Hay), Neil Eggeson (Howard), Kim Gray (Eileen), Seth Hale (Paul Singer), Richard Baker (Richard Maynard) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 26 May 2000
Ludwig, Ken Moon Over Buffalo Dale McFadden Robert K. Johansen (George Hay), Martha Jacobs (Charlotte Hay), Mary Forester-Kinzer Sylvester (Ethel), Kelly Ann Ford (Rosalind Hay), Peter Gerharz (Howard), Melissa Joy Nedell (Eileen), Erik Anderson (Paul Singer), Wolf J. Sherrill (Richard Maynard) Brown County Players 23 July 2000
MacDevitt, Kendra (B, L, M) Baba Yaga and the Pumpkin Fairy Kendra MacDevitt Christopher Russell (Baba Yaga), Tara Christina White (Clara), Matt McAllister (Percy the Troll), Alexandra Cohen-Spiegler (Fayleen Terrible), Diana Harkin (Naydeen Terrible), Naomi McDougall Jones (Pumpkin Fairy), Felicia Giunta (Vine 1), Samantha “Sami” Bass (Vine 2), Daniel Coady (Vine 3) ONEtime Productions/Baruch Performing Arts Center 31 October 2009 (4 PM)
MacIntyre, Janet and Don Someone for Everyone Jeska Morrow Jared Duymovic (Ron), Allie Glagla (Sheila), Evan Ehearin (Steve), Sandra Jones (Veronica), Chris McKay (Jack), Kristin Bien (Henrietta) University of Indianapolis 6 April 2003
MacIvor, Daniel Marion Bridge Laila Robins Shana Wirsum (Agnes MacKeigan), Laura Butler (Theresa MacKeigan), Jessica DiGiovanni (Louise MacKiegan) The Directors Studio 9 February 2010
MacLeod, Wendy The Water Children Michael Swinford Michelle Collins (Mom/a cat/Kit), Chris Doran (Dad/Roger/Jim), Jeff Hamilton (Priest), Jenifer Henry (Crystal), Shelley Johnston (Megan), Amanda Lawson (Liz), John Mays (Randall), Benjamin D. Tebbe (Chance/Tony/Dinardi) Theatre on the Square February 2000
Mallatratt, Stephen, Susan Hill (novel) The Woman in Black Eddie Curry Scott Lane (Arthur Kipps), Tony McDonald (The Actor), ?-maybe Carla Crandall [uncredited] (The Woman in Black) The Phoenix Theatre 21 October 1999
Maltby, Jr., Richard (L), David Shire (M) Closer Than Ever Jeffrey Michael Lawhorn David Behrns (Pining Straight Man/What Am I Doin’/One of the Good Guys/Father), Rebecca Jo Lightfoot (Country Woman with Too Many Friends/Miss Byrd/Fitness Nut/Alice/Pal), Andrea Prestinario (Pining Woman/Angie/Wife/Widow), Christy Ralph (Scientist/Fitness Nut/Fandango/Patterns), Danni Smith (Feisty Freelance Writer/Wife Whose Husband Isn’t There/Woman Who Wants the Bassist), Adam Michael Tilford (Pining Gay Man/Alcoholic Family Man/Fitness Nut/Nancy/Father), AJ Wright (Leaving Boyfriend/Fitness Nut/Fandango/Husband), Jace Wittig (Pianist/Musical Director), Justin A. Davvon (Bassist) Ball State University 20 February 2002
Mamet, David Glengarry Glen Ross Jeff Skora Jim Hettmer (Shelly Levene), Bob Risher (John Williamson), Steve Heise (Dave Moss), Carmine DePaulo (George Aranow), Mike Price (Richard Roma), Mike Brewington (James Lingk), Scot Shamblin (Baylen) John Waldron Arts Center 18 November 2000
Mamet, David Glengarry Glen Ross Rod Isaac John Kastner (George Aaronow), Dan Miller (Baylen), Will Pullins (Sheldon Levene), Joe Aiello (James Lingk), T.J. Burrin (David Moss), Gabe Huddleston (Richard Roma), James Ruckman (John Williamson) Stages Theatre Company 16 June 2002
Mamet, David Speed-the-Plow Kevin Lind Zach McCoy (Bobby Gould), John Hammerle (Charlie Fox), Beth Weaver (Karen) Butler University 12 February 2000
Mamet, David Mametworks: threeshortworks by David Mamet (The Blue Hour, Yes, A Sermon) Brandy Rodgers Kevin Lind (Preacher/Man 2), Zach McCoy (Narrator/Man 1) Butler University 27 April 2000
Mann, Emily Still Life (excerpt) Laura Renée Meyer Melissa Russell (Cheryl) Franklin College 15 March 2003
Marek, Jayne Katherine and Virginia Christina Miller-Summers Kelley M. Hoagland (Copley), Laura Renée Meyer (Virginia Woolf), Amanda Hunyadi (Katherine Mansfield) Franklin College 29 September 2000
Margulies, Donald Dinner with Friends James Still Scott Jaeck (Gabe), Jan Lucas (Karen), Kate Goehring (Beth), Tim Grimm (Tom), Austin Madden (Danny), Emily Robbins (Sam), Lara Shelton (Lori) Indiana Repertory Theatre 21 March 2001
Marlowe, Christopher Doctor Faustus Lee Papa Christopher Wegenaar (Fautus), Chris Russell (Valdes), Lauren D’Aversa (Wagner/Envy), Michelle Philippin (Scholars 1 & 2), Jamie Lee (Mephistophilis), Lawren Roulier (Pride), Alexis Costa (Sloth), Brad Landers (Wrath), Whitney Branan (Lechery), Brad Landers & Whitney Branan (Gluttony), Tara Marie Harrison (Covetousness), Earl Gatalion (The Pope), Nicholas Goffredo (Cardinal of Lorrain), Leonora Perry (The Emperor of Germany), Matthew Triolo (Duke of Vanholt), Anthony LoGatto (Friar), Victoria Venezia (Suchess of Vanholt), Gregory Caiafa (Lucifer) The College of Staten Island 16 April 2005
Marriott, Anthony, Alistair Foote No Sex Please, We’re British Wade Carney Kevin Lind (Peter Hunter), Jennifer McConnell (Frances Hunter), Richard Shane Curry (Brian Runnicles), Linda Charbonneau (Eleanor Hunter), Orion C. Toepfer (Leslie Bromhead), Mike Price (Police Superintendent Paul), Charles Dibble (B.R.S. Deliveryman), [Wade Carney (Second Deliveryman)], Roger Ortman (Mr. Needham), Cindy Phillips (Susan), Brenna Campbell (Barbara) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 17 June 2001
Marsh, Brittany Enough to Let Go Peter Wood J Hagley (Steve), Dana Mosley (Rachel), Jessica Trakimas (Sarah), Corey Yeaman (Jason), David Kinsworthy (Mr. Hayes) Second Annual Young Playwrights’ Festival/Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ 30 June 2001
Martin, Jane Anton in Show Business Robert K. Johansen Kristin Leigh Slager (T-Anne, Andwyneth, Don Blount, Gate Manager), Katelin Reeves (Lisabette), Jill Koenen (Casey), Beth Weaver (Kate, Ben, Jackey), Adria Badagnani (Ralph, Wikéwitch, Joe Bob), Laura Osseck (Holly), Kate Holeywell (Joby), Katie Kalb, Katrina Bergmann, Andrea Hillsamer, Laura Navratil, Elaine Oakley, Ashley Rhodes, Cara Olansky, Allison Winters (Crew) Butler University 7 November 2001
Martin, Jane Middle-Aged White Guys Larry Aull Andrea Odle (RV), Ric Harbin (Roy Mannering), Tad Drew (Clem Mannering), Deirdre Endsley (Mona Mannering), Collin Moore (Moon Mannering), Larry Aull (King), SaDonna Whitcomb (Mrs. Mannering) Mud Creek Barn Theatre June 2000
Mastersimone, William Cat’s Paw (excerpt from Act II) Jillian Vandermarks David Shapiro (Victor), Kenita Highbaugh (Jessica Lyons), Tino Marquez, Jr. (David Darling), Robin Panet (Cathy) IUPUI 27 June 1998
Mattern, Jennifer The Burial Heather May Amanda Scherle (Veronica), S. Beth May (Cassie) Bloomington Playwrights Project 27 May 2001
McCloud, Giles, Michelle Carnes, Noah Butler, Angee Toffolo (libretto and most of the music) Inside Antony’s Brain Giles McCloud, Michelle Carnes, Noah Butler, Angee Toffolo, assisted by Tony Armstrong Giles McCloud (Macaroni Man), Michelle Carnes (Menstrual Cyclist), Noah Butler (Spaghetti Man), Angee Toffolo (Pasta Chef) North Central High School 1993
McDonagh, Martin The Beauty Queen of Leenane Dale McFadden Stephen Hunt (Pato Dooley), Deborah Sargent (Maureen Folan), Gayle Steigerwald (Mag Folan), Aaron Roman Weiner (Ray Dooley) The Phoenix Theatre 2 March 2000
McDonald, Heather An Almost Holy Picture Janet Allen Tim Grimm (Samuel Gentle) Indiana Repertory Theatre 22 January 2000
McDonald, Tony savant (staged reading) Lynn Perkins Dorian Hilliard (Young Joey/Joey Jr.), Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha (Joey Walker), Kelli Walker (Dana Walker), Michael H. Smith (Ronnie Vance), Adam O. Crowe (Narrator) The Algonquin Project 26 February 2001
McDonald, Tony savant Bryan D. Fonseca, Michael Shelton Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha (Joey Walker), Anthony John LeMay (Ronnie Vance), Kelli Walker (Dana Walker), Quinn Barney (young Joey) The Phoenix Theatre 23 March 2002
McGovern, Christopher (B, L, M), Amy Powers (B, L) Lizzie Borden D. Scott Robinson Blaine Jarrett (Andrew Jackson Borden), Jamie Campbell (Abby Durfee Gray Borden), Catherine Mobley (Miss Lizzie Andrew Borden), Jan Kennedy Snoddy (Mrs. Helen Brayton), Diann Ryan (Mrs. Adelaide Churchill), Carrie S. Neal (Mrs. Mary Durfee), Kari Ann Stamatoplos (Bridget Sullivan, whom Lizzie calls “Maggie”), Karen McLeish (Emma Lenora Borden), Rob Leffler (Robert Flaherty/The State), Mark A. Peed (Detective Fleet), Lauren Harrill (The Girl), Ken Eder (Mr. Lutton/Phillip/The Bailiff) Buck Creek Players 6 October 2000
McGriff, Meredith We Three Kings Peter Wood Vick Coffing (Joe), J Hagley (James), Dana Mosley (Anna), Jessica Trakimas (Sierra), Holly Reinhardt (Hazel), David Kingsworthy (Mr. Denton) Second Annual Young Playwrights’ Festival/Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ 30 June 2001
McIntyre, Janet and Don Someone for Everyone [staged reading] Gigi Jennewein-Fenlon Woody Rau (Ron), Benjamin D. Tebbe (Stephen), C. Ryan Metzger (Jack), Crystal Nicholas-Roberts (Henrietta), Jennifer D. Bohler (Veronica), Katie Thompson Smith (Sheila) The Algonquin Project/Wheeler Arts Community 17 November 2002
McLaughlin, Ellen Tongue of a Bird Bryan D. Fonseca Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe (Charlotte Hobart), Diane Kondrat (Dessa Hobart), Cindy Phillips (Evie), Deborah Sargent (Maxine), Gayle Steigerwald (Zofia) The Phoenix Theatre 3 November 2000
McNeal, Claude, Mary Lou Szczesiul (conception), Mike Murray (musical arrangements), Cole Porter (songs), Noël Coward (songs; diary entries, excerpt from Private Lives) Cole & Noël Mary Lou Szczesiul Shannon Forsell (Kate Cole Porter/Glenda Lawrence/Linda Thomas Porter), Jimmy Guilford (Louis Armstrong), Mike Murray (Cole Porter), Jeff Owen (Noël Coward), Jerry Panatieri (Sam Porter/Butler), Natalie R. Perkins (Josephine Baker), Steven Taylor (Sergei Dlitov/Waiter), Brenda Williams (Bricktop), Jessica Zeller (Anita Loos/Dancer) American Cabaret Theatre 7 April 2001
Medoff, Mark Children of a Lesser God Michael M. O’Hara Trina Decker (Sarah Norman), Chad Winkles (James Leeds), Jason Bennett Whicker (Orin Dennis), Kimberly Lou Enlow (Mrs. Norman), Brad Gunter (Mr. Franklin), Kirsten Day (Lydia), Pearl Rhein (Edna Klein), Samson Hunckler (Male Interpreter), Gretchen Schmaltz (Female Interpreter), Phil Brooks, Amy Hendrickson (Chorus) Ball State University 22 September 2001
Medoff, Mark When You Comin Back, Red Ryder? Gary Cohen C. Ryan Metzger (Teddy), Mason Odle (Stephen “Red” Ryder), Mary Kelly Andrews (Angel), Paul Sommer (Lyle Stryker), Ann Ellerbrook (Clarisse), Bob Williams (Richard), Tom Fritch (Tommy Clark), Samantha Simon (Cheryl) Mud Creek Players 7 September 2001
Meehan, Thomas (B), Martin Charnin (L), Charles Trouse (M) Annie R. Brian Noffke Kristin O’Connell (Annie Bennett), Ariadne Baker-Dunn (Duffy), Megan Gin (Kate), Madeline Kahn (Tessie), Emily Robbins (Molly), Ashley Schultz (July), Mollie Zubeck (Pepper), Meg Blickendorf (Orphan), Lauren Chestnut (Orphan), Gabrielle Dorney (Orphan), Jacqueline Dorney (Orphan), Heather Frisby (Orphan), Emily Green (Orphan), Katie Hall (Orphan), Brittany Hassee, Meridith Keller (Orphan), Amy O’Connell (Orphan/NYC Tapper/Star-to-Be), Ali Perkins (Orphan), Ashleigh Peterson (Orphan), Amber Wiese (Orphan), Brenda Upchurch (Miss Agatha Hannigan), Matt Gibson (Mr. Bundles/Hoovervillite/Henry Morganthau), Debbie Noffke (Hoovervillite/Mrs. Pugh/Frances Perkins), Deb Farmer (Hoovervillite/Additional Warbucks’ Staff), Meg Reynolds (Hoovervillite), Denise Stockdale (Hoovervillite/NYC Tapper/Boylan Sister/Additional Warbucks’ Staff), Phil Criswell (Hoovervillite/NYC Tapper/Bert Healy/Louis Howe), Dennis Henry (Hoovervillite/Harold Ickes), Brett Clements (Hoovervillite/Cordell Hull), Gene Coyle (Dog Catcher/Policeman), Matt McKee (Assistant Dog Catcher/Policeman/Marine Guard), David Van Howe (Lt. Ward/Drake), Jennifer Rubenstein (Grace Farrell), Bill Hale (Oliver Warbucks), Rich Baker (Daniel “Rooster” Hannigan), Shannon M. Fields (Lily St. Regis), Joni Blickendorf (Cook Assistant/NYC Tapper), Deb Dorney (Cook Assistant), Ann Gibson (Mrs. Greer), Caroline Goodman (Cecille), Catie Cunning (Annette/Boylan Sister), Catherine Nichols (Additional Warbucks’ Staff), Anna Krauter (Additional Warbucks’ Staff), Lyndsey Dean (Boylan Sister), Duane Leatherman (FDR), Peri (Sandy) Footlite Musicals 3 December 2000
Menasci, Guido, Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti (libretto), Pietro Mascagni (M), Matthew Yohn (English lyrics) Cavalleria Rusticana Brett Wynkoop Salvatore Chiarelli (Turridu 8, 16), Francis Liska (Turridu 15, 22), Jay Gould (Alfio 8, 16), Matthew Yohn (Alfio 15, 22), Barrett Cobb (Lucia 8, 16), Leslie Middlebrook (Lucia 15, 22), Ivy Frenkel (Santuzza 8, 16), Kathleen Keske (Santuzza 15, 22), Melissa Gerstein (Lola 8, 16), Karmen Kluge (Lola 15, 22), Mary Jane Dingledy, Marnie Golden, Ella Oblas, Mary Silverstein, Diamond Stephens, Arianne Zager, Nicole Zuraitis, Sheaquan Datts, Yuka Iino, Anita Menotti, Jennie Muoio, Jason Kim, Christopher D’Orazi, Dennis Chung, Scott Andrew Hutchins, Joseph Rosta, Matthew Smedberg (Chorus) Brooklyn Repertory Opera at the Brooklyn Lyceum 8, 15, 16, 22 March 2008
Menotti, Gian Carlo (libretto, M) The Consul Benjamin Spierman Justin Ryan (John Sorel, a freedom fighter), Georgette Hutchins (His Mother), Victoria Tralongo (Magda Sorel, hhis wife), Brad Hougham (Assan, a glasscutter, John’s associate), Holly Sorenson (The Secretary to the Consul), Juan José Ibarra (Mr. Kofner), Sarah Dornblaser (The Italian Woman), Elizabeth Eiel (Anna Gomez), Jean Broekhuizen (Vera Boronel), Luke J. Grooms (Nika Magadoff, a Magician), Brian Dore (The Secret Police Agent), Helene Williams (The Voice on the Record, a cabaret singer), Edward Fagan and Nick Garr (Two Plainclothes Police Agents) The Bronx Opera at Hunter College 14 January 2005
Menotti, Gian Carlo (libretto, M) The Medium Thomas Lawrence Toscano Elizabeth Bouk (Madame Flora (Baba)), Elena Laurenti (Monica (daughter of Madame Flora), Rhea Mareen Lee (Toby, a mute), Anne Marie Shubert (Mrs. Gobineau), Adam Menninga (Mr. Gobineau), Marnie Golden (Mrs. Nolan) OperaOGGINY at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Williamsburg 26 June 2009
Metzger, Ed Fifth Annual Evening of Scenes performed by students of Actorfest 2001 Ed Metzger At the Movies:  Pamela Anne Krempely (Ticket Taker), Marisa Tishner (Angela), Natisha Fears (Emily), Melissa McShea (Carrie), Anyea Starks (Tippey), Amanda Goodwin (Nicole), Lisa Elrod (Trish), Tyisha Ellison (Liz), Gelen del Mundo Georgiou (Kristen), Whitney Mansfield (Robin), Dani Norberg (Julie).  Meg’s Bite:  Leigh Alexovich (Meg).  Academic Excuses:  Brittany Carlton (Kara), Brea Retic (Ashley).  He’s the One:  Anyea Starks (Lynnie), Amanda Goodwin (Bonnie).  The Last Tree:  Ky’bria White (Lynn), Rebecca Webster (Rachel), Mercedes Frierson (Narrator).  He’s Back:  La Mendez McClain (Adam), Charles Steptoe (Danny).  Idaho Is for Potatoes:  Erika Randolph (Kim), Julie Qian (Diane).  It:  Leigh Alexovich (Stacey), Maria Gui (Lacey).  Friends Always:  Tyisha Ellison (Sara), Pamela Krempely (Cristy).  The King Lives On:  Whitney Mansfield (Holly), Natisha Fears (Laurie), Dani Norberg (Mom).  Street People:  Lisa Elrod (Amanda), Marisa Tishner (Michaela), Pamela Krempely, Melissa McShea Tyisha Ellison (The Homeless).  Laura’s Date:  Mercedes Frierson (Laura).  The Mall Calls:  Melissa McShea (Megan), Amanda Goodwin (Amber), Whitney Mansfield (T.K. Money).  Are You From Mars:  Gelen del Mundo Georgiou (Diane), Dani Norberg (Christie), Lisa Elrod & Anyea Starks (Students in Line).  Having Doubts:  Ashley Wilson (Tiffany), Cierra Richardson (Samantha).  Bump Went Dad’s Car:  Leigh Alexovich (Kelly), Mercedes Frierson (Joanie).  To Go… Or Not to Go…:  Brittany Carlson (Lisa), Charles Steptoe (Arnie), La Mendez McClain (Kenny, the M.C.), All Cast Members (Students at the Prom), Marisa Tishner (Solo Violinist), Leigh Alexovich (Solo Tap Dancer), Tom Jenkins, Rex Wolfley, Kyle Bredehoeft, Cade Rarick & Matt Fisher (Side One) Pike Performing Arts Center Studio Theatre 27 July 2001
Meyer, Laura René Unconditional Laura Renée Meyer Jennifer Sansfacon (Mother) Franklin College 15 March 2003
Miller, Arthur All My Sons Ken Albers Mark Goetzinger (Jim Bayliss), Joseph M. Costa (Joe Keller), Charles Goad (Frank Lubey), Lynne Perkins (Sue Bayliss), Constance Macy (Lydia Lubey), Craig Mathers (Chris Keller), Christopher Chamberlain (Bert), Trish Hawkins (Kate Keller), Deborah Staples (Ann Deever), Timothy Thomas (George Deever) Indiana Repertory Theatre 8 March 1997
Miller, Arthur All My Sons Heidi L. Nees Ryan E. Woodle (Joe Keller), Jamie Rubis Grant (Dr. Jim Bayliss), Robert J. Richards (Frank Lubey), Kassie Marie Bradley (Sue Bayliss), Lynn Joanna Downey (Lydia Lubey), Chris Roe (Chris Keller), Joe Coombes (Bert), Carrie Ann Schlatter-Schwer (Kate Keller), Taylor Burris (Ann Deever), Rex Alan Clifton, Jr. (George Deever) Ball State University 14 November 2001
Miller, Arthur The Crucible Loretta Yoder Judith Kay Covington (Tituba), Kristin Lennox (Abigail Williams), Angela Groeschen (Mary Warren), Mark Bradley (John Proctor), Wil De Witt (Giles Cory), Daniel T. Atkins (Reverend John Hale), Gail Rogge (Elizabeth Proctor)* Indianapolis Civic Theatre October 1992
Miller, Arthur The Crucible Debbie Coatney, Michael Coatney Cami Ward (Betty Parris), Craig Stalcup (Reverend Samuel Parris), Tammie Williams (Tituba), Jennifer Leis (Abigail Williams), Emily Taylor (Susanna Wallcott), Kathryn Mathie (Mrs. Ann Putnam), Dion Longworth (Thomas Putnam), Kelly Coatney (Mercy Lewis/Voice of Martha Cory/Voice of Hopkins), Lauren K. Bush (Mary Warren), Andrew Meier (John Proctor), Debbie Coatney (Rebecca Nurse), Richard J. “Sky Peter King” Gustafson (Giles Cory), Patrick Doolin (Reverend John Hale), Colleen O’Gorman (Elizabeth Proctor), James Rich (Francis Nurse), Jacob Shively (Ezekial Cheever), Jason Burton (John Willard), Brian Jared (Judge Hathorne), Brian Benway (Deputy-Governor Danforth), Melissa Green (Sarah Good) IUPUI Stagecrafters at the Old Centrum 27 February 2002
Miller, Arthur The Crucible Jessica Solce Krystal Rowley (Betty Parris), Ralph Petrarca (Rev. Samuel Parris), Brenda Crawley (Tituba), Naomi McDougall Jones (Abigail Williams), Alice Wiesner (Susanna Walcott), Jenny D. Green (Ann Putnam), Michael W. Murray (Ann Putnam), Lyle Loder Friedman (Mercy Lewis), Amy Bohaker (Mary Warren), Seth Duerr (John Proctor), Emily Ward (Rebecca Nurse), Ed Schiff (Giles Corey), Tony Zazella (Rev. John Hale), Sarah E. Matthews (Elizabeth Proctor), Abe Koogler (Ezekiel Cheever), Brian Mott (Judge Hathorne), Angus Hepburn (Deputy-Governor Danforth) Coryphaeus Theater Company/Manhattan Theatre Source 11 February 2010 (12 PM)
Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman Beth Taylor R. Brian Noffke (William “Willy” Loman), Mary Costello (Linda Loman), Luther Dwain Stevenson (Biff Loman), Michael Cooper (Harold “Happy” Loman), Michael Glorioso (Bernard), Stephanie Schoppenhorst (The Woman), Donald Darbro (Charley), Larry Atwood (Uncle Ben), Chris Meza (Howard Wagner), Katherine Laxton (Jenny/voice of Wagner’s daughter), Luke Roller (Stanley/voice of Wagner’s son), Nickie Powers (Miss Forsythe), Katie White (Letta), Deborah Trembicki (voice of Mrs. Wagner and Restaurant Page) Marian College 27 April 2001
Miller, Arthur Death of a Salesman Howard Jensen Erik Anderson (William “Willy Loman), Carmen Rae Myers (Linda Loman), Jonathan Molitor (Biff Loman), Blake Bowen (Harold “Happy” Loman), Arian Moayed (Bernard), Patricia Drozda (The Woman), Steven Decker (Charley), Dane A. Bolinger (Uncle Ben), Andre Lebon (Howard Wagner), Mary Hubbell Carothers (Jenny), Matthew Isler (Stanley), Lyndsey Anderson (Miss Forsythe), Molly Thomas (Letta), Kenny Dellinger (Waiter), Rachael Schaefer (Voice of Girl), Paul Woelmer (Voice of Boy) Indiana University 26 February 2002
Miller, Ev Christmas Cameo Joe Cook Art Prickett (William “Willie” Wilson), Lauren LaMonte (Tammy Burr), Betty Selch (Marge), Jan Fancher (Jean Burr), Dan Smith (JD Burr) Spotlight Players of Hendricks County 9 December 2001
Mitchell, John Cameron (B), Stephen Trask (L&M) Hedwig and the Angry Inch Bryan Fonseca, Tony McDonald Blaine Hogan (Hedwig Robinson/Tommy Gnosis), Jessica Benge (Yitzhak, keyboards), Royston Lloyd (Krystof, guitar), Jimmy Sizemore (Skszp, music director, guitar, and backup), Ryan Roberts (Schlatko, drums), Steve Hayes (Jacek, bass) The Phoenix Theatre 20 November 2002
Molière, Jean-Marie Baptiste Poquelin, translated by Richard Wilbur The Misanthrope Dale McFadden Stan Q. Wash (Philinte), Geoff Wilson (Alcèste), Blake Bowen (Oronte), Kelly Ann Ford (Célimène), Kurt Schlacter (Basque), Emily Rhodes (Éliante), Jeff Radue (Clitandre), Brian Levin (Acaste), Aaron Ray (Guard), Melissa Joy Nedell (Arsinoé), Gabriel Lewin (Dubois) Indiana University 7 November 2000
Molière, Jean-Marie Baptiste Poquelin, adapted by Miles Malleson The Miser Beth Taylor Marc William Kircher (Valère), Angela Hatem (Élise), Jeff Lovell (Cléante), R. Brian Noffke (Harpagon), Ralf Reisinger (La Flèche), Donald Darbro (Master Simon), Amy Gaither-Hayes (Frosine), David Stine (Jacques), Tiffany D. Jonas (Servant #1), Shiloh Shambaugh (Servant #2), Denise Stockdale (Marianne), Mike Waterfall (Justice of the Peace), Phil Criswell (Clerk to the Justice of the Peace), Jeff Hamilton (Seigneur Anselm) Shakespeare & More at Marian College 9 July 1999
Molière, Jean-Marie Baptiste Poquelin, translated by Richard Wilbur The School for Husbands  (with Commedia dell’Arte Style performances at opening and  intermission) Heather Patterson-King Tristan Ross (Sganarelle), Mike Johnson (Ariste), Katharine McDermott Swanson (Léonore/Kattarina, the doctor’s daughter), Kelley M. Hoagland (Isabelle), Laura Renée Meyer (Lisette/Columbina, Kattarina’s maid), Matthew Smith (Valère), Chris R. Plunkett (Ergaste/Pantalone, an old man), Justin Thompson (A Magistrate), Thomas J. Clements (A Notary/Flavio, love of Kattarina), Michael C. Rogers (An Attendant/Dottore, Pantalone’s doctor), Jake Johnson (Pedrolino, Columbina’s son) Franklin College 2 March 2002
Moncrief, Gloria The Cosmic Garbage Man Scott Andrew Hutchins Scott Andrew Hutchins (The Cosmic Garbage Man) Unity of Indianapolis 31 December 2001
Moncrief, Gloria Monkey Mind ? (Meditator), ? (Voice 1), ? (Voice 2), Bill Probst (Voice 3), Ben Hall (Voice 4), Mike Wright (Voice 5) Unity of Indianapolis 19 May 2002
Moncrief, Gloria Mrs. Nevah Clean Beverly Moran (Mrs. Nevah Clean) Unity of Indianapolis 12 May 2002
Moncrief, Gloria Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Unity Edition Mike Coyle (Floor Director), Ben ? (Regis Philbin), Lisa Fox (Contestant), Andrea Worrel (Phone-a Friend), Gloria Moncrief (Commercial Sponsor) Unity of Indianapolis 28 April 2002
Mooney, Timothy, Jean Bapstiste Poquelin de Molière Molière than Thou Timothy Mooney, Deb Pekin Tim Mooney (Molière as Alceste, Arnoplhe, Monsieur Jourdain/Philosophy Master, Tartuffe, Sgnarelle, Scapin, Mascarille).  Audience volunteers included Laura Renée Meyer, Michael Swanson, and one other (Katharine McDermott Swanson?) Franklin College
Morris, Kaytie Of Regrets and Dreams:  A Collaborative Experiment in Theatre Kaytie Morris Beth Ursettie (Woman One), Lauren Greenwood (Woman Two), Kate Massa (Woman Three), Kristin Gross (Woman Four), Jaclyn Virgin (Female Silhouette) Butler University 28 February, 1 March, 2003
Morris, Vera [uncredited] The Spell of Sleeping Beauty Kate Huffman, Adam Azman Ashley Risk (Baroness), Megan McGinnis (Lady Jessica), Natalie Corey (Queen Eleanor), Kelly Mortell (Quill), Patrick Shaffner (King Rudolph), DeColby Hill (Prime Minister), Xchel Zendejas (Chef), Mark Milam (Assistant Chef), Sara Campo (Nursemaid), Katie Thomas (Evilina), Brad Cebulko (Spider) Tricia Fiorio (Black Cat), Jessica Sauter (Queen Samantha), Patrick Cavanagh (Baron), Whitney Juckno (Blue Witch), Ashley Barber (Green Witch), Ruth Winters (Red Witch), Sarah Fiorio (Orange Witch), Beth Pappas (Pink Witch), Meredith Dreyer (White Witch), Ashley Butler (Yellow Witch), Claire Kubacki (Seamstress), K.C. Gumbel (Princess Briar Rose), Ben Waters (Prince Alexander), Kelly Stark (False Princess), Brian Bego (Dark Knight), Patrick Koenig (Mailman), Melinda Welch, Lauren Gress, Lisa Sullivan, Amanda Jurkash, Maria Morales, Cassandra Fowler, Alison Ackman (Wall of Thorns), Michelle Rhodes, Colleen Matthews, Teneh Karimu, Megan Simonton, Shannon Ashley, Rachel Stroude, Danielle Longoria, Laura Yust, Erin Morrison, Katie Rebholz (Ladies of the Court) Cathedral High School Joe O’Malia Performing Arts Center 21 January 2001
Morris, Vera (B), Ole Kittleson (L), Arne Christiansen (M) Rumpelstiltskin Is My Name Emily Myers, Bridget Carey (Young Women), ? (Woodsman), Amanda D. Lyons (Griselda, the witch), Kara Centofante (Rumpelstiltskin), Deborah Trembicki (Laura, the Miller’s daughter, later Queen Laura), ? (Laura’s Mother), Stephanie Schoppenhorst (Apple Seller), Michael Glorioso (Prince Tom, later King Thomas), Maria Palacios (Queen), Luther Dwain Stevenson (Prime Minister), ? (Fool), Megan Snyder (Lady Matilda), ? (Nurse)* Marian College 30 November 2001
Morley, Maureen, Tom Willmorth The Glass Mendacity Jeff Casazza Thomas Winget (Mitch O’Connor), Erin Reitz (Maggie the Cat), Anita L. Ross (Big Amanda DuBois/Laura DuBois), Brick Dubois (Himself [a mannequin]), Vanessa Buono (Blanche DuBois Kowalski), Ryan Doty (Stanley Kowalski), Brian K. Edgecomb (Big Daddy DuBois) Purdue University 28 October 2001
Moses, Itamar, based on characters of Charles Lutwidge Dodson and L. Frank Baum as adapted by Noel Langley Dorothy & Alice Rick Fonté Lesley Dial (Dorothy), Olivia Ann Strifler (Alice), Brent Burcroff (Billy) Bloomington Playwrights Project 27 May 2001
Myers, Carmen, John Buscemos (song) forthcoming cabaret (excerpt: “Sweet Dreams”) Carmen Myers (Herself trying to be Vivian Leigh) Indiana University 28 April 2002
Müller, Heiner, William Shakespeare (play Hamlet) Hamletmachine John C. Green, Adria K. Badgnani Meagen Hoffert, Margaret Murray, Jason Ober, Monika Ratner, Katelin Reeves, Ashley Rhodes, Erin Spears, Tiffany Wilson Butler University April 2003
Nagle, Jay & Dwayne Parks (B, L, M) And the Winner Is…. Jay Nagle Milton Britton, Jr. (Bill Salem), Jason Newkirk (Todd Melon), Kate Ayers (Carol Ann Miller-Meyer), Missi Canada (Joan Lawrence), Alex Effinger (Hally Cook), Katie Nathan (Pattie McCoy), April Armstrong (Kitten Wayne), Kate Lickliter (Chrystal Thomas), Sarah Nichols (Mary Miller), Emily Mansfield (Veta Pearce), Diondra McKinley (Susan Lane), Emily Farrow (Beth Reece), Anjella Marie Reed (Angela Osgood), Liz Hooper (Samantha Tiller), Emily Adams (Tina Wilson), Mariah Britton (Starlette O’Harris (Miss Pre-Pre Talent)), Calista McGinsie (Karla Cole (The Pre-Pre Queen)), Kim North (First Runner Up)), Sarah Adams (Daffodil Clark (Miss Pre-Pre-Pre Teen Queen)), Bradley Showalter (Little Tom Jones), Craig Baumgart (Tom Brown), Ethan Jackson (Sick Tom Green), Kevin Harris (Chuck Upton), Sandie Frazier (Mrs. Sallie Cook), Karrie Finke (Mrs. Gerry Miller), Amber Jackson (Marsha Miller), Anne Adams (Mrs. Kay Thomas), Josh Stuteville (Mrs. Millie Pierce), Hannah Boswell (Tina Pearce), Michelle Boswell (Mrs. Shirley Tiller), Joan Showalter (Mrs. Beaullah  Marshall), Lisa McGinsie (Mrs. Gertrude Sign), Dwayne Parks (Maestro) Totally New Theatre/Talented Kids, Adults & Teens/Garfield Arts Center 19 August 2001
Nagle, Jay, Dwayne Parks (B, L, M) Dracula-la-la Jay Nagle Gary R. Lott (Count Drayno), Josh Stuteville (Vlad), Alex Marie Effinger (Katrina), Barry McFarlane (Yorg), Sandie Frazier (Hilda), Brian Frazier (Rennie), April Armstrong (Gypsy), Joan Showalter (Sister Klotz), Julie Lerczak Males (Maria Camphophanek), Seth Maxwell (Jonnie), Emily Mansfield (Joni), Bradley Showalter (Brian), Thomas Migliano (Tom), Diondra McKinley (Carol), Neil Teideman (Baron Von Stalker, the Burgermeister), William Engelking (Delivery Person/Ghoul), Missi Canada (Elvira, Castle Ghoul), Kevin Harris, Paula Kerr, Stuart Showalter, Zoe Freeland, Karrie Finke, Hannah Boswell, J. Alyn Hurst (The Castle Ghouls) Talented Kids, Adults & Teens/Garfield Arts Center 27 October 2001
Nagle, Jay (B&L), Dwayne Parks (B, M, L) Dreamweaver Jay Nagle Mary-Margaret Sweeney (Jennifer), Carol Sweeney (Jennifer’s Mother/Demar), Don Becker (Jennifer’s Father/Balori), Mark A. Peed (Zaran), Griffy Housemeyer (Zac), April Armstrong (Galondria), Jay Nagle (King Mozac), Josh Stuteville (Queen Morganzia), Ariadne Baker-Dunn (Menza), George Dunn (The Guard), Neil Tiedeman (Carson), Jill Whelan (Tessa), Patrick Whelan Mullen (Willum), Mariah Britton (Zena), Missi Canada (Ryana), Sarah Nichols (Fortenza), Paula Kerr (Carpa), Diondra McKinley (Geral), Milton Britton, Jr. (Town Crier), Gabriel Canada (Tapoda), Ethan Jackson (Morlen), Ashley Jackson (Willow), Emily Farrow (Shevel) Talented Kids, Adults & Teens/Garfield Arts Center 14 June 2001
Nagle, Jay, Dwayne Parks (B, L, M) Ecologic Jay Nagle Dwayne Parks (Mr. Epa), April Armstrong (Mother Earth), Ashley Schultz (Beauty), Emily Mansfield (Judge), Diondra McKinley (Judge), Savannah Smith (Judge), Brian Frazier (Fish), Seth Maxwell (Fish), Ariadne Baker-Dunn (Tree), Patrick Whelan Mullen (Tree), Rachel Konchinsky-Pate (Air), Bradley Ahowalter (Air), Emily Adams, Mary-Margaret Sweeney (Beauty’s court) Talented Kids, Adults & Teens/Garfield Arts Center 19 April 2002
Nagle, Jay (B&L), Dwayne Parks (M&L) In the Mind’s Eye Jay Nagle Barry McFarlane (Edward VII/Prince Eddy (Albert Victor)/”Albert Sickert”), Carol Sweeney (Princess Alexandra/East Ender), Arrin Stoner (Walter Sickert), Karrie L. Finke (Mrs. Bedlow/East Ender), Julie Lerzak Males (Annie Elizabeth Crook), Laura Dumka (Mary Jane Kelly), Ariadne Baker-Dunn (Alice Margaret Crook/East Ender), Ploi Shipman (Ellen Sickert/East Ender), David Dale (Lord Salisbury/East Ender), April Armstrong (Mary Ann Polly Nichols), Patricia Dorwin (Annie Chapman), Carol Beth Shaefer (Elizabeth Stride), Mark A. Peed (Sir William Gull), Savannah Smith (The Nurse/East Ender), Kevin E. Harris (John Netley), Milton Britton, Jr. (News Hawker One), Donald A. Becker (News Hawker Two), Dan Alexander (News Hawker Three), George Dunn (News Hawker Four), Paula Kerr, Zoe Ann Freeland, Grace Shaefer, Diondra McKinley, Natalie Wilson, Noel Z. Brimmage, Mary-Margaret Sweeney, Laura Jo Rogers, Mariah Britton, Brian Frazier, Rachel Konchinsky-Pate (East Enders) Talented Kids, Adults & Teens/Garfield Arts Center 15 March 2001
Nagle, Jay, Dwayne Parks In the ‘Nick’ of Time Jay Nagle Donald A. Becker (Santa Claus), Margaret Ann Spencer (Mrs. Santa Claus), The Red Elves:  Ploi Shipman (Timmy), Deriane Yates (Hobbie), Brian Frazier (Silly), Bradley Showalter (Beam), Anna Williams (Shortie), Diondra McKinley (Toots), Patrick Whelan Mullen (Drummie), Cavan McGinsie (Tapper), Grace Shaefer (Sprinkle)  The Green Elves:  Laura Dumka (Barthema), Milton Britton, Jr. (Pickie), Jessi Caudill (Lusie), Carol Beth Shaefer (Slug), Karrie Finke (Pistol)  The Mortals:  Rachel Konchinsky-Pate (Kim), Ashlee Edgemon (Karen), Sandie Frazier (Mother)  The Toys:  Calista McGinsie (Ballerina), Renee Brickley (Clown), Jay Nagle (Bear), Alexandra King (Marionette), Zoe Freeland (Soldier), Paula Kerr (Soldier), Lisa McGinsie (Mother #2) Talented Kids, Adults & Teens/Garfield Arts Center 17 December 2000
Nagle, Jay, Dwayne Parks Last Hotel–This Exit! Jay Nagle Wanda Sewell (Bunny LaFloy (Aging B Movie Queen)), Arrin Stoner (Tommy Rogers (New B Movie Heart Throb)), Jay Nagle (Eric Von Stump (Famous B Movie Director)), Barry MacFarlane (Larry (The Cameraman)), Jason Newkirk (Skeeter Clark (Script Girl and Confidant)), Debbie Jones (Nanny (A Retired Stage Actress, R.S.C.)), Brian Frazier (Freddie (An Aging Child Star), Dan Alexander (Harry (Actor, Stage Hand, Waiter)), Amy Jo Riggs (Sally (Actress, Beautician)), Katie Nathan (Bubbles (Actress, Student)), Missi Canada (Sandy (Actress, Cheerleader)), Sara Hall (Laverne (Actress, Model)), Barry MacFarlane (Peter Little (The Detective)), ? (The Voice) Talented Kids, Adults & Teens/Garfield Arts Center 29 October 2000
Nagle, Jay, Dwayne Parks (B, L, M) On Your Own Jay Nagle Atlantiscitiens:  Justine Earls (Mother), Missi Canada (Coda), Brianna Fledderman (Tue), Emily Adams (Ky), April Armstrong (Sara), Sabrina Allen (Susu), Katie Nathan (Kwix), Mary-Margaret Sweeney (Tote), William Engelking (Pez), Diondra McKinley (Picture Looker), Jeremy Boswell (Charmin), Ashley Kern (Vanna), Elizabeth Hooper (Dart), Hannah Boswell (Dale)  Newcitiens:  Marty Casanova (Bear), Bradley Showalter (Boot), Ashten Lester (Tag), Sarah Adams (Angel)  Noncitiens:  Mark A. Peed (Cat), Chris Earls (Dr. Tobias) Talented Kids, Adults & Teens/Garfield Arts Center 24 March 2002
Nagle, Jay, Dwayne Parks Promises, Lies & Other Addictions Jay Nagle April Armstrong, Seth Maxwell, Diondra McKinley, Katie Nathan, Sarah Nichols, Jason Newkirk, Mary-Margaret Sweeney, Savannah Smith Talented Kids, Adults & Teens/Garfield Arts Center 13 May 2001
Nagle, Jay (B&L), Dwayne Parks (M,L,B) Slammer! Jay Nagle Dwayne Parks (Judge Whopper/Ruby Tuesday), Kate Ayers (Doris Dingle), Woody Rau (Tony Tony), Mark A. Peed (Warden Ima De Zell), Patricia Drozda (Phyllis Snead), Marti Meeker (Rita Fay), Kevin E. Harris (Johnny Hung), April Armstrong (Rhonda Corner), Josh Stuteville (Miss Dee Lite), Amy Walters (Rhonda Corillo), Laura Dumka (Stella Sands), Julie Lerzak Males (Countess Van Der Veer of Tatania), Sandie Frazier (Mitzy Morning), Missi Canada (Dixie Cupp), Paula Kerr (Rita Wrap), Karrie Finke (Betty Thef) National Comedy Theatre/Controlled Riot Productions/Skrapelgan Productions 9 August 2001
Nagle, Jay (B,L,M), Dwayne Parks (M,L,B), Hans Christian Anderson (story) Sticks:  The Little Match Girl Jay Nagle Rachel Konchinsky-Pate (Lizzie Billingsford), Chris Earls (Bertie Billingsford), Paula Kerr (Beatrice Billingsford), Missi Canada (Arthur), Laura Dumka (Eleonore Miles), Kelly Davis (Margaret Farnsworth), Rachel Guest (Bronwyn Farnsworth), Mary-Margaret Sweeney (Mary Farnsworth), Don Becker (William Mars), Neil Tiedeman (Reginald Hunt), Ashley Kern (Jeanette Starks/Lizzie Double), Hannah Boswell (Beth Ford/Young Lizzie), Sabrina Allen (Vera Hampton), J. Alyn Hunt (Sam Wilson), Diondra McKinley (Anne Cromwell), Michelle Boswell (Polly Stiles), April Armstrong (Irene Burnes), Craig Steele (Winston Palmer), William Engelking (Charles Goodwing), Jeremy Boswell (Harold Splinter), Jordan Young (Thomas Moore), Mark A. Peed (Jon Chapman) Talented Kids, Adults & Teens/Garfield Arts Center 15 December 2001
Newman, Molly (B), Barbara Damashak (B,L,M), Patricia Cooper and Norma Bradley Allen (book The Quilters:  Women and Domestic Art) Quilters Tracy Manning Kathy Bradford (Jolene/Prude), Linda Collins (Lily/Fire), Teri Dunbar (Maybelle/Old Woman), Patty Evans (Sarah Mackenzie Rouse/Dr. Blake), Samantha Harris (Elizabeth), Tracy Manning (Pa/Lavinia/Cowboy), Roxanne Tarbert  (Miss Jessie) Center Stage Productions/Southport Presbyterian Church 10 August 2001
Nicewonger, Gina, Roald Dahl (story) Georgy Porgy Gina Nicewonger Shannon Bracken (Miss Prattley), Sarah McGregor (Miss Montgomery Smith), Kris Owens (Doctor), Bobby Richards (Boris), Katie G. Rieke (Miss Unwin), Natalie D. Sallee (Miss Elphinstone), Samantha Sapp (Clare/Miss Roach), Ellen Shnier (Lady Birdwell/Miss Foster), Joseph Williams (Georgie) Ball State University 14 April 2002
Nicewonger, Gina, Peggy Rathmann (book) Officer Buckle and Gloria Gina Nicewonger Megan Goepfrich (Narrator), Anthony James Sirk (Officer Buckle), Jamie Leann Marshall (Gloria), Teresa Reynolds (Mrs. Toppel), Katherine Callison (Clare), Bryan Campbell (Student 1/Adminstrator 1), Beth Ziliak (Student 2/Administrator 2) Ball State University 23 April 2002
Nietzsche’s Trailer Park Jellyfish Like It David Shapiro Peter Cilella, Dannon Lee Crews, Chris Goldfarb, Lindsay Hannah, Sara Locker, Leonard Pigg III, Jeff Ridenour, David Shapiro Theatre on the Square 21 September 2001
Nicholson, William Shadowlands Tracy Manning Dan Flahive (Clive Staples “Jack” Lewis), Brian McDonald (Warnie Lewis), David Kingsworthy (Christopher Riley), Dave Vinson (Harry Harrington), Luke Renn (Alan Gregg/Doctor), Craig Hall (Maurice Oakley), Amy McCabe (Helen Joy Gresham Davidman), Kieran Dean (Douglas Davidman), Marshall Tullos (Waiter/Priest), Susan Dean (Registrar/Nurse) Center Stage Productions/Southport Presbyterian Church 19 May 2001
Norman, Marsha ‘Night Mother Wendy Ward Cathy McGraw (Jessie), Emma Olson (Thelma) The Ward Studio Theatre Advanced Performance Workshop 2005?
Norman, Marsha (B & L), Lucy Simon (M), Frances Hodgson Burnett (novel) The Secret Garden Elaine Wagner Robin Peet (Lily), Lindsay Hearn (Mary Lennox), Carla Crandall (Mrs. Medlock), Daniel T. Shockley (Dr. Neville Craven), Lori Joffs (Martha), Thom Brown (Archibald Craven), “Doc” Thornton Klos (Ben Weatherstaff), Brett Clements (Dickon), Evan Williamson (Colin Craven), Bill Brothers (Livery Man/Photographer), Diane Reed (Mrs. Winthrop), Liz Landwehr (Nurse/Alice), Ashton McMahon (Jane/Ashton), Betsy Bullis (Rose Lennox), Tim Williamson (Captain Albert Lennox), Tim Payne (Lieutenant Wright), Joe Schwab (Lieutenant Shaw), Doug Peet (Major Holmes), Susan Townsend (Claire Holmes), Ted Mast (Fakir), Carolyn Tinsley (Ayah), Monica Brothers (Photographer’s Assistant), Alex Hearn (Alex), Chelsea Duckwall (Chelsea) The Belfry Theatre 30 June 2000
Norman, Marsha (B & L), Lucy Simon (M), Frances Hodgson Burnett (novel) The Secret Garden Tesha Franklin Jill Bradley (Lilly), Grace Morgan (Mary Lennox), Kathy Maves (Mrs. Medlock), Eric T. Schroeder (Dr. Neville Craven), Shanna Camacho, Ryan Dietrich (Archibald Craven), David Priest (Ben Weatherstaff), James P. Wills (Dickon), Morgan Moncada (Colin Craven), Laura Brumback (Mrs. Winthrop), Liz Maves (Rose Lennox), Terry Dotson (Cap. Albert Lennox), Melissa Collins (Alice), Jason Pickering (Lieut. Wright), Sean Johnson (Lieut. Shaw), Joseph Hawkins (Maj. Shelley), David Blose (Maj. Holmes), Bethany Rhodes (Claire Holmes), Nathan Jones (Fakir), Zach Hill (Timothy/Taunting Child), Julia Hill (Nurse/Taunting Child), Lindsay Hill (Jane), Kristin Dulaney (Tabatha/Taunting Child), Karissa Salyer (Beatrice), Terry Keesling, Robyn Dyer, Tyler Franklin, Casey Jamerson, Tyler Dwiggins, Erin Cheatham, Emily Stottlemyer Anderson’s Mainstage Theatre 28 September 2001
Nottage, Lynn Crumbs from the Table of Joy Timothy Bond Kim Awon (Ernestine Crump/Divine Angel), Tiffany D. Jones (Ermina Crump/Devout Mary), David Alan Anderson (Godfrey Crump/Godfrey Goodness), Maya Thomas (Lily Ann Green), Michelle O’Neill (Gerte Schulte Crump) Indiana Repertory Theatre 1 November 2000
Odets, Clifford Waiting for Lefty David McDonald Timothy Lawton (Fatt), Ryan Cole (Gunman), Kevin Callaghan (Joe), Sarah Tranchina (Edna), Donny Londono (Irv), Caitlin McGee (Florence), Regan Featherstone (Sid), Sammi Cohen (Miller), Justin Scalzo (Fayette), Tavis E. Doucette (Doctor Barnes), Lissa Bak (Dr. Benjamin), Brett Radek (Clayton (Clancy)), Joe Pagones (Agate), Courtney Sowinski (Messenger (Sara)), Maddy Clemens (Voice) Wagner College 10 October 2009
O’Neill, Eugene Ah, Wilderness! Janet Allen Joseph Culliton (Nat Miller, owner of the Evening Globe), Priscilla Lindsay (Essie, his wife), Andrew C. Aherns (Arthur, their son), Jason Ober (Richard, their son), Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe (Mildred, their daughter), Dylan Shelton (Tommy, their son), Mark Goetzinger (Sid Davis, Essie’s brother), Lynne Perkins (Lily Miller, Nat’s sister), Kristin Lennox (Nora, the Millers’ maid), R. Brian Noffke (David McComber, dry goods merchant), Ellen Morgan (Muriel, his daughter), Michael Shelton (Wint Selby, a classmate of Arthur’s at Yale), Wendy Rader (Belle), Robert Neal (Bartender), Mark Bertram (Salesman) Indiana Repertory Theatre 24 April 2002
Osborn, Paul, Lawrence Edward Watkin (novel) On Borrowed Time Ron Clark KeithWoodcock (John Guilford Northrup (Pud)), Kenneth Crouch (Julian Northrup (Gramps)), Jan Slattery (Nellie Northrup (Granny)), Joel Thompson (Mr. Brink), Denise Yoder (Marcia Giles), Vivian Nieman (Demetria Riffle), Nathan Nieman (A Boy),
Ron Beahm, Blake Janutolo (Workmen), Fredrick Shively (Dr. Evans), Keith Buehler (Mr. Pilbeam), Clyde Harting (Mr. Grimes), Ken Nieman (Sheriff Burlingame)
Logos Players at Anderson University 23 August 2002
Ott, Stewart and Gisa Ott Celebrate America:  Home of the Brave Stewart Ott and Gisa Ott Greg Anderson, Jami Anderson, Reo Chatwin, Shawn Childers, Jenny Childers, Officer Cooper (U.S. Army), Jennifer Fraley, Ashley Fraley, Audrey Fraley, Emily Fraley, Jacob Foist, Nathalie Gohiers, Patrick Gohiers, Daniel Harrison, Jared Heiby, Christian Colditz, Kim Larsen, Elliott Lewis, Stewart Ott, Gisa Ott, Georden Ott, Tyler Ott, Zachary Ott, Jeff Riser, Jacque Riser, Dalton Riser, Joseph Rodriguez (U.S. Marines), Cara Siebenthal, Ken Stoker, Shelly Stoker, Jamie Stoker, David Stoker, Richard Tensmeyer, Mary Tensmeyer, Julianna Toney, Karl Wagner (Narrator 1), Dwayne Whitehead, Lynn Whitehead, Rebecca Whitehead, Dorthea Whitehead, Andrew Whitehead Good Works, Incorporated/Eaton Hall 1 September 2001
Owens, Craig Tender Jeff Skora Rian Anderson (John Lewis), Anne Peterson (Emily Marcus), Jennifer Wire (Laura), Scot Shamblin (Male Patient) Bloomington Playwrights Project 27 May 2001
Ours, Su, et al. Holiday Cabaret with Su Ours featuring SuOursVivor Su Ours Su Ours (Su), David Caldwell (David), Scott, Beth, Georgia, Garry The Phoenix Theatre 30 December 2000
Pacal Votan Performance Theatre Club A Taste of Broadway Lauren D’Aversa, Danielle Hernandez, Anthony LoGatto, Robert Mohoney, Kristin Maniord, Matthew Martucci, Marissa Murray, Angel Paradis, Ali Sattar, David Resultan,, Edward Turner, Teresa Valerio The College of Staten Island March 2009
Parker, Trey (B, L, M), Joe Donnelly (transcription and arrangement) Cannibal! The Muscial Joel Pierson Abigail Kay (Card Girl), Daniel Benavent Williams (Israel Swan/Lynch Mob Dancer), Martin Duke Wilson (Alfred G. “Alferd” Packer), Danny Townsend (George “California” Noon/Lynch Mob Dancer), Tyler Andrews (Shannon Wilson  Bell), Victor Kinzer (James Humphrey/Lynch Mob Dancer), Barry Little (Frank Miller/Executioner), Jim Hettmer (Warren Mills), Jenni McDaniel Bauer (Polly Pry (Mrs. Leonel Ross O’Bryan)), Scot Shamblin (Noon’s Father/Humphrey’s Father/Chief of the Nihonjin), Kay Olges (Crazy Old Ralph/Dangerous Bar Slut/Lynch Mob Dancer), Elif Ogan (Store Clerk/Sheriff Cyrus W. “Doc” Shores of Lake City), Dana Dyer Pierson (Jean “Frenchy” Cabazon), Philip Anderson (Preston Nutter/Ed the Cyclops), Tony Brewer (O.D. Loutsenhizer), Ben Olges (Junichi/Judge/Sheriff Amos Wall of Saguache/Lynch Mob Dancer), Soriya Pok (Indian Princess/Lynch Mob Dancer), Emerson La Joie (Nihonjin/Saloon Waitress/Lynch Mob Dancer), Lara Weaver (Nihonjin/Prostitute/Horse Rangler/Lynch Mob Dancer), Andrea Olges (Nihonjin/Black Cat/Snowman/Lynch Mob Dancer/Tiny Tim) Mind’s Ear Audio Productions/John Waldron Arts Center 14 October 2000
Patrick, John The Curious Savage Rockland Brooks Mers Amanda D. Lyons (Florence), Roger Ortman (Hannibal), Jennifer McConnell (Fairy Mae), Kevin Lind (Jeffrey Meredith), Rachel McGinnis (Mrs. Paddy), LeBron Benton (Titus Savage), Mike Price (Samuel Savage), Kathryn Johnston (Lily Belle Savage), Linda Charbonneau (Ethel Savage), Jenifer Henry (Miss Wilhelmina), Charles Dibble (Dr. Emmett) Shawneee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 23 July 2000
Patrick, John Lo and Behold Blaine Jarrett Edward J. Mitro (Milo Alcott), Jeffrey Neese (Mr. Wingate), Shelby Metze (Daisy Durdle), Parrish W. Williams (Dr. Robert Dorsey), Brandy Mynatt (Minnetonka Smallflower), Eric Mills (Kenneth Moore), Debbie Williams (Honey Wainwright), John Kastner (Jack McDougal) Buck Creek Players May 2000
Payne, John Howard Charles the Second Robert J. Rini Daylon Blind (Charles the Second/”Jack”), Steven Cole Johnson (Rochester/”Tom”), Andrea Dixon (Cook Copp), Helena Hutchins (Mary Coppham), William Engelking (Edward/”Georgini”) Stage Actos Workshop at Garfield Park MacAllister Center 4 September 2002
Petrick, John The Appearance of Impropriety Zach McCoy Matthew A. Rozek (Rudy), Catherine Nading (Gail), Jason Ober (Terence), Andrew C. Aherns (Ames O’Connell), Margaret “Len” Stewart (Cindy), Jeffrey Owen McGregor (Judge Malfetti) Butler University 1 December 2001
Pendleton, Shelby Modeling ? Shelby Pendleton (The Madam), Kelly Shoger (The Girl)* North Central High School 1993
Perry, Jamie Lynn Little Ones Eduardo Torres Cliff Schwartz (James), Kara Klein (Lilly) Indiana University 28 April 2002
Perry, Jamie Lynn The Stars Have No Answers Molly Thomas Brian Levin (John E. “Jack” Drake), Michael Sykes (Vince), Brittney Powell (Jane Drake), David Guess (Nick Drake) Indiana University 2 May 2001
Perkins, Lynne (B) Where the Heart Is Lynne Perkins Lynne Perkins (Herself), Terry Woods (Pianist) Indianapolis Art Center 17 August 2001
Peterson, Katie Mr. Boniface, The Wise Sara Cunningham Patricia Drozda (Inga Abrams), Rachel Simpson (Angora Abrams), Megan Baskin (Gerty Abrams), Ray Tice (Mr. Barry Capshaw) Indiana University 2 May 2001
Pfeffinger, Eric, Charles Dickens (novel A Christmas Carol) Scrooge Variations Richard Ford Bob Baird (Bob Cratchit, Gentleman 2, Five Minutes Ago, Dick Wilkins), Maria Rose Dahman (Mrs. Cratchit, Talk Show Host, Ensemble), Nicole Bruce (Maid, Belinda Cratchit, Niece), Jeremy Cross (Old Man [Lloyd], Present), Brian G. Hartz (Past, Gentleman 1), Phil Kasper (Ebenezer Scrooge), Annelise Kent-Isaac (Want, Martha Cratchit), Madeline Krause (Mr. Martini, Ensemble), Rachel-Marie James (Petra Cratchit), Ian Martin (Scrooge as a Boy, as a Young Man), Jeff Radue (Jacob Marley, Fred), Sylvia Panigada (Ignorance, Wise Man 3), Nathan Stanger (Tech Support/Wise Man 1), Samuel Torneo (Tiny Tim), Robert Wolanin (Fezziwig, Wise Man 2), Kelley Bilski (Future) Bloomington Playwrights Project 16 December 2001
Piave, Francesco Maria (libretto), Giuseppe Verdi (M), Victor Hugo (play Le Roi s’amuse) Rigoletto Tito Capobianco Nathan Payas (The Duke of Mantua), Toffer Mihalka (Borsa, a courtier), Betsy Bare (Countess Ceprano), Andrew Oakden (Rigoletto, court jester), Weston Hurt (Marullo, a courtier), Jordan Bisch (Count Ceprano), Jason Moon (Count Monterone), Robert Allen Saunders (Sparafucile, a professional assassin), Kristine Winkler (Gilda, Rigoletto’s daughter), Lindsey Falduto (Giovanna, her companion), Rebecca Ball (A Court Page), Laura Vlasek Nolen (Maddalena, Sparafucile’s Sister), William Brooke, Christopher Burchett, Heath Calvert, Alphonso Cherry, Ron Donenfield, W. Cody Dry, Emilio Jimenez-Pons, Tim Kuhn, Charles Metzger, Jeffrey Monette, Joey Puglis, Russell Schimmer, Jeremy Truhel (Courtiers), Bradley Wisk (An Officer), Michael Forbes, David Reinwald (Soldiers), Caroline Gilbert, Cori McConn, Hanna Mordoh, S. Beth Parlier (Pages of the Court), Jacqueline Burchett, Amy Lynn Call, Allison Fay, Lisa Lowry, Dea Lunsford, Kristina Jenkins, Courtney Mills, Kinga Skretkowicz (Courtesans), Katherine Barber, Heather Barringer, Julia Jamel, Sarah Hendricks, Jenna Maule, Sarah Ripp, Anna Saunders, Gina Ahn Shiotani, Nicole Harden, Thor Lok Johnson, Robert Benirschke, Scott Harris, Michael Bush (Dancers) Indiana University 2 March 2001
Piave, Francesco Maria (libretto), Giuseppe Verdi (M), Victor Hugo (play Le Roi s’amuse) Rigoletto (concert version) Warren Huffman  (Rigoletto), Kathleen Miles (Gilda), Charles Morris (Duke), Stephanie Urfer (Maddalena/Countess Ceprano/Giovanna), Ilberto Lagana (Ceprano/Monterone/Sparafucile) Ardamore Chamber Opera at the Donnell Library Center 15 April 2007
Piave, Francesco Maria (libretto), Giuseppe Verdi (M), Alexandre Dumas, fils (novel and play La Dame aux Camélias) La Traviata Mark Ross Clark Jacqueline Thompson Burchett (Violetta Valery), Erik Friedman (Baron Douphol, her benefactor), Jennifer Feinstein (Flora Bervoix, friend of Violetta), Jason R. Plourde (Marquis Renard, Flora’s benefactor), Jin Hwan Byun (Alfredo Germont), Jeffrey Monette (Giorgio Germont, his father), John Sears (Gastone, a friend of Violetta and Alfredo), Benjamin Gelfland (Doctor Grenvill, a friend of Violetta), Samantha Malk (Annina, Violetta’s Maid), Brittany Snyder (Dancer), Sloane Artis, Galen Baughman, Sara M. Beddow, Colleen Brooks, Cáitlín Burke, Chris Carducci, Christi Champ, Woo Young Chang, Rob Clendening, Carol Dusdieker, Sam Elders, Asa Fradkin, Rachel Fulton, Juan-Miguel Gallegos, Annie Gill, Christopher L. Grooms, Jessica Julin, Amy Kennelly, Melissa S. Korzec, Adam Menninga, Matthew Mindrum, James Neff, Leanne Nichter, Laura Vlasak Nolen, Anna Noggle, Nathan Payas, Shaunica Pridgin, Kristen Robinson, David Sievers, Laura Stickle, Benjamin Tyrrel, Tamara Wapinsky, Josh Whitener, Bradley Wisk (Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends and Guests of Violetta and Flora, Lackeys) Indiana University 7 March 2003
Piave, Francesco Maria (libretto), Giuseppe Verdi (M), Alexandre Dumas, fils (novel and play La Dame aux Camélias) La Traviata Nathaniel Merchant Jennifer Cobb (May 14 & 22), Stephanie Dawn Johnson (May 15 & 21) (Violetta Valery, a French courtesan), Scott Williamson (May 14 & 22), Christopher Haney (May 15 & 21) (Alfredo Germont, her suitor), Kathleen Myrick (May 14 & 22), Shanna Lesniak (May 15 & 21) (Flora Bervoix, her friend, a courtesan), Andrew McQuery (May 14 & 22), Scott Reiburn (May 15 & 21) (Baron Douphol, Violetta’s protector), Nathan Resika (May 14), Christopher Clayton (May 15, 21 & 22) (Marquis D’Obigny, Flora’s protector), Brian Frutiger (May 14 & 22), Benjamin-Eduoard Savoie (May 15 & 21) (Gastone, Alfredo’s friend), Benjamin de la Fuente (May 14 & 22), Kurt Steinhauer (May 15 & 21) (Dr. Grenvil, Violetta’s physician), Melissa Kelly (May 14 & 22), Julianne Davis (May 15 & 21) (Annina, Violetta’s maid), Ryan Kinsella (May 14  & 22), Ron Loyd (May 15 & 21) (Giorgio Germont, Alfredo’s father), Michael Del Valle (Giuseppe, Violetta’s valet/Don Pequillo/Party guest of Violetta and Flora), Robert Roper (Major Domo to Flora/Party guest of Violetta and Flora), Joseph N. Levine (A Messenger/Party guest of Violetta and Flora), Danielle Fisk, Katie Horn, Rebecca Rizzo, Olga Shyp (Gyspy Girls/ Party guests of Violetta and Flora), Klara Zikova (Haughty Andalusian Maid/Party guest of Violetta and Flora), Nico Boccio, Alexandra Christoforakis, Scott Andrew Hutchins, Helen Lyons, Glynn Mapes, Cophelia Pertez, Lillian Redl, Nathan Resika, James Roacher, Benjamin-Eduoard-Savoie, Kaspar Schroeter, Bohdan Sikora, Kathryn Alicia Tate, Patricia Washington (Party guests of Violetta and Flora), Edgardo Heredia, Emmanuel Heredia (Servants) The Bronx Opera Company at Lehman College (May 14 & 15), at Hofstra University (May 21 & 22) 14, 15, 21, 22 May 2004
Pielmeier, John Agnes of God Anna D. Shapiro Jan Lucas (Dr. Martha Livingstone), Priscilla Lindsay (Mother Miram Ruth), Sara Laudonia (Agnes) Indiana Repertory Theatre 20 March 2002
Pinter, Harold Ashes to Ashes Craig Owens Amanda Renée Baker (Rebecca), Joe Gaines (Devlin) John Waldron Arts Center Rose Firebay 2 February 2002
Pinter, Harold The Lover Noah Alexis Tuleja Carol Enoch (Sara/Mary/Delores), Ian Morin (Richard/Max), Jonathan Molitor (Milkman) Indiana University 13 December 2001
Poinsinet, Antoine Alexandre (B&L), English version by Adrian Slater, François-André Philidor (M), Henry Fielding (novel) Tom Jones A. Scott Parry Nathan Bick (Tom Jones, an orphan and ward of Mr. Allworthy), Laura Staring (Sophia Western, only daughter to Mr. Western), Adam Boyles (Mr. Western, a member of Parliament), Elizabeth Kincaid (Mrs. Western, unmarried twin sister to Mr. Western), Heather Nicole Winter (Mrs. Honour, companion to Sophia), William Brooke (Blifil, nephew and heir to Mr. Allworthy), K. Samuel Spade (Mr. Allworthy, a member of Parliament), Michael Mentzel  (Mr. Dowling, political assistant to Mr. Allworthy) Indiana University 28 April 2001
Polsgrove, Cora Beatles in the Bathtub Cassie Sloane Winston Fiore (Ringo Starr), Nahum Martin (George Harrison), Matt Meyer (Paul McCartney), Dan Scales (John Lennon) Bloomington Playwrights Project 27 May 2001
Pomerance, Bernard The Elephant Man Michael Kleeberg Earl W. Campbell, II (Dr. Frederick Treves), John D. Albertson (F.C. Carr Gomm), Josh Hedge (Ross), Emmett Lee Bales (John Merrick), Alyx Brinkman, Ashley Mansfield, Ashley Armento, Carla Kleeberg (Pinheads), Jeremiah Duddleston, Tom Bryan (Belgian Policemen), Dallas Barger (London Policeman), Jeff Shull (Man, at Fairgrounds), Larry Rees (Conductor), John Huston (Bishop Walsham How), Matt Goebel (Snork), Amber Nicole Dilger (Mrs. Madge Kendal), Elizabeth Coffey (Countess), Cheryl Anderson (Princess Alexandra), Jonathan Stoner (Lord John), Mary Margaret Wilbanks (Nurse Sandwich), Michelle Jones, Patricia Huggins (Siamese Twins), Jerry Burchard (Priest) Muncie Civic Theatre 17 November 2000
Popp, Ron Coming Home Mark J. Michalak Gregory Tarbert (James Milburn), Kevin Grow (John Milburn), Jennifer Childers (Jackie Milburn), Irwin Sparkes (Eric), Chandra Jeanette Biehl DeNap (Cindy Milburn) University of Indianapolis 20 April 2001
Porter, Jenna Forgiveness (staged reading) Terri Hansen Amy Kathleen Palm (Kayla), Brian Kramer (Jeremy), Eric R. Ratliff (Alex), Stephanie A. Huffer (Hillary), Greg Stahlhut (A Gideon), Chris Kent (Jason), Jenna Porter (Narrator) Franklin College 29 September 2000
Porter, Jenna Forgiveness Jenna Porter Katharine McDermott Swanson (Kayla “pure and virginal”), Joseph R.L. Benek (Jeremy “God will uplift”), Drew Whitmore (Alex “protector of mankind”), Laura Renée Meyer (Hillary “cheerful”), Jay “Flip” Michael Pentzien (A Gideon), Keith Freeman (Jason “healer”) Franklin College 10 March 2001
Power, Will The Gathering:  A Hip-Hop Theatre Journey to the Meeting Places of Black Men Will Power Will Power (DJ Ray/Jazz Drummer/Jazz Bass/Jazz Piano/Jazz Saxophone/Pop/ Reverend/J(ason)/Sheila/Dave/Little Lee/Troy/Jo Jo/Troy’s Daddy/Stu/Bounce Bounce/Sure Shot/Smooth/O.G. (Woodrow)/Young T) The Phoenix Theatre 27 October 20000
Press-Coffman, Toni Bodies and Hearts in the Face of the Monster Bryan D. Fonseca Jennifer Fisk (Jennifer), Ronn Johnstone (Ray), Julia Matias (Anabelle), Deborah Sargent (Lillian), Bill Simmons (Glenn), Jason Andrew Todd (Jose Angel) The Phoenix Theatre 5 July 2001
Press-Coffman, Toni (B), tony Artis (L & M) La Sangre Llama Bryan D. Fonseca. Michael Shelton The Phoenix Theatre 16 May 2003
Press-Coffman, Toni Touch Bryan D. Fonseca Aaron Roman Weiner (Kyle Kalke), Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha (Benjamin “Benny” Locasto), Kelli Walker (Serena), Beverly Roche (Kathleen) The Phoenix Theatre 19 August 1999
Rabe, David In the Boom Boom Room Erik Anderson [as Happy Anderson] Emily Schwartz (Chrissy), Brian G. Hartz (Harold), Lauren Sharpe (Susan), Jennifer Bulla (Vikki), Melissa Joy Nedell (Melissa), Mary Hubbell Carothers (Sally), Arian Moayed (Eric), Ira G. Amyx (Al), Peter Gerharz (Ralphie), Tom Ridgely (Guy), Emily Zoss (Helen), Wick [Jayson R. Wickenkamp] (Man) Indiana University 28 April 2001
Rahe, John Well, I’m Going (staged reading) John Rahe Gary Grayson (Will), Emily Schwartz (Sarah) The Algonquin Project/Wheeler Arts Community 17 November 2002
Ray, Connie, Alan Bailey (conception), John Foley, Gary Fagin (music arrangers) The Sanders Family Christmas Kathleen Clarke Horrigan Chris Earls (Reverend Mervin Oglethorpe), Meredith L. Granger (Burl Sanders), Linda Fennimore Terrel (Vera Sanders), Ed Trout (Stanley Sanders), Tim Hunt (Dennis Sanders), Donna Aragon (Denise Sanders), Julie Inskeep (June Sanders), Jeff Hamilton (Miss Maude), Shannon M. Fields (Miss Myrtle) Theatre on the Square 15 December 2000
Redhill, Michael Building Jerusalem Darrell W. Spencer, Kelley M. Hoagland (multimedia) Melissa Russell (Alice), Justin Thompson (Karl Pearson), Jennifer Sansfacon (Augusta Stowe-Gullen), Laura Renée Meyer (Adelaide Hoodless), Matt Smith (Silas Tertius Rand), Randy Cox, Andrew Elsner (Footmen) Franklin College 21 Frebruary 2003
Reflex Reflex (improv show) Bill Jenkins Jeb Burris, Taylor Burris, Bryan Campbell, Nicholas Floyd, Kathryn Gilbert, Jeffrey Michael Lawhorn, Bobby Richards, Ryan E. Woodle, with Bill Jenkins (Taskmaster & Scorekeeper)* Ball State University 13 April 2002
Reiss, Jay Awkward Silences Jason Reed Ronnie Gilliam (Man), Jill Koenen (Woman) Butler University 26 April 2000
Reza, Yasmina, American translation by Christopher Hampton Art Tim Ocel Tim Grimm (Marc), Troy West (Serge), Christian Stolte (Yvan) Indiana Repertory Theatre 12 February 2002
Reza, Yasmina, American translation by Christopher Hampton Art Kristine Holtvedt Aaron Ousley (Marc), Jeremy Clark (Serge), Jacob Mucha (Yvan) Purdue University 6 April 2002
Rice, Tim (B&L), Andrew Lloyd Webber (M) Evita Claude McNeal, Mary Lou Szczesiul Shannon Forsell (Maria Eva Duarte Peron), Dave Ruark (Ernesto “Che” Guevara), Bob Motz (Juan Peron), Robyne J. Ault (Peron’s Mistress/People of Argentina), Jerry Panatieri (Augustin Magaldi), Stephanie Andrews, Lyné S. Allison, J.T. Black, Laurie Young-Cutsinger, Gail Eastburn, George Gill, “Doc” Thornton Klos, Brian T. Kohler, Julie Lerczak, Trena Lull, Luke McConnell, Lisa Meyers, Michael R. Mills, Joe Modlin, Renée Motz, Kristen Motz, Mike Murray, Jessica Phipps, Marc Plante, Dan Roach, Tim Spradlin, Gillian Tabler, Don Taylor, Rachel Tipton, Kevin A. West (People of Argentina), April Armstrong, Molly Bellner, Kate Bloemaker, Amy Brown, Alex Collins, Caleb Collins, Cassie Collins, Melody Cutsinger, Lauren Day, Betsy Green, Jessica Green, Katherine Green, Jackie Hawks, Katie Laux, Emily Logan, Amanda McNeal, Hannah Ogle, Adam Pitman, Elizabeth Przybyski, Kira Stout, Caitlin Tauer (Children) American Cabaret Theatre 1996
Rice, Tim (B&L), Andrew Lloyd Webber (M) Evita Camilla Upchurch Kathleen Clarke Horrigan (Maria Eva Duarte Peron), Tim Spradlin (Ernesto “Che” Guevara), Bill Hale (Juan Peron), Rich Baker (Augustin Magaldi/Ensemble), Erin Daugherty (La Piranha (Peron’s Mistress)), Emily Robbins (La Niña (The Little Girl)), Mark Allstatt (Bodyguard/Ensemble), Phil Bailey (Gay Clothier/Ensemble), Brett Clements (Soldier/Gay Clothier/Ensemble), Laurie Cronin (Mama Duarte/Ensemble), Lindsay Dean (Dead Evita/Ensemble), Jeff Hamilton (Eva’s first post-Magaldi lover/Ensemble), Ben Hilgert (Bodyguard/Ensemble), Amy Szczepanivk (Marguerita (Tango Dancer)/Ensemble), Angela Taylor (Substitute Slut/Ensemble), Amanda Archer, Marty Casanova, Jordan Cox, Phil Criswell, Shannon M. Fields, Scott Hainey, Liz Nichols, Curt S. Pickard (Ensemble) Footlite Musicals 15 October 2000
Rice, Tim (B&L), Andrew Lloyd Webber (M) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Philip H. Colglazier Georgeanna Orlich (Narrator), Mike Batten (Joseph), Brian Fisher (Jacob/Potiphar), John Hall (Reuben), Laurie Busch (Reuben’s Wife), Christopher Lee Davis (Simeon), Juli Inskeep (Simeon’s Wife), Rory D. Shivers (Levi/Butler), Sheri Wood (Levi’s Wife), Ed Trout (Napthali), Stacey Moye-Wiese (Napthali’s Wife), Joe D. King (Isaacher), E. Kelly McCormick (Isaacher’s Wife), Danté Jamar Lamonté Murray (Asher), Erin Marie Squire (Asher’s Wife), Tim Hunt (Dan), Trisha Wright (Dan’s Wife), Brad Jacobs (Zebulun), Brenda Smith (Zebulun’s Wife), Rick Shinkle (Gad/Baker), Kasey C. McCormick (Gad’s Wife), Nathaneal Welch (Benjamin), Jennifer R. Shoup (Benjamin’s Wife), Joshua Law (Judah), Sandy Parrott (Judah’s Wife), Matt Gibson (Ishmaelite/Guard), Cindy Johnson (Ishamaelite/Guard), Scott Kahler (Ishmaelite/Pharaoh), Monique Alhaddad (Mrs. Potiphar/Apache Dancer), Katie Arbuckle, Joshua Baker, Whitney Claytor, Tessa Click, Bri Cork, Lesley Curtis, Jonathan Duckworth, Mary Fisher, Benton Fletcher, Jennifer Hilden, Katie Hill, Stephanie Hinkle, Chris Jackson, Sophia Jacobs, Alice Laramore, Allyson McLoed, Margo Moore, Sara Oakland, Julie Rasor, Ellie Rupp, Lauryn Scott, Katie Smith, Allison Wootan, Kara Wright (Children’s Choir) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 16 September 2000
Rice, Tim (B, L), Andrew Lloyd Webber (M) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Michael J. Lasley Marni Lemons (Narrator), Matt Sumpter (Joseph), Jeff Angel (Jacob/Potiphar), Tom Beeler (Reuben), Jeff Van Paris (Simeon), Jeffrey Reeves (Levi), Joe Steiner (Napthali), Darrin Gowan (Issachar), Dennis Gill, Jr. (Asher), Stephen Reed (Dan), Kurt Swartz (Zebulon/Butler), Benjamin D. Tebbe (Gad), Michael McVey (Benjamin), Brandon Truax (Judah), Maria Conchita Morena (Ishmalite/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Katie Rieke (Ishmalite/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Molly Ritter (Camel/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Katie Stark (Camel/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Sherilyn Nott Foley (Potiphar’s Wife), Patty Sneed (Baker/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Dave Ruark (Pharaoh), Jennifer R. Shoup (Apache Dancer), Lauren Curry, Lauren Curtis, Sally Mitchell, Stacy Skubiszewski, Katie White, Ashley Wilcox (Wives/Dancers/Chorus), Lindsey Clark, Kylee Cooper, Kourtney Rashell Cooper, Zachary Cooper Donovan, Teeghan C. Doherty, Kourtney Forrester, Colleen Friedly, Dayne Gowan, Katelyn Hancock, Jamie Hook, Resha Reona Howard, Mary Keller, Chelsea McLean, Alex Smith, Amada Smith, Caitlin Smith, Natalie Swinford, Kristin Wafford, Kori Wood, Morgan Anita Wood (Children’s Choir) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 6 January 2001
Rice, Tim (B&L), Andrew Lloyd Webber (M), Terry F. Fox (1940s conception) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Terry F. Fox, Heather McGee Kate Huffman, Michelle Rhodes (Narrators), DeColby Hill (Joseph), Joshua Richardt (Potiphar/Men’s Chorus), Claire Kubacki (Mrs. Potiphar/Brother’s Wife), Patrick Shaffner (The “King”/Gad), Mark Gill (The Baker/Simeon), John Stadler (The Butler/Men’s Chorus/Slave Trader), Andrew Bean (Reuben), Adam Azman (Levi), Ricky Spivey (Napthali), Kyle McGrath (Isaacher), Peter Corey (Asher), Brad Boellner (Dan), Aaron McLane (Zebulon), Andrew White (Judah), Andrew Wahnsiedler (Benjamin), Molly Stark, Ashley Butler, Meredith Dreyer, Lauren Sakon, Courtney Kramer, Ashley Risk, Jessica Keyes, Stephanie Krespach, Sarah Campo, Lynn Smith (Brother’s Wives), Jamie Dowd (Dancer/Apache Dancer), Megan McGinnis (Dancer/Women’s Chorus), Lauren Sakon, Ashley Thornburg, Nicole Ferguson, Bridget Imburgia, (Dancers), K.C. Gumbel, (Dancer/Women’s Chorus), Kari Phelan (Dancer/Apache Dancer/Women’s Chourus), Patrick Koenig (Apache Dancer/Men’s Chorus/Slave Buyer), Andrew Azman (Men’s Chorus/Ishmaelite), Ben Phillippi (Men’s Chorus/Slave), Robbie Bethuram (Men’s Chorus/Ishmaelite), Tom Elliott (Men’s Chorus/Ishmaelite), Kyle Johnson (Men’s Chorus/Ishmaelite), Matt Johnston (Men’s Chorus/Slave), Patrick Stark (Men’s Chorus/Assistant Slave Trader), Alex Linville (Men’s Chorus/Assistant Slave Trader), Beth Pappas, Megan Simonton, Lindsay Sapp (Women’s Chorus/Harem Girl), Ashley Garber, Alexandria Wilson, Susie Kateregga (Women’s Chorus/Slave/Harem Girl), Liz Byler (Women’s Chorus/Camel), Kelly Stark (Women’s Chorus/Harem Girl), Ashley Barber (Women’s Chorus/Slave Buyer), Meredith Biggs (Women’s Chorus/Slave/Showgirl), Bridget Imburgia, Erin Avey, Katie Tayler (Women’s Chorus/Harem Girl), Nicole Rutigliano (Women’s Chorus/Harem Girl), Sarah MacGill, Caty Mick, Sarah Preuschi, Ashley Thornburg (Women’s Chorus), Lauren Gress (Harem Girl/Showgirl), Danielle Longoria, Maria Morales, Julie Wise, Kelly Wooten, Megan Borgo, Ruth Winters, Ashley Mournighan, Samantha Miller, Michelle Williams, Molly Longenecker, Courtney Symons, Allison Ackmann, Emily Reid, Brianna Boellner, Katie Symons, Emily Gang, Joyce O’Haver, Laura Yust, Cassandra Fowler, Courtney Peacock, Nicole Ferguson (Showgirls), Paul Madden, Gabe Fleck, Will Luke, Justin Jackson (King’s Guards), Ben Waters (Guitar Soloist), Lauren McCullough, Megan Thedwall (Children), Hillary Smith, Lauren Ressel, Christina Gabany, Jennifer Mossman, Molly Coon (Children Dancers), Tom Greer (Jacob), Barb Fox (Mrs. Jacob [i.e. Rachel]) Cathedral High School Joe O’Malia Performing Arts Center 22 April 2001
Rice, Tim (B, L), Andrew Lloyd Webber (M) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Michael J. Lasley Marni Lemons (Narrator), Matt Sumpter (Joseph), Jeff Angel (Jacob/Potiphar), Tom Beeler (Reuben), Jeff Van Paris (Simeon), Joe D. King (Levi), Joe Steiner (Napthali), Eric Karwisch (Issachar), Nathan Welch (Asher), Ben Patrick (Dan), Kurt Swartz (Zebulon/Butler), Benjamin D. Tebbe (Gad), Michael McVey (Benjamin), Joe Doyel (Judah), Katie Rieke (Ishmalite/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Ashley Wilcox (Ishmalite/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Marianne Pawlowski (Camel/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Molly Ritter  (Camel/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Karen Frye-Knotts (Potiphar’s Wife), Patty Sneed (Baker/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Jeffrey Reeves (Pharaoh), Jennifer R. Shoup (Apache Dancer), Lauren Curry, Karen Frye-Knotts, Laura Lockwood, Sally Mitchell, Megan Nguyen, Katie White  (Wives/Dancers/Chorus), Lauren Cottingham, Evan Erick, Colleen Friedly, Derric Gowan, Susan Happersberger, Jamie Hook, Hannah Kennedy, Brittany Lovko, Nadia Lovko, Sarah May, Ridley Morgan, Megan Myrehn, Ryan Myrehn, Meg Peterson, Kelsey Pitts, Kellen Robinson, Caitlin Stanley, Devan Syphers, Kristin Wafford, Michelle Wafford (Children’s Choir) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 5 January 2002
Rice, Tim (B, L), Andrew Lloyd Webber (M) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Michael J. Lasley Marni Lemons (Narrator), Matt Sumpter (Joseph), Jeff Angel (Jacob/Potiphar), Tom Beeler (Reuben), Rick Shinkle (Simeon), Giancarlo Di Mizio, Jr.  (Levi), Buzz Lovko (Napthali), Eric Karwisch (Issachar), John Augustus Baker II (Asher), Ben Patrick (Dan), Dustiin Rapp (Zebulon/Butler), Ryan Stutz  (Gad), Michael McVey (Benjamin), Joe Doyel (Judah), Heather Maurer (Ishmalite/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Kasey Walker (Ishmalite/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Patricia McDaniel (Camel/Baker/ Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Alyssa Morrow  (Camel/Wife/Dancer/Chorus), Laura Lockwood (Potiphar’s Wife), Dave Ruark (Pharaoh), Jennifer R. Shoup (Apache Dancer), Krisstin Bailey, Bobbi Bates, Jamie Boalbey, Lauren Curry, Laura Lockwood, Sally Mitchell, Nancy Logan Sonntag, Kasey Walker  (Wives/Dancers/Chorus), Georgia Arnett, Isabella Baranyk, Tim Barsten, Holli Best, Nina Dick, Jordan Donica, Casey Donovan, Zach Donovan, Colleen Friedly, Anna Garau, Hannah Kennedy, Sam Knotts, Brittany Lovko, Robby O’Guinn, Layra Palmer, Justine Scott, Hannah Switzer, Kasie Underwood, Ian Williams (Children’s Choir) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 5 January 2003
[Richards, M.C.] (libretto), Seymour Barab (M), Geoffrey Chaucer (story “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale”) Chanticleer (scene one) David Mannell, Mary Anne Scott Amy McCarty (Widow), Jae Wook Sim (Chanticleer), Chie Kato (Pertelote), Shelbie Stanford (Accompanist) Butler University 23 March 2003
Roetzheim, William N.I.C.E.:  National Institute for Clinical Excellence Kate Erin Gibson Nikki Van Cassele, Richard Rice Alan (Frank), Jennifer Winegardener (Elizabeth), Jill Melanie Wirth (Tess) The Red Door Theatre at The Grand Theatre at The Producer’s Club Theatre 16 June 2010
Rosenstock, Kim 99 Ways to Fuck a Swan (staged reading) Dan Herd Zoe Anastassiou (Mary/Amy/Mother Nature), Andy Garman (Rudolph/Alfonso/Dr. Hirschberg), Lauren Hines (Lucrezia Borgia), Jamie Klassel (Leda/Dr. Swanson/Tammy/Servant), Mary Quick (Fiona), David Ross (Dave), Steven Skybell (Michelangelo Buonorotti/Terrance/Bird Man), Matthew Waterson (Francesco/Clyde/Hal), Daniell Long (Stage Manager) New Voices Network/New Voices Club/The Old Vic at The Public Theater 29 April 2009
Ross, Sharon Houck Entry Points (excerpt) Laura Renée Meyer Melissa Russell (Summer) Franklin College 15 March 2003
Ross, Stuart (B), James Raitt (musical continuity and arrangements) Forever Plaid Brian Koning Rick Phipps (Frankie (His real name is Francis!)), Syd Loomis (Jinx), Howard K. Baetzhold (Smudge), Jonathan Horton (Sparky), Sandy Baetzhold (Sandy), ? [uncredited] (Uncle Dick), Laura Landau (Gift Box Girl) Carmel Community Players/Carmel Friends Church 10 June 2001
Rothman-Hicks, Zack Death By Fellatio (staged reading) Kathryn A. McConnell Jack Dyville (Mr. Merv McFerrin), Kimberly Faye Greenberg (Mrs. Sylvia McFerrin), Will Perez (Mike), Paul T. Ryan (Reverend Boros), Jessica Vera (Ivy Schwartzberg), Kit Williams (Danielle), [Casey Paradies (Narrator)] Friends Always Creating Theatre at Joria Mainstage Theatre 19 October 2009
Rudnick, Paul I Hate Hamlet Michael Lamirand Krista Bennett (Felicia Dantine), Christopher Tremain (Andrew Rally), Lisa Marie Cesnik (Deirdre McDavey), Jean Adams (Lillian Troy), Jess Paul (John Barrymore), Robert Christman (Gary Peter Lefkowitz) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 16 February 1997
Ruhl, Sarah Dead Man’s Cell Phone David A. Miller Molly Densmore (A Woman, Jean), Tavis Doucette (A Dead Man, Gordon), Jillian Porter (Gordon’s Mother, Mrs. Gottlieb), Madeleline Clemens (Fordon’s Widow, Hermia), Ryan Rhue (Gordon’s Brother, Dwight), Lissa Bak (The Other Woman/The Stranger), Lauren Heirigs, Sydney Sahr, Courtney Sowinski (Ensemble) Wagner College 15 April 2010
Russell, Bill (B&L), Henry Krieger (M) Side Show D. Scott Robinson Amanda Lawson (Violet Hilton), Robyne J. Ault (Daisy Hilton), Rob Leffler (Buddy Forster), Jerry Hacker (Terry Connor), Dante Jamar Lamonté Murray (Jake), Tim Payne (The Boss/Roustabout), Elizabeth Scoble (Fortune Teller), Chris Barger (The Geek), Nick Cain (Slim Jim), Christy Cass (Virginal Harem Girl), Blaine Jarrett (The Bearded Lady), Kerry Karner (The Sheik), Sarah Kasmer (Virginal Harem Girl), Emily Dwenger McDuffee (Virginal Harem Girl), Jolene Mentink Moffatt (Dolly Dimples), Jeffery Neese (Reptile Man), Kurt Swartz (Josephine Joseph), Gary Beplay, Dan Denniston, Amanda Lane, Drew Peters, Lea Viney (Roustabouts) Buck Creek Players 13 September 2002
Sabina, Karel (libretto), Bedřich Smetana (M), translated by mangling several translations The Bartered Bride (Prodana nevesta) Jay Lesenger Jeremy Hunt (Krusina, a farmer), Regina Torres (Ludmila, his wife), Stephanie Dawn Johnson (Marenka, their daughter), Jordan Bisch (Micha, a wealthy landowner from Moravia), Jennifer Gill (Hata, his wife), Jacob Sentgeorge (Vasek, their son, betrothed to Marenka), David Sadlier (Jenik, Micha’s son from a previous marriage, in love with Marenka), Quincy Roberts (Kecal, the village marriage broker), Nathan Bick (Director of a traveling circus), Ailyn Perez (Esmerelda, a member of the circus), David Sievers (A “Genuine” Indian in the circus), Katherine Altobello, Bethany Barber, Jackson Ross Best, Timothy Birt, Jacqueline Burchett, Annie Burton, Darko Butorac, Jin Hwan Byun, Amy Lynn Call, Trent Casey, Christi Champ, Andrew Darling, Sam Elders, Allison Fay, Jennifer Feinstein, Melissa Korzec, Lisa Lowry, Samantha Malk, Luciana Melamed, Charles Metzger, Courtney Mills, James Neff, Anna Noggle, Laura Vlasak Nolen, Nathan Payas, Evelyn Pollock, Shaunica Pridgen, Chris Shannon, Kristen Short, Kinga Stretkowicz, Jonathan Stinson, Bradley Wisk, Wakako Yoshioka (Villagers), Drew Barlow, Jenna Brown (Village Children), Steven Ragatz (Juggler & Unicyclist), Janet French, Hannah French, Leah French, Clint Bobzien (Hand Balancers), Elizabeth Feldman (Hoop Dancer), Licia Weber, Christie Duffy (Stilt Walkers), Bernadette Pace, Isabelle Pace-Branam, Carmen Gracila (Tumblers), Maliwan Diemer, Scott Harris, Kristen Baker, Julia Brumfiel, Courtney Fraga, Jenna Maule (Dancers) Indiana University/Bloomington Highflyers Family Circus 1 March 2002
Sabina, Karel (libretto), Bedřich “Frederick” Smetana (M) The Bartered Bride (abridged staged reading) Mary Roberge, Mary Wiles Frances Jackson (Narrator), Adrienne Provenzabo (Marie 1), David Gent (Jenik 1/Vasek), Don Barney (Kecal 1), Roberta Graham (Ludmilla), Phil Walker (Krusina), Jill Birch (Marie 2), Ron Berry (Jenik 2), Carolyn Tinsley (Marie 3), Eric Wickens (Kecal 2), Meggo Barthlow, Bobbie Bose, Barbara Fleck, Virginia Patch, George Taylor, and the Company (Chorus) Indianapolis Opera Harmoine Club 20 April 2002
Sanders, Virginia Nothing Happened Here Kahun LaShae Howell Parks Samuel-T. Fain (Prophet), Chris McKay (Bill Ashton), Courtney Bianchi (Marty), Adela Laura Chipe (Angel/Augustine), Kim Jordan (Nancy), Bethany Lillis (Anna), Aaron Seelig (Mark), Erika Saperstein (Hank), Kristen Bien (Angie), Sara Wagoner (Charity), Kelly Boyd (Pedestrian), Emily Gerber (Pedestrian), Kyle Hurd (Street Musician) University of Indianapolis 5 December 2002
Sandler, Susan Crossing Delancey Robert J. Sorbera Renee Whiten (Isabelle Grossman), Ethel Booth (Bubbie Idalyn Kantor), G. Terry Schildcrout (Hannah Mandelbaum), Tobin Strader (Tyler Moss), Doug Johnson (Sam Posner) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 18 February 2001
Saroyan, William The Time of Your Life Steven Hess E. J. Marotta (Joe), Marisa Giacalone (Kitty), Spiro Galiatsatos (Tom), Ben Izzo (Nick), George Guinan (Kit Caruso), Steven Witt (McCarthy), Armand Valdes (Krupp), Tom Simonetti (Harry), Chris Johnston (Dudley), Lauryl Trenhome-Pihl (Elsie), Bess Goden (Lorene), Lauren Fender (Mary), Pat Clark (Blick), Will Shuler (Newsboy/Society Gentleman), Christine Komei Luo (Madame Mai Ling), Jayne Aiello (Chorus/Streetwalker), Jennifer Teska (Chorus/Society Lady), Liz Wentworth (Chorus/Streetwalker) Wagner College 5 March 2005
Sartin, Laddy Catfish Moon (excerpt from Act II) ? (Curley), ? (Gordon) IUPUI 1997
Saylor, Jacob (B), Stephen Schwartz (songs), Mark Cohn (song),  Gershwin (song), Tonic (song), Billy Vera & The Beaters (song), Blessid Union of Souls (song), Billy Joel (song) Walk Blindly Jacob Saylor Jacob Saylor (Old Man, Joby Thompson), Michael Kennedy (Mr. Myers) Butler University 22 March 2002
Schenkan, Robertrt The Handler The Phoenix Theatre 25 July 2003
Schnitzius, Ron The Wrinkled Rebellion Ron Schnitzius Lizette Weaver (Bess Simms), Jim Myers (Oliver Peabody), Will Pullins (Hank Froebisch), Miranda Jones (Susan Edens), Ramona Everett-Seymour (Sylvia Plopett), Art Prickett (Willard Dingle), Bill Franklin (Jerry Bayles), Pam Pierle Doctor (Edna Walker), Toni Jordan (Erica Walker), John Connell (Ron “Kid” Clasings), Joan Morgan (Maudie Hatfield), Pamela Roberts (Miss Willoughby), Nathan Gober (Thurman Kelp), Jan Fancher (Ann Page), Niles Clark (Mick Mathers), Dale Smith (Ernie Bates) Eunice Dallas (Michelle Pew), Charlie Cronau (Jim Dailey), Ron Schnitizius (Frank Lloyd Wright) Hendricks Civic Theatre 10 May 2001
Schreck, Heidi There Are No More Big Secrets Kip Fagan Nadia Alexander (Svetlana (Svieta) (Lana)), Dagmara Dominczyk (Nina), Gibson Frazier (Charles), Christina Kirk (Maxine (Max)), Adam Rothebnerg (Gabe) Rattlestick Playwrights Theater 6 November 2010
Schultz, Charles M. (B, comic strip Peanuts), Warren Lockhart, Arthur Whitelaw, Michael L. Grace (B),Hal Hackady (L), Larry Grossman (M) Snoopy!!! Ron Morgan Graham Brinklow (Charlie Brown), David B. Lawrence (Linus), Carrie S. Neal (Sally Brown), Anne Penney (Lucy), Kari Ann Stamatopolos (Peppermint Patty), Blaine Hogan (Snoopy), Rick Shinkle (Woodstock) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 15 December 2001
Schultz, Charles M. (B, comic strip Peanuts), Warren Lockhart, Arthur Whitelaw, Michael L. Grace (B), Hal Hackady (L), Larry Grossman (M) Snoopy!!! Niles Clark Tom Danz (Charlie Brown), Wil Clark (Linus), Ashlee Edgemon (Sally Brown), Elisa Clark (Lucy), Julie Powers (Peppermint Patty), Jason Newkirk (Snoopy), Stacey Sipos (Woodstock) Hendricks Civic Theatre at Plainfield High School 3 March 2002
Schwartz, Emily The Dastardly Ficus and Other Comedic Tales of Woe and Misery Scot Greenwell The Derbyshire Plays (Entertaining Mr. Topps, Mr. Bumbles’ Send-Off, The Dastardly Ficus):  Leigh Mabry White (Geneva Derbyshire), Lindsay Harbert (Jennifer Derbyshire); Executionado Legato:  Brian G. Hartz (Malcolm), Michael T. Downey (Francis), Desirae Smith (Merriweather), Peter Wallace (James), John Gramling (Gordy), Liesl Victor Downey (Tulip) Rough Magic Productions at the Wheeler Arts Center
Schwartz, Emily Entertaining Mr. Topps Sara Cunningham Kara Klein (Jennifer Derbyshire), Carol Enoch (Geneva Derbyshire) Indiana University 2 May 2001
Schwartz, Emily Mr. Bumble’s Send-Off Carol Enoch (Geneva Derbyshire), Kara Klein (Jennifer Derbyshire) Indiana University 28 April 2002
Schwartz, Steven (B, L, M), Jay Hamburger (additional L), Peggy Gordon (additional M) Godspell Tom Evans Marc William Kircher (Jesus), R. Brian Noffke (John the Baptist/Judas), Kara Centofante, Lorelei Connor, Lesley Gillum, Michael Glorioso, Angela Hatem, Denise Stockdale, Elizabeth Voors, Katie White Marian College 27 February 2000
Seaquist, Carla The Washington-Sarajevo Talks Martha Jacobs Sharon McDonald (Rhonda), Bill Simmons (Vlado), Patricia McKee, Ruth Hawkins (Voices) The Phoenix Theatre 19 April 2003
Sedaris, David The SantaLand Diaries Su Ours Tony McDonald (Tony (aka: Crumpet)), Su Ours (P.A. Announcer) The Phoenix Theatre 30 December 2000
?, Sendak, Maurice Where the Wild Things Are ? ? ?/Crooked Creek Elementary School 1986-87?
Sergel, Christopher, Harper Lee (novel) To Kill a Mockingbird Risa Brainin George Wiley (Jem), Courntey Bolin (Scout), Brenda Thomas (Calpurnia/Choir), Kelly Bertenshaw (Jean Louise), Barbara Farrar-Evans (Miss Maudie), Kate Braun (Mrs. Dubose), James Solomon Benn (Rev. Sykes/Choir), Nicholas Abeel (Charles Baker “Dill” Harris), Davis Lively (Nathan Radley), Richard Bekins (Atticus), Tim Grimm (Walter Cunningham/Mr. Gilmer), Mark Goetzinger (Heck Tate), William Pitts (Bob Ewell), Kristin Lennox (Mayella Ewell), Joan Denise Banks, Dwight A. Brown, Richard Harvey, Jo Diane Ivey, Mae Keough, Brian Lomax, Fred M. Richars, Jr.; Ruby Whitfield, Phyllis Wyatt (Choir) Indiana Repertory Theatre 1997
Sergel, Sherman L., Reginald Rose (teleplay) 12 Angry Men John Huston Clarence Casazza (voice of Judge), Jeff Shull (Juror 1), Bruce Beekman (Juror 2), John D. Albertson (Juror 3), Robert Briggs (Juror 4), Kim Harrington (Juror 5), Jenn Wroblewski (Juror 6), Josh Hedge (Juror 7), Chris Raleigh (Juror 8), John Young-El (Juror 8), Leo Flowers (Juror 9), Jon-Michael Felix (Juror 11), Benjamin Marr (Juror 12), Erik Carr (Guard) Muncie Civic Theatre 21 October 2001
Sewell, Adrienne, Lewis Carroll (novel and additional text), The Windfall Youth Ensemble (additional text), Art Ensemble of Chicago, Mark Wingate, J.S. Bach, Matchbox 20, Pierre Henri, Benjamin Britten, Bud Powell, Kronos Quartet, Harry Gregson-Williams & John Powell, Patrick Doyle, Zorn Horvita, Sharp, & Previte; Medeski Martin & Wood, The Rachels, Meredith Monk (M) Alice in Wonderland:  A Curious Adventure Adrienne Sewell, Susan Beard (section 4), Mike Price (sections 5, 7, 9, 14) Andrea Olges (Alice #1/March Hare #1/Four), Kaili Watkins (Edith/Walrus/Mad Hatter #3/Daisy/Lobster), Erin Elisabeth Walsh (White Rabbit/Alice #6/Fish & The Duchess/Mock Turtle), Laura Bullock (Alice #2), Katie Johnson (Alice #3), Angie Hickman (Alice #4/Tweedledum/Frog & The Cook/March Hare #3), Whitney Swain (Humpty Dumpty/Tweedledee/Alice #8/Five/Gryphon), Kay Olges (Jabberwock/Mad Hatter #1/Rose/Alice #12), Soriya Pok (Beamish Boy/Alice #5/Moon/Dormouse #1), Scott Jones (Tum Tum Tree/Caterpillar/Mad Hatter #2/Daisy), Katie Schechter (Carpenter/March Hare #2/Daisy), Shauna Steele (Sun/Alice #9/Tiger Lily), Adrienne Sewell (Sea/Alice #7/Dormouse #1), Amber Bodewiecz (Sand/Alice #10), Matt Wisley (Old Oyster/Alice #11/Lobster), Hannah Pollock (Little Oyster/Dormouse #3), Francesca Ossi (Little Oyster), Susan Beard (Little Oyster), Christina Jones (Voice of Alice #7/Cheshire Cat), Russ Levitt (voice of Cheshire Cat), Joel Pierson (King of Hearts), Dana Dyer Pierson (Queen of Hearts) Windfall Dancers/John Waldron Arts Center 5 May 2001
Sgouros, Nicholas Radicals William C. Kovacsik Brad Gunter (Sam), Eric Michael Bragg (Mike), Kristin A. Schwartz (Sara), Catherine Burns (Holly) Ball State University 28 February 2002
Shaffer, Peter Amadeus Michael Donald Edwards Bryan Torfeh (Antonio Salieri), Richard Robichaux (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), Natalie Griffith (Constanze “Stanzy” Weber Mozart), Joseph Culliton (Joseph II, Emperor of Austria), John Thompson (Count Johann Killian von Strack), Mitchell Lopez Mills (Count Franz Orsini-Rosenberg), Davis Hall (Baron Gottfried von Swieten), Colman Domingo (“Venticello” (Black Wind)), Mark-David Kaplan (“Venticello” (White Wind)), Mark Bertram (Major-Domo/Attendant), C. Ryan Metzger (Salieri’s Valet), R. Brian Noffke (Salieri’s Cook), Kristin Lennox (Teresa Salieri), Crystal Nicholas Roberts (Katherina Cavalieri), Bill Perkins (Giuseppe Bonno), Ben Ayres, Richard Shane Curry, Benjamin D. Tebbe (Attendants) Indiana Repertory Theatre 2 October 2001
Shaffer, Peter Equus Murray McGibbon Erik Anderson (Martin Dysart), Bradley M. Fletcher (Alan Strang), Juliet Heller Eichberg (Nurse), Sheila Cecilia Regan (Hesther Salomon), Chris Nelson (Frank Strang), Coryell Barlow (Dora Strang), Jayson R.  Wickenkamp (Horseman/Nugget), Brian G. Hartz (Harry Dalton), Rachel Simpson (Jill Mason), James Bezy, Slade Morgan, Jesse Talley, Brad West (Horses) Indiana University 11 October 2000
Shaffer, Peter Equus Dwight Watson Aaron Childress (Martin Dysart), Luke Elliott (Alan Strang), Aaron Parks (Frank Strang), Suzie David (Dora Strang), Margaret A. Murray (Hesther Salomon), Mandy Keller (Jill Mason), Brooks Cannon (Harry Dalton), Logan Kuhne (Horseman/Nugget), Andrea Kehler (A Nurse), Justin Dirig (Horse/Mr.Brown), Bob Hackett XII (Horse/Trooper), Joe Hisch (Horse/Colonel), Jefferson Crew (Horse/Storm) Wabash College 6 October 2001
Shaffer, Peter Equus Tony McDonald Ron Spencer (Martin Dysart), Scott Mitchell (Alan Strang), Frederick Marshall (Frank Strang), Joanne Rose Kehoe (Dora Strang), Michelle M. Collins (Hester Salomon), Jenna M. Neilsen (Jill Mason), Adam O. Crowe (Harry Dalton), Lindsay Harbert (Nurse), Brian G. Hartz (Horseman/Nugget), Jeffrey Barnes, Malcolm Malik Fincher, Frank Gholdson, Christopher Hamilton, Jeff Walker (Horses) Theatre on the Square
ShadowApe Theatre Company, Hume Cronyn and Alfred Hitchcock (adaptation), Arthur Laurents (screenplay), Patrick Hamilton (play) Rope Robert M. Koharchik Michael Brown Callahan (Brandon), Bill Simmons (Phillip), Karen Irwin (Annie Wilson), Christopher Tremain (Kenneth Turner), Sandy Porter (Janet Walker), Hugh Watson (Mr. Kentley), Constance Macy (Anita Atwater), Robert K. Johansen (Rupert Cadell) ShadowApe Theatre Company/Butler University 10 June 2000
Shakespeare, William Antony and Cleopatra (Act II, Scene 5) Micki Papa Sally Shideler (Cleopatra), Nicole Caristi (Charmian), Jenn Wroblewski (Messenger) Shakespeare Under the Stars Youth Company at Minnetrista Cultural Center 19 July 2001
Shakespeare, William, Thomas Locke (novel Rosalynde) As You Like It Scot Shamblin Tyler Andrews (Orlando), Scot Shamblin (Adam/Oliver/Sir Oliver Martex), Wes Martin (Dennis/William), Corey Jefferson (Charles/Corin), Emily Goodson (Celia), Anne Peterson (Rosalind), Maria Eagleton (Touchstone), Bill Watson (Le Beau/Jaques), Michelle Hoover (Duchess Frederick), Lisa Hammersley (Duchess Senior), Amber Wilbur (Amiens/Hymen), Heather Wilbur (First Lady), Christine Hartman (Second Lady), Anna Miller (Third Lady), Chad Eagleton (Silvius), Autumn Carlisle (Audrey), Carmen Fisher (Phebe) Monroe County Civic Theater Third Street Park Stage 16 June 2001
Shakespeare, William, Thomas Locke (novel Rosalynde) As You Like It Gregory Richards Robert M. Hartman (Amiens/Sir Oliver Martext/William/Jaques De Boys), Meredith Shank (Celia), Ashley Risk (Rosalind), Jennifer Nicholson (Duchess (Frederick)), Justin Hoggard (Silvius), Sean Ellis (Touchstone), Tim Kennedy (Adam), Chris Williams (Page), Beth Winchell (Lady in Waiting), Jeff Lovell (Oliver/Corin), Ron Richards (Jaques), David Heighway (Duke Senior), Bob Nyikos (First Lord), James Holbrook (Orlando), Darby Kennerly (Phebe), Ryan Williams Ellis (Audrey), Matt Davies (Charles), Hilary Holbrook (Wench), Linda Kennedy (Lady in Waiting) Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission/Noblesville High School 8 August 2003
Shakespeare, William, Thomas Locke (novel Rosalynde) As You Like It Priyanka Choksi Jeff Brown (Orlando), Thomas Anawalt (Adam), Noam Harary (Oliver), Nora Weber (Denis/Shill), David Iscoe (Charles), Breanne Lucy (Celia), Kristin Wiener (Rosalind), Charles Carey (Touchstone), Fergus Sculley (Le Beau), Gabreil Fries-Briggs (Duke Frederick), Stuart Partin (First Lord to Duke Frederick/Shill), Lee Havlicek (Second Lord to Duke Frederick/Shill), Daniel Blank (Duke Senior), Michael Liebring (Amiens), Kendall Barnes (First Lord to Duke Senior), Birdy Sahagian (Second Lord to Duke Senior), Darragh Martin (Corin), Austin Mitchell (Silvius), Tyson Brody (Jaques), Inga Thiessen (Audrey), Paul Stamm (Sir Oliver Martext), Kate Stahl (Phebe), Katherine Atwill (A Lord/Shill), David Fierroz (Forester), Ondraius Richardson (William/Shill), Alice Mottola (Page), Samuel West (Hymen), Jeff Julian (Jaques de Boys/Shill), Alex Brinkman-Young, Alex Marchyshyn, Alyssa LaMontagne, Andrew Scheineson, Cecilia Wang, Darragh Martin, David Fierroz, Jaime Lubin, Mikah McCabe, Mikhaela Mahoney, Natalie Gossett, Nick Daube, Rickie Siegel, Shaina Rubin, Tamara Geisler, Tiffany Tang (Shills) King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe of Columbia University 3 May 2008
Shakespeare, William, Titus Maccius Plautus (play Menaechmi) The Comedy of Errors Michael Swanson David Stine (Aegeon), Ronn Johnstone (Jailer/Pinch/Headsman), Tom Forman (Officer), Donald Darbro (Duke Solinus of Ephesus), Amanda Hart (Duke’s Attendant/Tailor/Servant to Adriana), Chris King (1st Merchant), Glenn de Roziere (Antipholus of Syracuse), Kellie Kramer (Dromio of Syracuse), Julia McDermott Swanson (Dromio of Ephesus), Tiffany D. Jonas (Adriana, wife to Antiopholus of Ephesus), Edan Evans (Luciana, Adriana’s Sister), Kristopher D. Steege (Antipholus of Ephesus), Chris King (Angelo), Robert Osborn (Balthazar), Donqueline Leana Fulp (Luce/Aemilia), Robert Osborne (2nd Merchant, to whom Angelo is a debtor), Heather A. Nahas (Courtezan) Shakespeare & More at Marian College 23 July 1999
Shakespeare, William, Titus Maccius Plautus (play Menaechmi) The Comedy of Errors Gregory Richards Ginny Burt (Abbess (Aemilia)), Jennifer Nicholson (Adriana), Tim Kennedy (Aegeon), Greg Simpson (Angelo), Jeff Lovell (Antipholus of Ephesus), C. Ryan Metzger (Antipholus of Syracuse), Nikki Hunter (Courtezan), Andy Richards (Dromio of Syracuse), Bob Nyikos (Duke Solinus), Beth Winchell (Luciana), Bobby Richards (1st Merchant/Pinch/Servant), Ryan Campbell (Gaoler/1st Officer/Headsman), Justin Hoggard (2nd Merchant/Officer), Brody Richards (Guard), Robert M. Hartman (Dromio of Ephesus) Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission/Noblesville High School 28 July 2001
Shakespeare, William, Titus Maccius Plautus (play Menaechmi) The Comedy of Errors (Act I, Scene 2, Act II, Scene 2) Micki Papa David Staggs (Antipholus of Syracuse), Seth Upchurch (Dromio of Syracuse), Tyler McLachlan (Dromio of Ephesus) Shakespeare Under the Stars Youth Company at Minnetrista Cultural Center 19 July 2001
Shakespeare, William Hamlet Brad Wright Kevin Grow (Hamlet), Jeffrey Barnes (Claudius), Kirk D. Fields (Ghost), Susan M. Miles (Gertrude), David R. Head (Polonius), Mark J. Michalak (Laertes), Chrystiane Pereira (Ophelia), Fred E. Egan (Reynaldo/Gentleman/Priest), Nick Carpenter (Horatio), Brenda Barrie (Rosencrantz), Ron Popp (Guldenstern), Kimberly Marie Jordan (Voltimand), Jason Umbreit (Osric), Lendall Erwin III (Marsellus), Ricky Harmon (Francisco/Messenger), Shanelle Lea Schrader (Ensemble/English Ambassador), Benjamin Barhan (Fortinbras), Steve Fisher (Ensemble/Captain), Sonja Hethecote (Ensemble/Prologue), Thomas L. Turner (Player/Player King), Sara Lyn Womer (Player Queen), Devin Lael Hartley (Ensemble/Lucianus/Sailor), Matthew Evan Gowin (Barnardo/Gravedigger), Joseph Barnett (Cornelius/Gravedigger’s Helper), Maria Langenstroer, McKinzie Vickrey, Kelsie Brummett, Kashun LeShae Howell, Jaime Theresa Smith (Ensemble) University of Indianapolis 10 October 1999
Shakespeare, William, Henry Purcell (song “Remember Me” from Dido & Aeneas), William S.H. Yip (Cantonese translation), Nadja Halilbegovich (Bosnian translation) Hamlet John C. Green Andrew C. Aherns (Claudius, King of Denmark/Second Player/Lucianus), Susan Benson (Gertrude, Queen, mother to Hamlet/Player Queen), Malaki Kindred (Ghost of Hamlet’s Father/Player King/Gravedigger), Zach McCoy (Hamlet, his son, nephew to the present King), Michael Kennedy (Polonius, Lord Chamberlain), Jacob Saylor (Laertes, his son/First Player), Nicole C. Gatzimos (Ophelia, his daughter), Blaine Hogan (Rosencrantz, friend to Hamlet), Kaytie Morris (Guildenstern, friend to Hamlet/English Ambassador), Nadja Halilbegovich (Horatio, friend to Hamlet/Fransisco/Fifth Player/Messenger), Tyler Monroe (Marcellus, a soldier/Osrick/Third Player), Jason Ober (Barnardo, a soldier/Priest/Fourth Player), The Company (Ensemble) Butler University 13 October 2001
Shakespeare, William Hamlet Phil Kasper Amanda Renée Baker (Queen Gertrude), Frank Buczolich (King Claudius), Stephanie Dodge (Guildenstern, Norwegian Soldier), Talya Hernandez-Ritter (Ophelia), Jason Howard (Polonius), Matt Kirkham (Horatio), Mary LaRosa (Rosencrantz, Norwegian Soldier), Jonathon Markanday (Hamlet), Mike Price (Laertes), Janet Ransdell (Player Queen, Norwegian Soldier), Zach Shields (Francisco, Voltimand, Player, Gentleman), Evan Smail (Player, Gravedigger, Attendant), Dave Wald (Ghost, 1st Player, Fortinbras), Kevin Wallskog (Bernardo, Reynaldo, Player, Attendant, Gravedigger), Jeremy Wilson (Marcellus, Attendant, English Ambassador), Heather Young (Cornelius, Player, Captain, Sailor, Osric) Monroe County Civic Theater at Third Street Park 15 or 16 August 2003
Shakespeare, William Julius Caesar John C. Green Robert K. Johansen (Caius Cassius Longinus), Jay S. Blakemore (Soothsayer/Octavius Caesar), André Du Broc (Julius Caesar), Constance Macy (Publius Servius Casca), David Alan Anderson (Marcus Brutus), Wolf J. Sherrill (Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony)), Bill Simmons (Decius Brutus/Gaius Helvetius Cinna, the Poet), Millicent Wright (Portia), Brian “BK” Klemmesrud (Lucius Cornelius Cinna the Younger), Alissa Branch Stamatis (Calphurnia) Indiana Repertory Theatre 11 May 2002
Shakespeare, William Julius Caesar John Saunders John Scamardella (Julius Caesar), Anthony Arino (Brutus), Morgan Waite (Cassius), Amy Polumbo (Portia), Emily Marcello (Calphurnia), Jack Brackney (Octavius), Megan Brandt-Meyer (Casca), Christopher Semidey (Mark Antony), Jenny Weich (Cinna the Poet), Jonathan Galvez (Soothsayer), Aaron Jaros (Decius), Billy potvin (Pindarus), Ken Kasch (Ligarius), Trevor Fulchino (Metellus Cimber), Allison Baucom (Flavius/Lucilius), Ann-Marie Sepe, Tauny Ventura, Amanda Simpson, Jackie Mercandetti (Plebians), Jess Theriault (Lucius), [Anthony Ojca (Pompey)] Wagner College 2003
Shakespeare, William King Lear Robert Richmond David Caron (Earl of Gloucester), Mark Cameron Pow (Edgar/King of France), Kenn Sabberton (Edmund/Kent), Anthony Cochrane (Lear, King of Britain), Tracey Mitchell (Goneril), Lisa Carter (Regan/Cordelia/Captain), Louis Butelli (Duke of Burgundy/Fool/Oswald), Shana Cooper (Curan) Aqulia Theatre Company of London and New York/Pike Performing Arts Center 20 February 2000
Shakespeare, William (Sonnets 118, 102, 140, 75, 128, 94, 153, 154), Eric Bogosian (Bitter Sauce), William Finn (Painting You), Marsha Norman (140), Tony Kushner (Terminating, or Lass Meine Schmerzen Nicht Verloren Sein, or Ambivalence), Ntozake Shange (Hydraulics Phat Like Mean), Wendy Wasserstein (Waiting for Philip Glass), John Gaure (The General of Hot Desire), Jacobus de Vorgine (The Golden Legend) Love’s Fire:  Seven Short Plays Inspired by Shakespeare’s Sonnets Craig Owens, Brian Rasmussen, Mike Price Katherine Callison (Rengin/Narrator, Sonnet 128/The Female/Rena), Angela Dill (Lesbian/Dr. Esther Zabler/Spencer/Herself/Eve) Breshaun-Birene Joyner (Wife/Dympha/Narrator, Sonnet 94/Holden/Herself/Cain/Sheba), Jeremy Fisher (Herman/Narrator, Sonnet 140/Rowland/Billygoat/The Male/Gerry/Himself/Michael), Edoardo Lébano (David/Narrator, Sonnet 154/Himself/Gohd), Mike Price (Narrator, Sonnet 75/Hendryk/Joe/Himself/Adam/Solomon), David L. Rich (Red/Narrator, Sonnet 102/Painter’s Lover/Henry Little/Himself/Abel), Carly Ann Roetter (Jackie/Laura Little/Narrator, Sonnet 153/Herself/Enosh), Martin Duke Wilson (Narrator, Sonnet 118/Painter/Himself/Seth), Adrienne Wadewitz (Pianist) John Waldron Arts Center Rose Firebay 21 April 2001
Shakespeare, William Love’s Labours Lost Gregory Richards David Heighway (Ferdinand, King of Nevarre), C. Ryan Metzger (Berowne), Andrew Richards (Longaville), John T. Ellis (Dumaine), Andrew Wright (Boyet), Josh Tharp (Marcande/Constable Dull/Forester), Mike Wynn (Don Adriano de Armado), Brian Campbell (Sir Nathaniel), Michael Brady (Holofernes), Sean Ellis (Costard), Brody Richards (Moth), Noreen Nyikos (Princess of France), Sara Lacy (Rosaline), Shannon Lacy (Maria), Ryan Williams (Katherine), Kelcie Pletch (Jaquenetta), Laura Meyer, Dana Hazan, David Hartman (Musicians), Tiara Kai Wuethrich, Erin Gabrielson (Vocalists), Pam Brody, Leslie Cochrun, and one other [uncredited] (Ladies in Waiting) Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission/Seminary Park 1 August 1999
Shakespeare, William Macbeth Risa Brainin Nicholas Abeel (Witch/Servant/Boy Macduff), David Alan Anderson (Macduff), Ryan Artzberger (Macbeth), Marita Clarke (Witch/Servant/Murderer/Lady Macduff), Brett Clements [8 May], Dennis Gill [1 May] (Donalbain/Fleance), Laura Esping (Lady Macbeth), Mark Goetzinger (Duncan/Porter/Seyton), Robert K. Johansen (Banquo/Doctor), Kris Lienert (Ross), Jonathon P. Markanday (Malcolm), Lynne Perkins (Lennox), Millicent Wright (Witch/Servant/Murderer/Gentlewoman) Indiana Repertory Theatre 1, 8, May 2000
Shakespeare, William The Tragedy of Macbeth Joe Cook Enid Morrison (Witch 1/Gentlewoman), Kristin Roahrig (Witch 2/Bagpiper), Stephanie Richardson (Witch 3/Lady Macduff), Art Prickett (King Duncan/Porter), James B. Gross (Malcolm), Nolan Brokamp (Bloody Sergeant/Seyton), Bill Wieland (Ross), Gavin Kelly (Macbeth), Dan Sullivan (Banquo), Bob Smith (Angus/Doctor), Susan Yeaw (Lady Macbeth), Molly Bellner (Lennox), Jack Gramling (Macduff), Kory Klein (First Murderer/Soldier/Servant/First Apparition/Third Apparition), J. Justin Klein (Second Murderer/Soldier/Servant/Second Apparition), Eli Klein (Son of Macduff), John Gramling (Messenger) Spotlight Players/Shakespeare 2000/Danville Friends Church 17, 24 June 2001
Shakespeare, William Macbeth (Act IV: Scene 1) Micki Papa Katie Kovac (Witch #1), Andi Winney (Witch #2), Molly Habich (Witch #3), David Staggs (Macbeth), Sally Shideler (Apparition 1), Katie Burkhardt (Apparition 2), Hana Ros (Apparition 3/Hecate) Shakespeare Under the Stars Youth Company at Minnetrista 16 July 2000
Shakespeare, William The Merchant of Venice Rance Fawbush Amanda Renée Baker (Antonio), Maria Eagleton (Salarino), Teresa A. Palmitessa (Salanio), Chad Eagleton (Bassanio), Scot Shamblin (Lorenzo), Paul Friebus (Gratiano), Holly Hulse (Portia), Elizabeth Cady Friebus (Nerissa), Holly Hulse (Portia), Autumn L. Carlisle (Servants), Frank Buczolich (Shylock), Emily Goodson (Launcelot), Tyler Andrews (Old Gobbo), Tim Johnson (Leonardo, Tubal, Duke), Katelin Hope Vesely (Jessica), Phillip Addison (Princes of Morrocco and Arragon), Susan Anderson (Attendant, gaoler), Brandy Grubb, Matthew McGlothlin (Attendants, pages), Jeni Waters (Salerio) Monroe County Civic Theater Third Street Park Stage 18 August 2001
Shakespeare, William The Merchant of Venice Heather May S.G Stratigos (Antonio), Kaira Hogle (Solanio), Kim Hinton (Salerio), Scott Cupper (Bassanio), Rachel Westwood (Portia), Heather McMahon (Nerissa), Iggy Isiorho (Balthasar/Tubal), José Antonio García (Shylock), Justin Smith (Prince of Morocco), Allison Cheatham (Launcelot/Jailer), Patrick Schuette (Gratiano), Monica Davis (Jessica), George Sabo (Lorenzo/Duke of Venice) Indiana University 7 November 2001
Shakespeare, William A Midsummer Night’s Dream Danielle Bedau Zan Aufderheide (Helena & Robin Starveling), James Solomon Benn (Nick Bottom), Marita Clarke (Philostrate & Robin Goodfellow), Brad Griffith (Demetrius & Francis Flute), Robert K. Johansen (Theseus & Oberon), Miki Mathioudakis (Egeus & Peter Quince), Tom Meunier (Lysander & Tom Snout), Cristen Page (Hermia & Snug), Liz Stauber (Attendant & Peaseblossom), Millicent Wright (Hippolyta & Titania) Indiana Repertory Theatre 12 April 1997
Shakespeare, William A Midsummer Night’s Dream Joe Cook Molly Bellner (Helena), Jerry Bessler (Theseus/Oberon), Nolan Brokamp (Tom Snout/Cobweb), Joe Cook (Egeus), Amber Crumbo (Peaseblossom), Charlie Cronau (Snug), Pam Pierle Doctor (Mustardseed), Lyndsey Grimes (Robin Goodfellow), James B. Gross (Demetrius), Alice Kelly, J. Justin Klein (Francis Flute), Linda Miller (Philostrate), Kelsey Rae Hanlon (Hermia), Pamela Roberts (Hippolyta/Titania), Michael Sawyer (Robin Starveling [?]), Tracy Shaw, Amber Tave, Emily Wade (Mote), Randy Widener (Lysander), [Kory Klein (Nick Bottom), Tracy J. Craig (Peter Quince)] Spotlight Players/Shakespeare 2000/Danville Friends Church 18 June, 25 June 2000
Shakespeare, William A Midsummer Night’s Dream Beth Taylor Jeff Knapp (Theseus/Oberon), Beverly Roche (Hippolyta/Titania), Mike Waterfall (Philostrate), Glenn Roesler (Egeus/Tom Snout), Tia Marie Shearer (Hermia), Tom Forman (Lysander), Luther Dwain Stevenson (Demetrius), Jennifer Goodwin (Helena), Edan Evans (Robin Goodfellow), Katharine McDermott Swanson (Peaseblossom), Alexander McDermott Swanson (Cobweb), Tessa McDermott Swanson (Moth), Rachel C. Illingworth (Mustardseed), Ralf Reisinger (Peter Quince), Seth Hale (Snug), Glenn de Roziere (Nick Bottom), Jake Roesler (Francis Flute), David Strobel (Robin Starveling), Flame (Moonshine’s Dog), Ethan Andrew Roche (The Changeling Boy) Shakespeare & More Theatre Company of Central Indiana at Marian College 7 July 2000
Shakespeare, William A Midsummer Night’s Dream Gregory Richards Guy Grubbs (Theseus, Duke of Athens [as Greg Grubbs]), Todd Crickmore (Egeus, father to Hermia), Tyler J. Monroe (Lysander, in love with Hermia), C. Ryan Metzger (Demetrius, in love with Hermia), Bobby Richards (Philostrate, Master Revels to Theseus), David Heighway (Peter Quince, a carpenter), James Holbrook (Snug, a joiner), Greg Shelton (Nick Bottom, a weaver), Robert M.Hartman (Francis Flute, a bellows mender), Greg Simpson (Tom Snout, a tinker), Justin Hoggard (Robin Starveling, a tailor), Rebecca Faudree (Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons), Tiara Kai Wuethrich (Hermia, Daughter to Egeus,  in love with Lysander), Sara Lacy (Helena, in love with Demetrius), Ron Richards (Oberon, King of the Fairies), Jennifer Nicholson (Titania, Queen of the Fairies), Jill Inderstrodt (Puck, or Robin Goodfellow), Hilary Holbrook Peaseblossom, fairy), Monica Brothers (Cobweb, fairy), Melissa Faudree (Moth, fairy), Monica Ham (Mustardseed, fairy), Gidget Hoggard (Moonshine’s dog) Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission on the grounds of Mud Creek Barn Theatre 9 August 2002
Shakespeare, William (libretto), Larry Vesely, Boy George, Michael Jackson, Rod Temperton (M), John Hanson (concept) A Midsummer Night’s Dream:  An 80’s Musical Katelin Hope Vesely Kris Sanchack (Theseus (David Bowie)), J.W. Hawley (Egeus (Huey Lewis)), Robby Hart (Lysander (Robert Smith)), Brad Hawley (Demetrius (Billy Idol)), Emma Young (Philostrate (Cher)), Phillip Addison (Peter Quince (George Michael)), Gabriel Maitreya (Snug (Boy George)), Jeremy Weber (Nick Bottom (Jon Bon Jovi)), Heather Wilbur (Flute (Ann Wilson)), Jeni Waters (Snout (Debbie Gibson)/First Fairy (Cyndi Lauper)), Christine Hartman (Starveling (Nancy Wilson)), Katelin Hope Vesely (Hippolyta), Becky Lloyd (Hermia (Pat Benetar)), Emily Goodson (Helena (Debbie Harry)), John Hanson (Oberon (Michael Jackson)), Sarah Lima (Titania (Madonna)), Samuel Rude (Puck (Prince)), Amber Wilbur (Peaseblossom), Gena Serene Vesely (Cobweb), Katie Hope Liell Kok (Moth), Elisabeth Squires (Mustardseed) Monroe County Civic Theater Third Street Park Stage 16 August 2002
Shakespeare, William A Midsummer Night’s Dream Hudson Warehouse at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument 2009
Shakespeare, William, Gerrianna Cardito, Sex Pistols, Ramones (songs) A Midsummer Night’s Dream Lee Papa Jeremiah Jurkiewicz (Theseus/Peaseblossom), Marissa Murray (Hippolyta/Cobweb), Joseph Forsyth (Egeus/Moth, Erica DeJulio (Hermia), Thomas Reilly (Demetrius), Michael Katz (Lysander), Alison Langleiben (Helena), Ernest Caushi (Peter Quince/Prologue), Greg McGovern (Nick Bottom/Pyramus), Matthew Martucci (Francis Flute/Thisbe), Edward V. Turner (Robin Starveling/Moon), Daniel Coady (Tom Snout/Wall), Matthew Burns (Snug/Lion), Nicole Catalano (Puck), Andrea Bernardo (Fairy/Mustardseed), Ali Sattar (Oberon), Jherelle Benn (Titania), Natalie Papa (Changeling), Lauren D’Aversa (Lead Singer), Gerrianna Cardito (Back-Up Singer), Matthew Fullum (Drums), Paul Spinelli (Lead Guitar), Selwyn Dvorkin (Bass), Michael Simanovsky (Keyboard) The College of Staten Island 24 April 2010
Shakespeare, William A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Act III: Scene 1) Micki Papa Katie Kovac (Titania), Andi Winney (Snug/Peaseblossom), Molly Habich (Peter Quince), Sally Shideler (Nick Bottom), Katie Burkhardt (Moth/Francis Flute), David Staggs (Robin Starveling/Cobweb), Hana Ros (Mustardseed/Robin Goodfellow) Shakespeare Under the Stars Youth Company at Minnetrista 16 July 2000
Shakespeare, William Much Ado About Nothing Joe Cook Hannah Miles, Eli Klein (Children), Rachel Kathleen Routh (Conrade/Margaret), Enid Morrison (Ursula), David R. Head (Leonato), Tracy J. Craig (Beatrice), Whitney Crosslin (Hero), Dan Sullivan (Don Pedro), James B. Gross (Benedick), Molly Bellner (Don John), J. Justin Klein (Claudio), Kory Klein (Borachio), Scott Andrew Hutchins (Balthasar/Sexton), Art Prickett (Antonio), Brent Wooldridge  (Constable Dogberry), Craig VanBuskirk (Headborough Verges), Susan Yeaw (Hugh Oatcake), Nolan Brokamp (George Seacole), Joe Cook (Friar Francis) Spotlight Players/Shakespeare 2000 Company/Danville Friends Church June 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10
Shakespeare, William Much Ado About Nothing Michael Swanson Gary R. Lott (Leonato, governor of Messina), Sara Locker (Beatrice, niece to Leonato), Katharine McDermott Swanson (Hero, daughter of Leonato), David Strobel (Balthasar, attendant on Don Pedro/A Sexton), Jeffrey Owen McGregor (Claudio, a young lord of Florence), Alan Shepard (Benedick, a young lord of Padua), Tom Forman (Don John, Don Pedro’s Bastard Brother), Joel Thompson (Borachio, a follower of Don John), Phil A. Tunnah  (Antonio, Leonato’s brother), Peter Cilella (Conrade, a follower of Don John/Friar Francis), Rachel Westwood (Margaret, a gentlewoman attending on Hero), Laura Renée Meyer (Ursula, a gentlewoman attending on Hero), Mike Johnson (Dogberry, a constable), Guy Grubbs (Verges, a borough head), Donald Darbro (Hugh Oatcake, first watchman), Bob Smith (George Seacole, second watchman) Shakespeare & More Theatre Company of Central Indiana at Marian College 7 July 2001
Shakespeare, William Much Ado About Nothing Bruce Burgun Chris Nelson (Leonato, Governor of Messina), Kendall O’Neill (Innogen, his wife), Mike Mauloff (Antonio, his brother), Jessica Cannon (Hero, his daughter), Melissa Joy Nedell (Beatrice, his niece), Shannon Thake (Margaret), Carol Enoch (Ursula), Cliff Schwartz (Friar Francis), Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha (Don Pedro, Commander of the Army), Geoff Wilson (Benedick, a Captain), Nicholas Cacciola (Claudio, a Lieutenant), José Antonio García (Don John, Don Pedro’s illegitimate brother), Scott Cupper (Borachio, follower of Don John), Carly Anne Roetter (Conrade, follower of Don John (his whore)), Nathaniel J. Beaver (Messenger), Mark Verne (Dogberry, Chief of Police), Kate Nawrocki (Verges, Dogberry’s secretary), Jerry McClure (Sexton), Eric Price, Eric Holmes, Matt Holzfeind, Sara Dobbs, Brooke Chirone, Christina Marie Pumariega, Dustin Henderlong (Members of the Watch, Townspeople, Soldiers) Indiana University 9 February 2002
Shakespeare, William Much Ado About Nothing Debbie Coatney James Ryan Ruckman (Benedick), Kelly Coatney (Beatrice), Jonathan Marsh (Claudio), Karen Alfrey (Hero), J Rich (Leonato), Mike Robert (Antonio), Chris Finchum (Don Pedro), Richard J. “Sky Peter King” Gustafson (Don John), Aleia Brackney (Dogberry), Tammy Parney (Verges), Dustin Gardner (Borachio), Paul LaFourest (Conrade), Andy Arenson (Friar Francis), Janette Pérez (Margaret), Melissa Green (Ursula/Sexton), Scott Andrew Hutchins (Balthasar), Jon Harris (George Seacole), Chris Hamilton (Hugh Oatcake), Jeff Lewis (Messenger), Liz Otero (Dancer) IUPUI Stagecrafters at The Old Centrum 9, 10, 11 October 2002
Shakespeare, William Much Ado About Nothing Maria Eagleton David Michel (Leonato), Ben Ellis (Antonio), Stephanie Dodge (Beatrice), Bobby Hackett (Benedick), John DeBoer (Claudio), Karmyn Guthrie (Hero), Michael Schroeder (Don Pedro), Chad Eagleton (Don John), Chris Hosler (Borachio), Carmen Fisher (Conrade), Ryan Markle (Dogberry), Ben Aldred (Verges), Keely Burke (Margaret),  Angie Hickman (Ursula), Rance Fawbush (Friar Francis), Dylan Hilderbrand (Sexton),
Stan Gerbig (First Watchman), Phillip Addison (George Seacole), Susan Anderson (Hugh Oatcake), Maria Eagleton (Messenger)
Monroe County Civic Theater Third Street Park Stage 14 June 2003
Shakespeare, William Much Ado About Nothing Pitr Strait Chas Carey (Leonato), Sam West (Antonio), Rosie duPont (Hero), Luciana Colapinto (Beatrice), Lizzy Straus (Margaret), Inga Theissen (Ursula), Nick Weiler (Don Pedro), Jeff Brown (Claudio), Austin Smith (Benedick), Christine Laskowski (Balthasar), Jason Resnikoff (Don John), Lars Dabney (Borachio), Bert Ma (Conrade), Eli Dvorkin (Friar Francis), Patrick Faurot-Pigeon (Dogberry), Dan Blank (Verges), Lauren Schaffel (George Seacole), Anne Marie Tonyan (First Watchman), Paul Stam (Second Watchman), Cally Robertson (Sexton), Kate Stehl (Boy), Austin Mitchell (Messenger to Leonato/Soldier), Lee Havlicek (Messenger to Don Pedro/Lady), Nina Bell, Natalie Gosset, Jennie Halperin, Caitlin Johnston, Annette Larocco, Norah Webster (Ladies), Lindsay Kaley, Jessie Leiken (Attendants to Don John), Abby Broberg, Pardis Dabashi, Stephanie Denzer, Jeff Julian, Darragh Martin (Shills), Stuart Partin, Rickie Siegel, Clark Zhang (Soldiers), Katherine Atwill, Rebecca Feinberg, Siobhan Gilbert, Alex Marchyshyn, Shaina Rubin (Watchmen), Seung-Hee Do, Lindsay Repka, Alli Lalonde, Caroline Lang, Christina Macchiarola, Courtney Soderberg, Emily Wilson, Kris Wiener (Socialites) King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe of Columbia University Spring 2007
Shakespeare, William, Giovanni Battista Giraldi Cinzio [Cinthio] (story “Moor of Venice” in Gli Hecatommithi) Othello Scott Wentworth Andy Patterson (Roderigo), Conan McCarty (Iago), Charles Goad (Brabantio), Johnny Lee Davenport (Othello), Hayden Adams (Michael Cassio), Tim Grimm (Duke of Venice), Dale Miller (Gratiano), James Michael Reilly (Lodovico), Allison Krizner (Desdemona), T.R. Shields (Montano), Nancy Hume (Emilia), Lynne Perkins (Bianca), James Alan Grammer, Malaki Kindred, Joshua LeBar, Christopher Tremain (Officers & Attendants) Indiana Repertory Theatre 23 March 2000
Shakespeare, William, Giovanni Battista Giraldi Cinzio [Cinthio] (story “Moor of Venice” in Gli Hecatommithi) Othello Steven Decker Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha (Othello), Arian Moayed (Iago), Patricia Drozda (Desdemona), Shannon Thake (Emilia), Ira G. Amyx (Guitarist), [Erik Anderson (Roderigo–non-speaking)] Indiana University 7 December 2001
Shakespeare, William, Giovanni Battista Giraldi Cinzio [Cinthio] (story “Moor of Venice” in Gli Hecatommithi) Othello, the Moor of Venice Chad Eagleton Jason Lee (Othello), Maria Eagleton (Desdemona), Tyler Andrews (Iago), Stephanie Dodge (Emilia), Sean Fear (Michael Cassio), Carmen Fisher (Bianca), Chris Hosler (Roderigo), Michael Shroeder (Montano), Rance Fawbush (Brabantio), Dylan Hildebrandt (Duke of Venice), Robby Hart (Lodovico/Senator), Tim Johnson (Servant), Jason Inglert (Officer/Gentleman), Susan Anderson, Jennifer Handy (Attendants), Emily Goodson (Messenger/Gentleman/Serving Wench), Chad Eagleton (Gratiano) Monroe County Civic Theater Third Street Park Stage 15 June 2002 (stopped after Act I due to severe weather)
Shakespeare, William Romeo & Juliet Diane Timmerman Beth Weaver (Escalus, Prince of Verona), Tavi Stutz (Mercutio), Malaki Kindred (Paris), Jason Reed (Montague), Kelly Baas (Lady Montague), Jacob Saylor (Romeo), Mike Vanlandingham (Benvolio), Kate McCutcheon (Balthasar), Kevin Lind (Capulet), Michele McCarty (Lady Capulet), Alecia White (Juliet), Cassie Pappas (Tybalt), Katie Kalb (Juliet’s Nurse), Mandy Keller (Gregory/Second Watchman), Sean Andrew Hildreth (Sampson/First Watchman), John Hammerle (Friar Laurence), Liz Jackson (Apothecary/Capulet’s Servant (Peter)), Krista Amigone, Elisabeth Bell, Josh Dobbs, Marina Fukushima, Corey Gram, Jason Henschen, Tanner Hronek, Jessica Johnson, Aaron Selissen, Jennifer Sutton, Jennifer Sydor (Dancers) Butler University 29 October, 3 November 1999
Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet Pam Vidt Melissa Adams (Escalus, Prince of Verona), Molly Bellner (Juliet), Nolan Brokamp (Sampson), Royce Cole (Capulet), Joe Cook (Friar Laurence), Charlie Cronau (Benvolio/Apothecary), Pam Pierle Doctor (Lady Montague), Holly Essex (Abraham), Lyndsey Grimes (Mercutio), James B. Gross (Romeo), Kelsey Rae Hanlon (Peter), Pamela Roberts (Lady Capulet), Zachary Rooker (Gregory/Balthasar), Thomas L. Turner (Paris), Pam Vidt (Juliet’s Nurse), Craig Widener (Montague), Randy Widener (Tybalt), Brent Woodridge (Friar John), [Carolyn Vittetow, Susan Yeaw (Capulet Servants)] Spotlight Players/Shakespeare 2000/Danville Friends Church 4 June 2000
Shakespeare, William, adapted by Terry F. Fox The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Terry F. Fox Andrew Bean (Romeo, a Montague), Ashley Barber (Juliet, a Capulet), Patrick Cavanagh (Mercutio, Friend to Romeo), Patrick Koenig (Tybalt, Nephew to Capulet), Andrew Wahnsiedler (Benvolio, Nephew to Montague), Aaron McLane (Lord Capulet), Sarah Fiorio (Lady Capulet), Stephanie Krespach (Nurse to Juliet), Joshua Richardt (Friar Laurence), Greg Schroeder (Escalus, Prince of Verona), Matt Davis (Lord Montague), Kate Huffman (Lady Montague), Adam Azman (Paris, a young nobleman), Mark Milam (Balthasar, Servant to Montague/Chorus), David Finn (Sampson, Servant to Capulet/Chorus), Sean Finley (Gregory, Servant to Capulet), Ben Waters (Abraham, Servant to Monatgue/Chorus), Jon Woodruff (Magician/Capulets and Montagues), Patrick Shaffner (Friar John/Chorus), John Stadler (An Apothecary/Chorus), Kyle Johnson (Page to Paris/Chorus), Matt Johnston (Page to the Nurse (Peter)), Andy Azman (1st Watch/Chorus), Ricky Spivey (2nd Watch/Chorus), Chris O’Donnell (3rd Watch/Chorus), Katie Thomas, Kelly Mortell, Kelly Stark, Ashley Risk, Jessica Sauter, Natalie Corey, K.C. Gumbel, Megan McGinnis, Helen Flippen, Jessica Keyes, Michelle Rhodes, Andrew White (Chorus), Peter Corey, Tony Graves (Prince’s Guards), Joanna Cummins, Courtney Symons, Jessica Tamulonis, Katie Dilts, Kari Phelan (Torchbearers), Tom Elliot, Ellen Dreyer, Whitney Nolton, Molly Longenecker, Lauren Gress, Katie Roe, Robbie Flippin, Courtney Peacock, Erin Avey, Whitney Hamilton, Maria Morales, Rebecca Schaefer, Jennifer DeFrench, Ashley Cain, Amanda Jurkash (Capulets and Montagues) Cathedral High School Joe O’Malia Performing Arts Center 19 November 2000
Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet Richard J. Roberts Gari L. Williams (Escalus, Prince of Verona/Chorus), Benjamin D. Tebbe (Mercutio, kinsman to the Prince, friend of Romeo), Paul S. Hengesteg (Paris, kinsman to the Prince, suitor to Juliet), Glenn Roesler (Montague), C. Ryan Metzger (Romeo, Montague’s son), Sean Andrew Hildreth (Benvolio, Montague’s nephew), Tom Forman (Abram, servant to Montague/Friar John/Citizen/Servant/Attendant to the Prince), Abigail Marie Young (Balthasar, servant to Romeo/Illiterate Servant [Peter/split]/Citizen/Servant/Attendant to the Prince), Glenn de Roziere (Capulet), Kelli Walker (Lady Capulet), Rachel Westwood (Juliet, Capulet’s daughter), Joshua C. Ramsey (Tybalt, Capulet’s nephew), Richard J. Roberts (Nurse to Juliet), Ben Ayres (Gregory, servant to Capulet/An Apothecary of Mantua/Citizen/Servant/Attendant to the Prince), Parrish W. Williams (Sampson, servant to Capulet/Peter, attendant to the Nurse/Citizen/Servant/Attendant to the Prince), Kurt Owens (Friar Lawrence), Ron Foster (Singer/Citizen/Servant/Attendant to the Prince) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 10 February 2001
Shakespeare, William Romeo & Juliet Amy Gaither-Hayes Michael McVey (Escalus, Prince of Verona), Skot Garrett (Mercutio, his kinsman), Marc Boyer (County Paris, his kinsman), Joseph Wolford (Romeo), Kevin Whitmore (Montague, his father), Kay Bayliss (Lady Montague), Jonathan R. Kratzner (Benvolio, Montague’s nephew),  Erik Fisher (Abraham, Montague’s servingman), Jay Hinkelman (Balthasar, Romeo’s Man), Jamie Matthews (Juliet), Jim Dougherty (Capulet, Her Father), Rose Aspinall (Lady Capulet), Andrew Hayes (Tybalt, her nephew), Ginni Zink (Juliet’s nurse), Matt Kriebel (Sampson, Capulet’s Servingman), Nathan Wurschmidt (Gregory, Capulet’s servingman), Julie Crawford (Servant of the Capulet family [i.e. Peter]), Rick Vale (Friar Laurence), Benjamin Gaither (An Apothecary), Yarris Navarro, Anne Lustig, Alex Jordan, Will Jennings, Joey Garcia (The Chorus) ACO [A Company of] Players/Y2K Studios 14 June 2001
Shakespeare, William Romeo & Juliet Don LaCasse, Bill Jenkins Capulet Family:  Amy Hendrickson (Juliet), Franklin Gray (Lord Capulet), Carrie Ann Schlatter-Schwer (Lady Capulet), Melissa Blue (Nurse), Nicholas Floyd (Tybalt), Bryan Campbell (Peter/Citizen) Billy Blanken (Servant 1 [illiterate]/Watchman), Kevin McDaniel (Servant 2/Watchman/Dancer)  Montague Family:  David Behrns (Romeo), Charles Retherford (Lord Montague), Katie Rae Pfadt (Lady Montague), Jillian Rafa (Benvolia), Brad Gunter (Balthasar)  Court, Citizens, etc.: Micki Papa (Queen Escalus), Tim Lueke (Mercutio (Friend of the Montagues)), Marc McHone (Mercutio’s Page/Watchman/Dancer), David J. Mitsch (Paris (Suitor of Juliet)), Ryan Johnson (Paris’s Page/Citizen), Chad Winkles (Friar Laurence), Cathy Burns (Sister Joan/Citizen/Dancer), Katie Shawger (Apothecary/Citizen/Dancer) Ball State Theatre at Minnetrista 19 July 2002
Shakespeare, William The Taming of the Shrew Bill Jenkins Brad Coolidge (Lucentio), Nicholas G. Brenner (Tranio), Franklin Gray (Baptista Minola), Barry McMullen (Gremio), Carrie Ann Schlatter-Schwer (Katharine Minola), Brian Geary (Hortensio), Kara Lynne Kienitz (Bianca Minola), Lucy Bansley (Biondella), Patrick Jacobs (Petruchio), Amanda Randall (Grumia), Natisha Anderson (Curtis/Tailor/Widow), Todd Terrell (Vincentio), Scott Halberstadt (Pedant) Ball State Theatre at Minnetrista 16 July 2000
Shakespeare, William The Taming of the Shrew John C. Green Rockland Brooks Mers (Baptista Minola, a rich Citizen of Padua), Coco Medvitz (Katherina Minola, elder daughter of Baptista), David Alan Anderson (Petruchio, a gentleman of Verona, suitor to Katherina), Jeff Keel (Grumio, servant to Petruchio), Alissa Branch Stamatis (Bianca Minola, younger daughter of Baptista), R. Brian Noffke (Gremio, rich old citizen of Padua, suitor to Bianca/Vincentio, rich old citizen of Pisa, father to Lucentio), Michael Brown Callahan (Hortensio, a gentleman of Padua, suitor to Bianca), Michael Shelton (Lucentio, a gentleman of Pisa, suitor to Bianca), Wolf J. Sherrill (Tranio, servant to Lucentio), Millicent Wright (A Widow, a tailor and milliner) Indiana Repertory Theatre 6 May 2001
Shakespeare, William The Taming of the Shrew Joe Cook Susan Yeaw (Katharina Minola, the Shrew), Jim LaMonte (Petruchio, a suitor for Katharina), Brent Wooldridge (Hortensio, suitor to Bianca), Pamela Roberts (Bianca Minola, the sister of Katharina), Lizette Weaver (Baptista Minola, a rich woman of Padua), Charlie Cronau (Lucentio, in love with Bianca), Joe Cook (Gremio, a suitor to Bianca), John Gramling (Tranio, servant to Lucentio), Bob Smith (Vincentio, father of Lucentio), Katie Snyder (Grumio, Servant to Petruchio), Toni Jordan (Servant Adam, Tailor, Widow), Elizabeth Watness (Servant to Baptista, Servant Ralph, Haberdasher), Christian Watness (Servant Gregory) Spotlight Players of Hendricks County 8 June 2002
Shakespeare, William The Taming of the Shrew Beth Taylor Dace E. Riggs (Christopher Sly), Marianne Pawlowski (Hostess of a Tavern/A Widow), Ronn Johnstone (Lord, later posing as a servant/Gremio, a pantaloon, a suitor to Bianca), Larry Atwood (Huntsman/Nathaniel), Cameron Borquein (Servant), Michael Benning (Bartholomew, page to the Lord, posing as Sly’s wife/Philip/A Tailor), Shawn Whistler (Lucentio, in love with Bianca, later posing as Cambio), Patrick Cavanagh (Tranio, servant to Lucentio, later posing as Lucentio), Donald Darbro (Baptista Minola, father to Kate and Bianca), Megan Snyder (Kate, the Shrew), Joel Thompson (Hortensio, suitor to Bianca, later posing as Litio), Deborah Trembicki (Bianca Minola), Jake Roesler (Biondello, page to Lucentio), James Ryan Ruckman (Petruchio, suitor to Kate), Michael Glorioso (Grumio, servant to Petruchio), Aleia Brackney (Curtis, servant to Petruchio), Luke Roller (Peter/Vincentio, father to Lucentio) Shakespeare & More Theatre Company of Central Indiana at Marian College 12 July 2002
Shakespeare, William The Tempest Gregory Richards Tim Kennedy (King Alonso), Richard M. Hartman (Sebastian), Ray Begovich (Prospero), David Heighway (Antonio), Justin Hoggard (Ferdinand), Mike Wynn (Gonzalo), Ben Wade (Adrian), Andy Richards (Caliban), Greg Simpson (Trinculo), Jeff Lovell (Stephano), Bill Brothers (Shipmaster), Eric Tinsley (Boatswain), Darby Kennerly (Miranda), Noreen Nyikos (Ariel), Felicity Hall (Iris, and other spirits), Erin Gabrielson (Ceres and Spirit), Shannon Gabrielson Sloderbeck (Juno and Spirit), David Hartman (Guitarist) Noblesville Cultural Arts Commission/Seminary Park 28 July 2000
Shakespeare, William The Tempest Mervyn Willis Brian K. Edgecomb (Prospero), James Alan Harris (Caliban), Dija Renuka Pathak (Miranda), Anita L. Ross (Ariel), Jeremy Clark (Antonio), David M. Levine (Alonso), Joey Basu (Stephano), Zachary Coles (Sebastian), Jeremy N. Fisher (Francisco), Thomas Winget (Trinculo), Andrew Rhoda (Gonzalo), Alexander Floyd (Ferdinand), Alexander Lee Hess (Adrain/Shipmaster), Jake Mucha (Boatswain), Vanessa Buono, Carla L. Hallock, Erin Reitz, Megan Mary Ryan (Singing Spirits), Katie Batholomew, Ashley Bush, Jason Dean, Kari Gilbert, Christina Mathews, Erica Peregrine, Blair Riggs (Ensemble (Playmakers) (Spirits) (Magic Makers)) Purdue University 15 February 2002
Shakespeare, William The Tempest Jason Jacobs Nathan Blew (Caliban), Walter Brandes (Antonio), Tim Cusack (Ariel), Julio Vincent Gambuto (Ariel),  Mark Sage Hamilton (Alonso), Steve Hauck (Prospero), Dustin Helmer (Trinculo), Jeffrey James Keyes (Sebastian), Chris Eric Maddox (Ariel), Frank Mihelich (Stephano), Paul Siemens (Ferdinand), Lucy Kendrick Smith (Miranda), Lou Tally (Gonzalo) Columbia University/Theatre Askew at Theatre of Riverside Church 25 April 2004
Shakespeare, William The Tempest Sarah Bishop-Stone Caitlin Harrity (Alonzo), Alex Nicksay (Sebastian), Matt Smith (Prospero), Dan Kessler (Antonio), Henry Wiener (Ferdinand), Lauren Mancia (Gonzalo), Charles Biddle-Sneed (Adrian), Jonathan Mirian (Caliban), Christina Norris (Trinculo), Kevin Connell (Stephano), Julia Hart (Master of a Ship), Lev L. Kalman (Boatswain), Alex Orban (Miranda), Ana Kayne (Ariel), Michael Brick, Bethany Chase, Josh Hadro, Adam Kielman, Rachel Kolster, Alex Rizio, Morgan Sellers (The Shills), Gabe Bedoya, Emily Kadish, Kate Hurwitz, Christine Laskowski, Paris Martin (Mariners), Laura Baur, Erica Carley, Lars Dabney, Sara Gillers, Edward Hambleton, Sara Hames, Lindy Hausner, Alexa Hawryz, Carly Hoogendyk, Andrew Kalaidijian, Eli Kamara, Brittany Kaplan, Geo Karapetyan, Justin Klein, Sarah Lord, Erin Moughon, Tyler Merritt, Emily Moulton, Katriana Roh, Christina Sardinas, Cara Spitalewitz, Monica Villa, Diana Wade, Alice Wang, Nick Weiler (Nymphs) King’s Crown Shakespeare Troupe of Columbia University 1 May 2004
Shakespeare, William The Tempest Jerrod Bogard Brian Armstrong (Prospero, the right duke of Milan), Carissa Cordes (Ariel, an airy Spirit) ARIEL’s QUALITIES: Joshua David Bishop (Ego/Master of the Ship), Kym Smith (The Elements/Mariner), Sydney Stanton (Intellect), Mavis Martin (Heart/Mariner), Megan Cooper (Time); Nick DeVita (Ferdinand, son to the king of Naples), Erin Singleton (Miranda, daughter to Prospero), Joe Hamel (Alonso, king of Naples), Patrick Pizzolorusso (Sebastian, his brother), Chris Behan (Antonio, Prospero’s brother, the usurping duke of Milan), Arthur Pellman (Gonzalo, an honest old Counsellor), Lenny Ciotti (Adrian, a Lord), Bennett Harrell (Caliban, a creature of the island), George Wells (Trinculo, a Jester), Chris Rodriguez (Stephano, a drunken Butler), Joe Crow Ryan (Boatswain), Michael Bonadio, Marek Sapieyevski, Brian Speaker (Mariners/Musicians) Hudson Warehouse at Riverside Park 28 June 2009
Shakespeare, William Twelfth Night or, What You Will Don LaCasse Bill Zimmerman (Orsino, Duke of Illyria), Kimberly Ruse (Viola (Cesario)), Harley Howell (Valentine, attends Orsino), Tim Lueke (Curio, attends Orsino), Lois Mathilda Atkins (Olivia, a Countess), Ryan E. Woodle (Sir Toby Belch, uncle to Olivia), John Curcuru (Sir Andrew Aguecheek), Nicholas G. Brenner (Malvolio), Michael Kleeberg (Feste, a clown), Audrey G.M. Neff (Maria, Olivia’s woman), Carrie Elizabeth Spangler (Fabian, a servant to Olivia), Jason Bennett Whicker (Sebastian, brother to Viola), Josh Gildrie (Antonio, friend of Sebastian), Jonathan R. Kratzner (A Sea Captain/Priest), Bryan Campbell, Brad Gunter (Sailors/Officers), Kristin Schwartz, Natalie Ellis (Musicians/Attendants to Olivia) Ball State Theatre at Minnetrista Cultural Center 19 July 2001
Shanahan, Patrick, L. Frank Baum (novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) Oz Heather May Jay Lee (L. Frank Baum), Tamar M. Vartanian (Dot), Chris Curtis (Bridgey Sullivan), Daisy Haynes (Toto) Buskirk-Chumley Theatre 21 July 2000
Shange, Ntozake For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf Justine Taylor-Earls Edan Evans (The Lady in Brown), Janel A. Johnson (The Lady in Yellow), Kendra N. Mitchell (The Lady in Red), Kimberly Morgan (The Lady in Purple), Kamease Thomas (The Lady in Green), Dena L. Toler (The Lady in Blue), Rashida Walker (The Lady in Orange) Theatre on the Square 17 March 2001
Shanley, John Patrick Italian American Reconciliation (excerpt) ?, ? ? (Aldo Scalicki), ? (Teresa) IUPUI 1997
Shaw, George Bernard Back to Methuselah (Part One) Beth Taylor Nickie Powers (Young Eve), Luther Dwain Stevenson (Young Adam), Jessica White (The Snake), Michael Glorioso (Older Adam), Mary Costello (Older Eve), Adam Greer (Cain), Katie White (Lua), Stephanie Schoppenhorst (Lilith), Luke Roller (Deer), Amanda D. Lyons (Monkey), Megan Snyder (Tiger), Ryan Kreicker (Mr. Giraffe), Lindsey Lehner (Mrs. Giraffe) Marian College 15 September 2000
Shaw, George Bernard Candida Janet Allen, Scott Wentworth Kia Christina Heath (Miss Proserpine Garnett), Scott Wentworth (Rev. James Mavor Morrell), Raymond Fox (Rev. Alexander Mill), Ray Fry (Mr. Burgess), Marion Adler (Candida Morell), Sean Abuckle (Eugene Marchbanks) Indiana Repertory Theatre 30 January 1998 (the day the lamp fell)
Shaw, George Bernard Candida Dale Miller Trey Garner (Rev. James Mavor Morrell), Jennifer Fitzery (Prossy Garnett), Jason Alexander Todd (Rev. Alexander “Lexy” Mill), Martin Swoverland (Burgess), Deborah Ouradnik (Candida Morell), Geoffrey Pard (Eugene Marchbanks), Kathryn Bartholomew (Maid Maria) Purdue University 8 November 2000
Shaw, George Bernard Pygmalion Risa Brainin Constance Macy (Clara Eynsford Hill), Deborah Sargent (Mrs. Eynsford Hill), Charles Goad (A Bystander/Footman), Antony Hagopian (Freddy Eynsford Hill), Libby Christopherson (Eliza Doolittle), Richard Ooms (Colonel Pickering), David Staller (Henry Higgins), R. Brian Noffke (Another Bystander/Footman), Priscilla Lindsay (Mrs. Pearce), Charles Antalosky (Alfred Doolittle), Zoaunne LeRoy (Mrs. Higgins), Euhna Jung (Parlor Maid/Pianist) Indiana Repertory Theatre 14 October 1999
Shear, Claudia Dirty Blonde Bryan D. Fonseca Lisa Koch (Jo, Mae West), Andre du Broc (Charlie, various), Will Gould (Frank Wallace, various roles) The Phoenix Theatre 25 January 2002
Shepard, Sam Buried Child Joe Gaines Mark G. McIntyre (Dodge), Mary Reardon (Halie), Steve Heise (Tilden), Mike Price (Bradley), Stephanie Harrrison (Shelly), Daniel Petie (Vince), Jim Hetmer (Father Dewis) Detour Productions/John Waldron Arts Center Auditorium 24 November 2001
Shepard, Sam Buried Child (1 hour festival condensation) Jonni Pera & Traci Brant David Pera (Dodge), Sheri Nash-Braun (Halie), Eric Brant (Tilden), Dan Matern (Bradley), Ed Ortiz (Vince), Patty Spillers (Shelley), Mikal Crowder (Father Dewis) Valparaiso Community Theatre Guild/Hedback Theatre (Footlite Musicals) 24 March 2001
Shepard, Sam Cowboy Mouth Marie Miguel Vincent Vok (Slim), Laura Kathleen Artesi (Cavale),  Alberto Antonio Guerrrero (Lobster Man) Theatre Sangreal at Martini Red
Shepard, Sam Fool for Love Susan Galey Mandy Melissa Barrett (May), Joshua LeBar (Eddie), Malaki Kindred (Martin), Bob Berry (Old Man) Butler University 13 February 1999
Shepard, Sam Icarus’s Mother John Jamiel Carlo Rivieccio (Bill), Tom McCormick (Frank), Ryan-Patrick Cronen (Howard), Jayne Aiello (Jill), Rebecca Mercer (Pat) Wagner College November 2003
Shepard, Sam A Lie of the Mind Brad Wright Kevin Grow (Jake), Nick Carpenter (Frankie), Chandra Jeanette Biehl DeNap (Beth), Mark J. Michalak (Mike), Brenda Barrie (Lorraine), Liz Spaeth (Sally), Joseph Barnett (Baylor), Dana Ankenbauer (Meg) University of Indianapolis 1 December 2000
Shepard, Sam True West Steven Decker José Antonio García (Austin), Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha (Lee), Brendan Donaldson (Saul Kimmer), Eliza Hittman (Mom) Indiana University 21 April 2001
Sheridan, Don You May Stay After School Sarah Butler Amy Arffa (Miss Finch), Emily Gramer (Mrs. Barr), Spencer McCoy (Ezra Hemmelderry), Sierra Godalata (Lena Smith), Adam Collins (Clarance Kitter), Marsha Dawes (Laura Brown), John Gramling (Lemuel Sterns), Tiffany Gregg (Ada Bradley), Jason Gregory (Joseph Cummins), Megan Haak (Mary Martin), Amanda Johnson (Edna Emmons), Dan O’Brien (Thomas Tomilson), Rachel Kathleen Routh (Martha Clog), Andrea Sample (Mamie Long), Tyler Watts (Robert Rummel) Danville Community High School 22 May 2002
Sherman, Jonathan Marc Women and Wallace (excerpt) Scott Andrew Hutchins Scott Andrew Hutchins (Wallace) IUPUI 1997
Shevlove, Burt, Larry Gelbart (B), Stephen Sondheim (M), Titus Maccias Plautus (all 27 extant plays) A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Darrell Spencer Jason Newkirk (Pseudolus), Darrell Spencer (Hysterium), Art Prickett (Senex), Janet Ransdell (Domina), Charlie Cronau (Hero), Della Gillespie (Philia), Larry Martin (Erronius), Dan Smith (Miles Gloriosus), Doug Horn (Marcus Lycus), Abby Cronau (Tintinabula), Tracy Craig (Panacea), Jan Fancher & Amanda Bodell (The Geminae), Elisa Clark (Vibrata), Becky Elliott (Gymnasia), Kasey Fancher & Elizabeth Lester (Eunuchs), Ashley Pugh, John Gramling, Arielle Horner, Matthew Rowings, Niles Clark (Proteans) Hendricks Civic Theatre 9 March 2001
Shores, Del Daddy’s Dyin’ Who’s Got the Will? Brent Wooldridge Molly Bellner (Sara Lee Turnover), Karen Temple (Lurlene Turnover-Rogers), Susan Page Freeman (Lois “Mama” Wheelis), Tracy J. Craig (Evalita Turnover), Dan Smith (Harmony Rhodes), Joe Cook (Buford “Daddy” Turnover), Jim LaMonte (Orville Turnover), Jan Fancher (Marlene Turnover) Spotlight Players of Hendricks County 1 November 2001
Shue, Larry The Foreigner Barbara Farrar-Evans Keith Holmes (Sgt. “Froggy” LeSueuer/Townspeople), Frederick Marshall (Charlie Baker), Patricia Lavelle (Betty Meeks), Jeff Casazza (Rev. David Marshall Lee/Townspeople), Kellie Kramer (Catherine Simms), Donald Bright (Owen Musser), Brian Kramer (Ellard Simms), James Mannan, Brian Salisburg, P.J. Gindling, Kyle Walke (Townspeople) Edyvean Rertory Theatre 5 February 2000
Shue, Larry The Nerd Robert J. Sorbera Tim Payne (Willum Cubbert), Jennifer Harris (Tansy McGinnis), Tobin Strader (Axel Hammond), Ed Mobley (Warnock “Ticky” Waldgrave), Vonda Fuhrmann (Clelia Waldgrave), Patrick Whelan Mullen (Thor Waldgrave), Edwin Xavier (Kempe/Rick Steadman) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 26 May 2001
Silver, Nicky Raised in Captivity John Jamiel David Rahner (Sebastian Bliss), Kayla King (Bernadette Dixon), Dan Scullin (Kip Dixon), Lawren Roulier (Hillary MacMahon/Miranda Bliss), Ryan Lammer (Dylan Taylor Sinclair/Roger) Wagner College 28 April 2008
Simon, Neil Brighton Beach Memoirs Jim LaMonte John Gramling (Eugene), Amy Kern-Smth (Kate), Jodi Wingler (Blanche), Lauren LaMonte (Laurie), Molly Bellner (Nora), J. Justin Klein (Stanley), Edward Dreyling (Jack) Spotlight Players of Hendricks County 8 March 2002
Simon, Neil California Suite Jim LaMonte Lora Robinson (Hannah Warren), Jim LaMonte (William Warren), Steve Jamell (Marvin Michaels), Michelle Hammond (Millie Michaels), Anita McClung (Bunny), Richelle Toombs (Diana Nichols), James B. Gross (Sidney Nichols), Joe Cook (Mort Hollender), Carolyn Vittetow (Beth Hollender), Ernie Ford (Stu Franklin), Diana Spiegel (Gert Franklin) Spotlight Players of Hendricks County/Brownsburg Library 13 October 2000
Simon, Neil Chapter Two Bill Kincaid Robert K. Johansen (George Schneider), Bruce Burgun (Leo Schneider), Alissa Branch Stamatis (Jennie Malone), Martha Jacobs (Faye Medwick), [Kelly Ann Ford (Barbara Schneider) (photograph))] Brown County Playhouse 20 October 2001
Simon, Neil God’s Favorite Brad Wright Benjamin Barhan (Joe Benjamin), Richard Lee Harmon (Ben Benjamin), Jaime Theresa Smith (Sarah Benjamin), Shanelle Lea Schrader (Rose Banjamin), Irwin Sparkes (David Benjamin), Kashun LeShae Howell (Mady), Devin Lael Hartley (Morris), Jeff Hamilton (Sidney Lipton) University of Indianapolis 3 March 2001
Simon, Neil, Anton Chekhov (stories) The Good Doctor Lynne Perkins Shanelle Lea Shrader (Wife (Sonya)/Defenseless Woman), Kimberly Marie Jordan (Madame Brassilhov), Chandra Jeanette Biel DeNap (Mistress/Assistant), Kelsie Brummett (Julia/Girl), Chrystiane Pereira (Wife (Irena)/Actress), Mark J. Michalak (Narrator (Anton Chekhov)/Kistunov), Benjamin Barhan (Ivan Ilyich Cherdyakov/Old Man/Sailor), Devin Lael Hartley (General Brassilhov/Husband/Father), Steve Fisher (Sexton/Peter/Policeman), Joseph Barnett (Kuryatin/Boy), Junaid Shah (Guitarist), Jaime Theresa Smith [uncredited] (“Teacher”) University of Indianapolis 19 February 2000
Simon, Neil London Suite Bill Hale Carl Cooper (Brian/Dr. McMerlin), Gary Beplay (Billy), Donna Wing (Lauren), Peg Arbuckle-Harold (Mrs. Semple/Mrs. Sitgood), Robina Zink (Diana), Janel A. Johnson (Grace), Blaine Jarrett (Sidney), Lee McCarty (Mark), Lina Ricks (Annie), Jams Creech (Bellman), Jerry Zink (Concierge), Kellee McCarty (Maid), Meredith L. Granger (Voice Overs) Buck Creek Players 15 June 2001
Simon, Neil The Star-Spangled Girl Jim Stark Joel David Santer (Andy Hobart), Benjamin Hunt (Norman Cornell), Kaytie Morris (Sophie Raushmeyer) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 28 July 2002
Simon, Neil (B), Dorothy Fields (L), Cy Coleman (M), Federico Fellini, Tullio Pinelli, Ennio Plaiano, Pier Paolo Pasolini (screenplay Le Notti di Cabiria), Bob Fosse (conception) Sweet Charity Robert J. Sorbera Holly Quackenbush (Charity Hope Valentine), Bill Book (Charlie [as Willy Tome]/Vittorio Vidal [as Guillermo Libro]/Oscar Lindquist), Diane Tsao Boehm (Helene), Susan Liechty (Carmen), Heather Helen King (Nickie), Parrish W. Williams (Herman), Denise Reiter (Ursula March), Kimberly Ruse (Rosie), Dana Arnold, Holly McGuire, Sally Mitchell, Catherine Sparks Petraits, Amy Szczepaniuk (Hostesses), Brent E. Marty (Daddy Brubeck), Nicholas G. Brenner, Michael Casey Clark, Catie Cunning, Matt Dilley, Eric Karwisch, Benjamin Lamb, Buzz Lovko, Chuck Marion, Megan Monesmith, Rick Shinkle, Susan Smith, Kerra D. Wagener-Johnson (Ensemble) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 30 Semptember 2001
Slade, Bernard Same Time, Next Year Karen Azenberg Katherine Heasley (Doris), Marcus Neville (George), Sara Schroeder [uncredited] (Maid) Indiana Repertory Theatre 11 December 1999
Smith, Anna Deavere Twilight:  Los Angeles, 1992 Beth Taylor Michael Glorioso (Rudy Salas, Jr./Daryl Gates/Reginald Denny), Raenisha Karim (Theresa Allison/Elvira Evers), Alyssa Wise (Angela King), Bridget Carey (Anonymous Woman/Judith Tur), Luther Dwain Stevenson (Gil Garcetti/Bill Bradley), Deborah Trembicki (Josie Morales/Anonymous Woman), Michael Cooper (Tom Bradley/Stanley Sheinbaum), Kara Centofante (Hollywood Agent/Elaine Brown), Janice Florczak (Betye Saar/Janice Sanford), Lennie Coleman (Maxine Waters), Megan Snyder (Richard Kim), Jessica White (Gladys Sibrian/Katie Miller), Amanda D. Lyons (Mrs. Soon Young Han/Editor Chandler), Katie White (Mrs. June Park/Homi Bhabba), Jerilyn Trotter (Paul Parker) 30 September 2001
Smith, Charles, Theodore Dreiser (novel) Sister Carrie Andrew Tsao Emma Bowers (Carrie Meeber), Craig Spidle (George Hurstwood), Rob Breckenridge (Charles Drouet), Mandy Melissa Barrett (Jessica Hurstwood/Chorus Girl/ Ensemble), Mark Bertram (Minister/Mr. Vance/ Stage Hand/Ensemble), Mark Boyett (Harry/Choreographer/Withers/Ensemble), Mark Goetzinger (Pa Meeber/Mr. Hanna/Walker/Ensemble), Robert K. Johansen (Sven/Shannon/Shaughnessy/Ensemble), Jan Lucas (Ma Meeber/Julia Hurstwood/Mrs. Vance/Ensemble), Sean Mahan (Theodore/Bob Ames/Ensemble), Kevin McClarnon (Player/Pinkerton Man/Producer/Ensemble), Amy Tribbey (Minnie/Housemaid/Lola Osborne/Ensemble) Indiana Repertory Theatre 9 January 2002
Smith, Linda, Michael Stewart (original B), Lee Adams (L), Charles Strouse (M) Bye Bye Birdie Linda Smith ? Northview Middle School May 1988
Smith, Linda, Elizabeth Goodspeed Chapman (play), E.Y.Harburg (L), Harold Arlen (M), L. Frank Baum (novel) Highlights from A Musical:  The Wizard of Oz Linda Smith Amy Astley (Scarecrow), Sterry Blondel (Munchkin Coroner/Ozmite/Winkie), Marie Brown (Narrator), Earl Carruthers (Cowardly Lion), Kelly Gardner (Glinda the Good Witch), Scott Andrew Hutchins (Guardian of the Gate/Munchkin/Winkie), Greg Kalleres (Wizard of Oz), Emily Ristine (Dorothy), Troy Van Voorhis (Tinman), Meghan Zimmerman (Wicked Witch), Jessica Jones (Toto), Arin Alexander, Sherry Balsbaugh, Amanda Besy, Demetra Brown, Joshua Brown, Marie Brown, Heather Dubow, Andrea Duncan, Nikki Hampton, Carrie Hettle, Jenni Holloway, Matt Johnson, Sherrice Morst, January Smith, Kitt Spraggins, Chasity Tillett, Corey Williams (Munchkins, Ozmites, and Winkies) Northview Middle School May 1990
Smith, Victor The Experiment Victor Smith Mike Wright (Dr. Improv), Chris Dux (Igor), Victor Smith (The Body) Unity of Indianapolis 6, 7 September 1996
Socey, Matt Love & Turtle Wax Simone Lawson Ben Ayres (Tyler), Jennifer D. Bohler (Joanne), Amira Dutra e Mello (DreamGirl/Erica), Robert Gummere (Tommy), Ashley Hamman (Carol), Jennifer Moore (Sally), Jack Rice (Tony), Maura Sinead Sullivan (Jennifer/Sunbather/Terri), Laura Walters (Rachel) The Intimate Space Performance Salon/Wheeler Arts Community 14 December 2001
Socey, Matt, William Shakespeare (play excerpts) Yearning for Dogberry (staged reading) Lynne Perkins Michael Brown Callahan (C.A.), Beverly Roche (Jessica), Rockland Brooks Mers (Derek), Bob McClure (Actor #1), Mark Bertram (Actor #2), C. Ryan Metzger (Actor #3), David Alan Anderson (Actor #4), Mary Atkins (Actress #1), Heather Patterson-King (Actress #2), Crystal Nicholas-Roberts (Actress #3), Jay S. Blakemore (Narrator) The Algonquin Project/National Comedy Theatre 23 April 2001
Somma, Antonio (libretto), Giuseppe Verdi (M), Ruth Martin, Thomas Martin (translation) A Masked Ball Francis Liska, Max Rosen Ilberto Lagana (Sam 5, 14), Anthony Russell (Sam 7, 12), Ernest McCoy (Tom 5, 14), Dominque Rossoff (Tom 7, 12), Pamela Scanlon (Oscar 5, 14), Alyssa Bowlby (Oscar 7, 12), Francis Liska (King Riccardo 5, 14), Edgar Jaramillo (King Riccardo 7, 12), Charles Karel (Renato 5, 14), Jay Gould (Renato 7, 12), Peter Schmitz (Magistrate 5, 14/Amelia’s Servant 7, 12/Chorus), Christopher D’Orazi (Magistrate 7, 12/Amelia’s Servant 5,14/Chorus), Nicholas Tamagna (Ulrico 5, 7, 14), Gulnara Mitzanova (Ulrica 12), Matthew Smedberg (Silvano 5, 14), Scott Andrew Hutchins (Silvano 7, 12/Chorus), Kathleen Keske (Amelia 5, 14), Tracey Adele Cooper (Amelia 7, 12), Mary Jane Dingledy, Claire DiVizio, Kristina Malinauskaite, Mary Silverstein, Sarah Stevens, Judy Wernsing, Alison Zwecker, Vera Finkemeier, Alexa Haines, Yuka Iino, Ronoldo Appleton, Theodore Schulman (Chorus), Johanna Sienkiwitz, Keith Whiteny (Dancers) Brooklyn Repertory Opera at the Brooklyn Lyceum 5, 7, 12, 14 June 2009
Son, Diana Stop Kiss Michael Swanson Jenna Porter (Callie), Katharine McDermott Swanson (Sara), Melissa Russell (A Nurse), Casey Bloos (Detective Cole), Lindsay S. Obendorf (Mrs. Winsley), Keith Freeman (George), Tristan Ross (Peter) Franklin College 3 May 2002
Sondheim, Stephen Gypsy (excerpt: “Gotta Get a Gimmick”) Kelley Bilski (Electra), Laurie Green (Tessy Toura), Laurie Green (Miss Mazzeppa) Indiana University 28 April 2002
Sonnleithner, Joseph, Stephan von Breuning, & Georg Friedrich Treitschke (libretto), Ludwig Van Beethoven (M) Fidelio Brett Wynkoop

David Bell (Jaquino 10, 21, 3), Sean Michael Parr (Jaquino 14, 24, 28), Pamela Scanlon (Marzelline 10, 21, 3), Courtenay Schowalter (Marzelline 14, 24, 28), Jay Gould (Rocco), Kathleen Keske (Leonore 10, 21, 3), Wilma Wever (Leonore 14, 24, 28), Matthew Yohn (Don Pizarro 10, 21, 3), Eric Jorgenson (Don Pizarro 14, 24, 28) Francis Liska (Florestan 10, 21, 3), Dwight Hill (Florestan 14, 24, 28), Jonathan Ichikawa (Don Fernando 10, 21, 3), Ilberto Lagana (Don Fernando 14, 24, 28), Mario Espinoza (First Prisoner 10, 21, 3/Chorus), Jason Kim (First Prisoner 14, 24, 28/Chorus), Johnny Geth (Second Prisoner 10, 28/Chorus 10, 21, 24, 28, 3), Scott Andrew Hutchins (Second Prisoner 14, 21 24, 3/Chorus), Marnie Golden, Stefanie Izzo, Jennie Muoio, Michelle Murphy, Mary Silverstein, Arianne Zager, Emma Berkey, Janet Pascal, Deborah Stone, Laura Torma, Yuka Iino, Ryan Novosielski, Deborah Stone, Robert Lewis (Chorus)

Brooklyn Repertory Opera at the Brooklyn Lyceum 10, 14, 21, 24, 28 October, 3 November 2007
Sophocles, translated by R.C. Jebb Antigone Michael Coatney Andrea Cross (Ismene), Jennifer D. Bohler (Antigone), Tim Taylor (Leader of the Chorus), Stephanie Spayd, Kelly Thomas, Patrick Doolin (Chorus of Theban Elders/Messengers), Gary R. Lott (Creon), Joshua Sumner (Guard), Stan Boshears (Haemon), Michael Coatney (Teiresias), Ursula Dalinghaus (Eurydice), Amber Smaltz (Child) IUPUI Stagecrafters 11 November 2000
Sophocles, translated by Timberlake Wertenbaker Antigone Brad Wright Jaime Theresa Smith (Antigone), Kashun LeShae Howell (Ismene), Gary L. Clevenger (Kreon), Buckley Brockmann (Haimon), Bradley G. Smith (Messenger/Guard), Kirk D. Fields (Teiresias), Krista Lynn Helms (Eurydike), Danae McBride (Boy), Brenda Barrie (Chorus Leader), Ashley Bergdoll, Adela Laura Chipe, Samuel-T. Fain, Rissa C.J. Guffer, Kimberly Marie Jordan, Jeffrey R. Thomas, Jessica Ann Wegg (Chorus) University of Indianapolis 7 April 2002
Sophocles, translated by [?] Antigone Vincent Vok Laura Kathleen Artesi (Antigone), Christy Leigh Shapiro (Ismene), Ritty Mahoney (Creon), Marie Miguel, Cynthia Russell, Jaclyn Sara Cheyne, Marilisa Billa, Mary McConnell (Chorus), Michael Kupisk (Haemon), Tristin Daley (Tieresias), Leo Argenti (Recorder Player), [? (Euridice),  ? (Guard to Corpse of Polyneices), ? (Messenger), ? (Boy Attendant on Tieresias), Vincent Vok, Doc (Guards)] Theatre SanGreal at Midland Beach, Near Miller Field 16 July, 31 July 2004
Sophocles, Edward Rosenberg III (M) Antigone Shela Xoregos Amy Bohaker (Ismene), Andrew R. Cooksey (Tieresias), Bong Dizon (Messenger), Michael Lawrence Eisenstein (Haimon), David Allan Green (Creon), Katherine Mylenki (Euridice), Reagan Porter (Guard), Amanda Elizabeth Sawyer (Antigone), Brennan Pierson-Wang (Boy) Xoregos Performing Company at the Forest Hills Branch of the Queens Library 23 July 2011
Sophocles, adapted by Spike Wilson and Sarah E. Morin Oedipus at Colonus Paul Wayne “Spike” Wilson Heather Clarke, Julie Vonderheide, Beth Weaver (Chorus), Jean Beeman (Chorus Leader), Jeffrey S. Yip (Oedipus), Margaret “Len” Stewart (Antigone), Kelly Baas (Stranger/Messenger), Laura Osseck (Ismene), Brian Peterson (Theseus), Jason Palamara (Chorus/Creon), Abe Sloan (Chorus/Polyneices) Butler University 13 November 1999
Sophocles, translated by Stephen Berg and Diskin Clay Oedipus the King Howard Jensen Geoff Wilson (Oedipus), Stuart Ritter (Priest/Attendant One), Peter Gerharz (Supplicant One/Servant), Patricia Drozda (Supplicant Two/Messenger), Ryan Buck (Supplicant Three/Shepherd), Jennifer Bulla (Supplicant Four/Antigone), Christina Pumariega (Supplicant Five/Ismene), Erik Anderson (Kreon), José Antonio García (Chorus One), Carol Enoch (Chrous Two), Emily Zoss (Chorus Three), Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha (Teiresias/Attendant Two), Nathaniel Beaver (Attendant to Teiresias), Melissa Joy Nedell (Jocasta) Indiana University 5 February 2001
Sorkin, Aaron A Few Good Men Chris Holt Charlie Cronau (Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson), Jeremy Vaughn (Pfc. Louden Downey), John Kastner (Lt. j.g. Sam Weinberg), John E. Shipley (Lt. j.g. Daniel A. Kaffee), Liz Landwehr (Lt. Commander Joanne Galloway), Steve Skelton (Capt. Isaac Whitaker), Christopher J. Tolzmann (Capt. Matthew A. Markinson), Reece McKiernan (Pfc. William T. Santiago), Terry Cunningham (Cpl. Tom Owen Howard), Ken Klingenmeier (Lt. Col. Nathan Roy Jessep), Rob Skelton (M.P./Sergeant at Arms), Joe Aiello (Lt. Jonathan James Kendrick), Tracy Downing (Lt. Jack Ross), Larry E. Martin (Capt. Julius Alexander Randolph), Bob Grause (Cmdr. Walter Stone, M.D.), Alex Dickos (Orderly) The Belfry Theatre 8 October 2000
Spencer, Charmaine, Mary Costello, Luke Roller, Michael Glorioso, Deborah Trembicki, Kara Centofante, Megan Snyder, Stephanie Schoppenhorst, Amanda D. Lyons; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (poem) Song of Hiawatha James Leagre Mary Costello (Kristen (Adam)/Kwasind/Megissogwon), Luke Roller (Bob/Hiawatha), Michael Glorioso (Carl/Mondamin/Seagull/Pau-Puk-Keewis the Storm Fool), Deborah Trembicki (Diane/Nokomis/Sunfish/Beaver), Kara Centofante (Elaine/Adjiaumo, et al), Megan Snyder (Rebecca (Fiona)/Ahmeek), Stephanie Schoppenhorst (Gale/Woodpecker/Sunfish/Beaver), Amanda D. Lyons (Spirit of O-Bah-Bahm) Marian College 2 December 2000
Spencer, Stuart Resident Alien Bryan D. Fonseca Ricardo Melendez (Alien), Patrick Shaver (Billy), Tony McDonald (Michael), Constance Macy (Priscilla), Michael Shelton (Ray), Adam O. Crowe (Hank, the Sheriff) The Phoenix Theatre 27 July 1999
Stanislavskaya, Katya (B, L, M, Rubik’s Cube), Adam Overett (B, L, M, I Don’t Speak Italian), Amanda Yesnowitz [B, L], Brian Feinstein [M] (Polishing the Frame), Patrick Gallagher [B, L], Adam David Cohen [M] (Tick Tock), Michele Brourman [B, M], Sheilah Rae [B, L] (On the Page), Timothy Huang (B, L, M, Crossing Over), Marcus Stevens [B, L], Oran Elder [M] (The Universe Bends) Snapshots:  7 Moments. 11 Writers.  1 Life. Dev Bondarin Ali Ewoldt (Megan/Massimo’s sister/Honeymoon Killer/Choir Second Soprano), Stacey Scotte (Cici’s mother/Massimo’s mother/Choir Alto), Jennifer Blood (Cici), Devin Ilaw (Massimo/Mailman/Alberto/Choir Tenor), Maria Couch (Italian Soprano/Lily Green/Choir Soprano), Anthony Holds (Arthur/Italian Tenor/Choir Bass), David Andrew Anderson (Clay/Eldon/Massimo’s Grandfather), Doug Shapiro (Andrew/Massimo’s Father/Fred Krueger) Prospect Theater Company at the West End Theatre of The Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew 23 February 2010
Start Trekkin The Passage of Time [improv] Ben Sterling Lyra Brennan (Captain Bork), Juan Cardenas (Plumber Clark/The Frenchman), Heather Jewels (Dr. Cortez), Bearded Lamb (Science Officer), Kara Moseley (Angela Danielle Bork-Rogers), Adam Sterling (The Old Man), Ben Sterling (First Officer Rogers), Frank Todaro (Johnson/Announcer) The Tank 15 May 2010
Start Trekkin The Time Warp [improv] Ben Sterling Lyra Brennan (Officer Susan), Kevin Brown (Luthar),Heather Jewels (Minion), Casey Jones (Jim), Kara Moseley (Security Officer), Adam Sterling (First Officer Johnson), Ben Sterling (Captain Jacobs), Frank Todaro (Minion) ? (Sara), ? (Science Officer) New York Comic Con at the Jacob K. Javits Center 9 October 2010
Steinbeck, John (also novel) Of Mice and Men Jim Dougherty Raymond Kester (George), Ronn Johnstone (Lennie), Dace E. Riggs (Candy), David Whicker (The Boss), Jason Pickering (Curley), Liz Maves (Curley’s Wife), Jim Dougherty (Slim), David A. Blose (Carlson), Leland Franklin (Whit), Myron J. Copeland (Crooks), Jada (Candy’s Dog), Steinbeck [“Becky”] (Puppy) Anderson’s Mainstage Theatre 13 August 2002
Stephan, Kathy East of the Sun; West of the Moon Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 2002
Stephan, Kathy, [Hans Christian Anderson (story)] The Emperor’s Nightingale Kathy Stephan Kilah Maree Timm (Emperor), Stephanie Ellis (True Wife), Brady Manning (Nestor), Catherine Hays (Willow), Travis Hutchens (Featherhead), Rachel Katchmar (Second Wife), Jordan Rockey (Carbuncle), Greer Gerni (Jason), Sean Slaughter (Onyx), Graham Gerni (Nightingale), Elizabeth Coker (Duchess), Sadee Manning (White Crane), Marcus Hays (Knight), Colte Davis (Almond Blosson), Rachael Weaver (Lady), Hilary Anderson (First Daughter/Person One), Olivia Anderson (Second Daughter/Person Two), Elise Weaver (Third Daughter), Amanda Tallant (Countess), David Hestand, III (Rain/Brother), Connie Smith (Mechanical Bird), Matt Rockey (Czferin), Audrey Crane (Crone/Person Three), Brenden Davidson (Cricket), Ashley Slaughter (First Gypsy), Elizabeth Krzesniak (Second Gypsy), Alison Krzesniak (Third Gypsy), Nichol Crane (Fourth Gypsy), Erika Enstrom (Fifth Gypsy, Trent Anderson (Guard), Randi Owen (Servant), Jessica Root (Servant) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 5 August 2000
Stephan, Kathy, [Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm (story)] The Twelve Dancing Princesses Kathy Stephan, Travis Hutchens Aboveworld:  Anjuli Smith (Katrin Felto), Erin Hays (Sparrow), The Princesses:  Kilah Maree Timm (Fioana, the fair), Stephanie Ellis (Natalie, the eldest), Randi Owen (Rosmund, the vain), Aliza Kelly (Annelise, the graceful), Autumn Weese (Lorelei, the charming), Olivia Anderson (Viola, the flower), Sadee Manning (Joselyn, the merry), Hilary Anderson (Genevieve, the wise), Alison Krzesniak (Yvette, the tomboy), Elizabeth Krzesniak (Petra, the stronger twin), Lexi Brown (Paula, the smaller twin), Katie Stewart (Thordis, the youngest), The Court:  Brady Manning (Broderick, the king), Matt Rockey (Xylon, the chamberlain), Ross Clark (Ole, the jester), Rachel Katchmar (Carissa, the nanny), Trent Anderson (Winn, the King’s old advisor), Princes: Jordan Rockey (Kyle MacKenzie), R.J. Brown (Herbert), Cory Slaven (Montaque), Erika Enstrom (Groom/Belowworld: Ruby Tree), Belowworld:  Greer Gerni (Ilana, the evil Queen), Aubrey Franklin (Silver Tree), Dyllane Deischer (Golden Tree), Catherine Hays (Emerald Tree), Changelings:  Graham Gerni (Nyx, a frog), Marcus Hays (Zammi, a sprite), Brenden Davidson (Locke, a jaguar), Maddison Wilson (Whisp, a moth), Maryssa Anderson (Pixie, an elf), Anne Talley (Faun, a deer), Travis Hutchens (Erl, a bear), Grayson Gerni (Quinn, a crab) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 5 August 2001
Stephenson, Shelagh The Memory of Water Michael Swanson Stephanie A. Huffer (Vi), Kelley M. Hoagland (Mary), Laura Renée Meyer (Teresa), Michelle Walker (Catherine), Justin Thompson (Mike), Casey Bloos (Frank) Franklin College 8 November 2002
Stewart, Michael (B), Lee Adams (L), Charles Strouse (M) Bye Bye Birdie Jan L. Lucas Nick Caine (Albert Peterson), Johanna Herre (Rosie Alvarez), Kendra Montagna (Kim McAffee), Jason Kruse (Conrad Birdie), Luke List (Mr. McAffee), Amanda Keene (Mrs. McAffee), Meredith Dolk (Ursula), Jenna Myers (Mae Peterson), Stephen Polley (Hugo Peabody), Amy Means (Mrs. Merkle), Lauren Johnson (Gloria Rasputin), Audra Hill (Sad Girl/Chorus), Henry Dusel (Randolph McAffee), Nathan Deckard (Guitar Man/Chorus), Kevin Collins (Mr. Johnson/Policeman/Reporter/Chorus), Darren Curry (Harvey Johnson/Mayor of Sweet Apple/Floor Director/Chorus), Lauren Johnson (Edna, the Mayor’s Wife), Konah Williams (Deborah Sue/Chorus), Stephie Freund (Alice/Chorus), Hailey Rader (Nancy/Chorus), Anthony Tuason (Bartender/Conductor/Policeman/ Reporter/Chorus), Matt Jensen (Policeman/Reporter/Chorus), Sarah Nichols, Abbey Copeland, Hayley Huff, Jennifer Searcy, Nicholas Mitchaner, Philip Weitlauf, Craig Butcher, Lindsey Toon, Jessica Walters, Danielle Callaway, Megan Yankovich, Tracy Jones, Terry Heck, Ben J. Gootee, Lindsey Bowman, Crystal Bland, Kristen Kelly, Courtney Young, Stacy Wilson, Adrienne Fowler, Crystal Mehta, Amanda Reeves, Erin Knoop, Kayla Merrifield, Grace Wilson, Ellen Simpson, Cassandra Fowler, Heather Grounds, Kellee McCarty, Megan Porter, Megan Dale, Whitney Williams, Lydia Glass, Sharon Cruz, Jennie Dusel, Carrie Rohrman, Jessica Myers (Chorus), Leigh Canter, Krista Carnaqua, Lindsey Trieb, Rachel Humbert, Nicole Kosowan, Tara Ratliff (Dancers), Matt Carrico, Albert Brandon, Steven Ell, Devin McGee, Gabriel Burgin, Corey Brown, Zach Cecil, Ryan McConnell, Blake Roebuck, Nick Draher (Order of the Caribou) Franklin Central High School/Robert L. Mason Theatre 8 November 2001
St. Germain, Mark, Randy Courts Joseph & Mary Rose Kleiman David B. Lawrence (Gaspar), Parrish W. Williams (Balthasar), Michael Church (Melchior), Graham Brinklow (Gabriel/Shepherd 1), Bob Blickenstaff (Rabbi), Melissa Bruhn (Ruth), Carrie S. Neal (Mary), Scott Cline (Joachim), Jan Kennedy Snoddy (Anna), Jerry Hacker (Joseph), Michael E. Davis (Malachi), Christopher S. Arthur (Severus), Josh Ryan Hall (Herod), Rick Hines (Guard/Priest/Shepherd 1), Rick Shinkle (Guard/Priest/Shepherd 2), Julie R. LeHunt (Elizabeth), Jim Wolfe (Zacarias), Stacy Embry, Edie McDonnel, Beth Swayze, Debbie Williams (Townspeople) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 18 December 1999
Still, James Amber Waves James Still Courtney Bolin (Deb Olsen), Jan Lucas (Penny Olsen), Tim Grimm (Mike Olsen), Mat Hostetler (Scott Olsen), Kristen Cooler (Julie), John Henry Redwood (Johnny) Indiana Repertory Theatre 4 March 2000
Still, James Looking Over the President’s Shoulder James Still John Henry Redwood (Alonzo Fields) Indiana Repertory Theatre 30 October 2001
Stoderl, Susan (libretto, M) The Veil of Forgetfulness Charmaine Chester Brooklyn Repertory Opera at littlefield
Stone, Fred (autobiography Rolling Stone) Opening Night of The Wizard of Oz ? Liz Schaible (Anna Laughlin/Dorothy), Ryan Bunch (Fred Stone/Scarecrow) International Wizard of Oz Club/Indiana University Memorial Union 22 July 2000
Stone, Peter (B), Sherman Edwards (L&M) 1776 Cathy Tolzmann Duane Leatherman (President – John Hancock), Dean Stecher (New Hampshire – Dr. Josiah Bartlett), Kevin David Smith (Massachusetts – John Adams), Michael M. Jones (Rhode Island – Stephen Hopkins), Craig Reasoner (Connecticut – Roger Sherman), Jim Rinehart (New York – Lewis Morris), Ken Eder (New York – Robert Livingston), Mark Allstatt (New Jersey – Rev. Jonathan Witherspoon), Joe Stafford (Pennsylvania – Benjamin Franklin), Michael Moyer (Pennsylvania – John Dickinson), Phil Criswell (Pennsylvania – James Wilson), Don Coleman (Delaware – Caesar Rodney), Mike Bauerle (Delaware – Col. Thomas McKean), Gordon Peel (Delaware – George Read), Rick Cottrell (Maryland – Samuel Chase), Craig Gibson (Virginia – Richard Henry Lee), Joshua P. Slagle (Virginia – Thomas Jefferson), Jeremy Matis (North Carolina – Joseph Hewes), Dean Reynolds (South Carolina – Edward Rutledge), Scott Hainey (Georgia – Dr. Lyman Hall), Curt S. Pickard (Secretary – Charles Thompson), Jeff Hancock (Custodian – Andrew McNair), Kathee Gronemeyer (Abigail Adams), Betsy Hamlett (Martha Jefferson), Mitch Rinehart (Leather Apron), Travis Neal Bixby (Courier) Footlite Musicals 20 May 2001
Stone, Peter (B), Maury Yeston (L&M) Titanic R. Brian Noffke Officers and Crew of R.M.S. Titanic:  Dan Flahive (Captain E.J. Smith), Jason Bridgewater (1st Officer William Murdoch/Second Class Passenger), Jonathon Hyde (2nd Officer Charles Lightoller/Second Class Passenger), Jim Rinehart (3rd Officer Harold J. Pitman), Tim Payne (Frederick Barrett, Stoker/Second Class Passenger), Phil Criswell (Harold Bride, Radioman/Second Class Passenger), Ken Eder (Harry Etches, 1st Class Steward), Michael Davis (Frederick Fleet, Lookout/Second Class Passenger), Scott Hainey Quartermaster Robert Hichens/Bandsman Bricoux/Third Class Passenger), Josh Bernsten (4th Officer Joseph Boxhall/Bandsman Taylor/First Class Passenger J.H. Rogers), Chris Arthur (Chief Engineer Joseph Bell/Wallace Hartley, Orchestra Leader/Second Class Passenger), Robert Kingery, Jill Godwin (The DaMicos/Second Class Passengers), Ella Seet (Stewardess Robinson/Third Class Passenger), Joanna Stafford (Stewardess Hutchinson/Third Class Passenger), Anna Krauter (Stewardess Beecham/Third Class Passenger), Amanda Kim Gross Bridgewater (Stewardess Crawford/Third Class Passenger), Craig Max (Mr. Weikman/Third Class Passenger), Mitch Rinehart (Mr. Joughin/Third Class Passenger), Brad Brockway (Mr. Widgery/Third Class Passenger), Mark Powers (Mr. Oliver/Third Class Passenger), Alexandria Van Paris (Bellboy/Second Class Passenger),  First Class Passengers:  Michael M. Jones (J. Bruce Ismay, Owner), Michael Moyer (Thomas Andrews, Designer), Charles Callery (Isidore Straus/Third Class Passenger), Adrienne Reiswerg (Ida Straus), Vince Ryan (J.J. Astor/Third Class Passenger), Sarah Mattox (Madeleine Astor/Third Class Passenger), Don Taylor (Benjamin Guggenheim/Third Class Passenger), Meg Reynolds (Mme. Aubert), Dale Cheetham (John B. Thayer/Third Class Passenger), Betsy Bullis (Marion Thayer), Bill Hale (George Widener/Third Class Passenger), Kristie Bernsten (Eleanor Widener), Debbie Noffke (Charlotte Drake Cardoza), Tom Robertson (The Major), Jonna Arbold (Edith Corse Evans/Third Class Passenger), Second Class Passengers:  Chris Earls (Charles Clarke), Kathleen Clarke-Horrigan (Caroline Neville), Duane Leatherman (Edgar Beane), Linnea Leatherman (Alice Beane), Amber Hyde, Ann Gibson, Susan Emmelman, Third Class Passengers:  Lori Joffs (Kate McGowen), Kara Laliberte (Kate Murphey), Brooke Mikesell (Kate Mullins), Mike Bauerle (Jim Farrell), Cindra Venturella, Amanda Wood, Joni Blickendorf, Meg Blickendorf, Emily Marie Farrow, Katherine Green, Emily Green, Kurt Green, Elizabeth Jones, Elle Krauter, Emily Krauter, Kelly Krauter, Ali Perkins, Jade Powers, Meg Ryan, Maggie Venturella, Marissa Venturella, Monica Venturella, Morgan Wood Footlite Musicals 14 October 2001
Stoppard, Tom, William Shakespeare (play Hamlet) Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Mike Price Steve Heise (Rosencrantz), Joe Gaines (Guildenstern), Mark G. McIntyre (The Player), Nile Arena (Alfred (Tragedian–Player Queen)), Angie Hickman (Tragedian–Piper/Player Rosencrantz), Justin Mead Roberts (Tragedian–Player King), David L. Rich (Tragedian–Player Claudius), Brent Owens (Tragedian–Player Guildenstern), Daniel Petrie (Hamlet), Stephanie Harrison (Ophelia/English Ambassador), Frank Buczolich (Claudius), Meredith Helderman (Gertrude), Frank Morris (Polonius/Fortinbras), Wade Carney (Horatio/Soldier), Bryan Rasmussen (Soldier) Detour Productions/John Waldron Arts Center 31 March 2001
Stoppard, Tom, William Shakespeare (play Hamlet) Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead Rockland Brooks Mers Blaine Hogan (Guildenstern), Kathryn Pleasant Joos (Rosencrantz), Zach McCoy (Hamlet), Monte Tappler (Claudius), Kelly Baas (Gertrude), Liz Wisehart (Ophelia), David Weisenheimer (Polonius), Andrew C. Aherns (The Player), Matthew A. Rozek (Messenger/Laertes/Tragedian–Player Horatio), Heather Clarke, Jason Ober, Kathryn Burk (Tragedians–Musicians), Ashley Halberstadt (Tragedian–Player Rosencrantz), Jeffrey Owen McGregor (Tragedian–Player Osric/Horatio), Michael Bachman (Tragedian–Player Claudius), Mychela Burke (Tragedian–Player), Andrea Kehler (Tragedian–Player Guildenstern), Margaret “Len” Stewart (Tragedian) Butler University 1 March 2002
[Sundgaard, Arnold] (libretto), Douglas Moore (M) Gallantry:  A Soap Opera David Mansell, Mary Anne Scott Laura Wilde (Announcer), Ben Plocher (Dr. Gregg), Kate Reimann (Nurse Lola Markham), Young Jae Jung (Donald Hopewell), Shelbie Stanford, Krista Wright (Accompanists) Butler University 23 March 2003
Swain, Bara Critical Care Lynn Manuell Lucy Sorlucco (Carol), Val Moranto (Teresa) Friends Always Creating Theatre at Joria Mainstage Theatre 19 October 2009
Sweet, Jeffrey The Action Against Sol Schumann Martha Jacobs Fred Blumenthal (Sol), Robert K. Johansen (Aaron), Jeff Casazza (Paul), Lisa Cesnik (Leah), Diane Kondrat (Diane), Lauren Morris Bertram (Kate), Sharon McDonald (Doubling Actress), Marc Allan Hardy (Doubling Actor) The Phoenix Theatre 17 August 2002
Sweet, Jeffrey Bluff Sandy Shinner Tim Grimm (Gene), Michael Shelton (Neal), Alissa Branch Stamatis (Emily), Kate Braun (Georgia), Beverly Roche (Doubling Actress:  Bonnie/Marta), Dave Ruark (Doubling Actor:  Loring/Fred) The Phoenix Theatre 19 January 2000
Sweet, Jeffrey The Value of Names (staged reading) Jeffrey Sweet Julie Fitzpatrick (Norma Tytel/Silverman), Tim Jerome (Benny Silverman), David Margulies (Leo Graupman), Jeffrey Sweet (Narrator) Ensemble Studio Theatre 24 October 2009
Swerling, Jo, Abe Burrows (B), Frank Loesser (L&M), Damon Runyon (stories and characters) Guys and Dolls Robert J. Sorbera Tim Payne (Nicely-Nicely Johnson), Rob Leffler (Benny Southstreet), Kurtz Swartz (Rusty Charlie/Havana Dancer), Julie Noel (Agatha), David S. Clidinst (Calvin/Waiter), Susan Mauch (Priscilla), Jeff Angel (Arvide Abernathy), Bobbi Bates (Sarah Brown), Michael Davidson (Harry the Horse), Michael Morgan (Officer Brannigan), Tom Beeler (Nathan Detroit), Karen Frye-Knotts (Miss Adelaide), Bill Book (Obadiah “Sky” Masterson), Chris Hardin (Joey Biltmore/Big Jule), Eric Karwisch (Master of Ceremonies/Gambler), Diane Tsao Boehm (Hot Box Girl), Lauren Bower (Hot Box Girl/Havana Dancer), Cindy Johnson (Hot Box Girl/Mimi), Sally Mitchell (Hot Box Girl/Havana Dancer), Denise Reiter (Hot Box Girl), Amy Szczepaniuk (Hot Box Girl/Havana Dancer), Judy Perkoff Smith (General Matilda B. Cartwright), Jake Haley (Havana Dancer/Gambler), Chris Earls (Drunk/Gambler), Jeremy Cales, Eva Flaugh, Michael McVey (Ensemble) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 6 April 2001
Swindley, Ted Always… Patsy Cline Ron Spencer Pam Berns (Patsy Cline), Julia Ferreri (Louise Seger), Judy Grimes (Pianist), Kade Puckett (Peter Puckett, guitar), Brandon Puckett (Paul Puckett, bass), Dickie Phillips (Dickie Puckett, drums) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 12 July 2001
Taylor, John Maxwell Forever Jung John Maxwell Taylor John Maxwell Taylor (The Reader/Carl Jung/Emma Rausenbach Jung/Toni Wolff/Sigmund Freud/Papa Rausenbach/Frau Rausenbach/Jung’s Father/Jung’s Mother/Dr. Bleuler/The Mailman/Babette/Vampire Obsessed Woman/Chief Mountain Lake/Honnegar/Alexander McDougall/Salome/Elijah/Jung’s Aunt/Male Inmate/The Family Doctor) Unity of Indianapolis 20 November 1998
Taylor, Samuel Sabrina Fair Beth Taylor Jessica White (Maude Larrabee), Mary Costello (Julia Ward McKinlock), Adam Greer (Linus Larrabee, Jr.), Verl Riegsecker (Linus Larrabee, Sr.), Amanda D. Lyons (Magaret), Luther Dwain Stevenson (David Larrabee), Nickie Powers (Gretchen), Suzanne Walker (Sabrina Fairchild), David Stine (Fairchild), Eileen Watson (A Young Woman), Jason Stroup (A Young Man), Katie White (Another Young Woman), Luke Roller (Another Young Man), Marc William Kircher (Paul D’Argenson), Michael Glorioso, Wayne Shetone (Bartenders), Denise Stockdale, Beth Clark, Stephanie Schoppenhorst, Tatyana Komarova, William Doriat, Matthew Warner, Ryan Kreicker (Dancers & Guests) Marian College 14 April 2000
Temperley, Stephen Souvenir:  A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins Vivian Matalon Judy Kaye (Florence Foster Jenkins), Donald Corren (Cosme McMoon) Ted Snowdon and Janice Montana (by Arrangement with the York Theatre Company at the Lyceum Theatre 25 November 2005 (2 PM)
Tesich, Nadja After the Revolution (excerpt) Laura Renée Meyer Karen Brehmer (Rachel) Franklin College 15 March 2003
Tesori, Jeanine, Brian Crawley Violet Michael J. Taylor Tiara Kai Wuethrich (Violet), Jason Montgomery (Flick), Jake Wilhelm (Monty), Alyssa Miller (Young Violet), Andrew Wright (Father), Stefanie Vidmar (Old Lady 1/Old Lady 2), Adam Shapiro (Bus Driver (Johnson, whom Violet calls “Mr. Wallace Weatherman)/Radio Soloist), Carrie Jennings (Music Hall Singer), Cassandra Liveris (Hotel Singer/Maybel), Bill Jenkins (Preacher), Lynne Guglielmi (Lula/Waitress), Autra Barnett (Land Lady), Emmanule Exum (Virgil), Grant Cheney (Rufus/Billy Dean/Earl), Chris Meek (Leroy Evens/Mick/Creepy Guy) Ball State University 11 November 2001
Tharp, Twyla, Bob Dylan (L&M) The Times they Are A-Changin’ Twyla Tharp Michael Arden (Coyote), Thom Sesma (Captain Ahab), Lisa Brescia (Cleo), Lisa Gajda, Neil Haskell, Jason McDole, Charlie Neshyba-Hodges, Jonathan Nosan, John Selya, Ron Todorowski (The Ensemble), Alexander Brady, Alaine Kashian, Keith Kühl, Marty Lawson, Joseph Putignano, Cary Tedder (Swings) The Charlotte Wilcox Company at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre 18 October 2006 (matinee)
Thomas, Colin One Thousand Cranes Risa Brainin Leah Marie Kite (Sasaki Sadako), Kimber Lee (Mrs. Sasaki/Chorus), Constance Macy (Mrs. Sarenac/Chorus), Tyler Perry (Radmillo Sarenac), Seema Sueko (Yoshiko/Chorus), Millicent Wright (Sascha/Lisa/Chorus) Indiana Repertory Theatre 16 April 2000
Thomas, Melba (B), Muriel Robinson (L), David Friedman (M), Grace Paley (short story) Goodbye and Good Luck (staged reading) Alan Fox Mary Ellen Ashley (Mrs. Lieber), Jonathan Brody  (Dorfman, Popescue & Others), Janet Carroll (Mrs. Fish & Marya Kavkaz), David Green (Krimberg), Sam Guncler (Sam Fox), Joseph Kolinski (Vlashkin), Lynda Rodolitz (Miss Ankle, Raisele Maisele), Sheri Sanders (Rosie), Neva Small (Ruth), Gary Wright (Reader) The York Theatre Company 5 Feburary 2009
Thomas, Richard K., with Annie McGregor, William Scott Meador; Carrie Newcomer (song) The Creature (staged reading) Richard K. Thomas Annie McGregor (The Creator), Richard Sullivan Lee (The Creature), Kristine Holtvedt (The Narrator) Purdue University 19 May 2000
Thompson, Ernest On Golden Pond Jason Newkirk David B. Tess (Norman Thayer), Susan Page Freeman (Ethel Thayer), Christa Shoot (Chelsea Thayer), Doug Powers (Bill Ray), John Gramling (Billy Ray), Jim LaMonte (Charlie Martin) Spotlight Players 9 May 2002
Thompson, Ruth Plumly, founded on and continuing the famous Oz stories by L. Frank Baum A Day in Oz (staged reading) ? Karyl Carlson (Scraps), Eric Gjovaag (Scarecrow), R.M. Atticus Gannaway (Nick Chopper), Gili Bar-Hillel (Ozma), Liz Schaible (Bungle) International Wizard of Oz Club/Indiana University Memorial Union 22 July 2000
Tien, Melisa Familium Vulgare (staged reading) Maria Mileaf Rebecca Hirota (Traci), Les Mau (Herbert), Jon Norman Schneider (Charlie), Maria Mileaf (Narrator) The Subjective Theatre Company/Under St. Mark’s 12 October 2009
Tien, Melisa Familium Vulgare (staged reading) Maria Mileaf Ron Nakahara (Herbert), Genevieve de Veyra (Traci), Christian Chan (Charlie), Christine J. Schmidt (Stage Manager) New Dramatists 10 May 2010
Tien, Melisa The Secret Life of the Office Worker Andrea Ferran Zuzanna Szadkowski (April), Philip Callen (Morgan Allen/Frank), Melissa Teitel (June), Ellen DiStasi (Rosalind/Dry Cleaner), Ryan Karels (Max/Restaurant Server), Brian Farish (Ben/Cafe Server/Well-Dressed Man) Columbia University at The Riverside Church 25 April 2009
Tobin, Noah Outside My Window Thom Feit Jonathan Murdock (Cornelius), Justin Mukka (Benedict/Arnold), Brittney Atchison (Alysia), Sherry Gillespie (Aunt), Amanda Harrsion (Sidra) Second Annual Young Playwrights’ Festival/Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ 30 June 2001
Tolins, Jonathan The Twilight of the Golds (excerpt from Act II) Michelle Doty Thomas Ievoli (David Gold), Courtney Shaw (Suzzanne Gold-Stein), Erin M. Gaughan (Phyllis Gold), Sean Gannon (Walter Gold) IUPUI 27 June 1998
Townshend, Pete (B, L, M), [Des McAnuff (B), John Entistle (L, M), Sony Boy Williamson (L, M) The Who’s Tommy Scott Barnhardt Stephanie Gaertner (Mrs. Walker), Patrick Heffernan (Narrator/Captain Walker), Joseph Donnelly (Uncle Ernie), Christopher DeRosa (Tommy’s Stepfather), Spencer Taylor (Cousin Kevin), Dominique Antonia Tregla (Four Year Old Tommy), Michael Peruggia (Ten Year Old Tommy), Jason Garrison (Tommy), Adena Walker (Acid Queen), Molly Densmore (Sally Simpson).  Male Ensemble:  Billy Cardone (Magistrate), Shane Courtney, Michael D’Amico, Michael Hickie (Kevin’s Father), Michael Dinneen, Peter Marinaro (Newsboy), Anthony Marone (Rev. Simpson), Graham Keen (The Specialist)  Female Ensemble:  Jill Butterfield (Mrs. Simpson), Elisia Francani (Kevin’s Mother), Carissa Massaro, Kerri McNeill, Jacqueline Nuzzo, Jessica Pucek (The Hawker/The Specialist’s Assistant), Samantha Vallone (The Hawker’s Companion) Wagner College 16 October 2009
Trueblood, CA The Perfect Moment Jeff Skora Scot Shamblin (Dan), Anne Peterson (Darcy) Bloomington Playwrights Project 27 May 2001
Uhry, Alfred The Last Night of Ballyhoo Andrew Tsao Kelly McShain (Lala Levy), Priscilla Lindsay (Reba Freitag), Glynis Bell (Beulah “Boo” Levy), Joseph M. Costa (Adolf Freitag), Mark Heimann (Joe Farkas), Melissa Chalsma (Sunny Freitag), Alan Mozes (Sylvan “Peachy” Weil) Indiana Repertory Theatre 30 January 1999
Uhry, Alfred The Last Night of Ballyhoo Gilbert L. Bloom Erin Rae Lengkeek (Lala Levy), Lynn Joanna Downey (Reba Freitag), Katie Rae Pfadt (Beulah “Boo” Levy), Adam Michael Tilford (Adolph Freitag), Brad Coolidge (Joe Farkas), Eric Michael Bragg (Conductor), Jennie L. Keller (Sunny Freitag), Matthew Hickman (Sylvan “Peachy” Weil) Ball State University 24 February 2001
Uhry, Alfred (B), Jason Robert Brown (L & M) Parade George Pinney Mark Willett (Young Soldier/Frankie), Andrew Birnie (Aide), Juliet Heller Eichberg (Assistant), Andrew Lebon (Old Soldier), Kate Lindsey (Lucille Frank), John Armstrong (Leo Frank), Heath Calvert (Hugh Dorsey), Neil Darling (Governor Slaton), Sara R. Dobbs (Mary Phagan), Jesse Bernath (Starnes), John Dalton Frederick (Ivey), Jermaine Mills (Newt Lee), Coryell Barlow (Mrs. Phagan), Colin Donnell (Britt Craig), David Bredenkamp (Floyd MacDaniel), A.J. Heston (Prison Guard), Ali Swerdlow (Lizzie), Michael Deleget (Tom Watson), Victoria Liedtke (Sally), Jeffrey Eisner (Luther Rosser), Nick Simpson (Jim Conley), Nicholas Cacciola (Fiddlin’ John), Chris Nelson (Judge Roan), Molly Amoroso (Iola), Ashley Michalos (Essie), Annmarie LaRocca (Monteen), Joshua Huff (Riley), Kimberli Owens (Angela), Melissa Hammans (Nurse), Matt Holzfeind (Peavy), Maria Campos-Spears, Tom Hershner, Tenaya Irene Hurst, Lauren Mouney, Katherine Rochon, Patrick Schuette (Ensemble) Indiana University 16 April 2002
Valcq, James (B, L, M) Zombies from the Beyond Michael Swanson Casey Bloos (Sepulchral Voice), Donald Darbro (Major Malone), Matthew Smith (Rick Jones), Kelley M. Hoagland (Charlene “Charlie” Osmanski), Matt Dilley (Billy Krutzik), Katharine McDermott Swanson (Mary Malone), Justin Roberts (Trenton Corbett), Laura Renee Meyer (Zombina), the company (the Zombettes) Franklin College 17 November 2001
van Druten, John Bell, Book and Candle Rockland Brooks Mers Kathryn Johnston (Gillian Holroyd), Kevin Lind (Shepherd Henderson), Peggy Tirey (Miss “Queenie” Holroyd), Richard Shane Curry (Nicky Holroyd), LeBron Benton (Sidney Redlitch) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 24 June 2000
VanMatre, David 5 Very Live! Donald A. Johnson Masha Borovikova (Yancy Yarlow and Sylvia Loopis), Sheila Cecelia Regan (Brook Hightower & Reporter), Jayson R. Wickenkamp (Tom Lather & Reporter), Luke Pennington (Steve Basswood (Mr. Baseball)), Peter Gerharz (Dad and Chip Wedge), Denise Valkyrie (Mom & Reporter), Samantha Valkyrie (Daughter), Brian G. Hartz (Announcer Voice Over) Bloomington Playwrights Project 13 December 2001
Vaughn, Robert Lewis Praying for Rain Jeff Casazza Cindy Phillips (Miss K), Jayson Wickenkamp (Marc), Margaret Murray (Erin), Adam Avery Davis (Jim), Jason Ober (Chris), Rudy Nehrling (Brian), Jamison Kay Fisher (Liz) The Phoenix Theatre 5 June 2003
Verlarde, David (B, L, M) Autumn Moon:  A rock musical thriller Jonathan Stuart Cerullo Dana Barathy (Beta, a psychic), David Weitzer (Lycan, A troubled man with an unnatural legacy), Mishaela Faucher (Esmay, Lycan’s wife/Isis, a gypsy girl in 1800s Europe), Jesse Easley (Minion, The Right Hand of the Dark One), Scott Richard Foster (Lawrence, First Born Son of a wealthy landowner in 1800s Europe), William Broyles, Sara Fetgattwe, Jeremy Jonet, Marissa Lupp, Rebecca Riker, Amber Shirlet (Ensemble (The Pack, Servants of Minion, Villagers, [Vanessa Wendt (Gypsy Mother)] Wings Theatre 2006
Vogel, Paula How I Learned to Drive Sabian Trout Marita Clarke (Li’l Bit), Mark Goetzinger (Peck), Robert Christman (Male Greek Chorus), Gigi Jennewein-Fenlon (Female Greek Chorus), Sara Davis (Teenage Greek Chorus) The Phoenix Theatre 30 January 1999
Vogel, Paula How I Learned to Drive Michael Swanson Ryan Renaker (Voice), Christina Miller-Summers (Li’l Bit), Joseph R. L. Benek (Peck), Jenna Porter (Female Greek Chorus), Jeffrey Owen McGregor (Male Greek Chorus), Amy Kathleen Palm (Teenage Greek Chorus) Franklin College 6 November 1999
Vogel, Paula How I Learned to Drive Chandra Jeanette Biehl De Nap Sonja Hethcote (Li’l Bit), Barry McFarlane (Peck), Sam Faim (Male Greek Chorus), Melissa Adams (Female Greek Chorus), Bethany Lillis (Teenage Greek Chorus), Jared Duymovic, Kristin Bien (Driver’s Education Voices) University of Indianapolis 12 April 2003
Walker, George F. Escape from Happiness Michael Swanson Travis Ratledge (Junior Dawson), Katharine McDermott Swanson (Gail Quinn Dawson), Laura Renee Meyer (Dian Black), Grant Fore (Mike Dixon), Donald Darbro (Tom Quinn), Christna Miller-Summers (Mary Ann Quinn), Jenna Porter (Elizabeth Quinn), Chris R. Plunkett (Stevie Moore), Mike Johnson (Rolly Moore) Franklin College 11 November 2000
Wallace, Ishmael (libretto; M) Baggage Emily Rose Parman Hayden DeWitt (Brothers 1, 2 and 3), Holli Leggett (Courtesan, Peasant Woman, Woman in White) Cantiamo Opera Theater at the West End Theater 18 December 2005
Wallace, Naomi The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek Maurya Wickstrom Victoria Venezia (Pace Creagan), Michael DiMartino (Dalton Chance), Michelle Philippin (Gin Chance), Chris Russell (Dray Chance), Gregory Mueller (Chas Weaver) The College of Staten Island 13 November 2004
Wasserman, Dale (B), Joe Darion (L), Mitch Leigh (M), Miguel de Cervantes (novel Don Quixote) Man of La Mancha Jim Ream Chad Bussell (Captain of the Inquisition), Chadwick Barton (Sancho Panza/Manservant), Mitchell Hammersley (Miguel D’Cervantes/Don Quixote), Benjamin Barhan (Governor/Inkeeper/Burro Head), Devin Lael Hartley (Duke/Dr. Sanson Carrasco), Shanelle Lea Schrader (Aldonza), Kimberly Marie Jordan (Maria, the Innkeeper’s Wife), Kristine Hanni (Antonia), Cara Silletto (Housekeeper), Matthew Byerly (Padre), Ricky Harmon (Barber), Jessica Ann Wegg (Fermina/Dancer), Steve Fisher (Pedro/Horse Head/Guitarist), David W. Turner (Anselmo), Brian Houston Moore (Juan/Horse Rear), Michael Pinsker (Paco/Burro Rear), Charles Bruner (Tenorio/Guitarist), Kashun LeShae Howell (Consuela/Dancer), Rissa Guffey (Nina/Dancer), Stefanie Moser (Teresa/Dancer), August Stevens, Chandra Jeanette Biehl De Nap, Krista Helms (Dancers) University of Indianapolis 12 October 2000
Wasserman, Dale (B), Joe Darion (L), Mitch Leigh (M), Miguel de Cervantes (novel Don Quixote) Man of La Mancha Deb Farmer Bob Nyikos (Guard), Craig Gibson (Manservant/Sancho Panza), Rich Baker (Don Miguel de Cervantes/Alonso Quijana/Don Quixote), Russ Clinton (Captain of the Inquisition), Doug Peet (Governor/Innkeeper), Daniel T. Shockley (Duke/Dr. Sanson Carrasco/Gypsy/Knight of the Mirrors), Liz Landwehr (Horse), Cheryll Simmermon (Burro), Todd Cass (Paco/Attendant to the Knight of the Mirrors), Rob Lawson (Tenorio/Barber/Attendant to the Knight of the Mirrors), Greg Ryan (Juan), Ron Richards (Jose/Gypsy), Ted Mast (Pedro/Gypsy), Dan Stock (Anselmo (guitar player)), Lori Joffs (Aldonza/Dulcinea), Darlene Elwartowski (Maria), Elizabeth Stock (Antonia), Elaine Wagner (Housekeeper/Gypsy), Wim Williamson (Padre), Carolyn Tinsley (Fermina/Gypsy) The Belfry Theatre 4 March 2001
Wasserman, Dale, Ken Kesey (novel) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Rose Kleiman Trent E. Sheldon (Chief Bromden), Benjamin Barhan (Aide Warren), Guy Grubbs (Aide Williams), Jolene Mentink Moffatt (Nurse Ratched), Leah Brickhouse (Nurse Flinn), Frederick Marshall (Dale Harding), Joshua Wayne Timmons (Billy Bibbit), Matt Socey (Frank Scanlon), J Becker (Charles Atkins Cheswick III), Christopher Doran (Anthony Martini), Brian Fisher (Ruckly), Bill Simmons (Randle Patrick McMurphy), Dan Flahive (Dr. Spivey), Bob Blickenstaff (Aide Turkle), Kathleen Clarke Horrigan (Candy Starr), Jennifer D. Bohler (Sandy) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 29 April 2001
Wasserstein, Wendy The Heidi Chronicles Ron Popp Sonja Lynn Carpenter (Heidi Holland), Samuel-T Fain (Peter Patrone), Brad Hinshaw (Scoop Rosenbaum), Ashley Bergdoll (Susan Johnston), Erica Robertson (Fran, Molly, Betsy, April), Melissa Adams (Jill, Debbie, Lisa), Kristin Bien (Becky), Evan Shearin (Chris, Mark, Ray, Steve) University of Indianapolis 2 December 2001
Watson, Dwight The Newton Project Dwight Watson Christina Holmstrom (Two Blushing Pilgrims/Birth of a Star), Suzie David (Hard Knocks/Stage Fright Pianologue), Chris Laguna (The Line Up/Styling with William), Jamie Ritchie Watson (Head Shots and Hot Buttered Biscuits), Janathan Grandoit (The Big Bang/Shorty’s Old Man’s Board or S’up?), Matthew McKay (Halley’s Fat Strat/Peter Pan and the Square-Rigger), Richard Winters (Reign in the Sterling Sphinxes/Dodge-ball Matador), Alexandra Hudson (Tractors and Twirlers/Ode to Little Audrey), Christopher Mehl (A Seamless Pitch/The 1st Dead Man in Grover’s Corners), Nikki Perry (The Twilight Arch/Buckaroo Belle and the Bull Rider), Edward Conley (A Lean, Mean, Singing Machine/Bottom’s Dream), Reynaldo Pacheco (The Piano Tuner) Wabash College 5 October 2002
Weidman, John (B), Richard Maltby (L), David Shire (M); Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg (screenplay) Big:  The Musical Bill Hale Kasey Walker (Cynthia Benson/The Big Kids), Ali Michelle Banks, Michele Long (Cynthia’s Friends/The Big Kids), Adam Johnson (Young Josh Baskin), Cathy Tolzmann (Mrs. Baskin), Tom Abeel (Mr. Baskin/Birnbaum/Ensemble), Darlene Elwartowski (Mrs. Kopecki/Bean Bag Toss Carnie/Ensemble), Nicholas Abeel (Billy Kopecki), Mark Allstatt (Mr. Kopecki/Arcade Man), Brett Clements (Derek/Ensemble), Curt S. Pickard (Ticket Taker/Dancing Bear/Tom/Ensemble), Tim Hunt (Zoltar/Lipton/Ensemble), C. Ryan Metzger (Josh Baskin), Brian Frazier (Billy’s Friend/The Big Kids), Phil Criswell (Panhandler/Barrett/Nick/Ensemble), Joshua Slagle (Detective/Toy Store Salespeople/Ensemble), Betsy Byrd, Cessalee Smith-Stoval (Toy Store Salespeople/Ensemble), Don Taylor (George MacMillan), Shannon M. Fields (Receptionist/Ensemble), Debbie Noffke (Miss Watson/Ensemble), Carrie S. Neal (Susan Lawrence), Scott Kahler (Paul Seymour/Ensemble), Griffy Housemeyer (Barrett’s Son/The Big Kids), Brittany Hassee (Birnbaum’s Daughter/The Big Kids), Brenda Smith (Diane/Ensemble), Tawnee Shallenberger (Abigail/Ensemble), Jordan Cox, Erin Marie Squire, Anne Watts (Ensemble), Brooke Brown, Jacqueline Long, J.J. Martinez, Angie Perez, Ali Perkins, Marissa Venturella, Alyssa Wietang (The Big Kids) Footlite Musicals 5 May 2000
Weiner, Randy, Diane Paulus, William Shakespeare (play A Midsummer Night’s Dream) The Donkey Show:  A Midsummer Night’s Disco Diane Paulus Rachel Benbow Murdy (Oberon, club owner/Mia, beloved of Sander), Nicole Moeller (Tytania, Oberon’s disco-diva girlfriend/Sander, beloved of Mia), Scott Morgan (Dr. Wheelgood, Puck on Rollerskates), Rebecca Meyers (Helen, in love with Dimitri/Vinnie (1), a rude mechanical)), Lucille Duncan (Dimitri, in love with Mia/Vinnie (2), a rude mechanical), Joe Phyall (Mustard Seed, Tytania’s fairy), Matt Tinker (Cob Web, Tyytania’s fairy), Blaize Komara (Moth, Tytania’s fairy), B. Patacca (Peaseblossom, Tytania’s fairy), Jay Jimenez (Rocco Primavera, bouncer), Simona Rebecca Berman, Leslie Hughes (Disco Lady), Paul Ashley (DJ Fernando Pacheski) Jordan Roth Productions/Club El Flamingo 17 April 2004 (9 PM)
Weiner, Randy, [William Shakespeare (play The Comedy of Errors)] The Karaoke Show Diane Paulus Jordin Ruderman (Andrea), Todd Masterson (Angelsan), Justin Klosky (Anthony #1), Marc Santa Maria (Anthony #2), Gary Puglisi, Joe Phyall (Dragon Boys), Rachel Benbow Murdy (Dragon Lady), Aaron Fuksa, Scottie McLaughlin (lolas), Annmarie Larocca (Lucille), Julie Danao (Mustang Sally), Scott Kitajima (Noah), Charles King, Jr. (Reverend Carl), Emily Hellstrom (Roman #1), Anna Wilson (Roman #2) Jordan Roth Productions/Club El Flamingo 17 April 2004 (7:30 PM)
Wendkos, Gina, Donna Bond Four Corners (excerpt) Laura René Meyer Karen Brehmer (Girl) Franklin College 15 March 2003
Wentworth, Scott (B), Marion Adler (L), Craig Bohmler (M), Ferenc Molnár (play The Guardsman) Enter the Guardsman Karen Azenberg Brian Sutherland (the Actor), Diane Sutherland (the Actress), Justin Brill (the Assistant Stage Manager), Mary Jo McConnell (the Dresser), Mark-David Kaplan (the Wigs Master), Anne Lauterbach (the Wardrobe Mistress), Jeff Talbott (the Playwright) Indiana Repertory Theatre 25 April 2001
Wentzel, Dan Lover’s Ledge Jeffrey Barnes Samuel-T. Fain (David), Chandra Jeanette Biehl DeNap (Aimee), Bradley G. Smith (Theo), Shanelle Lea Schrader (Carol) University of Indianapolis 24 February 2002
Westbrook, Keeva, Edgar Allan Poe (Alone, The Premature Burial, The Oval Portrait, The Masque of the Red Death, The Raven, The Oblong Box, The Telltale Heart, The Bells) Night’s Plutonian Shore:  A Theatrical Celebration of the Works of Edgar Allan Poe Missi Smith, Keeva Westbrook Grant Williams (Narrator (Alone)/Masquerader/Narrator (The Raven)/Chorus), Craig Light (Vincent/Chorus), Marilyn S. Guerin (Cecily/Masquerader/Voice 1), Brad Potts (Philip/Voice III), Joan Rapkin (Millicent/Masquerader/Voice II), John Fisher (Charles/Death), Brandy Mynatt (Gabriella/Chorus), Heather Jones (Emeny), Keeva Westbrook (Masquerader/The Valet), Jeremy Nicholas Pullium (Masquerader/Narrator (The Oblong Box)) Stages Theatre Company/The Old Centrum 28 October 2000
Whedon, Joss (B, L, M) Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Jessica Pucek Spencer Taylor (Billy/Dr. Horrible), Caitlin McGee (Penny), Anthony Marone (Cowboy #1/Mayor), Matt Sydney (Cowboy #2/Newsanchor), Kyle VanZandt (Cowboy #3/Groupie #3), Jason Garrison (Moist), Kara Krichman (Groupie #2), Michael Hickie (Captain Hammer), Concetta Raineri (Groupie #1) Wagner College 9 May 2010
Wheeler, Hugh (B), Richard Wilbur, Leonard Bernstein, John LaTouche, Dorothy Parker, Lillian Hellman, Stephen Sondheim (L), Leonard Bernstein (M), Jean François Marie Arouet Voltaire (novel Candide, ou l’optimisme) Candide (Scottish National Opera Version) Vincent J. Liotta Evan Rogister (Voltaire (Pangloss/Cacambo/Martin/Galley Slave)), Joshua Vincent (Candide), Tiffany Rosenquist (Paquette, the maid servant), Leah Reddy (Baroness), Arthur Lathrop (Baron), Leah Hunt (Cunegonde, his beloved), Homero Velho (Maximilian, her brother), Nick Provenzale (James), Alphonso Cherry (Don Issachar, the Jew), Neal Darling (Governor), Diane Coloton (Old Lady, a Citizen of the World), Rob Joiner (Huntsman), Aaron Humble (First Officer), Francisco Dolz (Second Officer), Solveig Olsen (Lisbon Woman), Jacqueline Burchett (First Waitress), Brandon Adams, Brigid Berger, William Brooke, Christopher Burchett, Amy Lynn Call, Chandra Egger, Michael Forbes, Kristina Jenkins, Tim Kuhn, Lisa Lowry, Dea Lunsford, Laura Vlasak Nolen, Nathan Payas, Emilio Jimenez-Pons, Joey Puglis, Jennifer Rice, Russell Schimmer, Kinga Skretkowicz, Laura Staring (Members of the Company) Indiana University 13 April 2001
Wheeler, Hugh (B), Stephen Sondheim (L & M), Ingmar Bergman (film Sommarnattens leende (Smiles of a Summer Night)) A Little Night Music Bill Jenkins Cassandra Liveris (Mrs. Nordstrom), Ned Hannah (Mr. Erlandson), Linda C. Smith (Mrs. Anderson), Matt Gibson (Mr. Lindquist), Kellie C. Harrison (Mrs. Segstrom), Carrie Ann Schlatter-Schwer (Desiree Armfeldt), Mandy Fox (Madame Armfeldt), Amy Hendrickson (Frederika Armfeldt), Mark A. Boyle (Fredrick Egerman), Tiara Kai Wuethrich (Anne Egerman), Anthony James Sirk (Henrik Egerman), Jason Bennett Whicker (Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm), Melissa Blue (Countess Charlotte Malcolm), Laura Riggs (Petra), Michael J. Taylor (Frid), Carrie Jennings (Osa), Erin E. Ordway (Malla), Tim Lueke (Bertrand), Jeb Burris (Hedwig), David J. Mitsch (Aksel), Todd Ritz (Bjornstrejene) Jennifer Renee Grass (First Lady), Taylor Burris (Second Lady), Billy Blanken, Kevin Davis, Shawna Emerick, Tiffany Powers (Dancers) Ball State University 5 April 2002
Whelan, Peter The Herbal Bed Risa Brainin Christina Apathy (Hester Fletcher), Michael Janes (Rafe Smith), Ryan Artzberger (John “Jack” Lane), James Edmondson (Bishop Parry), Jonathan Gillard Daly (John Hall), Paul Carlin (Barnabas Goche), Angela Reed (Susanna Shakespeare Hall), Kristin Wafford (Elizabeth Hall) Indiana Repertory Theatre 20 February 1999
Whistler, Michael phidias8 Bryan D. Fonseca Dave Ruark (The Man), R. Brian Noffke (Other One), Ron Spencer (Other Two), Charles Goad (Other Three) The Phoenix Theatre 27 June 2003
Wilde, Oscar The Importance of Being Earnest:  A Trivial Comedy for Serious People Michael Donald Edwards Mitchell Lopez Mills (Lane, manservant/Merriman, butler), Richard Robichaux (Algernon Moncrieff), Bryan Torfeh (E. John Worthing), Ann Ducati (Lady Bracknell), Lauren Lovett (Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax), Suzanne Grodner (Miss Prism, governess), Natalie Griffith (Cecily Cardew), Joseph Culliton (Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D.) Indiana Repertory Theatre 13 February 2001
Wilde, Oscar Salomé John C. Green Brian “BK” Klemmesrud (Herod, Tetrarch of Judea), Paul Wayne “Spike” Wilson (Iokanaan, John the Baptist), Steph Johnson (Salome, Daughter of Herodias), Malaki Kindred (Narraboth, Young Syrian), Cassie Pappas (The Page of Herodias, Sister of of Narraboth), Robert Lekan (First Soldier), Ronnie Gilliam (Second Soldier), Laura Osseck (The Cappadocian), Amy Hendrickson (The Nubian), Jill Koenen (The Nazarene/Hanged Salome), Allison Goodsell (Tigellinus, a Roman), Nicole C. Gatzimos (Issacher, a Jew), Kimberly A. Biss (Ozias, a Nazarene) Butler University 4 March 2000
Wilder, Thornton Our Town Robert J. Sorbera Rockland Brooks Mers (Stage Manager), Ed Mobley (Dr. Gibbs), Reid Morgan (Joe Crowell), Reid Morgan (Howie Newsome), Stacy Morgan (Mrs. Gibbs), Susan Smith (Mrs. Webb), Seth Hale (George Gibbs), Abby Gillan (Rebecca Gibbs, Evan Skole (Wally Webb), Ginny Burt (Professor Willard), Tim Payne (Mr. Webb), Suzie David (Woman in Balcony), Benjamin Lamb (Man in Auditorium/Sam Craig), Bob Beckmann, Jr. (Simon Stimson), Priscilla Ruddell (Mrs. Soames), Gerald Mauch (Constable Warren), Andrew Elliot (Si Crowell), Jason Gloye, Eric Mayfield (Baseball Players), Jerry Glass (Joe Stoddard), Stan Dickerson, Michael Hale, Ellen Morgan, Leslie Morgan, Janell Vest (Townspeople) Indianapolis Civic Theatre 12 November 2000
Wilder, Thornton [uncredited] Our Town Brian Talbot Matt Davis (Stage Manager), Michael Duggan (Dr. Gibbs), Grant Heger (Joe Crowell), Robbie MacKay (Howie Newsome), Emily Gang (Mrs. Gibbs), Elizabeth Byler (Mrs. Webb), David Finn (George Gibbs), Courtney Symons (Rebecca Gibbs), Tony Graves (Wally Webb), Jennifer Bierck (Emily Webb), Gavin McDowell (Professor Willard), Craig McMains (Editor Webb), Lauren Briggeman (Woman in the Balcony), Theo Robinson (Man in Auditorium), Jennifer DeFrench (Artistic Lady), Peter Corey (Simon Stimson), Erin Avey (Mrs. Soames), Tom Elliot (Constable Warren), John Mortell (Si Crowell), Eddie Mills (Baseball Player/2nd Dead Man, Ricky Spivey (Baseball Player), Kyle Johnson (Baseball Player), Alex Linville (Sam Craig), Joshua Richardt (Joe Stoddard), Katie Symons (1st Dead Woman), Megan Klopchin (2nd Dead Woman), Matt Johnston (1st Dead Man), Ashely Garber, Ashley Mournigham, Molly Longenecker, Ann Dalton, Joanna Cummings, Courtney Peacock, Sarah Smart, Jessie Ham, Rebecca Schaefer, Tawni Burton, Molly Burnside, Casey Ross (Townspeople) Cathedral High School Joe O’Malia Performing Arts Center 31 January 2001
Wilder, Thornton Our Town Richard Sullivan Lee Megan Mary Ryan (Stage Manager), James Alan Harris (Dr. Gibbs), Jonah Ben-Amotz (Si and Joe Crowell), Alexander Lee Hess (Howie Newsome), Carla Hallock (Mrs. Gibbs), Erin E. Reitz (Mrs. Webb), Justin Karr (George Gibbs), Margaret Duvall (Rebecca Gibbs), Elena Marie Sparger (Winifred Webb), Vanessa Buono (Emily Webb), Matt Beran (Professor Willard), David M. Levine (Mr. Webb), Zachary Coles (Simon Stimson), Isobel Miller (Mrs. Soames), Jeremy Clark (Constable Warren), Linda Marcy (Samantha Craig), Dylan Hutchinson (Joe Stoddard), Jason Little Owl, Abe Persohn (Asst. Stage Managers), Jack Arndt, Amber Dillard. Emily Hooker, Jessica Mercer (Ensemble) Purdue University 20 April 2002
Wilder, Thornton The Skin of Our Teeth (A Staged Teading) Maurya Wickstrom Victoria Venezia (Sabina (Act I and Act III, second half)), Michelle Philippin (Sabina (Act II and Act III, first half), Ana Ramos (Mrs. Antrobus), Tom White (Mr. Antrobus), Tom Adegbile (Henry), Jessica Yalango (Gladys), Chris Russell (Messenger/Broadcast Official), Jared Block (Fortune Teller/Announcer), Robert Cruz (Mr. Fitzpatrick), Linda Bond, Jessica Mendez, Greg Mueller, Marienne Thomas, John Wyczlinski (Ensemble) The College of Staten Island 2003
Wildhorn, Frank, Gregory Boyd, Jack Murphy The Civil War Stephen Rayne Larry Gatlin (The Confederate Captain), BeBe Winans (The Slave), John Ayres (A Soldier), Moses Braxton, Jr. (A Slave), Mike Eldred (A Slave), Steve Gannon (The Husband), Dawana Gudger-Richardson (A Slave), Keith Byron Kirk (The Abolitionist), Michael Lanning (The Union Captain), Debra Winans (A Slave), Royal Reed (A Soldier), Clay Roberts (A Soldier), Amy Rutberg (The Soldier’s Wife), Roy Richardson, Jr. (A Slave), Carolyn Saxon (A Slave), Bart Shatto (A Soldier), Marlayna Syms (The Slave’s Wife) NETWorks/Clowes Memorial Hall 6 February 2000
Wildhorn, Frank, Gregory Boyd, Jack Murphy The Civil War Jan Haworth Union Army:  Daniel T. Shockley (Emmet Lochran, Captain), Aaron Johansen (Horatio Taylor, Private), Tim Williamson (William McEwen, Corporal), Bill Turk (Byron Richardson, Sergeant), Douglas C. Gifford (Nathaniel Taylor, Sergeant), Brian Koning (Charles Spencer, Private)  Confederate Army:  Nathan Gober (Billy Pierce, Major), Joshua Berntsen (Darius Barksdale, Corporal), Doug Moyer (Virgil Franklin, Captain), Niles Clark (Henry Stewart, 2nd Lt.), Don Sauers (Cyrus Stevens, Sgt. Major), Greg Ryan (John Beauregard, Corporal)  Slaves:  Jim Washington (Frederick Douglass), Harold Dalton (Clayton Toler), Gene Coyle (Benjamin), Queen Williams (Sojourner Truth) Ladies:  Kirsten Peterson (Sarah McEwen), Kirstin Fischmer (Nurse Hannah Ropes), Betsy Bullis (Harriet Anderson), Julia Scherer (Mrs. Bixby), Kimberly Watts (Elizabeth Stewart)  Voices:  Steve Skelton (Abraham Lincoln), Joe Bohrer, Pat Dorwin, Jessie Wild (Pit Singers) Main Street Productions of Westfield, Inc. 19 April 2002
Wilhelm, Le The Power and the Glory Danielle M. Henry Laura Osseck (Inez), Amy Hendrickson (Wanda) Butler University 27 April 2000
Wilhelm, Le The Power and the Glory ? Amy Wahlstrom (Inez), Kelley Bilski (Wanda) Indiana University 28 April 2002
Williams, Frank (B), Matthew Eamon Ryan (L/M) Benches (staged reading) Brian Sgambati Al Pagano (Henry), Jenny Kelly (Joyce), Doc Burkhardt (Richard), Danielle Matarese (Virginia), Danielle Nicole Dallacco (Kristen), Stephanie Gaertner (Carolyn), Matthew Eamon Ryan (piano), Joe Pecora (guitar/keyboard), Tim Boylan (guitar/keyboard), Joey Patches (drums/percussion), Darren Siegal (bass), Heather Rae (Narratror) Wagner College Theatre with 97 Productions 22 November 2009
Williams, Ian, Debbie Coyle, Lewis Carroll (novel) The Metaphysics of Wonderland:  “Was It All a Dream?” Ian Williams Megan Richardson (Alice (Act 1)/Card), Miranda Barnett (Alice (Act 2)), Amanda Ozga (Bird), Jasmina Sikora, Kayalina Sikora, Caleigh Waller, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Alex Santana (Birds), Tabatha Ayala (Card/Caterpillar), Asher Durchholz, LeAnn Young (Cards), Crosby Waller (Cheshire Cat), Anastacia Dotson (Gryphon), Jim Cain (King), Carter Durchholz (Mad Hatter), Vince Ayala (March Hare/Mock Turtle), Anthony Dotson (Mouse), Dylan Richardson (Narrator), Daryn Barnett (Queen), Brittany Ozga (Rabbit, Carlyn Waller (Sister), Oliver Durchholtz (Sunflower) Unity of Indianapolis 17 August 2003
Williams, Jaston, Joe Sears, Ed Howard Greater Tuna Rockland Brooks Mers Mike Price (Thurston Wheelis/Elmer Watkins/Bertha Bumiller/Yippy/Leonard Childers/Pearl Burras/R.R. Snavely/Reverend Spikes/Sheriff Givens/Hank Bumiller), Kevin Lind (Arliss Struvie/Did Sanvely/Harold Dean Lattimer/Petey Fisk/Jody Bumiller/Stanley Bumiller/Chad Hartford/Phinas Blye/Vera Carp), Phillip Harkenrider (Ronnie/Deck Manager) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 5 August 2001
Williams, Tennessee Adam and Eve on a Ferry Stephen Barnett Greg McGovern (D.H. Lawrence), Jessica Lynn Socol (Frieda Lawrence), Marissa Murray (A Visitor, Ariandne Peabody) The College of Staten Island March 2009
Williams, Tennessee Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Dale Miller Kristine Holtvedt (Big Momma), Richard Sullivan Lee (Big Daddy), Erica Peregrine (Maggie), Aaron Ousley (Brick), Katie Bartholomew (Mae), Zachary Coles (Gooper), Jeremy Fisher (Dr. Baugh), Arliss Jeffries (Rev. Tooker), Linda Marcy (Denise), Ashley Alting (Trixie), Ben Capano (Buster) Purdue University 23 September 2001
Williams, Tennessee Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Don LaCasse Carrie Elizabeth Spangler (Margaret (Maggie)), Rex Alan Clifton, Jr. (Brick), Natisha Anderson (Mae), Kathryn Gilbert (Big Mama), Christine Barger (Sookey), Ryan E. Woodle (Big Daddy), Jamie Grant (Gooper), Robb Coles (Reverend Tooker), Chad Winkles (Dr. Baugh), Tom Murray (Lacey), Enrique Quajardo (Buster), Jessica Arnold (Dixie), Andrea Pavey (Trixie) Ball State University 13 February 2002
Williams, Tennessee The Glass Menagerie Janet Allen Frank Raiter (The Narrator–Older Tom Wingfield), Priscilla Lindsay (The Mother–Amanda Wingfield), Jeremy Webb (Her Son–Tom Wingfield), Lauren Lovett (Her Daughter–Laura Wingfield), Rex Young (The Gentleman Caller–James “Jim” Delaney O’Conner) Indiana Repertory Theatre 4 April 1999
Williams, Tennessee The Glass Menagerie Ken Klingenmeier Larry Haworth (The Narrator–Older Tom Wingfield), Jean Adams (The Mother–Amanda Wingfield), Joshua French (Her Son–Tom Wingfield), Shannon Elizabeth Blowers (Her Daughter–Laura Wingfield), Todd Crickmore (The Gentleman Caller–James “Jim” Delaney O’Conner) Carmel Community Players 23 March 2002
Williams, Tennessee The Glass Menagerie (Scene 5–except the last six lines) Scott Andrew Hutchins, Lucinda Lopez Wilson Lucinda Lopez Wilson (Amanda Wingfield), Scott Andrew Hutchins (Tom Wingfield) IUPUI 1997
Williams, Tennessee A Streetcar Named Desire Claude McNeal Jeff Owen (Stanley Kowalski), Gail Valentin (Blanche DuBois), Amy Kern-Smith (Stella Kowalski), Gary DeMumbrum (Harold “Mitch” Mitchell), Woody Rau (Steve Hubbell), Melody Finchum-DeMumbrum (Eunice Hubbell), LaDonna Burns (Negro Woman), Erin Kurtz (Mexican Woman), Martin McClelland (A Young Collector), Joe Guerra (Pablo Gonzales), Marie Wolcott (Nurse), Hugh Morellion (Doctor) American Cabaret Theatre 20 May 2000
Williamson, David Emerald City (excerpt from Act I) Scott Andrew Hutchins Joel Bruns (Colin Rogers), Grace Blanchard (Kate Rogers), Bill Clay (Mike McCord) IUPUI 18 August 1998
Willson, Meredith (B,L,M), Frank Lacey (B) The Music Man Vincent Liotta Sachin Batt (Traveling Salesman/River City Citizen), Roger Henry (Traveling Salesman), Jermaine Miles, James Neff, Matt Schaefer (Traveling Salesmen/River City Citizens), Michael Henry (Charlie Cowell), Ross Best (Conductor/River City Citizen), Michael Deleget (Harold Hill), Howard Swyers (Mayor George Shinn), David Sadlier (Ewart Dunlop), Michael Redding (Oliver Hix), Creigton James (Jacey Squires), John Huckle (Olin Britt), Jeremy Brimm (Marcellus Washburn), Josh Huff (Tommy Djilas), Evelyn Pollock (Marian Paroo), Juliet Gilchrist (Mrs. Paroo), Suzanne Gardner (Amaryllis), Rory Derryberry (Winthrop Paroo), Kaarin Safsten (Eulalie MacKecknie Shinn), Dana Madonia (Zaneeta Shinn), Lauren Brown (Gracie Shinn), Nora Colwell (Alma Hix), Heather Nicole Winter (Maud Dunlop), Jacqueline Thompson Burchett (Ethel Toffelmier), Cassie Murphy (Mrs. Squires), Aaron Goen (Constable Locke), Melissa Benavente, Amanda Gardner, Ann Graber, Mary Grogan, Carla Moebius, Tiffany Rosenquist, Jamie Sanders (Pick-A-Little Ladies and River City Citizens), Molly Amoroso, Jaclyn Bradley, Annie Burton, Alyssa Finke, Fern Feedlander, Rachele Gilmore, Mary Grogan, Eric Hafner, Kristina Jenkins, Holly Johnson, Tiffany Rosenquist, Dwayne G. Smith (River City Citizens), Galia Arad, Jenna Brown, Lilly Brown, Abby Dean, Lauren De Groote, Hillary Glen, Jocelyn Goodman, Jurion Jaffe, Jessica McGill, Nicholas Romy, Becca Russo, Robert Schock, Chad Schwartzkopf, Joe Uthop, Keegan White (River City Kids) Indiana University 13 July 2001
Willson, Meredith (B,L,M), Frank Lacey (B) The Music Man Danni Smith
Max Motto (Train Conductor/River City Dancer/River City Townspeople),  Waylon Shaffer (Traveling Salesman #1/Man #2/River City Dancer/River City Townspeople), Ben Colsten (Traveling Salesman #2/Man #3/River City Townspeople), Michael Johanning (Traveling Salesman #3/River City Dancer/River City Boys Band/River City Townspeople), Ryan Hudson (Traveling Salesman #4/River City Dancer/River City Townspeople), Clayton Mannering (Traveling Salesman #5/River City Dancer/River City Townspeople), Brian Enders (Charlie Cowell), Kaycee Smith (Newspaper Reader #1/Del Sarte Committee/River City Townspeople), Katie Wallace (Newspaper Reader #2/Woman #3/Del Sarte Committee/River City Townspeople), Anna Anderson (Newspaper Reader #3/River City Townspeople), Jonathan Jenkins (Prof. Harold Hill (a.k.a. Gregory)), Zach Conrad (River City Boy, River City Boys Band/River City Townspeople), Justin Campbell (Man #1/River City Dancer/River City Townspeople), Daniel Moeloa (Mayor George Shinn), Abby Ronk (Alma Hix, Del Sarte Committee), Katie Hayes (Ethel Toffelmier, Del Sarte Committee), Richard Geisler (Jacey Squires (Barber Shop Quartet Member)), Chase Voorhees (Marcellus Washburn), Justin Geisler (Ewart Dunlop (Barbershop Quartet Member)), Rachel Yeakley (Marian Paroo), Natasha Rigle (Mrs. Paroo), Sarah Cahalan (Amaryllis),  Matthew Kistler, (Winthrop Paroo, River City Boys Band), Madison Hurd (Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn, Del Sarte Committee), Daniel Enders (Constable Locke/River City Dancer), Alyssa Montgomery (Gracie Shinn/River City Townspeople), Chris Short (Olin Britt (Barbershop Quartet Member)), Kris Fisher (Oliver Hix (Barbershop Quartet Member)), Cami Hall (Maud Dunlop, Del Sarte Committee), Bryce Rose (Tommy Djilas), Lindsey Balensiefer (Zaneeta Shinn/River City Dancer), Christina Moeloa (Mrs. Squires, Del Sarte Committee), Elise Bates (Woman #1/River City Dancer/River City Townspeople), Erika Young (Woman #2/Wa Tan Ye Girl), Alyssa Geisler, Morgan Mills (Del Sarte Committee/River City Townspeople), Amber Black, Megan Denny Savanah Franklin, Christy Geisler, Elaine Handschu, Valerie Handschu (River City Dancers/River City Townspeople), Katie Clements, Olivia Dibble, Jessica Grady, Adrienne Ide, Madelyn LaDow, Alisha Rigle (Wa Tan Ye Girls/River City Townspeople), Andrew Deane, Steven Downs, Dylan Hedger, Nolan Pugh (River City Boys Band/River City Townspeople), Kiersten Achey, Lannah Alford, Anna Anderson, Andrea Balensiefer, Carissa Bendel, Saryna Bendel, Drew Benesh, Hope Benesh, Emma Bowen, Abigail Brink, Morgan Brown, Gabrielle Businger, Laura Cahalan, Madyson Clem, Jackie Collins, Megan Colvin, Elizabeth Comoglio, Kristen Cox, Megan Cox, Noah Davis, Allynn Deane, Megan Denny, Cameron Dibble, Haley Dillon, Maggie Etter, Allison Evanich, Elaine Evanich, Karissa Ferguson, Melissa       Gilsinger, Erin Gordon, Elizabeth Grady, Samantha Grady, Sage Hallam, Zoey Hallam, Marquitta Hayes, Dylan Hedger, Codi Hopper, Sophia Hrycak, Ashley Jones, Bailey Kelley, Natalie Korniak, Nicole Korniak, Isabelle Kraud, Olivia Little, Sophia Little, Amanda Lohrman, Hope Long, Megan Mannering, Shadd McLochlin, Eberle Miller, McKenzie Mills, Megan Montgomery, Abby Newell, Eric Newell, Whitney Nicholas, Erin Overway, Sarah Parish, Kari Parmeter, Abby Patlan, Candice Pickens, Lauren Pruitt, Lindsey Rich, Marisha Rigle, Olivia Sears, Caleb Sedam, Brandy Selleck, Kristina Shannon, Melanie Shrontz, Blaine Simms, James Simms, Kayli Slone, Kristin Sturdivant, Margaret Tully, Victoria Tully, Heather Voltz, Stephanie Voltz, Katie Wallace, Allison Williams, Molly Williams, Hannah Woodward, Kathleen Workman (River City Townspeople)
Logansport Junior Civic Theater/McHale Performing Arts Center 2 August 2002
Wilson, August Fences Rosana Laura Schutte John Young-El (Older Corey), John S. Bailey (Troy Maxon), Teresa A. Moore (Rose Maxon), Nicholas Floyd (Corey Maxon), Ed Rice (Lyons Maxon), Jarrod Dortch (Gabe Maxon), Marshall Jayson Graham (John Bono), Kylee Thompson (Raynell Maxon) Muncie Civic Theatre 20 January 2002
Wilson, August Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (excerpt) Mohammed Witherspoon Mohammed Witherspoon (Sylvester) IUPUI 1997
Wilson, August Seven Guitars Luther Goins Anthony John LeMay (Canewell), Anitra Larae Donahue (Ruby), Jay S. Blakemore (Red Carter), Kendra N. Mitchell (Vera), Rhoda Ludy (Louise), Michael H. Smith (King Hedley), Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha (Floyd Barton) The Phoenix Theatre 2 August 2001
Wilson, August Two Trains Running David Alan Anderson Michael H. Smith (Memphis Lee), Ben Rose (Wolf), Kevin D. West (Sterling), Morris J. Seawright (Hollaway), Dena L. Toler (Clarissa “Risa” Thomas), Langstan Martin Smith (West), Monte Tapplar (Hambone) The Phoenix Theatre 18 October 2001
Wilson, Lanford Burn This David McDonald Chelsea Alexandra Vann (Anna), Patrick Heffernan (Burton), Ryan Rhue (Larry), Donny Londono (Jimmy Pale) Wagner College 16 October 2010
Wolf, Marc Another American:  Asking and Telling John Edward Kinzer LeBron Benton, Lindsey Lyddan (Voice Over) The Phoenix Theatre 16 May 2001
Worrell, Andrea Little Almost Angels, Remembered ? Dick Everts, Andrea Worrell * Unity of Indianapolis ?
Yard, Margaret (libretto),Michael Sahl (M) Sally Anne (staged reading) Jacqueline Milena Thompson (Sally Anne), Anne Dreyer (Mother/Dress), Sam smith (Father/Detective), September Bigelow (Nana/Sweet Nurse), Minda Larsen (Angry Nurse), Gary Lindemann (Fool Man/Rich Man), Michael Sahl (piano), Klaus Mueller (Synthesizer) The New York Art Ensemble at The Flea Theater/Tribeca New Music Festival ’05 24 April 2005
Yeats, William Butler The Dreaming of the Bones Alissa Branch Stamatis, Melli Hoppe Tyler J. Monroe (W.B. Yeats), Joe Doyel (Young Soldier), Michael Bachman (The Stranger), Alyson Mull (Young Girl), Andrew Wiskowski (Musician #1), Kate Strietelmeier (Musician #2), Nicole Cormaci (Musician #3) Butler University April 2003
Ziegler, Tom Grace and Glorie Tom Evans Barbara Farrar-Evans (Grace Stiles), Rose Kleiman (Gloria Whitmore) Edyvean Repertory Theatre 18 November 2000
Zindel, Paul The Secret Affairs of Mildred Wild Ron Spencer Patricia Rawlinson (Mildred Wild), Richard Shane Curry (Roy Wild), Sharon Porter Phillips (Bertha Gale), Jenifer Henry (Helen Wild), Kevin Lind (Carroll Chatham), Katie Kalb (Sister Cecila), Jennifer McConnell (Miss Manley), Wade Carney (Rex Bulby), LeBron Benton (Louis Gabrialdi), Ron Spencer (Warren (TV Host)), Kathryn Johnston (Evelyn (TV Host)) Shawnee Summer Theatre of Greene County, Inc. 17 June 2000
Zolidis, Don Malibu Cars Look Like They Can Float Rick Fonté Brent Burcroff (Boy), Lesley Dial (Girl), Olivia Ann Strifler (Kurako) Bloomington Playwrights Project 27 May 2001
Zulia, Ernest (B), David Caldwell (L, M), Robert Fulghum (essays) All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten R. Brian Noffke Men:  Jason Bridgewater (Howard, et al.), Michael Glorioso, (Old Man, et al.), Adam Greer (Narrator, et al.), Ben Hilgert, Jeremy Matis.  Women:  Kara Centofante (Little Girl, Spider, et al.), Tricia Matis, Megan Snyder, Deborah Trembicki, Jessica White, Katie White (Nurse, et al.) Marian College 23 February 2001
Zulia, Ernest, David Caldwell, Robert Fulghum (essays) Uh, Oh–Here Comes Christmas Ernest Zulia Mary Atkins (Mary), Mark Goetzinger (Mark), George Hosmer (Goerge), Stephen Hunt (Stephen), Megan McKinney (Megan) The Phoenix Theatre 8 December 2000
? Sesame Street Live (Year 1) ? ? (Big Bird), ? (Seedy Bird/Ensemble) Market Square Arena 1981?
? Howard Ashman (L), Alan Menken (M) Escapade ? (Ariel), ? (Island Girl), ? (Island Boy) King’s Island 1994?
? Puberty Blues ? Kallesha Abdullah, Tricia Black* Northview Middle School 1988
? play about Hawaii Jeanie Leininger Tim Bradley (the old man), Chris Desserich (Puapualinalina, the dog), Amy Astley (coconut girl), Chad Ertel (Papua, a god), Nzinga Ajabu (a goddess), Troy Van Voorhis (a god)* Future Farmers of America Camp May 1984
? Jellybean Theatre ? ? Ruth Allison Lilly Theatre, The Children’s Museum 1980?
? ecology play Sandra Brunette Scott Andrew Hutchins (Judge Owl), Cara Jurgonski (Litterbag), Claire Squires, Troy Van Voorhis* Grandview Elementary School 1984
? Sleeping Beauty ? ? Westlane Middle School 1987?
? play about Sasaki Sadako with Noh masks ? ? Northview Middle School 1988-89?
?, from stories by Edgar Allan Poe (The Fall of the House of Usher), Ambrose Bierce (An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge), H.H. Munro [Saki] (The Mouse), Richard Cornell (The Most Dangerous Game) ? ? ? The Murat Centre 1988?
? ?play about eating at bedtime ? Jeff Haltom, Jim Hutchins (Turkey Gobbler), Krista Akers* Nora Elementary School c. 1982
?, Mark Prendergrass (song) Restaurant of Life Daniel Niswander Daniel Niswander (Waiter) Unity of Indianapolis 6,7 September 1996
? Restaurant of Life Jeff Pryor Jeff Pryor (Waiter) Unity of Indianapolis 14 July 2002
? Animal (excerpt) Tenaya Irene Hurst (Mother) Indiana University 28 April 2002
? Women of the Wild West (excerpt) Georgia Ann Downey (Whore) Indiana University 28 April 2002
? ? (excerpt: “It’s Never Been Easy/I’ve Been Here Before ? Coryell Barlow, Katherine Rochon Indiana University 28 April 2002


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